Full Body Lipo with BBL - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hello ladies!!! My names Vanessa and im 27 yo I'm...

Hello ladies!!! My names Vanessa and im 27 yo I'm a mother of 3 beautiful children! Ages 8,7 and 2 year old! This will be my second time getting plastic surgery done. (Gasp!) I had a tummy tuck and Lipo to my flanks about 2 years ago. I chose a horrible horrible Doctor, I cannot even describe the amount of horror that went on within this recovery of my surgery. You can check out my other reviews if you'd like. Anywho on to the now! So I decided with the famous Dr Pantoja. After stalking him for almost 2 years, when I made the decision to do more work on myself he would be the one no questions asked.

After my tummy tuck, even tho left with a scar that looks as if I'd been chopped in half by a chain saw and sewed back together I still had a banging body. I rocked it! But some where this past year I fell into a bit of a comfort spot, depression whatever you will call it and I gained 30 pounds ???? So with that much weight gain it just made my body look awkward.

So I'm stoked to get my body back!

And improve it even more! Cheers to team Pantoja!

I hope I'm not the only one!

But lately I can't seem to stay away from real self and all of Dr Pantojas work! I still can't believe I've scheduled the date for my surgery! It seems unreal. My mom wants me to do separate surgerys, but it's pretty much double in price to do my BL at another date. I don't know what to do. I had a tough recover with my TT so I'm sure she's just concerned, just as I am too.
Plus how will I sleep, I'm not supposed to put pressure on my butt and I'm not supposed lay on my breast if I get them done. So how am I supposed to sleep?
What do you think ladies? Should I do see rate rounds? Cost is a big part not including time off work, transportation, after care and care for my kids. Seems like all at once is what I should do but in the same sense my Heath is the #1 thing.

What to do....

I ordered my passport

Last Thursday I went in and got my passport card so I can travel over the boarder. Surgery is just about 5 weeks away, they said expedited would take about 3-4 weeks to come in. My mom however got really sick when I went in to order my passport she was supposed to get hers that day too. Kinda worried she won't get hers in time since we can't order it until this Wednesday now. Hoping it gets here quick otherwise I'm SOL.

Anyways I'm looking to buy some vitamins to start taking for better healing. Any recommendations?

Lipo to my chin?

I wanted to add that I was debating doing lip to my chin. I was considering it these past few weeks but my co worker kinda sealed the deal :( she asked me "I wonder how your face will look if your body is all skinny but your face is still kinda fat, you know can always tell when someone is fat by their double chin" what a flippin hater.

Anyways my feelings were hurt and now I'm concerned I'm gonna look all funny.

Considering the lipo to my chin and also juverderm (however you spell it) I figured he could plump my lips while I'm knocked out cause I hate needles.

Club med

So Dr P and his team recommend one of the local recover houses, and I called club med and got some info. What kinda sold me is the fact that they will pick me up in San Diego and drive me over the boarder, and take me to my appts, which makes it easier for transportation. They will cook and do my laundry it's just seems like a way easier recovery process and they will even drive me back to San Diego when I'm ready to leave. For that I believe they quoted me for 4 700$ so I'll get more details but I'm kinda leaning towards them. But in the same sense do I need that much of extensive care for a BBL?

So much planning to do!!

I still don't have all of it planned and I'm starting to stress out! It's right around the corner! I've had a TT before and I don't remember over doing it with all these essentials everyone has in their review. I'm not sure if I should be shopping for all these items I keep seeing. I don't know what to pack for my trip. Im still unsure if I should go with a recovery house or just come home. I'm about 3 hours away from the boarder. I'd save a heck of a lot of money if I'd come home. Also transportation is a big deal no one in my family has a passport!! Ahhhh!! I'm a wreck lol

Pre op photos

Sooooo those pictures sting quite a bit. I've gained about 40lbs since last year. So it's always harder to look at photos then the mirror sometimes. But it's important I share the review so others can see the before and after of Dr Pantoja.

One thing Forsure is I hate my Tatas, to where I don't know if I can post a frontal view cause that picture really stings. Lol

I'm a 36 DDD and even those bras are too tight so I'm sure I'm the next letter up in size. My right breast is a good 2 cup sizes or so bigger then my left. I really need a lift.

My goal is to be even lol I don't mind being a full C or maybe D but I'm just overly large at this point. I'll talk more with Pantoja about what size he recommends because I want to be proportion. And he's the expert?

I still don't even know what size and shape booty I would like.

Well As I continue to shop online for behinds haha I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!!

Little bit of a situation

My employer didn't put in my pto for the time off I need to recover for my surgery. I work for a huge wireless provider and I'm a sales rep. I also work part of the Union. So schedules, pto, days off its all a pain in the ass.

Anyways my boss told me he will try to accommodate my time off. Which is bullshit! I'm so angry at him right now. I gave him a 2 month notice, he's honestly the true definition of a horrible boss.

Anyways, I'm trying to plan and make this surgery happen, and I can't even plan my recovery house properly because I don't know how many days off to recover I will get.

At this point it looks like I'm gonna get less then a week to recover. My plan is to get the BBL and once my drains come out come back to work. I hate my breast tho and I feel like I need to do it at the same time. So I'm not to sure what the plan is at this point.

Other then I'm getting this surgery done, I just might be at work hating life while I try and recover tho.

I'm so sad right now.

I will have a total of 7 days to recover

So I'll have 7 days to hea before I go back to work. Thinking I'm still gonna do the BBL and the BL at the same time. I want to stay at club med until my drains come out so about 3 or 4 days then come home and relax at until I have to come back to work.

Another think my kids will be on spring break that following week and I will be healing and working. My poor babies won't get much time with me because I'll be either in bed or at work.

