Dr. Pantoja - Mexico BBL

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Anyone have any before and after of Dr.Pantoja? I...

Anyone have any before and after of Dr.Pantoja? I booked my surgery for January. I am excited and nervous because I have been seeing mixed reviews . This would be my first major surgery. Any suggestions on things I should buy or things I should look forward too? Also if you know of any good places to stay in TJ please let me know.

Surgery date

Ok ladies I'm booked for December 13th. Please pray for me lol

So I scheduled my surgery for Dec 13th. If anyone...

So I scheduled my surgery for Dec 13th. If anyone would like to switch dates that would be great. If you are going during the week of December 13 and you are closer to the end of the week I would love to switch days with you . I'm trying to figure something out now. I haven't cancelled my surgery date yet because I may still be able to go but I would prefer something at the end of the week


Is anyone selling their old pillow? I was thinking about buying this one. Has anyone used this before? If so let me know.

Before pics ..

Counting down.. December get here

2 more days

So I will be driving to TJ tomorrow night. I'm super nervous about anesthesia. Any suggestions or recommendations about crossing the border or anesthesia options

Ish is getting real

My nerves are super bad right now.. I'm praying it all goes well tomorrow. About to head to TJ now. Just waiting for traffic to go down

I arrive to the office

Everyone at the office is super nice. I haven't met the doctor yet but I'm just ready to get it over with. I will upload pics later today or tomorrow


Whatever meds they put me on has me feeling no pain. I was feeling a little pain earlier but now I feel drowsy. I got general anesthesia. Which was not as bad as I thought. Everyone made me feel super comfortable. I haven't seen my butt yet. But I hope it is big . I want to stand up so bad but they said I can't . So back to sleep I go

I feel good

I feel ok . Like I said before the meds have me in zero pain. I'm sure I will feel pain soon tho ...

Finally home

I'm finally home after a 2 hour and 30 min drive., I uploaded 2 pics. I still have padding in .

Here are the pics

Sorry. Pictures didn't load


So this morning I woke up to a swollen face... I'm not sure if it's the pain meds or the antibiotics.. I'm going to stop taking the pain meds and just take the antibiotics for now

Stitches and drains

So I started to feel pain.. mostly from the garment at night when I sleep. My stitches and drains were removed on Wednesday. I also got a massage. The lady was a total b word. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. Lol The massage hurt like hell. So far I'm happy with my results. I'm scared my projection will go down tho.

Update almost 4 months post op

My butt is definitely bigger than before. Happy with my results

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