Aug.8th is my date/Bbl Dr. Campos!!!!! - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hello all my bbl sistas! We I have been so amazed...

Hello all my bbl sistas! We I have been so amazed at the results and reviews on this site. They have helped me so much in my journey so far tht I decided I have to be a testimony for other future women. I've always disliked the shape of my midsection and buttocks. I have hips but thts only from them spreading due to my pregnancies. I'm 5'6 1/2....and 156bls. I've been concidering this procedure for like 5 years now after my second child. But put it off cause we were not sure if we were done having babies. Well 3 yrs and one last baby later I'm sterile now and ready for a new better me, yay!!! I originally was considering 3 docs who I know could give me the results I'm seeking. Dr. Salama was my second choice my first was. A doc in texas but wasn't. impressed after further reserch. But then I came across the amazing curvacious work. of of Dr. Jaime Campos Leon, all of my extensive research and before and after photos sealded the deal for me! So in jan I began my planning! I'm so excited!

Ok, so I received my estimate from Dr. Campos via...

Ok, so I received my estimate from Dr. Campos via email on Feb.2nd......I am getting lipo to my abdomen, waist, and back. I really am hoping to get 900-1000ccs given that my body can absorbe 20-40% of fat. I made my deposite of $500 on 2/22. Angie akready booked and reserved my sx date for me. But they give you a week to make your deposite. I also researched recovery houses and fell in love with club med! :) marvin is so nice. He has answered all of my questions so far and been so helpful! I can't begin to tell you how many times I went over and over in my head why I shouldnt have my sx in mexico! Am I crazy!?! Lol....but every doubt I had something would happen like I would get pics or an email from Marvin, or I would read some grear review on here about my doc. Then there were days when I researched Dr campos to find a reason not to go, but would find nothing but good things, and awesome beforeandafters!!!! So I asked my husband if he thought I was crazy lol, he said you have it all planned out, youve done the research, and you just finished med school I know you wouldnt let anyone do sx on you if you did

Not trust your own knowledge behind it. It doesn't...

Not trust your own knowledge behind it. It doesn't matter where your doc its located out just matters that its safe, clean and tht you will be taken care of. So thts tht, I have his support! I prayed then paid! Lol no turning back now. Yay! I am nervous though.
These are the items I purchased for my trip
1. Arnica montana 30x, bromelain
2. Vitamin c, iron, hydrocodon and naproxen pain meds
3. Betadine solution scrub, dove ts(travelsize)bodywash
4. Ts toothpaste,toothbrush,floss,mouthwash
5. Ts shavecream, ladyshaver, deodorant, cocobutter lotion
6. Travel pillow, bobby pillow
7. Oversized stetch pants, two blk vnecks, two blk tanktops for under garmet
8. Hair bonnet, comb, brush, my own curling iron
9. Kendall anti embolism compression stockings($29@walmart)
10. Tampons pads just in case..

Sorry for any misspellings I'm doing this from my...

Sorry for any misspellings I'm doing this from my phone and Ikeep having to break up my message. But I'm all paid now and I have my flight booked. All thts left is to get my labs two weeks preop and to play this long dreadful waiting game..:( august seems so far away!!! If I'm missing anything or you ladies have any helpful things to add plz do thank you! And if any one has questions for me plz dont hesitate to ask. I'm nervous, anxious, excited and very impatient !!! Lol many blessings to all of you on the same journey as me!

Uuugggggg......waiting sucks so much! I know I...

Uuugggggg......waiting sucks so much! I know I sound like a lil brat but I just hate looking @my flat bootie everyday. :( hurry, hurry aug.1! I'm so ready to go so I can'start the healing process! If any one knows how to speed up time let me kno,!!!

A quick update!:) I called clubmed because...

A quick update!:) I called clubmed because marvin so kindly suggested I speak to one of the girls staying the solo to ease my nervous jitters about traveling alone and the whole sx process. I spoke to a sweet educated woman who kept it very 100! She told me she just had sx on friday, a bbl and breast implants. She said she would not recommend I stay anywhere else but clubmed. She said when she arrived she called to let marvin know where to pick her up and he was there within 3min! She went on to tell me it took only ruffly 15 to arrive at the beachhouse. She said she awakes to a beaautiful view and sound of the ocean but that the only downside to it all I'd the psin that she has two kids and it felt like she had another!!..omg..guess I gotta prepare mentally for real! She ressurred me that I would be in great care and that I picked the right after care home. I wished her well and said alil prayer for her after we got off the line. Wow, I feel alot better!

