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Hi ladies! I just want to first say thank you to...

Hi ladies! I just want to first say thank you to ALL of the brave ladies who jave and are going through their surgery experiences and are most generous enough to allow us hoping to do have surgery become voyeurs into your world! I am a 35 year mother of 2 teenagers who has been considering have BBL and a tummy tuck for a very long time. After years of not eating healthy, mass amounts of the "crack in a can" A.K.A soda, stress on top of stress, and having my girls; my body has been the casualty. I put the thought of plastic surgery on the back burner for a while, but lately I have been obsessed with it! I feel it is time for me to (again) become the sexy chick I have always been. I feel her on the inside but I definitely need for the outside to match the inside. I have been feeling kind of stressed out because the research process is arduous and I am dealing with weight issues! I am 5'5 and 200 pds and would like to lose about 30 pounds before my surgery but it has been hard as hell as I age! There are so many great doctors out there, but I am trying to choosethe doctor most suitable for my needs. I was at first caught up in the "plastic surgery abroad" hype because they seem more cost effective. After many hours of researching when I should have been in bed for work the next day, I learned that a lot of those are too good to be tru. I will admit there were a lot of success stories as well but I decided that it would all be too much for me to deal with going that route. I then came upon andmust say this site is the answer to my prayers. I lovebeing able to read REAL reviews and see REAL results!!

After more hours of research, I have decided on a few surgeons.

1. Dr. Jimerson- OMG!!! His results are AMAZING!!! I have received my quote after contacting him and I will admit that I became discouraged because it is not within my budget means and I don;t want to break the bank. A sister don't have it like THAT! :(

2. Dr. Salama- his results are amazing as well! His quote was $300 less than Jimersons and his scheduling dod not coincide with mine.

3. Dr Jaime Campos Leon- His results are amazing as well! His quote was $3000 less that Jimersons and Salama and include lipo of arms/lower back/flanks/bra rolls AND an ETT... O_O
I will admit I am nervous because how it this possible?!?!? I am still going through the consult phase with Campos because I am very interested and I need to know this is tru ly for real. I believe it is because of the countless testimonials for women on real self.

Pray for me!

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