Pantoja 03/05/14

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Hello ladies!So today my man and our two best...

Hello ladies!

So today my man and our two best friends who are also a couple lol all went to tj today and I had my consult with dr. Pantoja, first off his office is teeny tiny, I was like this is it !? lol but whatever my apt was at 10am but didn't actually get seen intill around 12:3o! Which was super annoying but anyway- dr was rly nice as was Ruth (front desk) me and my gf went in his office and were telling him what I wanted (she translated) he doesn't speak English, (very very little) & to be completely honest I wa kinda bummed after we were done discussing everything. He said in order for me to get my optimum results I want he def reccomened me getting a tummy tuck, which I do want but AFTER my last & 3rd baby in the next 3-4 years.

FYI- I'm a 22 year old mommy to b/g twins who will be three this may. the doc also said he CAN give me a bbl BUT the wish pics I showed him he said I wouldn't look like those women, one becuz I don't have enough fat on me to get the fullness of an ass I'm lusting over! And two cuz my ribs are big and my hip bones are high? Lol idkkkk he said he wants me to gain 5-10 pounds in order for him to give me more of a JUICEY ass. I'm 5'3 & 128-130 pounds on average. he also suggested me doing a round two BBL later on, and I told him after my last baby, I wanted to come back and get a tummy tuck & BA, along with BBL round 2 touch up.(ALOT I KNO) but anyway so I decided to just go with it and book my date, which is JULY 1st 2013, 11 days before my 23rd which kinda sucks but that's the earliest date Ruth had available.

I honestly think I'll look good tho, I've been stalking this website for a good year and a half now and have emailed personally a few girls he's worked on an they look AMAZING! Some were even SMALLER Then me, which is why I'm kinda trippin on him saying I needed to gain more weight but I am anyway. I want the bet possible results obviously. The doc was rly honest and super straight up with me and not feeding me lies on how he can make me into this and that when realistically my body/weight just isn't Guna me a Kim k look alike. I've never rly been a big girl tho, even when I was pregnant with my twins I only gained 40lbs 10 of which were just all baby. But anyway I'm just super obsessed with ass, it's gotten worse the older I get. I've never had a butt and I want one so bad, and I got my tax money back so why not. I wana look my best while im still young. :) I've been researching and following doctor p for awhile and I know he'll hook me up, I just gotta remain positive and basically pig out for dat assss! Haha I'll keep you guys updated the closer I get! :)

Oh and btw I saw two post op girls in the lobby and they looked bangin'. One got her boobs n tummy tuck the other a BBL and that ass was HUGE and super bubbly! Looked rly nice :) I'm stoked!

So my weight gain journey has officially begun, I...

So my weight gain journey has officially begun, I type this after taking a bite of my giant chocolate chip cookie! Haha yum! hey doctors orders! Hahaha ;)
So I'm 5'3 1/2 & 137.1 lbs as of right now, heavier then I thought :( but not heavy enough I guess, doc wants me to gain 10 lbs at least but I'm Guna try for a soild 15 just so I have MORE then enough. so here I go ladies... 65 more days to go! (Inless someone cancels and I can get early or mid June (fingers crossed someone cancels) Ruth called me yesterday saying she had two cancelations for may 2nd & may 7th!!! That was quick! But I turned em down cuz I gotta give myself some time to gain that weight, my friend reccomened me a weight gainer shake at GNC called "gainer" it's like $50 but it helps incredibly! So I think I am Guna get it maybe a smaller bottle tho. I'll keep ya'll updated :) #teampantoja

Hey ladies! I did a little shopping today thought...

Hey ladies!
I did a little shopping today thought I'd update what I got:

• What I have so far •
(3) 4 count packs of doggy pee pee pads
Big Maxi pads
2 rolls of Gauze
3 travel size Flush able charmin wipes
Antibacterial soap bar & liquid hand soap
Pain relief PM
Boppy pillow
bed sheets & pillow case

I'm still in search of a really good faja, I want at least 2 (one the doc gives plus one I bought myself)
And I'm also Guna order the vidamedica vitamins off MMH their $90 tho. Dayum! but heard alot of good things so I'm Guna try them out.

If I'm missing anything major on here please let me know!!! My date is still a little while away but I rather have everything now then wait last minute. :)

P.s the weight gain journey is def easier then I thought haha. up 4 1/2 pounds already!!! I should pro all slow down till I get closet hahaha! :)

Hey ladies, So my bf bought me this high end...

Hey ladies,
So my bf bought me this high end scale at dicks sporting goods it was $90! But it's so awesome if tells you how much water weight you have, how much body fat you have, it's super high tech! Anyway so I stepped on it, and was disappointed I lost weight :( I'm 134 now, I was 137 last week.. This is annoying cuz I'm eating like crazy :'( still have a good month a few weeks before my date tho so I gotta rly step it up!!!

Hey ladies, So my bf bought me this high end...

Hey ladies,
So my bf bought me this high end scale at dicks sporting goods it was $90! But it's so awesome if tells you how much water weight you have, how much body fat you have, it's super high tech! Anyway so I stepped on it, and was disappointed I lost weight :( I'm 134 now, I was 137 last week.. This is annoying cuz I'm eating like crazy :'( still have a good month a few weeks before my date tho so I gotta rly step it up!!!

Having second thoughts, seriously considering...

Having second thoughts, seriously considering CAMPOS now, all these girls who went with pantoja are not happy and I'm not sold! I'm not Guna pay all that money to get half ass results. Everyday I see more and more girls happy with campos hour glass shape and big full booties! I've emailed and sent pics for a quote, his asst already got back to me - and I just emailed them at night.