Ok ladies I have been wrecking my brain the last...

Ok ladies I have been wrecking my brain the last two months, but this goes to show no matter how much you plan things,they don't always go as planned. I received an email from angie stating that dr.c will be out of town for a plastic surgery convention the week I'm scheduled and tht I have to reschedule my sx date!!!!!! Talk about pissed! I was freaking I have everything booked and paid club med, nonrefundable plane ticket evrything! For the inconvience they gave me a $150 discount. But to change my flight they charged me $150 and the difference of the ticket. $88 bucks extra! Now my date is the 8th of aug. An extra week to wait. But I'm tryna see the blessing in the mess. Marvvin at clubmed is sooo sweet and caring! He told me not to worrie cause he will hold a place for me reguardless.he also said he can hear in my voice how stressed I am about all this and he recommended I check flights with a day or two extra tht the price may be better to save money. Then I asked how much extra I would have to pay for a day or two and he said you don't even worry just find the best deal on your flight and ill take care of the rest! He is sooo awesome! And now I know without a doubt tht I picked the very best ppl to care for me during my recovery! They really care its not all about money money money! And I love tht! I'm in good hands and marvin also said since I'm coming a day early tht he will take me shopping with some of the girls and out to really enjoy the beach! Yay! Can't wait truly a mini vacation and mommy makeova! Thank God the mess is resolved and I'm all set...again...

Ok...3 months or 14weeks or 98 still...

Ok...3 months or 14weeks or 98 still sounds so long away no matter how I break it dwn....uuuuuuuuugggggg!!!!...I'm so beyond ready to go!!!!

Hey all! So I'm on excitemode again! I...

Hey all! So I'm on excitemode again! I. Just talked to my sx coordinator, Angie and wanted to see if dr campos had an opening for me to get a consult the day before my sx instead of the day of. She checked the schedule and he has an opening at 5pm aug 7th! Yay! She said that would be great for me that way I cn ask all my last minute questions, go over instructions and get my paperwork all signed the day before sx. Then ill be there bright and early the next morning ready to go in!!! I think this will really help put my mind at ease and it'll be nice not to have to deal with any paperwork right before going in.....I'm happy;)

My current dilemma, THIS IS THE WORLD WIDE...

My current dilemma, THIS IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!
To post before and afters or not to post before and afters?
Tht is the question! Lol
But on a serious note, I feel this obigation to post them because other reviews
And photos have helped me so much in my final decision makingfor sx. And I want
To contribute to that by sharing........however........
I'm very scared cause like I said its the WORLD WIDE WEB! And I know u ladies are
Saying, but u can remain anonymous in ur photos.....I kno I can probly blur my face
And tatts but idk....I'm not sayn I won't cause I really think, with campos, my results
Will be breathtaking! But ima pray on it! Wht do u ladies think, overall?
Till next update.....;)

My countdown clock says i have 79ays, 20hrs, and...

My countdown clock says i have 79ays, 20hrs, and 48mins left....i know
Im obsessed!!!! Lol......this is crazy....:0p countdown clock says i have... countdown clock says i have 78days, 20hrs, and 47mins left....i know
Im obsessed!!!! Lol......this is crazy....:0p

Quick update ladies! I decided I'm going to do a...

Quick update ladies! I decided I'm going to do a seven day cleanse. I'm goint to continue to tone my arms and legs the next five weeks and also start iron and vitamin c along with my womens one a day. Then at the end of these five weeks (july1) I will do the clense. My labs will be done the following week, july 9th....then three short weeks later...a new me! Its kinda sad tho I feel like I can't enjoy the summer cause I'm physically and mentally prepping for sx. Also I'm still in hidding until the big reveal! This is a first for me to say but SUMMER PLZ FLY BY! I only look forward for next summer when I can for the first time in my life wear a two piece bikini with the upmost my name says soon I hope!;)

Aaaahhhhh.........75 days left! Glad to be outta...

