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Im 5'6 was 150lbs wen i had my bbl w/campos im...

im 5'6 was 150lbs wen i had my bbl w/campos im 3days post op & i love my results !! im staying @clubmed best place EVERY1 should stay here they take care of you like they wur your mother so sweet & very understanding love them! i wish i could take them home w/me ! anyway i had no curves @all no butt no hips just a gut & squared like a boy! but im so in love with my new curves campos is the best he was very sweet i showed him 3pics & i came out just like them he even lipo my upper bk by the bra 4free just bring ot up to him when your one on one if u want to a add a lil area do not say nthn to angie SHE WILL CHARGE YOU ! & plz bring all your receipts & your quote i had no problems w/her till the day of surgery she kept trying to charge me when i paid everything in full to avoid any problems good thing i was prepared 4her another thing the tramadol pain med they give you does work so dont worry bout bringing pain meds & everything u can think of they hav here or will get it 4u! do take pre-op vitamins from make-me heal they work im taking post-op vitamins & they work! if i could re-pack i would only bring 2robes 2bra's slippers 1 outfit 2go out my last day if someone tells you to bring epi-foam dont you can buy it here 2 for $15! thats cheap & the urinal go girl does not work it over flows they show u how to go pee here & its sooo much easier make sur you bring something w/internet or u will get bored alot of girls phones dont work here mine does but i know my bill is going to be insane :(! i didnt want a huge butt just some curves to wear some dresses & my pics dont really show how good i came out well im about to eat shower & have my first massage im scared i skipped it yeasturday i was in pain so im hopeing its not to bad wish me luck!


hey ladies i wish i could show u guys my results in person these pix really dnt show how good campos wrk is i will post more picz 2day my waist is 32" & im very swollen it will go down more & my hips r 45" i hav such a beautiful shape i wore yoga pants 4the 1st time yestureday did some shopn out here in TJ bad idea i was hurt n 4walkn 2much & the sun gav me the worst headache my i got good gifts 4every 1 :)! my massage was painful i hav extreme pain in my stomach by my drain every1 said its normal theres no bruising or fluid build up they said it could b that i didnt hav alot of fat & he did alot of aggressive lipo but ive had 2massages & madipaz said im really soft no lumps or hard spots she said my results r going 2b very good my garment is really tight it has not lose n up 2wear epi-foam yet but im not worried wen i tak everything off my skin looks good im goin 2try & answer all ur questions my traveling was easy & do not worry bout coming to mex @ club med u r on a private beach itz really quiet empty beach its beautiful i heard all the bad storys about mexico too & it really is not bad at all i would come here & bring my kids ! my quote is correct i only paid $3845! that was cheap but i did not com here bc of the price i came bc of campos results r amazing trust me go 4who you see has the results u want im very happy & will not be doing round 2 i will post more pics b4 i shower mayb i can get really good pix later ttyl girls!

2pix will post more later!

more pix!

ok went shop n agn did not learn my lesson lol my bk is swollen now madipaz is goin 2b mad @me but i had 2go i leave 2moro im feeln good im walkn all over the place i do everything myself jus need this drain out! well im bout 2eat will leave u guys w/sum pix b4 i tak this shower! btw u sweat alot if u go out this is my 2nd shower 2day!!

last day @club med :(

so sad im goin 2miss all the nurses & susana @club med i asked them 2com w/me they all sure lets go & laugh it really feels lik family here but i cant wait 2c my babyz ive nvr been away from them anyway idk how many cc campos put in i hav my postop chk up @9 i'll ask him then wen he did the surg he did ask me how many i wanted i told him idk wats right 4me i told him i brought 3pix w/me on my phone one that showed the front the bk & the side view & told him thats wat i wanted he said ok i can do that & i didnt even hav that much fat 2wrk with but its fat that been sitting there 4yrs they thats the best fat (old fat stays) & he was very confident & i did come out just lik the pix i showed him its VERY important u show him xactly wat u want 2look lik or will not b happy i paid in cash that i kno of he takes no insur but in all 2gther i spent abot $5400 thats flight quote clubmed & $500 i brought 4massages & spending $ do bring spending $ it go's quick!! well i jus got my period so im cramping bad goin 2shower & go 4 my chk up then madipaz will do a massage & let me kno if i can remove the drain WISH ME LUCk! ttyl girlz

go n 2miss my view!

so sad 2leave but happy 2b in my own bed w/my babyz!

