4 more days!!!!

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Hi Gals, Been on MMH but heard such great things...

Hi Gals,
Been on MMH but heard such great things about this site that I thought I would join. About me, I'm 5'6, 180lbs, and flabby as heck lol. Always had a hard time toning my lower body but after the birth of my twins two years ago, my tummy went to S&*^ too!lol. So, after researching for quite some time, I decided to go with Dr Cardenas in TJ. I met her in person and that really closed the deal. She is an angel and genuinely sweet person. I felt sooo comfortable with her and I knew we were just meant to be. hahaha

Now fast forward, My surgery is 17 days away and I am getting an extended TT, BA, lipo, and fat grafting. Yup, the works. lol. I was so happy becuase at first Dr Cardenas said no boobs with the TT and FG, but when we met in person, she said she would do it. Not sure why she changed her mind, but fine by me. Now, im just going through my list and checking it twice. And of course....can you say NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stay up at night and all the possible complications keep running through my head. Am I being selfish? I'm putting my life at risk when I have children....etc. So I've decided if there is anyway I'm going to get through the next two weeks its going to have to be with the help of good ol' Xanax. Please Ladies, tell me I'm not the only one freaking out??? Hard to tell the difference between surgery jitters and that gut feeling that tells you when something bad is going to happen....ahhhhhh.

Hey yall, Well, my day is almost here. Friday I...

Hey yall,
Well, my day is almost here. Friday I go under and i'm hoping for the best. Never been so nervous in my life. But I'm also excited for the new me! I wish I could say that I will update you guys quickly but I'm not sure how I'll be feeling so as soon as I feel up to it I will. I fly into San Diego on Thursday and have sx with Dr Cardenas first thing Friday Morning. Please pray for me.....
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