This Epifoam is great! But not big enough so causing lines!!! Grrr

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I have thought about this for years! And have been...

I have thought about this for years! And have been on this site talking back and forth to many of you. My first choice was Dr. Salama. However his date availability is horrible. I refuse to wait until April 2013 for my body. Then I came across this big booty small waist wonder. Dr. Campos.

I was on the fence because of his reviews on his bedside manner. However after speaking to him has put me at a little ease. I pray that everything will go well. I a currently 151 pounds 5"6... My waist and booty barely there. Can't wait to slip a dress on and feel like my waist to hip ratio is what I have always dreamed of!!!

So the journey begins.

So after talking to some of the girls that just...

So after talking to some of the girls that just came back from Campos I am getting more excited. They seem to be real happy with thier results. I still have some questions for Angie and sometimes she is not the best on answering everything in one email! One of the girls on here got the same date as me and time half hour before mine. VERY confuse how that is. I really need some answers. Also as I do more research I go back and forth now. I saw some amazing results from Dr. Afifi which has me thinking all well on time and the date she gives me will tell!

So I think Dr. Afifi is going to be the me Dr...

So I think Dr. Afifi is going to be the me Dr.Salama soon. She gives great booties not expensive well known and has good credentials. I'm sold. I think.

So I got off the phone with Angie yesterday and...

So I got off the phone with Angie yesterday and this is what she emailed me just beforeThere has been some changes that you most know about, the papers for your file will be filled one day, before surgery, and the balance must be paid then, all patients will need to get the EKG here a day before surgery is 80usd so don't get it when you get your labs. Does not matter the age is for everyone, add an extra garment to your expenses 120 usd more. All this changes are being make thinking on your health and security, we want you to feel comfortable and have a relax recovery.

My Best Regards,
Angie Serrato
Patient Coordinator

At first I was pissed then wrote her again because I wanted to be quoted again. I felt the prices kept on changing and didn't like that.

When she wrote me back on my final quote it was cheaper then the original quote with added areas. Worried that this will be my last time being able to do lipo I have to go with a doctor that not only can give me a fat "ass". But the waist is so important. I see too many people getting a big butt and still squared in the waist.

I know Campos can achieve that. My decision has finally been made! Let the shopping and prepping begin.

So I go off the phone with Dr. Campos today!! He...

So I go off the phone with Dr. Campos today!! He was so nice and was very apologetic on not getting back to me earlier. He answered all my questions and placed all the question marks in my head about him away. He made up for Angie being a hot disorganized mess. I told him about her too. Sorry but I don't think she makes him look good. Now online looking at compression garments! I'm so excited for this!

It's hard gaining weight and seeing your friends...

It's hard gaining weight and seeing your friends losing it. Just had a conversation with my friend today on her amazing weight loss. Here I am normally Miss fitness and gained 15 pounds for this. I fee so uncomfortable. I know there is a bigger picture however weighing at a heavier weight messes with you. Sigh can not wait until Jan 8. I'm ready!

Regional anesthesia--regional anesthesia is used...

Regional anesthesia--regional anesthesia is used to numb only the portion of the body which will receive the surgical procedure. Usually an injection of local anesthetic is given in the area of nerves that provide feeling to that part of the body. There are several forms of regional anesthetics, two of which are described below:

Spinal anesthetic--a spinal anesthetic is used for lower abdominal, pelvic, rectal, or lower extremity surgery. This type of anesthetic involves injecting a single dose of the anesthetic medication into the subarachnoid space, which surrounds the spinal cord. The injection is made into the lower back, below the end of the spinal cord, and causes numbness in the lower body. In some situations, such as a prolonged procedure, continuous spinal anesthesia may be used. A thin catheter (hollow tube) is left in place in the subarachnoid space for additional injections of the anesthetic agent, which ensures numbness during the length of the procedure.

Epidural anesthetic--the epidural anesthetic is similar to a spinal anesthetic and is commonly used for surgery of the lower limbs and during labor and childbirth. This type of anesthesia involves continually infusing an anesthetic medication through a thin catheter (hollow tube). The catheter is placed into the space that surrounds the spinal cord in the lower back (just outside the subarachnoid space), causing numbness in the lower body. Epidural anesthesia may also be used for chest surgical procedures. In this case, the anesthetic medication is injected at a higher location in the back to numb the chest and abdominal areas.