Let's try this again...

Hey ladies. So I know I had a sx date planned of July 2012 but chickened out last min bcuz of bad reviews I read from some real self girls but only later to read their new entry on HOW THEY LOVE THEIR NEW BOOTYS from dr. Pantoja -__- lol so anyway after some time thinking about it some more, I'm officially rebooking and my new date is set for MARCH 5th 2014. For my BBL. I had a consult with him(my second) today with 2 of my girls. Each are getting sx too. (Boobs with pantoja for my friend M and lipo in the states for friend Y ) so I'm excited and he quoted me 3,800. I already put a deposit down of $300 so it's 3,500 for full lipo an transfer to my booty. So now I'm Guna start getting everything I need and just wait patiently. :)

Wish pics!!

Packing needs...?

So I'm curious ladies on packin, what did you take that you couldn't do without and what items you didn't use? So far I have:

(Dollar store items I got)
3 packs of Puppy pads
Antibacterial soap
Dial soap
Digital thermometer
Pain relief PM
Rolled gauze
3 packs of charmin flushable wipes
Shower sheet
Pillow case cover

Stuff I bought online (amazon)

-* Arnica Montana by Hyland's Homeopathic - 250 tablets, 30x

-* Vitamedica Bromelain Quercetin Nutrients with Anti-Inflammatory Properties, 60 Capsules.

-*epi-foam (3 pack)
I still need an extra garmet I was thinking about getting the Colombiana short leg one with the snaps it's like $80/90
& I also need a squeem!!
I'll prob get one from Macy so I can try one. Idk we'll see.

What I hope to achieve

I played around with this liposuction app I found and this is what I hope to achieve, I think it's possible. I have a lot of back fat and once he sucks all that fat out I hoping I have a nice shape under it all lol. And he said he'd add hips too cuz homegirl has none. :'( lol I want a natural looking but big ass I don't like the "shelf" look at ALL. I want a gradual s curve. Coke bottle. My back arches (a curve ) naturally so hopefully it looks like the pic :) I think I'll look good, I trust him. And I think these pics are realistic. What ya'll think?

Getting excited

Only a few weeks left Intill my sx! So excited!! Here's my ultimate wish pic! I love Selena's body, it's perfection :)

Almost my time!

Only 14 days left ladies!! Clocks tickn!!

9 days left till my big booty!! :)

Hey ladies so officially 9 days away from my booty!! Haha I'm so excited OMG! Not even nervous what so ever. I got my lab work back today and I have a 13.4 hemoglobin level! YAY!!!!!! I was stressing on my iron levels since I was once apon a time anemic with my csection for my twins back in 2010! Lol but thank goodness I'm okay! Today got a few more last mine items

-Milk of magnesia
-light Robe
-Pack of black White beaters
~Long socks
-large undies pack
-4 huge cans of dole pineapple juice
-3 cans of sliced pineapple
-ensure protein shake 4pack
-and some more flushable wipes

Pretty sure I'm all ready to go.
I'm only staying 3 days in tj since we live in San Diego.
Probably Guna stay at the rio de real I need to call and book it, still haven't. Been laggin on it. Uh oh. Lol anyway I'll keep you all posted!!

Wish pics

Just some wish pics

Weight gain

So I said I wanted to gain at least 8-10 lbs before surgery and my starting weight was 133 lbs (my natural weight is 130-135 (those annoying 5lbs fluctuate) but anyway weighed myself today and I'm at 141 lbs!! Wow! That's crazy I gained 8 lbs since jan haha I don't rly feel much heavier but I am lol. Anyway glad I gained a few extra pounds cuz I want a juicy ass!! That's all I want to gain too so I'm officially laying off the junk food from this point on. I have a week left till my time so I'll be good I hope! :)

Almost my time!

5 days!!!


3 days!!! Ahhhh

Tmrw, tmrw, tmrw!!!!!!!!! :)

So the time has come ladies, tnrw I drive down to TJ and get the butt of my dreams lol. I have to be at pantojas at 9am, and by 10 tonight cannot eat or drink anything. My bf and I are leaving at 7am so I can be there early and start filling paperwork out/pay etc/get a hotel. And hopefully he takes me 2nd (he only does 2 sx a day) I want to go last just cuz he can take his time and isn't rushing to hurry me and get to the other patient ya know. Idk I just hope and pray everything comes out amazing. I'm printing a few of my "wish pics" to show him before sx so he knows EXCATLY what I want. Everything's already packed, packed it a few days ago so I'm ready to go! :) I actually made myself a foam roll to sit on for my thighs, I have a boppy too but just in case I made one myself. I used a pool noodle and just sliced it in half and ducttaped it together and added some simple fabric over it. I'll post a pic. Cost me $3! And it's super firm and it'll work great. Well ladies I'm guna shower and get to bed early tonight, I have a big day tnrw and want my body to have enough rest. :) I'll update before I go in! :) please say a prayer for me and I'll see ya on the big booty side :)

Oh btw gained a good 10 lbs! :) so hopefully I get some good results! Besos! ???? xo

just waiting now!

