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It has been a looooong time coming. From butt...

It has been a looooong time coming. From butt pads, booty wows, booty creams, oils, and potions, I have decided to get my dream body. I am 28 years old, 5'6, and 155 pounds. I workout and I try to eat right but a muscle booty aint what I want. I want a dunk lol. Being that I am a single mom and a full time student, I cant afford to pay 10,000 or get a loan so I am gonna save every time or get a sponsor lol. After reviewing photos, reviews, websites, and doctors I have decided to take my flat ass to mexico. I know mexico scares some people but ima pray all the way to the operating table and in my sleep. I know I will be ok, no time for negative thinking. I have decided to go with Dr. Laura Cardenas because her pictures are nice, reviews awesome, and her website is legit Oh and her prices are reasonable.

Ok I have decided to go with Dr. Campos because I...

Ok I have decided to go with Dr. Campos because I like his reviews and pictures better then the other docs in TJ. I have researching him and other doctors but I just cant pocket the other doctors bills. I am not being cheap just watching my budget. I know Dr. Campos is very qualified and does great work and for this reason I know I will be ok. If anyone else would like to go with me and buddy up let me know and we could split the recovery room cost.

OK so no more Mexico or Dominican Republic for me....

OK so no more Mexico or Dominican Republic for me. I have decided i will feel much more comfortable with a doctor in Los Angeles plus the cost will equal to the same amount. I wont have to buy a ticket nor will i have to stay in a hotel room. After reviewing multiple doctors, i chose Dr. Hughes at Boris Cosmetic Surgery in Culver City, CA. I was qouted $6500.00 and I put down 250.00 down to reserve it. I think I am going to have surgery in november or december, because I am still in saving mode. So if you ladies view the website which is under Dr. Boris, you will not see brazilian photos yet because the website is under construction but if you go in for your consultation you will see their book and I liked what I saw, plus one of the ladies who works there got th procedure done months ago and she loves it and looks good. They take out the most a doctor can take out by law, which is 5 liters and they will input in 1200 cc's. I am getting my back, stomach, and love handles sucked out and put in my bootay. You might have heard of this place because it is advertised on 105.9 and some other radio shows and if they tell them where you heard about them you will get $1500 off your procedure. They do about 3 brazilian butt lifts a day and the doctor made me feel comfortable and the office team was great. I am so excited to get a new curvier body.

This morning at 10 am I went by Boris cosmetics...

This morning at 10 am I went by Boris cosmetics because I wanted to see the office staff that had her brazilian butt lift by Dr. Dennis Dass. OMG she looks so good and her booty and tummy are nice. I love the staff, they are so warm and friendly. I did nt even have an appointment and they took me in and talked to me and she showed me her naked body lol and that doc saw me like it was nothing. I love that the officce is literally 10 minutes away from my house. So yesterday I saw Dr. Hughes but I decided to get my surgery done by Dr. Dass. He made me feel so comfortable, much more then Dr. Hughes. He looked at my stomach and my back and my butt and he told me, I am a perfect candidate. They call him the butt doctor because he does so many and the girls always come out looking awesome. My surgery date is October 19, 2012. So I will have to buckle down and save save save.

Ok after stalking people who used Dr. Campos. I...

Ok after stalking people who used Dr. Campos. I think I am going to go with him. I just do not want to take the long flight alone. I would prefer to go with someone else who wants this surgery and also lives in LA. Lord help me make the right decision.

I have decided just because I love in cali does...

I have decided just because I love in cali does not mean I have to settle for an ok body from an ok doctor. I have decided that I am going to go to Dr. Cardenas. I like her work and she speaks fluent English, and she has good bed side manners. She really cares about her patients and TJ is not far from LA, so she is my chose and this decision is final.

Damn Gina Damn. Doing research can really be...

Damn Gina Damn. Doing research can really be confusing when you are trying to choose a doctor. One minute I choose cardinas although I am only seeing a few of her patients, she really cares about her patients and their safety but then on the other hand campos does good work as well but I heard his bed side manners arent that great. I mean she is a woman and he is a man. Men arent that emotional as we are, so I understand. So now I must write a pros and cons list for them both. After today I will finally choose cus I am feeling a bit bipolar with this hard life changing decision. What do you ladies think? Who should I go with? CAMPOS OR CARDENAS?

After looking at all Cardenas pictures I realized...

After looking at all Cardenas pictures I realized that she only does BBL's with tummy tucks and I am not doing a tummy tuck cus I might want one more baby. So I am going with my first choice from the very beginning. Dr. Campos, I also saw some of his patients from MMH such as phyness27 and criss1203 and they look great. So I am going to schedule my date for december/january time frame.

Woop Woop. I got my date. What better way to...

Woop Woop. I got my date. What better way to celebrate the new years and my birthday january 30th then to get my new body on january 10th. Im on one right now. Ok so now I just have to put down $800, then I need to find a place in LA to get my blood work, I need to buy my plane ticket, and find a buddy to room with so we both can save money. Any one wanna room with me so we can help eachother. I am going to stay at club med. Angie said I should stay for 7 dys because on the 5th day, my drains come out and when going home with drains in is too dangerous. That is how girls get infections. So ima follow orders to the tee.

I had to change my surgery date because I am a...

I had to change my surgery date because I am a full time student and if I miss two classes I get dropped. This surgery will fit into my current schedule, I gotta get this new body.

Ok so i woke up at 1am to check me email because I...

Ok so i woke up at 1am to check me email because I am so obsessed and I am stalking me email day and night and to my surprise I got an email from Dra. Cardinas. She was up front and honest and told me that because I do have loose skin and a few stretch marks a TT would be better if I wanted a small tight waist. Although she could do a BBL without a tummy tuck, my waist wont shrink but I would still see some good results. Man I never had a perfect body and I have one kid already. Can and should I call it quits on having more kids and just focus on me for right now? I am 28 and I am not married, not even dating because I am not in love with this body but I am in school and maby I should just be happy with my daughter and focus on our future, just her and I. Well I have some thinking to do. My quote from her was 3900. which is for liposuction to my upper and lower back, flanks, waist, inner thighs, and abdomen and fat grafting to my butt and mid hips. Nice price right. Well I wrote her back and asked how much for a TT and the prices of her garments and meds. Now I wait for that quote.

Ok so I am so sure Dr. Cardenas is the one for me....