General anesthesia--general anesthesia is an anesthetic used to induce unconsciousness during surgery. The medication is either inhaled through a breathing mask or tube, or administered through an intravenous line (a thin plastic tube inserted into a vein, usually in the patient's forearm). A breathing tube may be inserted into the windpipe to maintain proper breathing during surgery. Once the surgery is complete, the anesthesiologist ceases the anesthetic and the patient wakes up in the recovery room.

So I weighed myself yesterday and feel in a deep...

So I weighed myself yesterday and feel in a deep depression. I haven't weighed this much in years. I think I've gained too much too quickly. I wanted to be at this weight when I went into surgery. Not now. I don't want to get too big. Yes I know I need the fat for my new big round butt. But... What about now?! I want to be 135 pounds when this is all said and done. Don't know what to do, heading to the gym. So confused.

Ok I need help every time I turn around there is...

Ok I need help every time I turn around there is another cost. I thought I was suppose to be saving money. How are you guys saving money? No Club Med? No Buying your garments and medication from home?

I want this surgery with Campos but Angie and her adding on prices it seems better to stay in the states! Smh!

So my time is approaching soon just purchase my...

So my time is approaching soon just purchase my compression garment the vedette Antoinette. I also got the Makemeheal pre and post op vita kit. My check list is on its way and I started to take Vitamins C, D, B12, Iron pills and Biotin. I will be taking my post op pictures soon for all to see. I really can't wait for the new me!

Hi Realself Mexico BBL sisters!' So I've been...

Hi Realself Mexico BBL sisters!' So I've been wondering and have random questions and hope you guys can help me!

1. When traveling back from your bbl how did you sit back to the recovery house? Particularly to Club Med. since you

2. How did you get pain meds from your doctor in the states?

3. How did your first poop feel like standing up? TMI I know but I have to know.

4. What is a second stage garment or did you just wash yours?

5. How did you sit on the plane ride back? I have 4 hours back to NY.

6. I hear you have to wait 6 weeks to have sex?! I hope I can do that. Lol.

7. Has anyone on here know how to use the Epifoam?

8. I hear some BBL sisters "vajajay" swells. Did anyone experience that?

9. Does the boppy pillow works?

10. Does the pee funnel work?

Ok ladies so I have 52 more day to go. This is so...

Ok ladies so I have 52 more day to go. This is so unreal, I am looking for flights and plan to book one tonight and started checking some stuff off my list. I must say being on this forum changed my life and my fears about going out of the country to do surgery. After talking to Dr. Campos and Marvin I know I have done my research and picked the right person. My wish pics are printed and I am shopping for the last minutes things. I can not wait for this. I s'more excited than nervous.

Well all I've done the last 2 weeks is buy things....

Well all I've done the last 2 weeks is buy things. Thanks to Prototype and Cutebunzcoming and many others. My journey up until now has been amazing. I have been taking daily intake of Vitamins C, D, Biotin, Iron Pills (Slow Release) B12 and K. I received my Makemeheal pre and post op vitamins, my Compression Garment and ordered my funnel and many other things.

I started using Merderma Strecthmark cream. I have some on my breast but wanted to use som on my but to make the skin more supple with it stretching. I'm currently now 5'6 160 waist and hips I need to measure.

All is set to do now is make an appointment for bloodwork and get pain meds. There was somewhere I read on here that Hannai gives a list of what Pain Meds you use. I would like to find that again.

I'm so ready for this change. I am going to stop drinking in a week. So I will be bringing in the New Year sober! Lol. I have prepared so much for this. The rest is I'm Gods hands and Mr. Campos. I am do confident I will get that video vixen curves.

So I have 36 more days to go. I ve gained 15...

So I have 36 more days to go. I ve gained 15 pounds and gotten a little thick in the rear. As I was checking myself out in the mirror today my boyfriend said to me. "You don't need this surgery you got a booty". I laughed so hard, knowing it is coming true I think he is now having more questions. I will today finish my list of things I need. Then just continue my vitamin and no red meat or alcohol regimen.

Ok getting the bloodwork done and the EKG at first...

Ok getting the bloodwork done and the EKG at first was a task. At first I thought I could just go to a lab center and get it done. Not the case at all. So I ended up going to an urgent care which I was able to get all my test done! Some results they gave me right then and there. Just waiting for the rest of my results. I can't wait to get a go so I can pay Clubmed and Campos. I can't believe it's getting so close!!

Ladies don't have much, but will say have Hannia...