Hey ladies
So we got to tj around 8:30
Got to pantojas at 9. Filled out my paperwork, did my blood work, EKG and consult with the doc! He marked me up, said that I'm guna have a great improvement, and I asked for hips as we'll and he said that hips is tricky cuz there's no muscle there for the fat (he's still going to inject there) so pretty much what you get is what you get. Also he said I will def need a tt with my lose skin (I already knew that, but want 1 more baby next year so TT is guna wait) Everything cleared and is normal for surgery :) I met "justneedabooty" she's here too! We're both getting BBL with him! She's so stoked as well! They actual took her first so I'm just waiting till my turn! Good luck gf! :)
I cannot wait for my turn! But for now just sitting here at the office! Boo :( met another realself girl, who was doing her round 2 today. She already had a bbl and tt. Got her boobs and bbl round 2 today. Didn't catch her name but she was a nice informative girl! :)

Anyway keep ya posted!


In my room now

Just got my IV in, forgot how bad that iv hurts! Ouch!!! Lol anyway just laying down watchin top model. Lol here's my room! Guna get a free massage in a few to relax me. Haha ttyl ladies guna relax :)

1300 cc's!!!

Hey ladies officially on the other side! Surgery went extremely well, thank god! I'll post full review when I feel less sleepy all I wana do is pass out, then I wake up and pass back out lol. But I thought I would let you know he got 1300 cc's from me!!! Omg I'm so beyond stoked! Even with 30% reasorbtion I'll be left with roughly 900/1000ccs on my little frame that's amazing. I just remembered asked right after or during sx how many ccs! They says 1300! And I smiled HUGE and passes back outlol

Anyway back to bed. Feel like train hit me! NO PAIN AT ALL(YET) thank The Lord! Just extreme numbness on the lower half of my body, BUT I can move both of my legs, thank god! One girls review scared me as she still can move on if her legs after 4 months post op! NOT a pantoja patient from YILY!! Still tho imagine! Scary!! Anyway night xo

Officially BIG BOOTY BABE! Xo lol


STILL HAVE NOT SEEN MY ASS OT Hips(been laying down on my belly since sx) and it's late night here 12:45 USA time

Soreness no pain

Very stiff and sore, no pain at all what so ever. Can walk a little but very slow. Ieaving my room I threw up a few times (I drake pineapple juice and mango juice didn't sit well with my stomach at all. So that came right up. Doc p came in talked to me and my bf, told us he he was able to put in 1,100 CC's in each cheek and 300 each hips. He took out 2. 5 liters out total of water and fluid he said. I come back next wed so my pre op visit and a massage with Mari Paz. I feel okay just rly tired and lazy. No appetite what so ever, they gave me fruit bowl I nibbled at it but didn't eat much blah. Anyway laying in the backseat of our SUV while my bf drives me home. My mother in law is keeping my twins for a few days so I can relax at home alone which is rly nice. So far according to my man my butt looks big and it's swollen so it's only guna get bigger after swelling goes down I hope. I knew 1300 was too good to be true lol. But my goal was at least 1000 and I got that plus 100 more so I'm rly happy. I'll post pics in my garnet when I get home till then ttyl

First pictures POST OP!

So far love my results, rly bloody and swore but love them


Measurements as of jan 8th 2014
Bust 36
Waist 33
Hips 35
Ass 38

After BBL march 6th 2014
Bust 36
Waist 28 1/2
Hips 38 1/2
Ass 41 1/2

Dayum my waist shrunk and ass grew lol and these are swollen measurements! Hopfully my waist goes down to 25 and my ass grows to 42/43 lol booty greed is real!!

Quick update.

I find I have no pain at all, but if I lay down for a long time and I get up, yikes I'm so sore and stiff!! It can get painful. So I try to get up and walk around and I usually feel okay after doing so. Can't lay in one spot too long. Anyway doing good still. Finally guna turn in, it's so hard getting comfy omg.

Showered today, so nice!!

Feel so clean now, I was drenched in old blood, gross! Took a shower this morning and ate a light breakfast. Eggs no salt with toast and jam. Yum. My moms taking care of me which is nice. I'm scheduled to see Pantoja for post op visit next wed at 9:30 guna have my first massage with Mari-Paz then meeting with pantoja at 10. :) my tummy is lumpy but after my massage it should help a lot. Plus I knew i would have a lot of extra skin after lipo since I already have loose skin with my twin pregnancy. He said indeed inneed a tt which I will have done eventually. So far extremely happy with my new body and curves! Never had them before even with the swelling I love everything. He's such a great doc! :) ttyl ladies btw still no pain!

Pics after shower


Post op day 3

Woke up very stiff.. I knew I had to poop so I went to the bathroom right after waking up and finally made a bowl movement. I felt lighter but still not that great. I feel so nauseous today ugh.. I'll probably make myself throw up in a little bit just to feel better. I want a new garmet i don't think my booty has room to breathe! Idk I see pantoja wed so I'll ask him. Here's so day 3 pics. Pretty much the same. Oh I moved my notches to the second row too

Stepping out

Going to a few stores with my man today, sick of laying down and being stuck in my house. (Not sitting on my booty tho) laying in back seat. Here's some pics with clothes on. Garmet stil on under.

Itching!!! Ugh

So freakn itchy everywhere! My butt/back/stomach/under my boobs! Sucks :( I don't wana tough my body at all so afraid of fat cell loss. I measured myself the other day and my booty lost an inch already! so soon?! WHY! I haven't sat at all!! Ugh so it's 40 1/2 now instead of the 41 1/2 when I came home. But everything else is still the same. Measurement wise. Feelings pretty good. Just super stiff still. This garmet is annoying as hell. :-/ I ordered a waist clincher online but it hasn't came yet so waiting on that. Put a clipboard on my belly inside my garmet for a few hours yesterday to help flatten my belly. Lol saw another girl try that on here. Can't wait till I get my drains out and my massage. WED can't come sooner. I rly need to be drained I think. Anyway that's all for now ladies. Ttyl! (5 days post op)

Bummed. Sad. Upset. Ugh.