Ok so I am so sure Dr. Cardenas is the one for me. I just talked to her husband who mind you is an American and helps run Beauty Care Recovery House. He really helped me realize I am making the best decision. Not only is she board certified but she is the secretary over all of the sergeons in Mexico. So I am just waiting to hear from the patient coordinator to see what is available for december or january. I would like to buddy up with someone so we can share the nurse and the cost of the room. If I buddy up the cost is cheaper plus we get a discount. So any takers?

I just got an email from pantoja and his quote was...

I just got an email from pantoja and his quote was $3600.00 for lipo from abs, arms, back, side, and thighs. dang thats pretty good. He also provides Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- 1 Packet of Epi-Foams
- Unlimited post-operative visits
-1 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
I have not heard much about this doctor but from the pics his work is pretty good.

I also got an email from Dr. Cardenas husband who is over the Beauty Recovery House and I will not be staying ther becasue they do not provide meals. How am I suppose to go fetch my own meals after surgery and in mexico. No go. So it is most likely Club Med. I want to be catered to plus club med is a bit cheaper.

So now my new quote is 5800 because I want a TT...

So now my new quote is 5800 because I want a TT and a BBL. The one thing I really dont want to do is come home with my drains. I am considering staying there for 2 weeks although fetimah says it is normal. OMG NASTY. LOL So now I save, put down my deposit, get my labs, buy my ticket, and every thing else. Im super duper hyped.

Ok so being that I am not working I currently do...

Ok so being that I am not working I currently do not have insurance so I had to do alittle research for my lab work for the best prices. I came across first choice labs USA and they have a Pre Op package and they just add some other test like pregancy and they send it to a lab in your location. The cost was $196 which isnt to bad. They even heard of Dr. Cardenas because alot of her patients go through them. So I be making an appointment in november since they want it about 8 to 9 weeks out. I feel like I am achieving my long list of stuff to do.

Now I feel sad. After calculating all of the...

Now I feel sad. After calculating all of the things I would need to get my surgery with Dr. Cardenas, I would have enough to get surgery with another doctor in my state. With the surgery, buying my garment and post op meds that she does not provide, then labs and hotel, it would be over $7,000. Then I would have to buy arnica and all that crap. I do not think it would be worth it. UGGGHHHHHH

Never mind the last post. There isnt any other...

Never mind the last post. There isnt any other doctor that I can found that is as affordable and does a TT the way cardenas does but I have not seen alot of her booties. Im trying to do my best in trusting your booty skills.

I was looking all night for Dr. Cardenas pictures...

I was looking all night for Dr. Cardenas pictures for a BBL. I find good reviews but I need to see some form of proof. She told me I needed a tummy tuck but I have gotten a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinion and I was told that Ionly have alittle loose skin around my belly button and with aggressive lipo, working out, and wearing a girdle my stomach can go down quick. It wont be flat flat but I am a proud mom and as long as I have a waist and a butt, I am good. I have been looking into Dr. Pantoja because he quoted me $3600.00 which included lipo from upper and lower back, arms, abs, inner and outer thighs, and waist. I spoke to his team and they speak really good english and never rushed me off of the phone. They provide the garment, labs, and meds which Dr. Cardenas does not provide which would cost be an extra $500. So with me liking his reults and his quote my mind is shifting towards him.

Which one Cardenas or Pantoja ?

Which one Cardenas or Pantoja ?

I do not think I am ready to make a choice. I need...

I do not think I am ready to make a choice. I need to know I am making the right decision without a doubt and I am having doubts.

I know myself and I wont be happy until I can rest...

I know myself and I wont be happy until I can rest knowing I made the right decision. I cant figure it out or get comfortable with any of the doctors in Mexico. Cardina does good tummy tucks because she prefers to do them on all of her bbl's to give them a better look. I have yet to see her bbl's without a tt. I do not wish to get a tt just yet. Campos just isnt personable enough and he only wants to lipo three areas on me and thats not what I want. Pantoja has too many negative reviews for me and three strikes means your out. So I said to myself I am gonna look into other Tijuana sergeons but i wasnt finding what i needed to assure my heart and mind I was in good hands. So I said I do not care if I have to wait til march 2013 I will wait for the doctor who gives the best waist and butts to me. That would be Dr. Salama. I swear i will not turn back anymore. It's a rap.

I got my date baby. LOL I am so excited and I dont...

I got my date baby. LOL I am so excited and I dont care that it is in April. I have plenty of time to plan and save and plan some more. I talked to Nancy, left my deposit, and now I am looking for hotel and flight deals. I cant wait.

So I booked my date and I decided to stay at the...

So I booked my date and I decided to stay at the Hyatt House, which has a full kitchen and 2 seperate bed rooms. Its like a house so you can actually rest as if you were at home. I am too too excited and I am so happy my mom and sister are coming with me as a new life starts for me.

I just thought about something and it made me...

I just thought about something and it made me realy excited. I forgot in april I will get a tax return that I can use towards my surgery. I already put my 10% down and I am getting the abdomen, flanks, and upper and lower back but I am going to now add my arms for $500. I can't wait. I know I have months to go but this is going to take over me. My mom keeps asking me if im researching booties again and the answer is always, yes lol

I tried to wait til April but I started getting...

I tried to wait til April but I started getting depressed wanting to just feel comfortable in my own body. I made the choice to go with Dr. Cesar Velilla in Miami instead of Dr. Salama. I put $690 but since I cant get my deposit back, I decided to use it toward my labiaplasty which I have always wanted. So it is official and I am so excited. Team Velilla December 28th, 2012. My quote was $5000 and I am going to put my deposit down next week. Hi staff is amazing. They answer your questions and never rush you off the phone and they always respond to your emails. Love it. I am getting my bra line, love handles which also covers the flanks, abdomen, and upper back lipod. I was gonna do my arms but I decided ill save the money and get toned those in the gym since ima be in the gym looking hot with my tight pants and sports bra. All eyes on me.

I wish I could change my location and my rating on...

I wish I could change my location and my rating on my doctor but I cant. But he is located in Miramar, Fl not Miramar Beach, Fl and so far I give their email and phone responsiveness a 5 out of 5.

I know I have changed my doctor alot but I just have not been able to completely go with a doc until I felt secure. Now I do. His price is right, his back ground is right, his work is right, and the date is right for me. I wanted to go with Salama but waiting til April isnt for me. I am going crazy over here looking at this BMW- Body Made Wrong. I have 4 months to go and I am so excited. I am about to order my make me heal kit, I am searching for nice hotels, and I am going to book my ticket soon.