Aaaahhhhh.........75 days left! Glad to be outta the hundreds! Lol.........
I'm so so so ready!

Hey y'all! I finally purchased a measuring tape to...

Hey y'all! I finally purchased a measuring tape to get my current size...36-30-38...its funny I only knew my bra size, never measured my waist and hips this is now proof I have no waist and big hips :(.... I think my goal size would be 36-25-44( but tht 44 is including my newbooty in my mind, so idk if tht number would mean bigger hips?? But I def do not want bigger hips...I just want a tinitiny waist and big bubble booty to go with my thick thighs and hips. We will soon see! Countdown says 68 days left!

Hello out there my bbl ladies! Well I just had my...

Hello out there my bbl ladies! Well I just had my labs done this morning and hopefully they will be back buy Friday so I can mail myresults to dr campos....I hope all is well and I have a clean bill of health for sx! I must say its weird my excitement has died down a lot I don't know if its because of the recent review updates and some of my bbl sisters having complications or if its just because I've been waiting so long...:/ but nehoo I'm 28 days away til (hopefully ;)) my lil waist and big bootay! My bag is packed I have everything done now and ready to go officially....come on aug 8th! Best wishes to all going before me! Nest time I update I hope to be on the plane!! ;)

Hi everybody! Great news! I just got my...

Hi everybody! Great news! I just got my confirmation email from Angie about my labs. Everything looks perfect and I'm good to go! Yay! Also today I'm 20 days away....I must say tht even though I'm close its still seems far away...dunno but so happy everything is done officially! I knew my labs would come back ok, cuz I'm a nurse and I know how to read them, but didn't know wht requirements I had to meet to get clearance for sx. But now I know! I was so happy when I read tht email this mornin. :) come on Aug. 7th I'm ready to go! Its been a stressful month for me and because of my fam I never have alone time to myself. I know ill probly miss my hubby and kiddos like crazy but I'm going alone, :( I think it'll be a good breather for a mini vacation but with some aches and pains..and a brand new booty! next update!

Haha!,so now I can update! Im 2 1/2months postop....

Haha!,so now I can update! Im 2 1/2months postop. Still not 100% normal. I still have swelling in my stomach and lower back. :( gosh Idk whats worse swelling or the weird feeling where I got lipo...:/....recovery is a breast! :( dont mean to scare neone but I have to be truthful. My (totally unexpected) tt incision is healing nice and my new belly button is to. My husband loves my ass! Lol it jiggled from day one it was never hard very bruised though. Bruises all gone now. I swell up more if im not wrapped up tight. Oh I wrap my waist in ace bandages then put my garment ontop of that. Itd alot but with swelling I have a 27" waist ;). The tighter the better just make sure you can breath,lol! I got 1020ccs each cheek and fatgraph to hips dony know how many ccs. Lipo to lower back and waist. With that dreaded tt! So much PAIN!!!!! I could handle the bbl but that damn tt in combination with that damn drain...omgosh nevet again. I do think my butt could have more ccs for fullness on the bittom. My bff and husband think im crazy but im just nit 100% happy. And its not campos fault, I blame me! I was so histarical and upset crying aboit tht tt I didnt focus on what I wanted to tell him for the bbl. But he gave me a beautifully sculpted hourglass shape and flat tummy with a round jiggly booty!,and if thats what he did on his on I cnt imagine what he could do with me discribing my wants!!! maybe round two we will see how the healing and fluffing go! Dresses are amazing on me now and are my favorite thing to wear! All if my stretchmarks ar gone!, and do is tht thick c section scar from my babies. He really did a great job! Ask me anything ladies and best wishes to you all!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I choose Dr. Campos based on my research of his medical background, patient history/results, staff and location including proper aftercare. he truely cares about patient results and longterm happiness. hes not greedy or money hungry, hes a skilled precise surgeon with an amazing ability to really sculpt something out of nothing! staff is amazing, iI loved madipas wonderful massages, and angie comforting compassion. iI love dr campos and his staff!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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