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So I'm scheduling with Dr. Pantoja next year for...

So I'm scheduling with Dr. Pantoja next year for lipo & BBL. I was quoted $4,800 for lipo from arms, back, stomach & love handles to my butt & a tummy tuck as well as scar laser removal.

I'm so excited!! I want to go to Tijuana with enough of everything! I already have all the items thats under the bbl list on here. I have 1 daughter & Im married and Ive wanted to do this for a long time. its my time!

Researching diff. docs

So I'm pretty set on dr. Pantoja, at least I think. I'm waiting for early next year so I dont' come back extremely broke lol but I've been doing some research and I'm tied between Dr Campos & Dr Pantoja . It's taken me aboout 2 weeks to get a quote from Dr Campos' office, which is understandable they could be busy. But I only received an email that I'd be getting my quote soon, not the actual quote. So at this time just because the quote doesn't come as quick as I'd like it to, doesn't mean it's not worth it. I will just have to wait and see, Price is the main factor, Im not gonna lie. If it's not much of a price difference I'll go with the doc that I trust next and then everything else after that.

I'm still waiting to see if any of Dr. P's patients post reviews, I notice alot of them delete their pics after, which is understandable but hard for other possible patients to make a decision because the before and afters for Dr P is limited.

I've come to a decision, decision made!!

Okay so I decided to go with Dr. P! It came down to results, pricing, responsiveness and what was included in the quote.

I will be going next year around march-april. Anybody else going around that time ?


Okay, so i uploaded some recent pics to show what ive got and want gone! i am gettn lipo from arms, waist, abdomen, flanks and inner thighs and having the fat transferred to my butt and also getting a tummy tuck.

updated procedure

oops! i forgot full back from lipo so it will be upper back, mid back and lower back. flanks(love handles), stomach, arms and inner thighs where they will do liposuction to transfer fat to my buttocks and then tummy tuck and scar laser revision for $4,800

Wish pics

So there's this app you download & it's called plastic surgery and I morphed myself ideally on how I'd like my procedure to turn out

Any who I'm debating on getting just a lipo instead of a tummy tuck or if I should get the tt. I was quoted $1200 extra fr the tummy tuck but not sure if its mandatory seeing as the recovery might be complete hell but would be less complicated seeing as it might be worth it


So I've been emailing back and forth with dr Pantojas staff, Nadia specifically I believe and as annoying as I must be and all the questions I ask they always respond promptly and I love it! My main concern was the tt stitching placement and they sent me this pic of where it would be which I really appreciate!

Also buying a reclining lawn chair to cut a hole in since I can't lay on my tummy for a while. Anybody going in march??


I've been emailing Nadia from Dr.P's staff back and forth all day and let me tell you, she is the best!! definitely a sweetheart!! I had thousands of questions and she answered all of them in a timely manner and even though I asked questions like 5 times she never showed any rudeness and was patient with me!

I'm OFICIALLY BOOKED FOR MARCH 20TH! WOOOO! I am so excited for this lipo, fat transfer and tummy tuck!! I think I deserve it, I've been working my a$$ off since my daughter was born while her father worked from time to time (his dad has a contracting business so work wasn't stable) but it's my time and he cant say $h1t! lol He doesn't want me to get it cause he thinks people will stare, we already go to different gyms for that very reason lol I'm just going to start taking my iron pills so me hem. levels go up and stocking up on necessities.

anyone going around that time or any tips, advice?!


Anybody recommend any iron pills I can take daily until march 20th for my procedure?!


So I was originally goin 2 bring my daughter n hubby but it came down 2 them staying to save like $2000 and so he could stay n work so he doesnt lose his job. he doesnt get approved time off until 1 year unless its an emergency.

soo my question is any of you fellow sisters travel on plane alone how did it go through security? was it a hassle n did they question anything?

H E L P !!

Okay so now I am undecided, I thought I wanted to forsure get a tummy tuck but now I do not know. I was quoted $4,600 for liposuction from arms, full back, love handles, inner thighs and a tummy tuck. This included a 2 night stay in the clinic, food, 24 hr nurse care etc..
&& I was also quoted $3,600 for liposuction from arms, full back, stomach, love handles and inner thighs with 1 night clinic stay etc ..