Ok Ladies once again I may be having a change in...

ok Ladies once again I may be having a change in Doctors. I found out Dr. Velilla does local anesthesia and he charges more for general. I would be a fool to let someone cut me while I am still awake. What do you ladies think?

I decided not to go with Dr. V. cus while his cost...

I decided not to go with Dr. V. cus while his cost were good he does local anasthesia and I dont care to be half way awake for this surgery. I have found a doctor in cali which I like and would save me money on a plane ticket and a hotel. I am gonna say her name once I am a month away from surgery beause as yall can see i have changed docs so many times. But hey if its my money and my body so I gotta be sure.

Earlier today a young lady sent me some info about...

Earlier today a young lady sent me some info about a doctor in california who just did her bbl. Since I am in California I decided to research him. I found multiple websites and multiple names he is under but no pictures and not to much about his qualifications. I then decided to search for him on I did not find him. That scared me but not for me really more for her if she really did get work done by him. I also found lots of reviews saying he messed them up and ripped them off. Then I noticed he was certified as a cosmetic surgeon. I researched what the difference was between a certified cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon and I found this:

Some dentists trained in oral surgery now do breast implants; OB/GYNs perform tummy tucks, and radiologists are doing liposuction.
An aging — and often overweight — population is willing to spend money on cosmetic procedures, and people often are seeking lower-cost options over board-certified, sometimes higher-priced plastic surgeons. Even when patients survive, botched surgeries can be painful, disfiguring and costly.

Absent regulation, however, any doctor with a license to practice medicine can perform any procedure a patient wants done. Many non-plastic-surgeons have decided to go into areas in which there's limited oversight, more money and little, if any, interference from insurers because elective cosmetic surgery typically isn't covered.

The medical field makes a distinction between residency-trained "plastic" surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, but many consumers aren't aware there's a difference. Many of the new cosmetic surgeons are board-certified, just not in plastic surgery, he says.

In medicine, board certification occurs when a doctor has met all of the qualifications required by one of the American Board of Medical Specialties' 24 member boards, which represent the main areas of medicine, including plastic surgery. ABMS sets the standards for the education, lifelong training and testing of doctors. ABMS' member boards include the American Board of Plastic Surgery but none of the other cosmetic surgery boards, including the similar-sounding American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, that many surgeons say they are certified by. 8% of the board of cosmetic members are board-certified plastic surgeons. 50,000 to 100,000 doctors who aren't board-certified plastic surgeons are doing cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons who aren't board-certified in the field sometimes tout low prices and say the procedures are safe and easy to bounce back from, a review of advertising and websites shows. Some even offer half-price deals on sites including Groupon.

Costs are reduced, in part, when patients are put under local anesthesia rather than intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia. Expenses are much lower when there is no anesthesiologist, hospital or accredited surgical facility. It may be presented as a way to save money, but sometimes it's the doctors' only option because their lack of training makes them ineligible to practice in accredited facilities- citied from

As someone searching and praying for a qualified doctor, I just want everyone to read this so they arent one who is scammed, killed, or disfigured.

I got my quote from Dr Afifi. It is going to be...

I got my quote from Dr Afifi. It is going to be December 19th, 2012 and my pre op date is december 12, 2012. I paid my deposit and I am ready to go. My quote was 6500 for arms, abdomen, and flanks. I was told she gets the lower back when she does the flanks. She knows I want a bog booty with hips. Now I just need to write out all of my questions for her, print out my wish pics and pics of bodies I dont want. Labs are gonna be $50 and the garment is $40. She doesnt use drains either so I dont have to worry about that. I am going to order my make me heal kit in november to get those vitamins in my system. I promise this is my doctor and I am not changing. I am so happy I found a local doc saving money on plane tickets and hotel.

HELLO LADIES, I cancelled my date with Dr. Salama...

HELLO LADIES, I cancelled my date with Dr. Salama but had already put down $680. If anyone would like that amount transfered to their account let me know. All I am asking is that you send me $340 money order.

OK so nancy told me I couldnt transfer for the...

OK so nancy told me I couldnt transfer for the money because I had canceled my surgery date, plus they dont transfer money. I want to use it for something else but I dont know when I will make it out there. Oh well. Anyways yesterday I got a nice little deposit from my school for an over payment of fafsa. I am so happy. Its def going toward my bootay. My dad is so tired of hearing about my butt, he wrote me a sign saying, need money for my butt and told me to go stand on the freeway for donations lmao. With this money if I can pay more then half by the end of this month, I am going to change my surgery date to mid november getting one month closer to my new body. Yesterday I ordered my VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit (w/Vitamins, Arnica, Bromelain) and I purchased alot of the things I needed. I am preparing my suitcase now cus I am going to my moms house to be taken care of. When I was reading off my list of things to buy, I said hot and cold pack, my dad said we have a heating pad, I said what about the cold, he said we have ice in the freezer, I said I need stool softer, he said I got smooth move in the cabinet lol. Dang dad. But he is right half of the things we need we got in our homes, no need to waste extra money. So I put down 500 making my balance 6000 and I have 2500 saved making it 3500 woop woop. Ima do my all to pay 2500 by mid october and the balance by the end of october. I cant believe I am actually following through with my dreams.

Ladies are you looking for something for your...

Ladies are you looking for something for your surgery scars, stretch marks, bruises, and burns try Egyption Magic. I heard about it through Simply Wholesome , a health food store by my house. Check out the website

Ok for ladies like myself who are in school and...

Ok for ladies like myself who are in school and wondering how will you return to class and sit, this is how. Before I spend money I look in my house for things I can use. I found two neck pillows. I put them at the edge of the chair, which allowed me to kinda tilt forward getting off of my booty. This way I can sit for awile and I wont have to carry a big oh bobby to class. We want little attention although I dont care to tell anyone I had surgery, I want this booty to look like I worked out hard to get it. If you all have other ways let me know.

I applied for the loan through

I applied for the loan through for the hell of it and I didnt get the 1st loan but I got the 2nd for no patient left behind. So I am waiting until they call me so I can know what that means. My pre op is tomorrow and I am so excited. I have my list of questions and pictures to show her. If I use a loan my surgery price will go up but maby not alot or not at all since I am still paying some in cash. Depending on how this loan works, Ima get this surgery I soon as I can, as long as it fits my school schedule. Some people say their scared, Im hyped and ready even for the pain. I wanna see a body I love in the mirrow. Being that I get a loan, ima add my upper back, so now it would be flanks, upper back, abdomen, and arms but ima see what the doctor says, maby she might think my upper back is fine and I have more fat in my lower back. who know.