Ladies don't have much, but will say have Hannia send you the most updated information on booking if you haven't done so already. I'm waiting on my labs to clear and will be making my last deposit soon. Few things to buy. But everything is booked I can't wait for my new body. God it's in your hands.

I realize how important is to prepare for this...

I realize how important is to prepare for this surgery. I took a month or so off the gym. However it's important to have a healthy body going in if you want the best results. I normally am a gym rat so it feels good to workout again it's also important to stretch because you will be so sore and stiff after surgery. I'm prepping, 16 days to go.

So I'm giving a shout out to Foundumissnewbooty...

So I'm giving a shout out to Foundumissnewbooty and Booty4acutie!! They both have made my shopping list so easy. I can't wait to be on the other side. I am being bad not drinking wate. I'm about to buy some coconut water and drown in it for the rest of the week. I have been taking my preop meds religiously. All is left is so pajamas a robe and about 10 pairs of leggigings. Lol.

So I feel like I have prepared, dreamt and bought...

So I feel like I have prepared, dreamt and bought this date since August. Although I will not have a Happy New Years Eve. (My boyfroend is a club owner and has to leave and i am still not going out) I will atleast have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I am praying that I am blessed with the better me. I have gained weight, I have saved, I have sacrifice, I have researched and i have meant so many people. Some have gone away quickly, some have supported me so much that I do know that there is such a thing as little BBL Angels. I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year... If your healing, deciding or about to go into surgery. You have made a step to the new you. You are here to share to take and to bring back... Please continue to do just that. Many awesome wishes in 2013!!! Talk to you soon!! Hourglass 2013

Wax done, on my way to get my hair and nails done...

Wax done, on my way to get my hair and nails done I don't know when I will be able to do this again and not be conscious of my booty. I don't know about anyone else but the stress of the surgery, weight gain and other things threw off my period. Thank God, I just got it, but now will have it during my sx. Anyway still running around will chat with you ladies later

On my way to the airport ladies. I will try to...

On my way to the airport ladies. I will try to update after I leave Dr. Campos office today. I can't believe it. Tomorrow is my day.

Ladies Im dressed, scrubbed and ready to go. May...

Ladies Im dressed, scrubbed and ready to go. May God guide Campos hand and make my dreams and wishes come true... See you guys on the other side.

Hi Ladies, sorry I have been MIA! This surgery is...

Hi Ladies, sorry I have been MIA! This surgery is no walk Ian the park but well worth it. I'm so in love with my results. Dr. Campos is a dream and Club Med and staff are amazing. I don't know how I would do it if they weren't here. I haven't been able to sleep and have been in "swell hell" the last couple if days. Each day gets better though. Girls get your massages. I will post pictures at a later date since I'm still so out of it. However I am very happy I have the body I wanted. Although I wanted more projection. Campos was honest with me that my skin and butt was too tight. I still did get the BEST looking me ever. I will continue to rest and for post all updates and pictures for you ladies to see. Talk to you soon!

Ok ladies I'm on my way home, no drain and writing...

Ok ladies I'm on my way home, no drain and writing as I am in my knees at the airport. The las couple of days where Hell! I was sore stiff in pain frustrated you name it. My booty looks different to me everyday. I have tried my best not to sit on it. Unless I was getting a massage or post-op visit. Today it "popped out" a little. My boyfriend was like I see your butt in sweats. Lol.

Ok so my results I love!! My waist is so small my hips are amazing. Do I want more yes! Could I get more to fit? No! He stuffed as much as he could so I didn't bother asking for cc's if you feel how tight my skin is you would understand. Clubmed was amazing! They help you do everything, shower get dress etc.

My drain was taken out on day 8. The drain sucks and if you can afford to stay longer please do. It is always better to stay longer.

Dr. Campos was amazing he is funny witty and yes he is quick and busy but I never felt like he didn't care. The man is an artist!! He knows how to give an "arse". Sorry all over the place. However please feel free to ask any questions!! Talk to you ladies later!

So I'm 10 days post op. I'm still in pain. Like...

So I'm 10 days post op. I'm still in pain. Like sharp hot pain in my lipo area. I started doing my own massages and when massaging my stomach I was like ugh a bump... (It was actually my abs) giggles. Didn't know what that felt like. I really have no fat left in my tummy. My butt is cute, however I know I'm still swollen. Ok the Epiofoam is the truth it does help your skin reattach itself. But mine is not big so it's causing lines. I have to move them every 8 hours. Sigh.. I still haven't tried clothes yet. I am waiting until April. Call me crazy that's what Im doing. Ok until next time.
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