Pricing isn't my main concern, If I want to get them both it's like killing 2 birds in one stone, My problem is this... I am worried if I get the bbl after the lipo, Dr P will have to turn me around on my back to perform the tummy tuck. I will lose fat etc due to the pressure, i'm not sitting I will be LAYING down, this means my whole body weight will be placed on my backside.

I think I might just get the lipo and the fat transfer and then schedule a breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck with Dr P later on this year. That way I don't lose fat and my 2nd procedure will both be on my front so I can lay on my back and by that time hopefully all the surviving fat is permanent.

What do you guys think? Does it make a difference?

Tummy tuck

Would my tummy be ok without it? At least until December ?


I emailed Nadia and asked her if I would be able to not get the tummy tuck and schedule that later this year with a BA and I sent it twice and have not received a response but I also am not the only patient there so they could be busy.

I have the financing broken up like this..
*Prcoedure WITHOUT tummy tuck $3,100 (I paid the $500 deposit)
*Recovery care home stay from 02/21/2014 until 02/23/2014 = $450
^^ They include food, laundry services, etc..
*Massages x4 $120
*Return Flight from az to sd with southwest is $210
*Recliner chair (to work in, i work at home so I have to sit but I will cut a hole in it so my butt just sinks through and there is no pressure) $60 amazon or walmart
*Laptop tray/desk $20
*Special K protein shake (They come in packs of 4, I'd buy 6) $6/ea so $36
TOTAL= $3996

*Procedure WITH tummy tuck $4,300 (I paid a $500 deposit, originally $5,800)
*Recovery stay at grace guesthouse from 02/22/2014 - 02/24/2014 $450
*Massages 4x $120
*Round trip flight from az to sd $210
*Special K Protein Shakes $36.00
TOTAL = $5,116
I wont need the reclining chair or laptop tray so there is a mini saving there.
I already have gauze pads, alcohol wipes, band-aids, arnica tablets, neosporin, epidermis biopads or w.e and an arm compression garment for my lipo so I'm good to go.

I'm really not to sure what to do, Hopefully I get a response from Dr. Pantoja's staff soon enough


Ok so I did speak with Nadia from Dr Pantoja's office and they confirmed that I can do the procedure without the tummy tuck and schedule another procedure late this yr for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck hopefully only a mini tummy tuck is needed.

So that procedure all I need to pay is $3,100
I am paying my $200 deposit today with Grace Guesthouse so the day they pick me up I will pay them the remaining $250
I am setting aside:
$120 for massages
$120-130 for antibiotics/pain meds delivered to the clinic or recovery home
$100 for an additional faja just in case
and $500 on just b.s like whatever I guess, I have a serious shopping problem so if i'm at the airport I know i'm bound to buy something lol

I'm good to go MARCH 20TH! I'm so excited!!

I just need to buy some maxi dresses for after the surgery. Anyone recommendations as to where ? I'll probably just go to marshalls, ross and forever 21 lol they are usually cheap and cute.



Feb 8th 2O14

I paid the deposit today OFFICIALLY!! There was an issue with my payment I don't think I did it right lol so I re did it today and it went through for sure cause I got a confirmation email.

That can be checked off the list.
I also paid for my flight today! $231 round trip so that's off the list

All I need to do is buy my protein shakes, find out what post op vitamins to take and buy them and buy post op dresses.

I got a real cute t shirt that's a dress at Ross for $8.00 it's cheetah print so I'll be wearing that after the procedure at the recovery home and then I will look for some maxi dresses to wear to and from so it's light packing.

I only want to take 2 carry on items a tote and a bag for my clothes and protein shakes etc.
In my wheelie bag I'll put in my dresses, cylinder pillow, sandals, brush, compression garment for my arms, epidermis biopad or w.e it's called lol epifoam I think my laptop, charger, post op vitmans etc etc

my personal items I won't need frequent access to like my makeup. But in my tote I'll carry my toothbrush, deodorant, sunglasses, hat, wallet etc ...