Have any of you ladies used the no patient left behind loan? How does it work?

I just talked to tammy at the Santa Ana office of...

I just talked to tammy at the Santa Ana office of Dr. Afifi. I changed my date from the 19th to the 17th and I added my upper back. The doc said the pictures I gave her she can for sure give me. I meet her tomorrow, order my garment, and make an appt. to get my labs done.

Ladies dont forget to start washing up with...

Ladies dont forget to start washing up with anitbacterial soap, it helps clean the body of germs for surgery. I use cetaphil antibacterial as my everyday soap, so you can try that one or dial or something.

Today I met Dr. Afifi for a consultation although...

Today I met Dr. Afifi for a consultation although I already have my surgery date, I just wanted her to see my body and I wanted to see if I had a connection with her and I did. She was so sweet and said she could give me 1200cc's in each cheek and she is going to lipo my flanks, upper and lower back, arms, abdomen, and arms and she is going to give me hips as well. She is also going to fix a scar on my arm that I hate. She said I cant promise you I can give you a perfect shape, but I can promise I will do my best and I will take care of you. Her office was busy, she is fully popular and alittle cocky. She was like Im good at what I do and I know how to shape and give a girl a booty. She was also telling me about her website and how she just is so busy and has no time to upload pics. She told me that she will see me 3 days after surgery, then once a week, and she said she will see me once a year for the rest of my life because I am her patient for life. awwww I liked that. Some doctors be tryna act like they dont know you after a week. I will also go to her for my breast and my tummy tuck.

I just ordered my Vedette 341 Compression Post...

I just ordered my Vedette 341 Compression Post Surgery Garment w/ Sleeves, off of make me heal. I got a L. I hope it fits. Looking for a garment to fit all of my needs was hard but I think I found a good one.

I am stuck on booties and I am so ready to have a...

I am stuck on booties and I am so ready to have a new body.

Here is my list of the supplies I have so far:

Vedette Antoinette Medium Control Post Surgery Compression Garment w/ Sleeves
Squeem Waist Cincher
VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit (w/Vitamins, Arnica, Bromelain)
Pee cup
Pads for incisions because my doc doesnt use drains
Sports tape
Rolling pin
Wash sponge on a handle so I wont have to bend over
Cetaphil antibacterial soap
Tampons just in case my period starts
Extra towels
Neck roll pillows
Stool Softner
Doggy Pee Pads
Shower curtain liner
Latex free gloves to prevent infection when changing incision bandages
Comfy socks
Loose PJ's
Tank tops
Body lotion
Face wash/moisturizer
Baby powder

I still need:

Comfy sports bras
A chair to sit in

I am going to stay with my mom for a week or two and she will also baby sit my daughter and I will grocery shop the day before surgery. I will be getting my eye brows done and a manicure and a pedicure but I wont be getting any polish. I just cant have them crusty.

Today I went and bought some organic coco butter...

Today I went and bought some organic coco butter for my belly and thighs to help diminish the light stretch marks and prevent more from coming when my booty and hips stretch. I also had to buy a 7 day cleanse. I have been eating like crazy and I gained 10 lbs on purpose but now I just feel so bloated and constipated. I need to flush out and prepare for my new body inside and out. I still have not bought a chair. I have also been considering purchasing a yoga foam roller to sit under my thighs when I sit to lift up my booty. Other then those few purchases I am ready and good to go. Next I will do my labs and then I will get my new booty. Almost 2 more months to go. If I cant save 7400 by december, I will cut out my arms and my scar revision and my price will be 6500.

I cant believe my time is near. in 19 more days, I...

I cant believe my time is near. in 19 more days, I only have two more months to go. I got my squuem in the mail and my bioCorneum. The last things I need to get is the chair and bio oil for stretch marks. I decided that im not getting my scar revision or my arms lipod at this moment. But I will save up later because I still want a tummy tuck, a breast reduction, and labiaplasty so I will have plenty of time to get my scar revision and my arms lipod. Once you start plastic surgery it becomes addicting, but I will not touch my face, just perfect my body. So my quote is 6,500 and I put down 500 and im gonna try to pay 4,300 by the end of october, which would leave me to pay 1700 by december 12th, my pre op appointment. I never thought I would actually do this after having my first consultation with Dr. Matlock who I saw doing a BBL on Dr. 90210 in 2005, but he was way to over priced for my pockets. Then in 2009 I was gonna go to DR but I was afraid to go out of the country alone. Now is my time and I am so excited.

I forgot to include I started off weighing 155 and...

I forgot to include I started off weighing 155 and I have since gained a little over 10 pounds. I am now almost 169 depending on what time I weigh myself. I am going to shoot for 170 and try to stay there. I can not see myself getting to 185. I know doctor want us to have enough fat but what about the fat they wont lipo, like my chin, arms, and neck. Heck no I refuse to look like a turkey. So 165-170 leaves plenty of fat to go to my butt.

I see alot of my BBL sister considering financing...

I see alot of my BBL sister considering financing through MEDICAL FINANCING "NO PATIENT LEFT BEHIND" please please please do not go to this company. They are a total scam even if they say they are legit and can give you 10, 000, run your a.s.s off. I saw them and said they me try cus like most people my credit is not doing to well at the moment. So I did the initial and one of many applications, then received an email and I was forward to pay $14.95. After that I said let me check up on this and girls let me tell yall I found the most negative reviews and immedietly called and canceled with them. I couldnt get my 14.95 back but thats cool cus after paying that I would have had to pay 200, then like 10% oif what they were gonna loan me. Dude why would I sign up to give you money if I need money. So with all of that said ladies, yall should either find some other company or budget and save, save, and save.