ok so i had my stiches taken out & he hurt me it felt lik he cut me he was very flirty it was grossing me out i hav a 6'5 FINE/SWEET black man @home waiting 4me he was sooooo not my type any who he was very pushy tryn 2tak my drain out the way he tug'd on it messing around was not funny as i had told him im very sensitive & the drain still had stiches i wanted maripaz 2do it @clubmed wen i got my last massage well he finally agreed 2leave it in i told him thank u i love my new body he said i was gorgeous & asked me about my babys father & i sent him 2go chk my cc's he came bk said he did 1200 in each cheek & sum in the hips he said he was able 2get all my bk fat that im very swollen it will look very nice wen it go's dwn & he left the rm (i was happy !) i got home did my massage madipaz is wonderful she kno's her job i was SO SO SO scared about the drain & she did not hurt me 1 bit! not even w/the stiches i didnt even kno she took the drain out!! i freaked out 4nthn she is so pretty we talked about so much & she tought me how 2tak care of my stomach / bk & how 2massage it my self & i got the oil 2do it & she said 2call her i Will Miss Her! u get a diff connection 2these ladies Selena feels lik im sayn bye 2my older sister she was my shop n buddy she knockz pplz prices dwn! shez hella cool if u go shopn go with her! i did pay my full balance w/cash b4 i came & only brought the $500 spending $ cash w/me i wish i brought more 2tip these ladys they deserve more! & my butt is still hard it gets btr each day they say 3rd week i will c the diff my body has only gone dwn a lil i dnt think im goin 2lose alot i feel real good u feel 100 times btr once that drain is out my garment is still real tight it has not loosen up @all madipaz said itz a good thing i dnt need epi foam only in my front once my swelling go's down everything is real soft but my front gets lines from the garment so i will put only 1there i will keep updating u guys remember tak ur vitaminz very important! & this is the place 2stay if u com out here & campos wrk IS THE BEST i think im the only 1 on top of the world happy w/my results! ttyl

18 days post-op & feeln GREAT!

Hi everybody im 18days post op & im feeln & lookn VERY GOOD let me start 4rm the day i left the plane ride was horrible seats wur tiny had a boppy pillow & held my self up pretty much the whole way i do not want 2sit on my butt at all! well i get 2my car & i am in pain i had alot of pain in my stomach if i dnt tak my pain pills every 4hrs even wen i sleep the pain wakes me up ive nvr read any1 feeln lik i do but every time i look @my self itz WORTH iT! my pain starts @my stomach & 2my butt & hips pills tak about 30minz 2kick in & i feel btr i am still in pain & cnt skip my medz anyway driving was Very hard i got it dwn now but it took days i dnt sit on my butt i use a boppy & hold myself up w/my left arm itz not as uncomfortable as it sounds itz btr then sitn on my butt i NVR do im go n 2try 2answer all ur questionz idk how many cc he put in my hips he didnt say only that 1200 each cheek & sum in the hips no i did not get implants my butt was VERY HARD lik stone hard but its lik half & half now it has soften up but not all the way i tryd on dresses about a wk ago & i freaked out 1of my hipz looked bigger then the other but i went again yesturday & tryd dresses on agn & i look GOOD! ive nvr been so confident in mylife if there is any1 out there doupt n on do n this DONT!!!! its the best thing ive ever done 4my self i did go dwn but 2me i feel lik its only a lil bit i look so good in anything i try on i use2 always b in sweats even in the summer & would wear 2shorts under 2hide my figure & 4the last 2wks i hav been wear n yoga pants im so happy now ive nvr owned yoga pantz! ive nvr loved shopn now i cnt stop lol im not go n 2lie it was hard wen i first got bk my face would b swollen 4the 1st 2wkz & my ankles too everytime i woke up the pain suk'd! & i hav 2kids & wrk a fulltime job no1 kno's wat i did but i pulled it off & thank god everything has been good so far i been giv n myself the massages where & how maripaz told me 2 not that i cnt afford them jus can not find any1 who does them where im @ but i feel smooth & i feel im do n a good job i will post sum pix ttyl girls & thank u !

