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So i am finally getting a bbl. I have been wanting...

So i am finally getting a bbl. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now but have been researching for a few months. I chose dr campos because i like the shaping of the body he does. I have researched doctors in washington and no results compare to his. His price was good to. The only concern I have is going to Mexico. My Bf is going with me and i plan on staying in a hotel. please let me now ur experience or concerns

Ok so paid my deposit for may. I requested 2 weeks...

Ok so paid my deposit for may. I requested 2 weeks off work and that went well. I hope its enough time. I will be booking hotel and flight this weekend with my Bf. I no its early but want to get it out of the way.

So next step is pretty much preparing. I have seen a lot of people taking vitamins from make me heal and vitamin c and iron. Does anybody know of any other vitamins I should start taking?

Wow I didn't think gaining weight would be this...

Wow I didn't think gaining weight would be this easy. I gainer 5 pounds in 4 weeks. I'm not liking it though since I'm small and it makes a big difference. My weight is 130 now so planning on another 5 pounds are so.

I bought my plane tickets $360 each. Now it seems a little more real that I'm finally doing this. I am flying into sand diego airport and will be staying in sand diego for the most part after surgery.

I have been emailing angie with questions almost everyday and she has been very helpful and usually gets
back to me the same day. I'm kind of
confused on the garments. I no they give u one at surgery and we can buy another one there but do I need a different size or style afterwards? And wheres the best place to get them?

Does anybody know how I can get my insurance to...

Does anybody know how I can get my insurance to pay for my labs or how else I can get them???

So I had my labs done by firstchoicelabs. Very...

So I had my labs done by firstchoicelabs. Very easy and cost $200 for everything. I was confirmed that everything was fine. Now I need to send rest of money and pretty much have everything I need. Didn't get an extra garment yet.

I have two weeks left and I'm.excited but kind of nervous. Any advice would be helpful

1 more week to go!

1 more week to go!

1 more week to go

1 more week to go

So I'm flying into san diego in the morning then...

So I'm flying into san diego in the morning then will be picked up at the airport by the shuttle service from dr. Campos office. Then I will be going to my hotel. I will update once I'm there. Sx is on Thursday!

Made it

I'm here in tijuana. Surgery in the morning!

Got a big booty from Campos

So I made it to.the other.side. campos is definately the booty man. He gave me a.huge butt and pretty sure he added hips . The whole process sx day was pretty relaxing untill I fell asleep and woke up.which seemed.like 5 minutes later in terrible pain. I was given medicine in my iv. I jusy wanted to.stand up.which they wouldn't let me due to.risk of passing out. But as soon as the nurse left the room I got up. She had me smell.cotton with alchohol and let my bf in the room. Then I was wheeled chair out and in the cab to.the hotel. The first night was very easy felt.normal doing everything on my own had to pee a lot and drained a lot.

The next day I woke up in terrible pain. I was so stiff and swolllen. When I would lay down and get up it felt like someone was pulling my skin off of my stamach and sides. I also had lumps in my stomach and the horrible massage. I cried the pain was that bad. Then.was given epi foam for my stomach.

During consultation before surgery campos.had told me he was unable to.do aggressive lipo on my stomach since I had too much loose skin. He suggested a tummy tuck but didn't pressure me and just wanted me to under stand my skin might wrinkle cuz of the stretch marks. I'm fine with it.

The epi foam has helped my stomach a lot. Not sure if I'm suppose to put it on my sides too?

I'm staying at a hotel with my bf and hes been so good helping me and loves the booty and hips. I love my little waist. Make sure of u don't stay at a recovery home u have someone to help u get dressed. Shower.

surgery may 16th with dr campos

Well I made it to the other side. I'm 3 days post op and this is the worst pain I've ever had. Campos is defanitly the booty man. He gave me a huge booty and I'm pretty sure he added some him in to.

Day of surgery was pretty easy just the normal pre op consultation. Had my pills was taken to another room and put on an iv then I had the epideral put in and woke up what seemed to be five minutes later during surgery. I felt no pain but wanted to scream Hello I'm awake. But I was back out faster than I could think. Then I woke up again which felt like another five minutes to the most terrible pain ever! I was crying and they put meds in my iv. All I wanted to do.was get up but they wouldn't let me since they didn't want me to pass out. My bf was waiting for me and as soon as they went to call him I got up and they came quick and had me smell cotton with alchohol. I just wanted to leave. They called me a cab to take us back to the hotel and wheeled me out in a wheel.chair.
I got to the hotel and I felt great. No pain. Was able to get in and out of bed and do everything including eat. I didn't feel.nasuace at all. I was thinking wow this is easy. Was I wrong!!
I was up all night peeing and draining.
Next day I woke up in horrible pain. It feels like someone is ripping my skin off when I move. I can barely walk. Can't do anything by myself including going bathroom showering getting dressed or getting in or out of bed. This is the worst pain when trying to get up and lay down. I don't want to even lay down but have to cuz I get tired.

Thn there was the massage I had on my first post op morning. Let me tell u the pain was horrible. I cried and couldn't stand it. I'm not looking forward to that again. She had to drain my back and was also painful.

The second post op day was feeling a little better still stiff and still really sore skin stomach and sides and back.

Today I woke up feeling worse.

Pain in my chest

Today I woke up feeling worse and I have a bad pain in my upper chest not sure if its due to the tight compression garment or what. I will be asking about this tommoro before my massage. I'm also hardly draining. I'm very stiff and skin still feels awful!

Day 4

Today I woke up feeling nasuace. I also had my second massage at campos office. It wasn't as bad as the first one. It was still painfull in some areas. She drained a lot of fluid from my back and after the massage I felt much better. I haven't really been draining at all the last 2 days so campos came to check me out. He said it didn't look like I had a lot of fluid in the front and he could most likely take my drain outbefore I go home.

I still get tired threw out the day and noticed I feel a lot better towards the afternoon than in the morning.

1 week post op today

I am a week post op today. I left tijuana yesturday and had my last massage at campos office. I had my drain removed and stiches by the same massage lady on day 5 I also had my post op visit or whatever I want to call it lol. My appt was at 8:30 I waited about an hour and then they asked if I could just do my massage at that time which was fine with me. During my massage campos walked in looked at my body and said it looked good except for I needed a tummy tuck and left. When i was done with my massage i asked if i was going to see the dr and was told he already seen me. OK. Not the kind of post op appt I expected but I guess he does so.many surgerys he would have known if anything was wrong just by looking at me a couple. seconds. Angie and hannia have both been very quick in ansering any questiins I have via email.

My hips and butt have went down a lot now of course from the swelling and I love the results.

My garment is really tight. It was turning my legs purple so I had to cut the legs and a part in my crack and it keep going up my kitty kat

Oh ya after my drain was removed I started swelling bad in my knees. They are still swollen. Today my skin is starting to itch in some spots.

3 weeks post op

Well today I'm 3 weeks post op and I feel great. I still wake up stiff and have a little swelling on my sides. I've had I message since I left campos so that's 5 in total. They charge $70 were I live! During the 2nd weeks I felt pretty good and went back to work. I have been sitting since Monday but only at work and on a boppy.

I have had the worse luck.with the dam garment. The one given at campos office was way to tight on the bottom part of my body. I ordered a new one the same brand and waited for it for a week only to find out my order was cancelled for some reason and $ was returned. I then orded a new one and went by measuremts got a size small. I recevied it yesturday and it won't got over my hips or ass! So I've just been wearing spanks these last 2 weeks with a waist cincher. I hope my results don't get affectd
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