Oh and by the way ladies some may think I work for Dr. Afifi but I do not. I repeat I do not because if I did I would not be saving my hard earned money, wait to december for my surgery, and be obsessed with booties as much as I am. I would have gotten my booty already. I am just happy and grateful I found a doctor I love and feel safe with. Just like people love Dr. Salama, say Team Salama, and think he is the best. I just want a big nice chunky booty like yall and I am here to offer my support and love and not put anyone down. I offer my opinion when asked and research and stalk profiles all day lol. I am not here to make enemies. xoxo


LIposuction Info

1) Going Home: You should not drive yourself home. It is recommended that a responsible adult be with you on
the day of surgery.
Diet: Resume your usual diet immediately. Drink adequate amounts of water, fruit juices or soft drinks to
prevent dehydration.
DO NOT drink alcohol 48 hours before or after surgery.
2) Activities: Quiet rest is recommended immediately after surgery. After surgery do not drive or operate
hazardous machinery the rest of the day. Do not make any important personal decisions for 24 hours after
surgery. Later in the day or evening you are welcome to take a short walk if desired. The day after liposuction
surgery you should feel well enough to drive your car and engage in light to moderate physical activities. You
may carefully resume exercise and vigorous physical activity 2 to 4 days after surgery. It is suggested that you
begin with 25% of your normal work-out and then increase your activity daily as tolerated. Most people can
return to a desk job within one to two days after surgery, although one must expect to be sore and easily fatigued
for several days.
3) Absorbent Pads are placed over the treated areas to absorb the large volume of drainage of blood-tinged
anesthetic solution during the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. The Pads are held in place by elastic garments.
Beginning the next morning after surgery, change the Pads twice daily. During the first few hours after surgery,
if you discover some drainage leaking around the larger Pads, simply apply a small absorbent ABD pad over the
area by sliding it under the garment.
4) Post-Op Elastic Compression Garments™. After tumescent liposuction post-op garments are worn in order
to: hold the absorbent pads in place, provide compression to minimize bruising, and maximize the drainage of
blood-tinged anesthetic solution. The morning after surgery, when the garments are first removed in order to take
a shower, the patient may experience brief dizziness and lightheadedness similar to what one experiences when
standing-up too quickly. It is the result of rapid decompression of the legs after the elastic garments are removed.
If dizziness occurs, sit or lie down until it passes. Dizziness is reduced by first removing the outer garment and
waiting 5 to 10 minutes before removing the second garment. Beginning the day after surgery, you must remove
the post-op Garments™ twice daily and take a shower. You may wash the garments at these times. Some body
areas require two garments, others areas only one garment plus elastic binders (belts). These should be worn
day and night until all the drainage has completely stopped plus an additional 24 hours. Do not be concerned
if you drain for several days. Notify us if the drainage persists for more than 8 days. Discontinuing the use of the
garments and binders too soon may result in more prolonged drainage. Typically, patients will need to wear the
garments for a minimum of 3 to 6 days, although many choose to wear the garments longer because of the
comfort they provide. Wearing the post-op garment for more than the minimal number of days is of no
significant advantage in terms of the ultimate cosmetic results. After liposuction of Chin, Cheek, & Jowls, first a
beige colored spandex head-garment is placed to provide mild compression and to hold the absorptive pads in place;
next a 2 inch-wide black elastic band is placed under the chin and over the top of the head and worn for one hour
giving extra compression to minimize bruising. Drainage lasts 1 to 2 days.
5) Managing Post-Op Drainage: One should expect a large volume of blood-tinged anesthetic solution to drain
from the small incisions during the first 24 to 48 hours after liposuction. In general, the more drainage there is,
the less bruising and swelling there will be. During the first 36 hours, you should sit or lie on towels. When
there is a large amount of drainage, it is advisable to place a plastic sheet beneath the towel. Super-absorbent
dressings are worn under the compression garment for at least the first 36 hours. When drainage has nearly
stopped, patients need only place thin absorbent gauze dressings or small pads on incision sites that continue to
6) Wound Care & Bathing: Keep adits (tiny round incision holes) clean. Shower once or twice daily. First
wash your hands, then wash adits gently with soap and water; afterwards gently pat adits dry with a clean towel.
Apply new absorbent dressings. Adits that have stopped draining no longer need padding. Take antibiotics as
directed until the prescription is finished. Take antibiotics with food. Call our office if you notice signs of
infection such as fever, foul smelling drainage, or focal redness, swelling, and pain in a treated area.
DO NOT apply ice-packs or a heating pad to the skin of liposuction areas for at least 4 weeks
following liposuction.
DO NOT apply hydrogen peroxide or plastic Band-Aids to incision sites.
DO NOT soak in a bath, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or the ocean for 7 days after surgery.
7) Common side-effects of tumescent liposuction: Menstrual irregularities with premature or delayed onset of
monthly menstruation is common side effect of any significant surgery. Flushing of the face, neck and upper
chest may occur after liposuction surgery and usually lasts for a day or two. Slight temperature elevation during
the first 48 hours after surgery is a natural consequence of the body's reaction to surgical trauma. Discomfort
and soreness is worse the second day after surgery, then improves daily. Two extra-strength Tylenol taken every
4 hours, while awake, for the first 48 hours, will reduce the inflammation, swelling, and soreness associated with
surgery. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen or medications that contain these drugs, such as Bufferin and Anacin,
or Advil or Nuprin for 3 days after surgery; these can promote bleeding. Bruising is minimal with tumescent
liposuction. Nevertheless, the more extensive the liposuction surgery, the more bruising one can expect. Pain
and swelling due to an inflammatory reaction to surgical trauma may occur and increase 5 to 10 days after
surgery; this is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Itching of the treated areas several days
after surgery may occur as part of the normal healing process. To help relieve the itching, you may try taking
Benadryl as directed on the packaging. Be aware that Benadryl causes drowsiness. Provided all incisions are
closed, soaking in an Oatmeal bath preparation may relieve some of the itching. Benadryl and Oatmeal products
may be purchased without prescription at most drugstores

So I decided since I am getting a new body, I...

So I decided since I am getting a new body, I wanted new nails and new hair. I have had short hair for years now, Ive dyed it and permed it and it is or was so damaged. I am on this hair regimen called Hydratherma and it is so good and natural. I did the big chop. I cut all of my hair off, it was dead anyways and I am starting over. I have the potential to have long hair, now I must just take care of it so it grows. I also took off the acrylic since we cant wear those or nail polish for surgery. It was soooo hard at first cus acrylic is the legal crack. My nails are becoming stronger as the days go on. Im so proud of myself. So now i am working on having healthy flowing hair, healthy and strong nails, and a bangin body. Ima be so fierce. In 2 more days I will have 2 more months. I dont even leave the house unless it's for school cus when I leave the house I spend money.

I bought a garment from amazon and the garment is...