26 days post op

hi ladies im 26days post op & things r good im a lil sad upset worried bc it seems that the garment is leaving a mark on my stomach where it zips up @so it looks & feels a lil lumpy im using the foam under & it still is bruised where it zips & hooks @but im jus hope n that it softens up "Worried" other then that still love my shape my hips & butt has gone dwn but i still look a million times btr then i did b4 so im still happy w/my results my butt has soften up alot i look very natural i cnt believe it but i think i want a bigger butt i think from having it so big at first b4 the swelling go's dwn u fall in love w/it but mayb if theres a fluffing stage lik everybody claims i wont need it well c .. anyway my bk is still swollen & fluffy i can even feel it my stomach only hurts lik if im bruised but my bk still gets that bad burning feeling still not sitting on it sit not sleeping on it well thats about it 4now ttyl will post sum pix sorry bout my clothes all over hahahah ;)!

im back!

im a lil annoyed i jus did a huge update & it got deleted :(! but i ran 2the bath rm & took sum pics hips went down :( so did the butt :( but i still look GOOD nthn lik i did b4 im very happy & in love w/my self highly recommend it nvr told any1 i did surgery im happy 2 bc no1 can tell bc no1 had ever seen me in tight clothes & now i live in dresses skirts leggings my man is madly in love w/my ass lol i am considering round2 but not now but only 2get a lil more hips & more rounder butt i look really good now clothes fits me very nice & bent over & dancing (twerk n lol) my butt & hips look huge lol! my stomach was very lumpy i was scared i was go n 2b stuck lik that i nvr used a board only foam but once i stopd using the garment it all went away it took wks but its nice u cnt even tell i hate using the garment hardly use it harldy hav any pain i been sleepn on my back & sides for months now eveything wrkd out good 4me lil things i dnt lik but am plan n on fix n ! well sorry i took 4ever 2update i been enjoying life taking vacations & if any1 is thinking about it but scared dnt b TRUST ME UR LIFE WILL CHANGE 4THE BTR U WILL B HAPPY IF U CHOOSE THE RIGHT DOCTOR I KNO I DID ! ttyl

10 months post op

i will be 1year post op in june im still happy with my results i would never take it back my butt is soft i look 100% natural i dont look to big or to small im perfect ;) seriously anybody out there reading this DO IT IF YOUR UNHAPPY for all those times you cried when you saw your self in the mirror after trying on everything out in the store or in your closet for all the times you didnt go out because you had nothing to wear because nothing looked cute on you DO THIS FOR YOUR SELF THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE i use to be so insecure im a new person ladies do your research find who has the results you want & that has GOOD reviews and do it dont do it for the price do it for the results ! i recently got married & we are expecting our 3rd baby together !! & i am as happy as can be ;) ;) i even look cute with my lil belly ! i wish everbody luck !!

6months :)!

HELLO LADIES! So im 6months pregnant & still VERY HAPPY with my butt & hips of course like anyone u have things u dont like but mines are very minor so this is for ALL LADIES PLANNING ON GETTING PREGNANT AFTER BBL THERE IS NOTHING TO STRESS ABOUT! my butt looks great yes ive gained weight due to being pregnant and for the first time in my life my butt is growing with the rest of me its not out of control but all of me is gaining weight it looks good & natural ! (thank god!) i was nervous seeing how kim k ass got HUGE after her baby with kanye but idk about u guys but i think i can call a bbl when i see it & she deff has had more then one im just happy my butt does not look out of control & fake from the back u cant even tell im pregnant i still look nice :) i will keep u guys updated even after birth to see if my butt changes just give me time im a busy busy mom & wife i will post hip & butt pics later on tonight to everyone out there still thinking about doing it or not DO IT YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY !! IVE NEVER BEEN AS CONFIDENT AS I AM NOW ..EVEN PREGNANT!

6months pregnant

ok so my waist aint as small as b4 but i am pregnant so to me i dont think i look bad ! here are 2pics i just took ..

Wow been 2 years since I last updated

Well let's say this surgery was life changing for the better of course I am still happy with my results through out my pregnancy i kept my tiny waist your butt and hips get huge but everything else does too so it's ok after I had the baby I bounced back pretty fast 1 month and you could not tell I had a baby I do carry extra 10lbs but I actually like my body better with the extra weight and so does my husband lol if anyone reads my post trust me get the surgery it's worth it dont go over board with it its funny how I can tell who's had it done as well and some chick's look plain obvious if I could go back I would go a lil smaller I'm ok with it with my shape but somethings you just can't wear some things just know you will have alot of women hating on you young old don't matter they will hate on you but the men will love you lol I would also encourage you to work out after stay toned I think my body started looking alot better once I toned up my thighs your stuff has to match or you will look funny I will post some pics soon

Real quick..

Damn i just looked at my before pics and man I forgot how bad it looked I walk around in booty shorts and dresses around my man all day looking at those old pics reminded me of how I would not even let him see me naked at one point! Damn damn damn best money I ever spent!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

his wrk is amazing!! hands dwn the best! but i was not happy w/my post up chk up.

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