So I spoke with Lana today, she emailed me letting me know my quote was only $325 for my stay !!! That saved me $125 so you know I'm happy!!! Going to go shopping today with my daughter, she needs clothes and I need dresses for post op on the way home and recovery period !!!


So I spoke with Dr. Pantoja's ever so wonderful staff today and I asked what available dates they have for my procedure to be sooner, they said Deb 26th and March 12th.;; So i'm trying to get the feb 26th date, my husband wants me to go sooner since alot is happening in march.

I have the tickets in the process of being re-booked, i already found a round trip flight and got the ok from Dr. Pantoja's staff.I'm just waiting for Grace Recovery guest house to give me the okay since they are picking me up and dropping me off at/from San Diego airport, and I will be staying with them for 2 nights after the procedure .


So I scheduled my procedure sooner, for FEB 26TH. I'm leaving in 2 wks, I'll be there until March 1st, and then I'll be back home that evening.
I have everything I need, I'll probably pack and just have everything ready sitting by the door.

but in my wheelie bag I'll be packing:
x My cylinder Pillow
x Epifoam pads
x arnica tablets
x Maxi dresses
x sandals
x cheetah print nightie tee to wear after surgery
x Special K Protein shakes
x My laptop
x Sports bra and one pair of big panties just in case
x My makeup bag
x Wet ones

In my tote I will be bringing:
x Wallet (uh-duh! lol)
x Sunglasses
x Charger
x Headphones
x Chapstick
x Toothbrush

Day of my flight I'll wear compression stockings so I'll probably be wearing sweats, flip flops and just a plain tee from victorias secret or something, otherwise a maxi dress, I can't decide lol

On my way home I'll most likely just carry that on the plane so I can sit on it.
I am so excited y'all I cant believe it. WELL I can, I did reschedule a sooner date lol.

Post op medication.

What's everyone taking or what did you guys take after your bbl for pain or discomfort?? Should I justpay the 120-130 for meds to be delivered to the recovery home, or what is recommended from you guys by experience to purchase here in the U.S & bring over therE?

9 days!

In 9 more days I'll be on my way to SD airport to be picked up by Gracehouse recovery and be taken to Dr. Pantoja's office for my lipo & fat transfer procedure.
I am so very excited and have been waiting for this!!

So I decided to bring either a large tote and that's it or just 1 wheelie bag. But I want it to be a carry on. So i'll be bringing in one bag:
- Compression stockings
- arm compression garment
- epifoam (set of 3)
- 2 dresses
- one t-shirt nightie
- pair of socks
- my phone, charger and headphones
- foundation, beauty blender, concealer, brow brush & powder, bronzer & bronzer brush, chapstick & lipgloss
- pocket size had sanitizer from walgreens
- jergens hand lotion
- deoderant
- victorias seret body mist
- 1 pair of sandals that I'll wear to and from
- wallet
- cylinder pillow for plane and car ride to prevent pressure on the butt
- post op special k protein shakes
- ensure clear post op drink

All I'm missing is post op vitamins and pain meds. anybody recommend pain meds aside from the ones you can have delivered for $130 ? lol


So my hubby is getting very.. defensive? upset about the procedure i'm getting now. He is now saying that I'm not allowed to wear this or that, and I'm not allowed to work out

Now don't get me wrong, I'm doing this because I'm just not getting the results Id like working out. So not only is this speeding it up, but I have to maintain them? lipo to my arms belly back waist, thighs. I'd like to stay slimmer in those areas so I will do light weight lifting to ensure that but he doesn't see it that way.

I told him i'd be getting it regardless, ,this is what I want.

Meds update

I've done a lot of research trying to see what's meds are recommended to be taken after Lipo/fat transfer

Most docs recommended Tylenol extra strength & a lot of others on here are using that or Tylenol pm or regular. It's about $14 for 100 tablets of the extra strength at my walmart so ill use that, get some arnica gel to rub on cause I honestly don't think if want to have to take anymore pills lol, & some bromelain pills for post op. Then I'll just rely on the vitamins provided in the Special K protein shakes and ensure clear drinks.