I bought a garment from amazon and the garment is the Vedette Antoinette Medium Control Post Surgery Compression Garment w/ Sleeves but I will not be using it. I decided not to get my arms done but I decided also that I will not be wearing a garment at all. I will only be wearing a waist binder that my doctor recommends because she says the booty does not need compression. She said if I have to wear one, only wear the garment with the booty out. I will later change from my waist binder to a waist cincher after I am approved to do so. I believe that garments should not be used because your booty needs to breath and the garment smooches it and compresses it. Yes it is swollen but that is ok, you dont want to irritate the fat that needs to find its way around and form correctly. I also do not believe that we need the massages, at least not right after surgery. Our bodies needs time to undersatnd what it went through and moving around a sensitive section that was just lipod to be with aggravate it causing it to not heal correctly. My doctor said if I want to get them I can later but not right away. But if I dont have to and I am healing fine, I will not be getting masages. If I do get seroma, she will just suck it out with a seringe until it is all gone. These are my beliefs and my doctors beliefs. I have also seen the results from her methods and they heal nicely. Round, plump, and with a shelf.
So my preop date is December 05, 2012 and that is the day I also start taking my pre op pills. I am so excited. I have gained a total of 15 pounds, I am now 170 verses 155 when I started. I will be so happy when this weight is redistributed to my booty cus my belly is not hot.

I decided to get my labs through...

I decided to get my labs through they are the cheapest I have found. I only need three things to be cleared for surgery. CBC-$19.00, BMP $17.00, and Pregnacny Test $35= $71 because I dont have insurance. I moved my pre op to December 12th because I wont have all of my money by the 5th, which was my original pre op date. Man I cant believe my turn is almost here.

I dont know what it is but I have told my black...

I dont know what it is but I have told my black male friends that I am getting a bbl and of course I have to explain it to them and they were like why? I said cus I have no booty and a wide waste. They said you have a nice shape and a nice butt already, how much you want? I gagged when they said my butt was big whhaaaat are yall blind. lol They have no idea what I look like naked. gross. When im done with surgery they are gonna be like dammmmmmnn lmao. They aint ready.

I wish Real Self would let you grade your doctor...

I wish Real Self would let you grade your doctor without having to talk to customer service. I havnt had my surgery but I would give her a 4 stars for now because I love Tammy the assistant, I love her clean office, I love the way Dr. Afifi was sweet to me and my daughter, and how she made me feel so confortable, and I love the way she did not rush me and told me to bring on all of my questions and answered each one thoroughly. She cared to answer all of my questions, explained her technique and why she doesnt use drains and garments. Most of all she made me feel comfortable. While she doesnt have alot of pics of her work, which can be a down fall. I know she knows what she is doing and I trust her.

So RS says people complained because other RS...

So RS says people complained because other RS girls deleted their pics. Ummmm we can do as we please. So what if someone deletes a pic, tell those girls crying to move on to someone elses profile. It is our journey and RS cant hold us hostage. Thankfully I never showed my pics or my tatts. Every other social media site gives their customers a choice to delete their pics. I am not updating my profile anymore. It is a shame because my surgery is one month away and I know some girls wanna see what Dr. Afif can do. I am joining this strike because we have volunteered our time, energy, hearts, and experiences to this site and the world and for rs to tell us we cant leave is unethical. THIS AINT THE ARMY.

Ok so it did not take me long to realize that...

Ok so it did not take me long to realize that although I cant delete my pictures by myslef, someone can delete them. It is ok because no one can look at my pictures and say that is (,,,,,,,,,). My face isnt showing and neither are my tats so I am good. The only reason I want the delete option there is to change the order of my pics when my surgery is done.

Time flew, I only have 30 more days. I cant...

Time flew, I only have 30 more days. I cant believe it is almost my time. So my mom decided to get her breast done on the 17th and I am getting my booty done on the 19th. So we will be eachothers nurse. This should be fun. I aint trippin about those pics. I knew what I signed up for from jump, stressin over that is crazy. This site has been my best friend for months and leaving now isnt an option, shit leaving period aint an option. At first i was like I cant delete them at all, but I quickly snapped out that crap. I am my own person and following someone that will result in nothing is for the birds. You all who are leaving are replaceable. when I found out I cant but someone can. I probaly had alittle Army shock. I hate feeling trapped. Like so many other ladies have said hurry up and gets gone. I cant have no negativity coming my way. I need positive vibes. For the future ladies PUT UP PICS THAT DONT SHOW YOUR FACE, YOUR TATS, OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO KEEP PRIVATE. I dont even have faces on my wish pics out of respect for them. I plan to add more pre op pics since I have gained weight and my post op pics right after surgery. No one should really leave over a delete button unless you never planned to do what the site was made for. I know I joined this site to learn, experience, and give back. I thank God for this site. Yall know real self might not ever add the delete button again and I aint gonna lie I am kinda happy they took it off because it does make the site show your REAL SELF, and how can you do that if you deleting your pics once a week. Ok so Next, on to the positive and informative info that this site was made for.

This is just a little rant. I was sitting here...

This is just a little rant. I was sitting here thinking cus I am bored. You know many ladies believe we should not have high expectations. But I kinda disagree. I am paying almost 7,000 dollas. I expect a big booty and a flat tummy and a tiny waist. As flat and tiny as it can get. My dreams are big and they will remain big. If it does not come out as I plan or as I see it with my eyes closed lol I will be pissed and I will save and do it all over again. I wont complain but it will get fixed. I have lived in this box shape far to long, it is my time and I want a big booty. I do not think a big booty is not classy either. Having a big booty does not define classy. Classy is the way someone acts, not how their body looks. Cus I cant wait to throw on a bad suit for an interview with my new bad body, Ima kill em. What I do not expect to come out looking like, is like tiny all booty, no thighs or hips. I have expressed to my doc and I will do it again what exactly I want. I cant believe my dream is coming true. I remember crying because my butt was so flat. It was not what a black girl should of had. Thanks to Jesus, technology, and great doctors, I will be getting my booty in almost less then 28 days. Words cant express how I feel.

The days are dwindling down. I moved my labs date...

The days are dwindling down. I moved my labs date up. I go monday to lab corps and get my labs done. It was gonna cost $71, but I got it for $55. Firstchoicelabs really does try to help you get the cheapest labs.

OMG I have gained 20 lbs. It just happened so fast...