Feeling disappointed... I wanted it bigger and rounder. Sad. Just sad.

1 week post op!

Today is my 1 week post op. Feeling good. Had my massage with Mari-Paz today at pantojas office (no pain) FELT SO AMAZING afterwards. She drained me and a lot of yellow fluid came out, she also removed my drains. I took a norco before my massage just in case but I didn't need it. It hurt a little bit but it was a good hurt!! Immediately after my massage my booty rounded out!! It was squarish before. It's still swollen and will be for some time but I felt like she rly broke up some hardness and lumps and helped the circulation on my booty and it def looks a lot betwe already! I feel great, lighter and smaller (waist/back wise) I scheduled two more massages with her for next week. Guna see her twice a week for two months. the more massages the better my results. She said to start the epi foam today too, it'll help a lot with my tummy skin. Also to tighten my garmet, have it taken in. So I'll get it tailored sometime this week hopefully. Saw the doc really quick just came in while she was massaging me and said ohh what a beautiful booty lol. He's funny spoke to him real quick (the office was super busy with a lot of ppl) he said everything looks great and he was pleased and asked how I was etc. but yeah that was it, on way home now. It was fast and easy. I'm rly sleepy now tho, so I'm guna take a nap. :) xo

10 days today.

Well everything's going good.. I'm actually not wearing my garmet right now I'm having it taken in at the waist by the seamstress. My garmets a medium but I'm already at the 3rd row clasp and it's getting loose :) so that makes me happy that my waist is getting even smaller. The lady is taking in my waist so it fits like a small and my booty will remain a medium. I'm still up on the air about my ass. I think it looks okay. I feel wide. Not very much volume or projection at all. Meh. I'm def still rly swollen but yeah, lol still sucks. Anyways that's about it ladies! Hope all is well! Happy healing. praying to these fluffing gods on the daily lol ;) xo

Swell hell?

So today marks 12 days post op. And I'm kinda pissed cuz my back is either really really swollen or he didn't take out a grip of fat!! Cuz my waist is small but my upper back is huge? It doesn't look normal at all. It's not proportionate! I see him tnrw for a massage and I'm guna ask, it better just be swollen! And not fat! Ugh so annoying.

12 day pics.

Look at my back fat tho!? Ughhhhhhh so annoying dude! Better be swelling I swear


I need projection. I feel wide.

2nd msg

So I'm slacking on my massages I know, I just had my second one barely lol I've had a lot going on tho. We just got a new house and have been moving etc. But anyway went to TJ had another msg with Mari Paz, I feel rounded out. I also bought a new garment with the butt out and instantly after putting it on my booty got projection and lifted!! This is what in talking about ya'll I shoulda had these results from the beginning not from a garment! But whatever I'm only wearing this new garment for now and see how things go. I'll post pics later on! :)

New butt- out garment

This is my booty in my new garment (butt out) what a difference right?! Lmao this is what I wanted in the first place. Let's hope this helps shape my booty! It was $112 at the "fajas Colombianas" store in San ysidro. They run ridiculously small, I tried 3 on and a large was what fit me. I couldn't get the small or medium over my ass believe it or not. Lol And I also got a waist clincher squeem. (M) idk the brands I'll look later on. They are on me right now. Anywho- happy Friday! TGIF!

feeling ALOT more confident in how this garment has me looking!

New pics 17 days post op

17 days post op pics.
Booty is getting softer every day. Can't jiggle it yet tho lol. Kinda but not rly. My lower back is still rly numb and swelling a lot. My upper back is still "swell hell" ugh looks like fat he forgot tho cuz it's not numb at all and I can't feel it fine. Ugh so annoying. I hate my upper back fat so much. I also noticed I have a very obvious dent in my right butt cheek?!?! WTH is that normal? Or did he forget to inject fat in that dent?! It's weird!! Ugh let me know if you ladies every had a "dent" problem! :( played dress up with some new dresses I order online. :) regardless I still like my results so far overall! :) hopefully my booty rounds out and "fluffs" more! My new garment is amazing I feel like it rly is helping me with my lower back swelling and shaping my waist. So far so good! :)

Officially 3 weeks :)

Hey ladies here's my 3 week update, nothing rly has changed too much,

Measurements are still at
40 inches -butt
27 inches -waist

I hope my butt stays this size. I don't want it going down anymore then this.

I think I started out at 41 right after surgery. So lost about an Inch I think. And my waist started out at 33 and it's 27! Now came along way. ;) hoping it goes down to a 25 tho. Guna start incorporating my waist clincher corset now. Had it on earlier today for awhile but was rly uncomfortable so I took it off. Lol
But ya still not sitting on my booty at all, I lay on my belly for the most parts and sometimes my sides. Haven't rly been eating good at all lol, sucks not being able to work out yet. I rly wana start my ab training and tone my legs again. But anyways ladies happy healing to you all!

Xoxo :)

Side by side pics

Big difference

Basically 5 weeks tnrw!

Here's some pics. I need my ass got bigger and rounder! I measure at 40 sometimes at 40 1/2 now. Waist still at 27 sometimes 26 1/2. Wearing my butt out garment 24/7 with epi foam still. Still haven't sat down. Everything's looking great loving my results!!;)

Pic 5 weeks


5 weeks

Beach today!

