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WOW...where do i start?!?!?!? First , let me start...

WOW...where do i start?!?!?!? First , let me start by saying I have been lurking the boards from 2011!!! I would peek in and out on this site but i was always on Make me heal because i was more interested in the foreign doctors which they talk about more frequently over there vs here. Ok now from the beginning, i always hated my shape! my family is jamaican with big butts so they used to always crack jokes all day long about how my a$$ is flat and they dont know where i get i from!! So i was always flat botty gyal and every other name in the book!! they used to say "STOP SQUEEZING IT IN!!..and i would be like "IM NOT!!!" lolol. I can take a joke so it was funny cause we crack jokes on each other all day long, but it did lead to insecurities on the inside. Now i can say that i am well poportioned as far as a waist to hip ratio, but when i turn around...NOTHING there. Clothes look good from the front..and thats about it! lol. Honestly, i never knew anything about butt lift, fat transfers etc, and never looked into anything like that. I was just working out and trying to lose weight but that still cant change the image of my shape. Anywho, one day i went over my hair dressers house to get my usual sew in. When i got there, she was on her labtop looking at pictures on make me heal. At first, i didnt pay her any mind. I just sat in the chair and waited for her to start my hair. She said "sorry girl im looking at these pictures of lipo and fat transfer". So i got up and took a glance and was like DAAAMMNNNNNN!!!!!!!.I think the first patient i saw was a campos patient and her ass was FAT!!! We started looking through more pictures and i was sold!!!!! I was like "hey, whats that website??" lol. She gave me this one and make me heal, because she has been looking to get the procedure done for a while. From there, all my life consisted of was work and looking at transformed asses all day! I sent an email to campos and pantoja at the time, desperately waiting for a reply. I was interested in pantoja because his lipo was BOMB!!! I was seeing girls posting left and right that went from big to slim!..i was like hell yeah!!! But i was also confused of who i wanted to go to because i also wanted a stupid onion booty, and i was seeing campos girls post DONKS all day long!! So i based my decision of who emailed me back first. Pantoja emailed me back first with a quote of 3500.00 for the whole works, lipo in all areas and fat transfer. I was so impatient so i just said screw it and paid my deposit and set my date for march 2012. Campos did finally reply but he was booked until like june!! mind you this was january when i sent my request for a quote! i couldnt wait that long. I wanted to be a bombshell by summer. So i went throught with it and stuck to pantoja.

Ok so now you ladies know im a vet!! I went to pantoja in march 2012 for lipo and fat transfer. I went in at 190-195 lbs, not too sure of my measurements but i do know my waist was around 36-38 in. I flew in and stayed at grace recovery house the day before surgery. They were nice and the house was very comfortable. The view was EVERYTHING!! The next day was surgery day. I went in to pantojas waiting for, took labs, ekg and waited for my consult. When i went in, he didnt speak much english but i loved him!!! You can tell he was very caring, giving hugs and laughing and etc. He pointed out all my fatty areas, marked me up, then i went into another room where i could change into a gown and watch tv until it was my turn to go since i was the second surgery of the day. While i was waiting, pantoja sent the massage therapist in to give me a courtesy massage while i waited! He is so sweet. Anyway, i was later given an iv and i dont know what was in it..but i was gone in a matter of seconds!!! My eyes opened for a brief second and all i remember was being laid on a table and i heard them say lets flip her over. Then i remeber me sitting up for a minute and the anestesiologist poked a needle in my back and i jumped and he said "No, dont move" then i was out like a light.That was the easy part.

When i woke up, All i remember was lifting my head up in a dark room. I looked to my left and seen the IV machine and a line attached to my finger. Then i remember trying to look at my butt but couldnt position myself to do it, soooooooo i went back to sleep. Opened my eyes again, it was still dark and i could hear the other girl who's surgery was before me shuffling in her bed on the other side of the curtain. I was thirsy and hungry so i started yelling for someone to come in the room. A nurse walked in and i asked for food and juice. She said i couldnt eat but she gave me some juice. I drank it and went back to sleep. Opened my eyes again and it was still dark. I must have been sleep for too long because i felt rejuvenated and wanted to get up, so i yelled for the nurse again. i know the other patient was like" If she dont shut the hell up!" lol.

Fast forward, Day came and more nurses were on duty. I was given a bowl of fruit and yogurt (tore it down!) and some more juice. Mind you, i have not yet gotten up because no one would let me out of bed. So i attempted to flip over but realized my leg wouldnt move! I tried again, and realized i had no feeling in my leg!!!!!!!! remmeber when i said i remember the anestesia dr put a needle in my back and i jumped alittle bit?...He hit my SCIATIC NERVE!!!! ladies i was a wreck!!! I didnt get the feeling back in my foot for about two weeks. Didnt start walking normal for about two MONTHS!!...My ass was hard and i went through swell hell making look like i was 6 months prego!! I cause cellulitis and was admitted into the hospital for about a week and a half. They put me on antibiotice the first time. It didnt work!!. I came back with a fever af over 103 and chills!. The doc gave me more antibiotics and cut a whole to drain the bacteria out of my butt cheek then stuffed it with this long string looking thing that i had to go home with while it continued to leek. It was horrible, but after 2-2.5 months, i started to fell better and was able to step out the house. The infection was gone. The wound on my but closed and felt normal, and my butt was starting to soften up.

Waist went down to about 30in..butt measured about 45-46 in and bust was about 34in, and weight went down to 170. I was looking nice and sexy and was getting in free anywhere i went, and dudes were in love! I say WERE only because i have been eating like i never ate before because i wanted another round. I only wanted to go back because i got booty greed and by butt looks more natural than obvious!! And i want my butt to be like DAMMMNNNN!!!. LOL. so i have been eating because dr pantoja took all my fat on my waist and stomach and i didnt think i had enough for another round. So i have been eating and eating and i set a date for campos on 12/12/12 to have lipo on my arms (because they are FAT), my upper back which still has fat on it, and my love handle which have been looking more pronounced since i have been eating like crazy. Follow by fat transfer ofcourse :-) (sheesh this is alot of typing). Ladies i know i left so much out but i feel like i owe it to yall to post since i been reading all yall busines for so long! lol. Feel free to ask me any questions and i will post pics as soon as i get a chance! *muah*

Hey ladies, how do i upload pics? i dont see the...

hey ladies, how do i upload pics? i dont see the add a photo option while im looking on my phone. only when im on my work computer and i do not want to download my pics to my work pc...

Hey ladies. I had my surgery with dr campos on...

Hey ladies. I had my surgery with dr campos on 12/12/12. I cant post pics on here from my phone so I uploaded it on the link is below and my pw is fatpics...check it out and thank you guys for all your support :-)
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