OMG I have gained 20 lbs. It just happened so fast. I wanted to gain weight but I didnt want to gain 20 or more than twenty. I have been between 15 and 20 lbs. I am going to try to get down to 170 for surgery. Although I have gained more weight than I wanted. I know I did it because at 155 I would not get the body I wanted. I just want my doc to focus on my whole abdomen and my whole back, nothing else. I know if she focuses on those two areas my belly will be flat, my butt will be big, and my hips will be semi-wide. Either way I know ima look hot. Just give me a booty and a shape.

Ok were do I start. I had my pre op today with Dr....

Ok were do I start. I had my pre op today with Dr. Afifi at her Santa Ana office. I went a paid my balance, signed some paper work, took my pics, got my prescriptions, and I decided to add my fat arms. So my new quote was 7000. I know some people say dont do arms but I need them toned just like my belly. I showed her my new wish pics and I also told her I dont want a shelf I just want thickness and projection. I told her to fill it up and she said she will fill it until the fat starts to squirt out. I also told her to do aggressive lipo on my torso and she said she does not do aggressive lipo she said she calls it something like defensive lipo. She said to her aggressive lipo is like not paying attention and just lipoing someone and then the body comes out distorted because the lipo is uneven. She said with defensive lipo (i might be wrong on the name) she lipos until the fat is even and gone as much as possible but not crazy. She pinched a low fat area and said all of it will be like this. I like that she said she will have alimit on the lipo to make sure my body will come out even. So now that I am getting my arms I have to get compressions for my arms but I dont have time to order one online. So my surgery is wednesday at 6am and I have to be there at 4am. Oh I wanted to tell girls drinking gatorade, using heating pads, motrin, and also not eating protein after surgery. One: sports drinks have something other then electrolytes that we shouldnt have in our body around surgery time. I am not sure after but I am gonna steer clear of it and just drink water. Heating pads are a no no because I think it can kill the fat or affect the lipo areas. Anything other than tylenol is a no no because motrins and aleves and advils affect the blood. I know tylenol is nothing but its the most gentle and it doesnt think our blood. Protein helps feed the fat to keep it alive so it survives in our butt and hips. These are things I will do to ensure my results stay. The doctor gets us there but we have to maintain it.

I caught a cold and now I am trying to fight this...

I caught a cold and now I am trying to fight this cold. Im taking zicam, drinking apple cidar tea that is filled with vitamin c, taking my vitamin c and iron, eating green veggies, and taking my pre op vitamins. I am also waiting for my period to arrive but it will probably come late due to the vitamins and the stress. I dont mind being on my period while recoving because it is light and only last about 3 days. I think I caught this cold because I have been using anitbacterial soap as my regular soap. I know I am suppose to use it now for surgery but I have been using this soap for months way before my surgery and my dad said our bodies need bacteria to fight infections. I didnt believe him but I have to admit my dad was right because I keep getting sick and I eat my veggies and take my vitamins so it must be the soap killing my immune system. So now I will stop using this soap about a week after surgery and then I will go back to regular cetaphil soap. Dont you hate it when your parents are right. On a lighter note, I cant believe I am only 3 days away from having a better me.

Tomorrow is my bbl bff's surgery day....

Tomorrow is my bbl bff's surgery day. Dreamsofabigbutt, I pray that God guides Dr. Velilla's hands and gives you a better you. Lord keep your Angels camped around her and the entire staff. I know you will come out fierce. You have been my sister since august and I have grown to love you so much. Thanks for always being by my side through everything. One day we shall meet. I love you girl. I am so excited for us as we redecorate our bodies with a waist, hips, and some booty.

My period started today, it was late probably from...

My period started today, it was late probably from stress. But I am happy it came lol. Thankfully my cold is going away. My mom had her surgery today, she had a breast lift with implants and a tt. She is doing so well, as she is watching a movie and talking on the phone right now. Her doctors office sales the same meds I am using, vitamedica and the nurse says they work amazing, She said she still uses them because she skate boards and they help take away her bruises. I cant wait for my turn. Tomorrow makes one more day. Tomorrow I will also recieve a phone call from the surgery facility for what time I should arrive and a guarentee on my surgery time. So far my call time is 6 am on wednesday. Pre op pics in clothes coming soon, then i will take post op pics in the same clothes as soon as i can after surgery.

Ok I couldnt wait for the Surgery Center to call...

Ok I couldnt wait for the Surgery Center to call me so I had call them. My surgery time is at 6am which I knew but they had to tell me what time to show up. So I will arrive there at 5am with no food on my belly. I cant eat after 8pm. 8PM YALL. OMG im a foodie and im on my period. I may go in shock. Ima eat me a good dinner and stop exactly at 8pm. So ima shower tonight and tomorrow morning. I have my surgery bag packed with a shower curtain for when I lay down in the car, a towel, my prescriptions, baby wipes, chap stick, my arm garment, money to buy my binder, my waist cincher, tampons, pads, and my i.d. God I ask that you keep your angles camped around me and the whole surgical facility and guide Dr. Afifi and her staff as they add to this lovely body you gave me..

I forgot to add that I will be packing my wish...

I forgot to add that I will be packing my wish pics just in case my doc forgot what im going for. I have to take off my nail polish and charge my ipod cus I will be snapping pics as soon as possible. I have to cut up my yoga roll so it doesnt roll under my thighs but stays flat. I have last minute things to do but I need last minute things so I dont sit here or start pacing back and forth waiting for 5 am to hit. This is my christmas and bday gift to myself. I already have a pretty face now ima have a nice body, my life will never be the same. I will be uploading pics tomorrow.

Ok I arrived at the surgery center in fountain...

Ok I arrived at the surgery center in fountain valley at am, I signed paper work, and met the nurses and doctors who were gonna be taking care of me. They were ALL nice. EDr. Afifi was right there and took pics and marked me up. My iv was in and shortly they were ready for me and took me back. Dr Afifi loves my daughter so we were talking about 2 year old and their ways and then I was out for the count. Next thing I know i was being woken up with a sore booty. I came home, my mom helped me be. I set my butt down cause I was dizzy. I took a zofran was neausea -sp and flopped in bed on with the shower curtain laid out. To sleep I went, but before I knocked out my mom forced me to drink a gatorade cus I was draining alot. So i did. I woke up took a walk and had a protein shake, some candy, and more gatorade, then some trail mix, and water. I AM IN NO PAIN JUST SORE. Tomorrow I will continue my vitamins. Until then my beautiful ladies. My recovery is gonna be too easy.