I don't want to spend the $130 for the pain meds we can have delivered but I will bring it just in case I feel like I need them, but I should be good I have a strong tolerance for pain

Feb 19

Sucking in my belly lol hope my tummy looks a little flatter than this and all the lower ab fat is gone!!

Stresssed out!!

My hubby has been getting on me everyday about the procedure, hes a man who notices women when their around, nd I get that. It's annoying but it's who he is. So he basically doesn't want me to get it. I said why? cause people will look at me the way you look at other women? I told him I'm still getting it, it's my money and I want to do this. That's tha.t anyone else going through or go through something similiar? how did your bfs/hubbys/gfs/wives/significant others feel afterwards?

30 hours til I leave for the airport!!

I have a whole day + a few hrs til I leave. Since my flights at 6:45a.m and I live about 30 Mins from the airport my hubby, our daughter n I will leave at 4:30 am.

I am really gonna miss em. I'm getting extremely anxious & nervous! But it's best to get it over n done with even if my hubby's a ill mad at me. He'll get over it and will be happy once he sees the results.

At dr Pantojas

So I'm in the office lobby waiting for my blood results & a cardiologist for my EKG & then I will have a consultation with the doc once he comes in/

I landed in San Diego at 7:55 am or 6:55 am San Diego time and was picked up by Anita. Who is absolutely sweet & kind!!!! I absolutely recommend her if anyone is needed transportation over the border. She was already there in the cell phone lot & picked me up outside of baggage claim right away.

I had my blood taken just waiting on a few more. I was told my procedure wouldn't start until after 12 so I'm patiently waiting

Few hours post op

Let me start off by saying everyone on Dr.Pantojas team is absolutely amazing, sweet & kind. I definitely recommend !

So when I was picked up and dropped off at Dr.P's clinic I met Hannia & filled out some paperwork, went downstairs to do my blood Tests and then 23 back to have my EKG done by the cardiologist .

Once that was done I made payment in cash with Nadia. & had my consultation with Dr.P! He is soooooo sweet!!!! And looks very young ! He then drew on me showing where her do the Lipo and what areas on my but he will inject it to then I went upstairs, to change into the gown, took a pill for nausea and had an IV put in.

She told me to relax and I was trying to but I was so nervous! Then I met with the near anesthesiologist who asked me a few questions then I was taken to the O.R where I was told to lay a certain way for my epidural, next think you know im. Out ! Woke up around 4 hours late NO PAINT WHATSOEVER!! Only feel sore like I been working out for 24 hours straight lol I can't stand up right now so I can't wait to see the results tomorrow !

Nausea, dizziness, lots of fluids

So I slept on and off last night I woke up maybe every hour or so but still was very sleepy when I woke up so going back to sleep was no problem.

I woke up this morning had another blood test done, used the restroom about an hour or so after. It was hard to get up I felt weak and as soon as I stood up I was very very dizzy, nauseas. So bright I couldn't see anything the nurse helped me up and told me to sit n wait a few mins then I went to the restroom where one of my incision or excision bled out a lot! I couldn't see in the mirror since I got so nauseas again so I just quickly washed my hands, wet my face and back to bed I go.

Pain 1 from 10 I'd say 3-4. My skin only feels sensitive to touch but I'm more sore than feeling any "pain."

So for breakfast I was given a fruit bowl with granola, honey & cottage cheeses I only ate the bananas & strawberries. I'm a weirdo I know lol. But throughout the night I did drink water & mango juice. Everyone's saying my booty looks nice n big I just can't wait to see it lol

Grace guesthouse

So Anita picked me up from the clinic around 10:30am to 11:00 am and took me to the recovery home, she lives in the Same neighborhood over here by the beach. It's a gorgeous neighborhood with security it's almost resort-like.