As you can see I have loose skin and stretch marks from my twins. It's NOT PANTOJAS FAULT. He told me by doing lipo to my belly I would have more loose skin etc. he said I need a tummy tuck which I fully plan to get AFTER my last baby whenever that is.

But anyway- I LOVE how I look
I can't remember the last time I rocked a two piece proudly. I have curves now it's so cool! Lol I can careless about my belly, I'm a mother it happens. I feel sexy despite my tummy.:) happy thirsty Thursday! Xo


Idk why it didn't upload

6 weeks, 1 day post op.

Hey ladies so everything's basically the same.. My butt still measures at 40 1/2 and waist 27. I just bought a new vest type waist clincher garment. It's ann cherry size small so I'm excited to get that and start wearing that. I'm sick of my full body garment: ugh. It was on sale at hour glass angel for $65. And ann cherry is a great brand. They have amazing compression, in my opinion anyway. the dent in my ass is still there and so noticeable. I HATE IT. fat obviously didn't take there or he just missed it, not sure but I emailed pantoja and sent a pic of it and requested to have it fixed. BUT besides all that I'm still happy with my new body. I have been sitting a little here and there still kinda freaked out tho lol. I'm 6 weeks now so I'm sure what I have now will most likely be permanent. I hope. Since I've stayed at 40 1/2 inches since sx. Only lost half an inch which is AWESOME! But I'll update again soon ladies. Take care. And be patient, it rly is a waiting game. :) xoxoxo

7 weeks

Went to pantoja today, he saw my dent/hard little lump area on my right cheek, he said it's forsure just stubborn fat, he said to apply hard pressure /massage on it to help break it down and it'll fill in my "dent" if it doesn't break up after 3 months then he has to suction it out and move that fat to another spot on my cheek. So I hope and pray that it breaks up eventually. I'm massaging it daily so yeah. I'm glad it's nothing too serious tho. Besides that everything is looking good. ;) here's some 7 week photos.

Sorry I've been MIA! Here's my 9 1/2 week update

So basically everything is the same. My hard spot/dent is still there and I massage it every other day it gets soft right after I massage it then hardens again soon after? Weird! Idk I just
Hope eventually it goes away.. Sucks having "imperfections" so noticeable :/ but oh well. Besides thang everything else is good. I don't rly wear my garments at all anymore (I know, I know) I do every other day though when I remember. And I sit like a normal person now, don't use my pillows or foam roll anymore at all. My booty is very jiggly now! It's a tiny bit firm/hard still towards the very bottom but doc said I'm still in recovery mode and will be for a while. I'm happy with the way my body is, for the most part. it's a HUGE change from what I had to start with and I am thankful for that, although I do want a round two and will probably be booking that soon, I wanted a bigger rounder booty then what I got and I know a round two will do that for me, and also I want him to "fix" this dent. I also want more lipo done on my arms and upper back and armpit area!!! Ugh that kills it! I kno he did my arms already but honestly I can't tell for shit, they look like they were never touched. And their fat in my opinion. Idk whatever but ya I want more lipo and more ass. So I'll be booking that next round as soon as I hit my 6 month mark in August/September.
Oh and the "fluffing" gods have not paid a visit to me what so ever lol... Man I hope they do!!! Big so far have not shown me any love lol. My measurements are the damn same as before, waist 27 ass is 40 1/2 !! I do notice when I start to swell up a bit which I do from time to time I just put my garment with epi foam back on overnight and wake up to to a more refined body. Which is why I do still wear my garment like every other day. Just sayin.

Well that's it for now ladies,
P.s was the fluffing true for any of you?? And did wearing your garment for the full 3 months rly make a huge difference ??


I'm 13 weeks post op

I'm feeling 100% back to normal. My ass shakes/jiggles like crazy now no more hardness at all. I sometimes get pains where I was lipoed when I stretch but that's normal. Nothing new to report, except I feel like my ass got smaller, it still is measuring 40 1/2 inches sometimes 41 inches but idk I just looks smaller to me, weird. I rly desperately wanted a drink and I don't have that, another round is due forsure. I'm thinking Duran the more girls I see these days. She does the damn thing. We shall see. I'll wait till my 6 months and see. No fluffing at all yet?!? I hope so soon. If it's even real. I haven't worked out at all. Lol so bad I know, I'm planning on officially starting now though. My waist went up to 29 inches!! Sucks I was at 27 1/2 forever and it went up to 29 now :( I've been eating too much junk food. Gotta seriously cut back for my bday comming up in July. I haven't lost my shape at all tho, despite the inches gained, I also don't feel like my ass grows if I gain weight either?! Anyway that's all for now ladies :) xo oh p.s my dent hard spot is finally softening up it's like 80% softer it's almost gone completely so yay!

14 weeks post op.

Here's a picture. 14 weeks post op.

5 months post op

hey everyone, im doing great! my booty finally "fluffed" lol it just basically dropped and rounded out. i LOVE it but i want more now! lol im going back in september for a round two and FINALLY my TT!!! i dont want anymore kids. bf does but ehh.. i want my body. so im just guna do it. idc!! im only young once then its gone forevr! love dr pantoja but he totally missed my whole upper back fat and bra rolls arms and armpit area! love my waist but my back fat kills it i look top heavy??! so stupid. have started working out pretty heavily, slimming down somewhat. my core is hard as a rock but you cant see my abs cuz of my loose skin and gross stretch marks. :( anyway i havent picked a date in sept yet but we'll see! till then ttyl :)

Sept 2nd 2014 ya'll !!

My second round is in 3 weeks and 6 days :) yay!