Ok laying down and typing is so hard lol. How im...

ok laying down and typing is so hard lol. How im feeling- I feel good, no pain just peeing like i have an never ending bladder. It just keeps coming out. lol I am stiff as a bored. I have been trying to get up and walk and im taking my vitamedica pills. My booty is hard as a rock. My shape is coming in and when my swelling goes down I will try on clothes. I can hardly bend over right now. I was getting dizzy but im doing better after drinking a protein shake and some food to raise my blood pressure. The surgery center nurse that took cared of me, that was sweet. He wants me to take the vicodin to help with the stiffness so I did and took a nap. My daughter got on the bed and leaned on my butt I almost screamed. omg it hurt. My mom has been a major help, my dad hasnt seen me yet. He is gonna be like omg you look like a horse. Women in my family have no booties. I always touch and look at my daughters butt, I pray she doesnt get the curse. Ima put her in sports like volley ball, those girls stay in a squat position and have nice booties. lol I took my garments off and my arms look great and so does not my tummy, do to me having a baby and not getting a tummy tuck I wll have to wear a my squeem for a long time to push my wrinkly belly in. So as soon as my body gets soft I will post pics

Ok so I broke down this morning. Not from pain cus...

ok so I broke down this morning. Not from pain cus im in no pain. It has just been exausting, from laying to peeing back to laying on your stomach omg i wanna sit but my butt is rock hard. I started crying and asked my mom was this all worth it and she calmed me down. Its just tiring, I cant wait until im healed. On another note I pooped and i didnt even take a laxative, go me lol.

Ok so i added some pics. I am hoping for more...

Ok so i added some pics. I am hoping for more projection. She said she took out 5L which is the max for inpatient and she put 1380 in each cheek and that included hips. My cheeks are very swollen because she filled it to the max and they often throb and I know that each day it will get better but as women we want to see the change right now. I had my post op appt today and she said dont worry everyone gets emotional just as we do after child birth, its called post partum surgery. I am doing better I just want more projection. She said I am very bruised and swollen and to give it time. I started with no booty what so ever so I have come along way and I have no love handles now and a waist but im not comfortable taking pics because I am soooo swollen and it makes me feel huge. I will add pics as he days go along.

Ok so the day after surgery I had to pee like a...

Ok so the day after surgery I had to pee like a horse and I felt so heavy and tired and holding myself up to use a funnel was out of the question. I actually kinda broke my moms toilet roll thingy by using it for support. So this is what I do. I open my legs and back up all the way on the toilet. Dont sit down yet just back up with legs spread until you cant back up no more. Then drop down with thighs on both sides of the toilet. I put my hands right in front of me on the toilet as support, this also helps lift the butt off the toilet. Then I pee and stand up and wipe. This just makes life easier. I mean we cant poop in a funnel. People probably are doing it this way but I havnt seen anyone talk about it. So i wanted you ladies to know there are other options to peeing without getting peed on.

I looked in the mirror just now and I realized...

I looked in the mirror just now and I realized that Dr. Afifi lipod the hell out of me,my arms look so small, my tummy is flat and will get flatter if I keep the waist binder then the waist cincher on for like ever, I also like my back and how she sculpted my body cus if you see me in the orange tight dress pre op my shape was all over the place. So I will stay positive and stay compressed and I will take pics on saturday, hoping some of my swelling has gone down. I know I wont look like nicki or kim but I will look like me, just a better version.

I woke up this morning with my neck hurting and so...

I woke up this morning with my neck hurting and so tired. I just kept crying. Its crazy, im in no pain I guess I just wanna be normal already. lol Im happy and sad at the same time. All I know is I will not be getting a round 2. 1 time is enough for me. I will get my butt back in the gym and work with what I got which is way better than what I had. I just love to work out I just wanted to look good in some work out clothes, now I will. So while im sad and dipressed at time, I am happy and looking forward to the future. Man I guess this surgery is bringing out some type of bipolar in me lol

If I could do it again I would not have gained 20...

If I could do it again I would not have gained 20 lbs. After looking at my original pre op pics I should have just stayed as I was and let her sculpt that body. I was working out 2 times a day to improve my body,and I probably would have healed better and not have been so swollen. That is kinda my only regret now because I initially wanted to gain 15 pounds so I stopped working out and started eating and I couldnt stop eating lol So I gained like 20 or more actually. It happened so quick. I think these docs will know where to get the fat with any size we are and gaining weight just adds to much fat and they only can take out so much i.e 5 liters in cali. If you think about it that fat adds up quick. I think my waist would have been tiny and my butt would have popped more. Although i am still healing and it takes a while to see the final results I just kinda regret gaining so much weight. 20 pounds is a huge amount and for anyone wanting to gain weight I would just say think long and hard about that. But hey we live and we learn. No worries. Im just having a little rant.

DR. Afifi is a great and caring person but as of...

DR. Afifi is a great and caring person but as of right now I am not satisfied with my butt. It doesnt look the way I want it to look. I am sad and upset but I do know I am only 3 days post op and things may get better but I wanted and expected to see results from jump. I just want to leave this form alone for a while and just rest and get booty off of my mind. If my body changes I will come back. Until then ladies this is good bye. :-(

Ok I do have 2 regrets and it is that i should...

ok I do have 2 regrets and it is that i should have not gained so much weight and I should have kept working out just to have my body prepared for this intense surgery. I am swollen, emotional, stiff, bruised up, and sore as hell. I am going to buy a full body garment and cut the butt out to help with the swelling. I will remain strong and I will keep updating even on my bad days. Do I think my doc gave me the results I wanted, as of right now no. However she has changed my body in a way I couldnt by just working out. She did change my shape i just want more hips and projection in my butt. My butt is still hard and I am still swollen so who knows it may change for the better. My mom told me today that the first part is taken care of, so when I am approved I must take what I am now working with and perfect it in the gym, eat right, and stay positive so that is what i will do.

To read part 2 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I found about her through searching online originally but I looked at her website and saw pics I didnt care for but later found out that her website isnt up to date. I learned she has pics but she is just to busy to upload them. I came to find her again through Betsie here on RS who has amazing results. I have also seen two other girls on realself who had nice results. Not only does she do nice big booties with hips, she also has good prices, and has offices in california. So that was a win win situation for me because I am a full time student and a full time single mom.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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