Margarita has been beyond amazing to me ! She fed me Caldo de pollo I think it's called which Is a chicken soup with vegetables n white rice with some juice and water. She's washed my garment for me twice cause of the drainage changed my diaper pads and everything, she even tucks me into bed! For dinner she fed me a chicken quesadilla which was heaven!! Right now I'm absolutely SORE!! Hurts to stand or do anything. I am really feeling it but my body looks great I haven't taken a post op pic yet but I will tomorrow after my lymphatic drainage massage which I know will hurt bit margarita tells me I'll feel much much much better after & today's important to get rest and sleep. Which is what I've been doing all day


1 day Post op pics taken right now


Is all I feel that's it. Just soreness or stiffness I have a massage with maripaz tomorrow!! Yes! I'm scared but margarita says I'll feel mas mas better :) I also met theresita n she's very beautiful! And sweet and down to earth. Margarita has been more than wonderful to me grace guesthouse is a great place to be! She's fed me and made sure I took my meds and making sure I'm drinking enough fluids :) I'm leaving on Saturday but I'll be fine I can get some more lymphatic massages done back home

3rd day since surgery but 2nd day post op

Idk if there's a difference but my post op instructions state I can shower today!!! I'm also getting my massage from maripaz I am scared but I know it's best to have it done.

I slept a lil better tonight, I was able to get more hours of sleep in between and I only woke up 3 times during the night versus every hour the night before.

Still sore and stiff, feel like I need to go #2 but not enough to go.I've been extremely hungry can't wait to eat breakfast shower and get the massage over n done with


So I have my garment on and just had a granola bar and some coffee . Margarita had to go somewhere so it was someone else I don't know her name but she's very nice and sweet help me put it on.

I'm sitting on a cylinder pillow instead of a boppy my thighs are on the pillow leaving my whole buttocks completely free of pressure! Tried to take the best pics but it's hard with the arm rest in the way

I am draining ALOT on my back side and my right hip from the tubes

Finally getting he massage

Maripaz is on her way! Thought I'd post pics of having the garment on all day . I noticed my waist get smaller n butt get bigger with compression

Lymphatic drainage surgery

If you come out here I recommend maripaz this is her card with info great masseuse. It was uncomfortable but not painful, scared for nothing lol

I felt more ticklish when the soreness and stiffness had been massaged away. So that's how I knew it was gone cause the massage felt good until I was ticklish and couldn't stop laughing ha I felt like a little girl. But she said its normal .

I do not feel good at all

I'm sore, my booty hurts & it's my time of the month, it's very light but I also have a fever. Every time I put a think blanket over me it's boiling hot Nd it's cold here in Mexico right now due to the raining and strong winds . Took 2 Tylenol but keep having to pee is really getting on my nerves!!

Oh boy. Home at last tomorrow with my family though!! Miss my hubby n daughter too much .

Post op check up with dr P & his staff

So I got my 2 drains and stitches taken out today . My right drain started leaking like crazy ! So I can't wear my epifoam until a week

My stay at grace guesthouse was amazing! I love margarita, theresita & Janet!! I feel like I can talk to them all day!! Their so loving and caring they treat you like family and always have your best interest .

I asked Dr Pantoja how many cc's he transferred and he did ....

Get ready for it ..

1,360 CCs of fat transferred to my booty!!! It looks amaze and I love it my husband and I said if I want it smaller I can just work out to lose small amounts of fat but why would I do that? Lol

All of Dr.Pantojas staff and team are great I would go again and do this again despite the soreness it's only temporary for permanent results. I leave today to go back home. The driver Ralph will be picking up me & the other girl and taking us to San Diego airport. Yay!!


So I only ate breakfast since yesterday and the flight home was definitely a challenge. It was a full flight and I couldn't sit comfortable not to mention it was a bumpy flight due to the weather

So anyway I got home and had my sister pick me up and I went to this Amazing place called Pete's fish n chips I was starving they don't put salt on their food but it's sooo so good! Then I went to the family dollar store picked up some pads and Tamps as well as those big "puppy pads" to lay down on. My husband moves a lot in his sleep so I slept on the couch, I wanted the couch for the tv since I thought id have trouble sleeping but I slept through the night.

Would I do it again? Yes. I know what to expect and even though it's painful it is bearable and it will be so so soooo worth it!

My boobs weren't touched at all in the procedure but they look bigger I think cause of the fat they took out from my waist n tummy but I loooove love my results!! And I still have to go through the "fluffing/settling" period lol


So my garment has a rip at the clip where the garment goes around my hips. My hips seem so much wider since I had the fat fr my flanks tummy n waist lipo 'd.