Wish pics and me

Just some pictures.

4 days!

Ahh! 4 days to go before my round 2. Not guna get my TT :( after all. Doc said to wait in between procedures, so yeah. It's okay next year. ;) I'm excited but then again I kno what t expect and my booty is already nice and big so I'm not expecting a huge transformation. Just slight tweaking here and there to "perfect" my shape and round out and add a little more to my ass. All in all tho I am excited to get rid of all this extra back fat I have and arm fat lol. I'll prob write again right before I'm about to go in!

No round 2

Sorry ladies, last min I didn't get my round 2 done. Family issues came up. But rescheduled for next month! Sorry I haven't been on this is forever, life happens. Still bummed about my surgery cuz I gained like 5-7 pounds for It and now I'm still carrying those pounds ugh I feel so damn fat these days. My waist isn't as tiny :'( but my ass grew, it doesn't grow with you forsure lol. I'll update when my sx will be! Till then!


I mean it DOES grow with you lol *typo

Round 2 2/3/15

My surgery date is 3 weeks away, not nervous at all, I know I'm in good hands. I just basically want more aggressive lipo on my upper and lower back, my armpit area, and my arms. And whatever he can get from those areas put in my ass to round and more projection. And maybe a little more shaping on my hips. My belly is pretty small I don't think he can't get much from there. So let the count down begin. :)


Okay well toads the day ladies, driving to tj as we speak. My stomach hurts, I'm a little nervous, I trust dr p tho but still surgery is nerve rackin regardless. I'm not staying in a recovery home either, I'm comming back home tnrw. We don't live far from the border. I'm excited tho! :) I'll update again soon.

Here are my pre op measurements

Waist 29.5
Hips 38.5
Ass 41.5
(I gained like 11 pounds) :( lol. Oh well.

Xoxo -

On the other side :)

Hey guys so I was the first girl to go this time, everything went extremely well, took it like a champ. He GOT ALL my back fat out! Thank god! He told me he PUT 1000 cc in each cheek!! That's bananas! Wow I'm a little scared to look lol. My mans guna flip. He didn't want me getting any more ass. But whatever lol. My main concern was my arms and back fat this Round which he said he accomplished!! Can't wait, he just came to tell me goodbye and checked on me, he's going home for the night it's now (7:45) but my surgery was AT 11:50 and finished at 3:45pm Finished faster this time since it was my second round. He's such a sweet man, seriously. I would come back to him a million times over again. Caring and also his work is bomb. He said your guna look even better then you already do now! And your waist is heaven!! Even the assistants came in and commented on my newly (Tiner) waist. Yay! Can't wait to measure!! As far as how I feel I feel good, just super sleepy. But AT first right after surgery I was in LIPO HELL!! It hurt so much more this time!! He rly went to town on my back cuz that's where it hurt like a mother fucker, OMG. But that morphine, lemme tell you.... Lmao. Knocked me on my ass. They even gave me extra! Haha my night nurse just came and I asked to change out my dressings and dr helped out too. Feel so much better on DRY puppy pads mine was soaked so gross. I'm like wide awake right now, :D wish I wasn't tho cuz I'm super bored and they left my damn light on and that shit is bright! I'm kinda annoyed I didn't get my own room this time? Wtf. I got a bed and that's it. In a corner of a random room?? The girl that went second got the room?! Maybe cuz it was her first time or something?! Idk. She was cool tho, got a bbl. She said she likes that huge fake ass look, while I said I wanted it big but also natural and proportionate to my little frame. To each their own I guess. Saw her real quick when they wheeled her out after her SX from "my room" more like hospital bed shoved in a corner with a curtain no bathroom no nothing, my night nurse can't even sleep by my sight, I'm telling you it's a tiny space. I'll take a pic and post tnrw of my pathetic area. Lmao I'm such a brat. But REGARDLESS I'm stoked everything went well and I'm like 99% sure I'm guna LOVE everything!!! Eeeeek can't wait to see!! But my real results come in from my attention to post op care I know that. Which I fully plan on taking care of, as this is my last bbl round, next up is TUMMY & boobs!(next year) oh did I mention I'm exactly a year today from first round and kept all my fat! So I know dr p is the man! (Happy dance) you could tell tonight when talking to me he was proud of his work! Oooh I also met an old patient of his today in lobby. She got boobs and TT. And she looks bangin after 5 years! But she also goes HAM in gym ) Her sis wanted TT and boobs) well ladies I'll post again!


2 days post op.

So I measured myself today (with garmet on)

my waist is a 27' and my ass is 44
:D yayaya!
But I am very very swollen still so we shall see what my real measurements are in a few months. :) never the less stoked about my new bod. I kept all my fat last round so I prob will this time as well but anyway I do wana waist train and bring myself down to a 25/26 waist. As soon as I can workout plan on hitting the gym like crazy. I wana tone up big time for summer. :) and I'm only eating healthy from now on, I didn't spend this money to continue eating like crap. Lol so far I'm off to a good start.

As far as how I feel, I feel so stiff and sore especially on my back! He did aggressive lipo on my back and I can feel it, ouch! Very slow moving, haha. But I will say this recovery was much easier then the first time around, wish I could fast forward and just feel normal again. Ugh. Lol anyway that's all for now ladies. Ttyl!