All I know is I can't wait! And I'm so excited!!

2 more weeks!

Yikes! It's literally right around the corner. Im super excited! But also get seconds thoughts at times. As if I'm making the right choice by spending all this money one myself? I honestly feel guilty....but I did just put my deposit down for ClubMed, I haven't even thought of what to bring. I mean how much stuff do I really need? I don't really see the point of so much stuff to carry on when half time I will be on my stomache with no pants on haha

6 days and counting!

Well my surgery date is fast approaching!! And I'm not prepared at all! Super nervous but extremely excited, and shocked that I'm going at this totally ALONE. Yep, my mom will drop me off at the boarder and Marvin from Clubmed will be there to get me and take me to my appointment. I will stay the first night with Pantoja, and then with clubmed until my drains come out.

I have the details worked out just need to figure out what to pack. I see all these other post and I get stressed out. Lol it makes me feel unprepared and then I feel they are packing way to much stuff. Anyways here's what my list is looking like for now that is.

Tooth brush and toothpaste
Loofah/body wash
Tank tops and a sweater
Loosefitting pajama bottoms

Blaha some list. That's all I'm thinking of packing. Am I missing something that I just must have?

This is so crazy!

Needing positive vibes!

My surgery date is literally around the corner. I'm starting to freak out! I cannot believe I'm traveling alone, and I'm very nervous. I'm seen nothing but positive reviews on Pantoja, and I've been following him for about 2 years, but I can't help an be concerned. I mean am I making the right decision by going to Tijuana to contour my body? To be honest I had a family member say something awful and I'm just really scared now. I could definitely use some positive thoughts and vibes!!

Well today was busy

I got called into work early which I was fine with because I got out at 8:30 rather then 10pm. During the day I would get moments where it "hit me" that I'm leaving in a couple hours. My stomache get that "dropping feeling" like in an elevator. I think that's called anxiety. lol

After work I went to target and got a couple small gifts for my kids to entertain themselves. They are 8,7,and 2 years old. I'm going to miss them so so very much.

I also got some cute jammies that I'm probably going to stain while I have the drain in. I also got some travel things to bring along and a couple new magazines.

I'm all pack and laying in bed trying to figure out what I'm going to wear ok the way there. I'm sure I will get no sleep tonight.

Couple hours and counting.

Today's the day!

I made it! I'm here and crossed the boarder l! "Phew" and man that was interesting with my mom, sister and her fiancé who didn't have passports. They took them each in a room and asked questions. My sisters fiancé got more harrassed then the did. I have a passport card so had no issues. So bring a passport!!

My family wanted to just walk me over the boarder and meet Marvin, to make sure I got in his car safely. Let me tell you this man is so sweet! We laughed and talked as if we had been friends forever. I must say I feel incredibly safe with him. He even offered to drive my family to the dr office and take them back across the boarder since he's picking up another patient.

Mom and family said no they were gonna shop around a bit and ended taking a cab! So I'm glad they are enjoying a little bit of TJ.

Anyways I got here super early it's 9:10am and I've already had blood work done. Language barrier was hard with the man who took my blood work. He was extremely gentle and did sanatize everything. Awful part is I'm soooo hungry and thirsty, and hearing the sound of my blood fill up the bootle made me dizzy, gave me nausea and I ended up throwing up. :((

Currently waiting in the office for the cardiologist to come in.

Waiting room of the office is smaller then I imagined. Keep you posted!!

Day 2 post op

I'm currently at clubmed. Extremely sore but getting more and more independent. The staff here has been amazing the food is delicious, I honestly feels as close to home as it will get. Not to mention listening the the waves all night is soothing.

The day of surgery I will have to say was pretty shitty. I kept getting pushed back and not being able to eat and drink was the worst of it. I didn't actually get into surgery until around 4:30. Surgery was about 3 1/2 hours long. Dr P said he took 4000 ccs of fat and injected 1200ccs in each cheek including hips. My ass is ridiculously huge!! Which I'm a little upset because I told him not to go to big on me. And I feel it's way to big for my Frame. Staff at club med says it perfect. I'll post pictures today when I get my first massage and my shower.

Crazy thing is I woke up 3 times during surgery! I didn't feel anything other then pressure.

The worst part, besides not eating for 48 hours was when the doctor and the nurse put on my faja. I was so nauseous. Prepare yourself ladies for the amount of blood that will come flowing out of your drainage holes. It's the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

I'm about to have breakfast right now that Susanna made. I will post later today with pictures.

Just had my massage

And oh my gosh! It wasn't as painful as if imagine and read from real self. Definitely uncomfortable at times tho. I got to shower after and I feel 100% and more relaxed. Maripolza was so sweet and was able to take a ton of fluid from me. Which is great. She actually took this picture for me right after the massage. I apologize in short and she is much taller then me so the angle is a bit off.

6 days post opp

Well feeling much better this morning. I drove myself to target did some shopping bought a new pair of pants because I go back to work tomorrow and none of my pants will fit anymore. I'm doing laundry and cooking, I feel about 80% right now. Still sore as if I had worked out hard the night prior but manageable. Sometimes it is still hard to get comfortable if I sit or lay too long. Other then that feeling pretty darn good.

2 week update

Hello there ladies. Just doing a update I'm about 2 weeks post op. I've been working since I was 6 dpo I've felt good the first day from work just super swollen by the end of the day. Currently my swelling is still bad by the end of the days. I feel 95% good. Some spots on my back where Lipo has been done will give me soreness or even a sharp pain. But honestly other then that I'm feeling pretty damn good! I believe my butt has gone down since day one which was expected. But results are awesome!

Bikini Booty!!

Loving my results. My butt is huge and round. I have curves now, my hips look great. I can't thank Dr P enough!

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