My left cheek has more swelling than the right but I was told its normal . I have a lymphatic drainage massage scheduled for today & my husband helped me massage my back butt and arms yesterday.

I've been looking into Fajas but decided I will just purchase the same one dr Pantoja uses assuming he uses the marena ones for a reason. I was also looking into butt out ones but read that it is worse because it encourages swelling n then when the swelling process goes down so will the butt because there wasn't any proper compression or support for that area.

I've also noticed fluid build up in my lower abdomen but I did massage my tummy yesterday & pushed all the fluid down. Hannia assured me it's normal & it will pass through the urine.

I'll try and add some more pics later without the garment :)

First us lymphatic massage

I went to a cute lil place called blu sol. Membership is $59.99 a month for a free treatment of anything massages, facials etc then each additional treatment no matter what it is for an hr is $40

So I had the massage done I brought the lower abdomen swelling to light and she said it definitely isn't Seroma or fluid build up & it's just swelling so she did it anyway in case there was some fluid starting to build up.

She did my front & back it was great I almost fell asleep lol I'll be getting them once a wk for 2 months & then regular massages after that.

Overall I feel ok sore but ok . I'm still concerned about me left lower inner cheek being more bigger or swollen than the other but hopefully it goes down.

Waiting for my "fluffing"

I feel like I've lost volume since day 1 . I'm trying to stay positive because I know my results aren't valid right now it takes a few wks I know it's the inflammation or swelling going away. & my fat still has to settle but I'm impatient lol

My ride side heeled fast my right side of my waist & hip is fine as well as the butt. My left cheek hip & waist still swollen that my body looks uneven right now oh mannnnn

Open vs closed

Trying a butt out garment I have 2.

Majority of drama require butt closed but dr salamas patients have great projection and seem like there's not a lot of. Volume lost. I now have 3 garments 2 closed gluteal and 2 open gluteal to try and see if there's a difference I have a lot of swelling in my lower back and left side as well as upper back and arms my tummy swelling has gone down I'm not concerned about the roundness I will squat to accomplish that I just want the size and volume there !!

More pics


Butt out garment

Seems to give me more projection. I've been wearing it for over 24 hours and the results are different from wearing the traditional butt in


Still have light bruising and swelling but it has gone down significantly I drink 2 protein shakes a day (strawberry gold standard) you can buy it at gnc or the vitamin shoppe. I get a massage twice a wk every two weeks and eat frequently to increase the size.

I also tie stockings around the bottom of my butt to create a crease and my butt feels fuller I guess lol


I forgot to upload a pic of my tummy! Lol


Don't overpack you really won't need a lot of it or want to wear anything over your garment half the time lol

I'm actually considering a 2 piece garment now a compression for my upper body half and then a waist clincher to wear over it or an abdominal board to wear under it. I'm also wearing epifoam right now . So for my upper body I'll buy a medium and waist clincher as well :)

I want to keep my butt big so I'll buy a butt enhancing compression garment with butt out in size large because I don't want that to reduce in size at all!!


Updated pics had my 2nd massage today & tummy was a little hard And also had fluid build up in my right lower abdomen but getting massages should take it all away. I did notice the hardened spots softened and the masseuse said it was just scar tissue or the muscle coming back or something lol my lower back swelling has gone down a lot!!! Just waiting for my 3 wk mark to hit the gym!!!

Pre op

Here are my pre op pics as promised!!

More post op pics

This is how I lay when I'm tired of laying on my front I put a few pillows behind my on my couch and then rest my thighs on a foot rest but its pretty big and soft . It feels amazing!

2 months post op in 4 days

So it's been a while since I been on here! I just thought id update for anyone researching or currently in the process of. My hubby asked I delete my pics so out of respect for him I did but i am guilty of working out at the 3 wk mark, doing "it" sooner than I should of and I only now wear a corset/squeem I am also considering going back for round 2. Which for me was quoted at 1800 + paying for my own garment.

Here's a before pic of my. Back

Trying to find one from my front

I forgot to attach the pic lol

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Prompt reply, amazing staff & doc, will address all questions & concerns, courteous people! Definitely recommend to all

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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