3 day post op + pic

So I'm on day 3 post op, doing good. Starting massaging my self and I immediately feel so much better after doing so, I feel loose and can move! I drain myself too in the shower, it's helping I think. I also massage myself with castor oil everywhere, castor oil is AMZING for your skin, and prevents scar tissue from forming! Also helps with wounds/cuts and scars from surgery. I'm putting gauze dipped in castor oil on my stitches then wrapping myself in bandage tape it's already lightened up my scars and bruises tremendously. :) google it. Started using my epi foam on day 2, on my belly and back. I still feel stiff but my body is recovering a lot better this round ! I'm already out grocery shopping and walking about like normal. Feel fine. Still trying to take it easy too tho, wearing my garmet 24/7, I go back to tj wed for a massage with maripaz and also guna buy a new garmet. He put me in a small marena garmet but want a new one maybe butt out.. We will see. I also bought a x small squeem but it's sooo tiny lol it doesn't fit yet! Lmao. I'll get there eventually -__-
My butt doesn't hurt at all, he actually didn't inject in the top only bottom crease part, rounded out my hips and lipo my belly again. My back is what BURNS and "hurts" the most. well here's a day 1 post op pic right after my shower.

My measurements are:
Waist -27'
Ass- just a little over 43.5

So in total from round 1 and round 2 I gained 5.5 inches of ass and LOST 5.5 inches of waist. Nice :) happy girl.

In jeans

Day 3 in jeans lol

Day 8. Round 2

So today I went to Tj and had a massage with maripaz and she removed my drains. (Gross) I'm still leaking fluid a bit. The massage didn't hurt, well it was like a good hurt if that makes sense. I felt super nauseated the first few mins she was doing my tummy idk why! But I wanted to throw up! I just kept breathing and it passed. She does a good job, right after I felt lighter and more flexible. But I also have been draining and massaging myself 2x a day every day... Which is what is rly helping me go back to normal every day functions. Still not sitting on my butt, an using my foam under my thighs to sit when I need too, laying on my belly for the most part and sides sometimes. I feel good. I started using my squeem on top of my garmet with epi foam. My waist is still at a 27.5 but I'm starting my steel bone corset waist training Friday wanting to shape and mold my waist to a 25!! Especially since I'm still fresh to surgery. So I'm a bit disappointed with my ass measurements :( I was a 43 right after surgery now I'm at a 42.7 so it went down a little :'( but at the same time it looks bigger to me, despite what the measurement is. My waist is small so my butt looks bigger regardless and my back is starting to slowly go down from being so super swollen. I know it takes a few months to rly see results tho. But OVERALL I am happy..much happier this time around. Now all I need are new boobs and a tummy tuck and I'm set! ;) will post again next week :)

3 weeks today

Hi ladies,
So everything's going good. I actually stopped wearing my full body garmet sometime last week, I just use my Camilla steel boned corset with my epi foam and it has def helped define my waist, I was at 27 1/2 inches after sx now I'm at 27. Hoping to go down to 25/26. My butt measuring the SAMe but it def feels bigger and looks bigger. It's just fuller if that makes sense. I'm not rly worried about my ass size on the measure tape but more concerned with how It looks. And I'm happy. I haven't been getting massages besides my first one my first week post op and I KNOW it's horrible. I can't find a massage therapist anywhere it's so annoying, I've been massaging myself and so has my hubby but it's not the same, I know. :( I noticed I have like 2 tiny little what feels like balls inside my belly from scar tissue or lumps which scares me, I need to get massaged asap. And I noticed a little fluid retention. :'( fml. But besides that every things okay,

As far as my dent, it's kinda still there, my body just rejects fat in that one area on my right cheek and there's nothinh that can be done. Doc filled it and it went away again?! So Idk I give up.

Anyway ill post pics tnrw after my spray tan :) till then

3 week photos

Here's some pics 3 weeks 1day :)

Basically 5 week tnrw!

Here's some pictures !:) I feel good, my butt is pretty much all soft, my belly and back are atill very swollen and the lipo areas still burn kinda here and there, not sitting without my foam and pillows, also have been corset and waist cinching. Rly happy with my results I Love everything and I finally have the bubble I wanted :)

Shrinking waist!

So I've been corseting/waist training since week 3 of my 2nd round and so far have lost 1/2 inch on my waist. So now at 27 flat instead of 27 1/2 but keep in mind I'm still so dang swollen, I have to keep the corset on or clincher on do take it off I'm okay for a few hours then I swell back up ;( fml. Anyway started going to the gym last week and eating healthy. I really want that 25' waist ya'll. I know once I get my tummy tuck I should be about that size naturally, cuz I forget how much skin I have on my belly and just adds measurements :( hate it. My waist and belly rly are so tiny tho I went shopping the other day and I was feeling myself and my new improved waist haha! I'm so in love with my body it's insane. I'm so happy and grateful I found dr p! :) I had some scar tissue build up on my belly and applied "castor oil packs " on it before bed and it's gone down significantly!! So I'm guna keep doing it. :)

Also for my workout regimen I use Abolene cream on my belly then my waist trainer belt then my squeem ! Once my workout is done I take everyone off and I sweat soo much! Abolene is AMAZING! Google it! Doc said I can sit now but use my pillows still and don't sit longer then an hour without help. So I follow that. But my butts stayed the same size /measurement since surgery which is 42 1/2. While on YouTube I saw that some people rub fish oil and viatmen E on their butt cheeks and their ass GREW a good few inches!!! I was like WTF! Lol but I guess it does rly work? Idk. I haven't tried it. Lol

Anyway gotta start dinner then gym after! :)

6 week pic


11 weeks basically

Here's some pics from 11 weeks post op... Still a little swollen and get random pain and stings from time to time on my back but I guess that's normal. I have my days where I love my body and days when I'm like it coulda been bigger lol. But all in all I love everything. Stil working out like crazy for about a month now getting lean :) waist is at. 26.5 now and butt is stil measuring 42 inches sometimes 42.5 (wish it was at 44 inches lol ) ???? oh well tho. Anyway will update again at 3 months

21 weeks. almost 5 month update round 2 bbl

Hey beauties!

so its been a minute- just a quick little update.
so I've been working out 5x a week since mid april, so i let a total of 10 lbs, which is a lot for me. i was loosing weight everywhere even my booty, so i gained purposely back 2/3 pounds and my ass is looking good. my ideal target weight is 138. no more no less, my tummy is flat, i even have abs yawl! my waist is a CRAZY 25.5 inches!!! just from working out! and eating super super clean! my ass is at 42 inches, after sx it was 43.5 but that was at 146.8 lbs. and i feel amazing now. I'm loving my body. even tho my measurements on my ass aren't extreme but ya know what for my body shape and size it looks good and my butt is still big! :) plus I'm only 5'3. lol. my legs are tone, my arms and back. i lost all my back fat! hard works pays off! =] i'm booking my apt for my TUMMY tuck in sept and hopefully boobs too i need all this loose saggy skin off of my new toned belly! lol. anyway heres a few pics! take care ladies! xox

Just some new pictures :)

Here's some current photos :)

TT & BA + Lift! 9-8-15!!!

So 2 hours to go ladies!
In my bed waiting now just watching tv.
Got my IV in, anxious! He marked me up right before and said in going to like a work of art when I'm done lol. He said I look great already just at my 11 lb weight loss?? in getting 450 cc implant. A D cup so from a b cup to a D :) it's goin to look natural and fit my body type perfectly!! I love the size it's not too big but not too small and I don't want to regret not going a little bigger once they settle :) so I'm going for it.
I've never had big boobs so I'm stoked plus he's guns give me a little lift. Finally will have perky beasts and Cleavage!!! OMG!!

Don't even get me started on my belly!! Ughhh I cannot wait!!

I'll update right after surgery :)

Till then say a prayer for me!

Post op day 1!

Hey ladies so everything came out great, my husband picked me up from pantojas recovery room at 9:30 got home quick with our medical pass and have just been laying in my recliner chilling, taking my meds watching movies. Hubby has been such a huge help! Thank goodness for him. Ugh I hate this hot weather it's so miserable plus adding a TT and BA recovery not exactly amazing. I'm feeling okay tho for the most part, I expected more pain then I'm getting but I'm glad it's minimal! Gotta say my BBL hurt more then this does. I just feel super super stiff and SORE!! I'm keeping my legs elevated and sitting down in my recliner :) had a slight issue when going to the bathroom cuz it was kinda a long walk I got winded and my stomach started burning so bad! Ugh but that's the only time I recall feeling any "pain" it's just super uncomfortable and just s ton of pressure, as if a heavy someone/something is layout no on top of my chest and belly. But anyway guna catch some Z's I'll post pictures soon, bare with me lol can't rly do much at all.

3 days post op + pics

So idk if I noted before my pre op weight, well it was 135.5 now I'm 138 :( but pretty sure it's just water weight cuz of the fluid in my belly and plus my heavy ass new boobs lol. I feel good today! Finally got to shower and that was heavenly :) I couldn't get my breasts wet but still cleaned around the areolas. I'm not rly eating much since surgery, not much of an appetite, I'm blaming all my meds I'm taking on that. Staying ahead for my meds which is really helping with everything :) my recliner is getting more comfy as the days go on, can't wait to sleep in my own bed again tho of course! Hubby's been such a HUGE help this time around which I'm so grateful for. Overall this surgery hasn't been a piece of cake but not as bad I imagined. That's just my opinion tho. Maybe I Handel pain better then most? Who knows. But I can't wait intill I don't have to wear my garments and this drain is gone lol. But any who I'm loving my new girls!!! So much!! And they are causing me no pain what so ever! The only thing that's slightly painful is my abdominal wall stitching!! Yikes! My TT scar is coming along nicely, I'm started my scar Therpy regime yesterday and keeping up with it for a full year :) my want my scar as non existent as I can get it lol. I'm lucky tho my body does pretty well with healing scars lightly :) so yay for that.

Anyway will update again next week
Oh and I'm 80% standing up straight :) and massaging my belly slowly, it's helping loosening me up :)


More pics

Here's some more post op day 3 pics

12 days post op!!

Hey ladies!
So almost 2 weeks post op! Still very swollen, so annoying!! Ugh I CANT wait to wear my normal cute tight clothes! So over this damn garment! but anyway so I ended up getting a seroma!! So sad! ???? saw the doc on wed last week for my one week post op check up, he took my drain out and drained my seroma! But he said come back next week to remove stitches and to drain my seroma again! Damn sucks. And it already filled back up! This shit is annoying. lol I hope I only need to be drained a few more times and then it will finah just GO AWAY! Ugh! Anyway here are a few new pics! My scar is looking better and better every day and I seriously think it's cuz of my scar therapy oil I made!! My boobs don't hurt but are starting to itch a little here and there and they are already softening up a lot, so is my lower stomach, right above scar it was hard as a rock right after surgery but lil by little it gets softer and less puffy. :)

Will update again soon

Idk why they posted upside down! I tried 3times to fix and it didn't?

My seroma is right above belly button.

12 days post op pics

Some new pictures
Seroma is above belly button
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

AMAZING DR P! Loved what he did for me!! Can't say it enough

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