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I'm 29 y.o. I had my daughter at 21. I gained a...

I'm 29 y.o. I had my daughter at 21. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, more than 30 pounds. My breast went from a 36 C to a 38 DD and yes I breast fed. So, from the time of my little ones birth until now I have lost an incredible amount of weight. Before pregnancy I was 148, before delivery I was 219, and I am currently 155 ( I have plans to get down to 145 by surgery date). So just imagine, if you will, what my body looks like after the pregnancy and the weightloss. In my opinion I have the face of a 21 year old and a body of a 200 year old woman. LMAO!!! Seriously, that is how I feel. Anyhow, as I started to lose weight, my skin begin to sag around my breast and stomach area. :( It made it very difficult for me to be happy about my weightloss. So, what brought me into considering surgery all these years was the fact that I am, just like everyone else, getting older and as time goes on, my issues will get worse. So here I am. My surgery date is December 17, 2012 and my plastic surgeon is Dra. Cardenas. Although my goals are to get a breast lift, tummy tuck, and lipo, I will be getting an extended tummy tuck, brazilian butt lift, and lipo this go round. My plan thereafter is to get a breast lift 6 months later in the states with Dr. Basu. He has a technique where he uses the breast tissue to give it a lift like an implant would. Anyhow, I have booked a flight and paid my deposit so far. I am super excited! I will be posting before pics soon! Also, if any of you are interested in buddying up let me know. :)

I recently had a lot of people inquiring about my...

I recently had a lot of people inquiring about my surgery....from nice women online, my mother, and my boyfriend. Here it is only October and I am nervous as shit. Alot of you lovely ladies are interested in getting a brazilian butt lift, but I am so unsure if I want that. I mean I think I have an ass, so does my boyfriend, mother, and my daughter (8 y.o.) Crazy lol. I could use a little umph. But I dont know. I'd rather just have a small waist and more hips. Fudge the BOOTY. Anyhow I had promised pics. My boyfriend will be highly upset if I post nude pics of myself online, so I will only share my regular photos. Ugh!

So, I got my lab work done a few weeks back and I...

So, I got my lab work done a few weeks back and I have been advised to take 2 iron pills a day. One an hour before breakfast and another an hour before dinner. I wonder if it would be wise or not to also take a multi-vitamin (e.g. one a day for women)? I wonder if there would be any counter-reaction??? I'll just ask the doc. Also, I have already started packing and in the process of determining where I will stay. I'm torn between Club Med and Beauty Care. What do you guys think? (just curious to know). I really want to stay with BCRH (Beauty Care), but I have some issues with Ronnie giving me two different rates. It appears the rates have went up $30.00.....scratching my head! I have contacted him by email for the past 2 days, have not heard anything. So, I got a little impatient and contacted him by phone this morning......still no response. Starting to get a little pissed!
Here are the things that I have packed so far.....please let me know if I left anything out or should leave anything out:
4 granny panties
maxi pads
bendaryl cream
hot/cold compress
stool softner
non-latex/powder free gloves
a small gauze wrap
a go-girl (urine funnel)
Sun-Sat pill container
drain holder
a shower shield to protect bandaged areas (saw it at walmart....could be useful....idk)
2 soft wireless bras

Things I need:
2 Lose pants/sweats
A few tank tops.....maybe I could use my bf wife beaters (lol)........what do you guys think? I'm talking to those who have had an ETT?

I have a little more than a month before take off....

I have a little more than a month before take off. I am so ready ladies. I cannot wait. Ned to increase my workout and decrease my food intake. But, I'm ready, I'm ready in my spongebob squarepants voice. Oh, and I have decided to stay at bcrh. My flight lands in San Diego on dec.16th, surgery on the morning of 17th of dec. And go home on dec. 30th. Hell yeah!!!!!

So, I will be having my surgery in 13 more day. I...

So, I will be having my surgery in 13 more day. I have been so anxious and excited about my upcoming surgery that I have been a little bad. Instead of losing 10 pounds as I had anticipated, I gained 5 :(. Not good. But, I'm going to try to lose that extra 5 pounds before surgery......maybe it was all that Thanksgiving Day dressing I ate.....MATTER OF FACT.....it was! lol. Anyhow, my iron level isn't as high as it needs to be. So, I have been searching ways to increase it. So, starting this evening, I will be taking vitamin b-12, folic acid, and iron supplements together and eating different variations of spinach for the NEXT 13 DAYS!! Wish me luck. Also, that Saturday night, Dec. 15th before leaving I am going take some pre-op measurements. So, excited. Wish me luck ladies. Thanks for you blessings, prayers, etc. in advance. Talk to you later :).

So, here I have 6 more days left before surgery...

So, here I have 6 more days left before surgery and I got bit up by fire ants this past weekend. My legs and feet look like I have polio. These are the most painful insect bites. I'd rather be stung by a mosquito than a fire ant, the healing time is shorter. Yea me! SMH. I have had fire ant bites before and they have taken almost 2 WEEKS TO HEAL! Lord, Jesus Christ, HELP ME!

Merry Xmas Everyone! I had my sx performed by Dra...

Merry Xmas Everyone! I had my sx performed by Dra.Cardenas on 12.17.2012 in the morning. I must say that I did not get nervous until minutes before the sx. The thing I was most frightened about was waking up during the operation or not waking up at all. WTF! lol. It was definitely too late to back out at that moment, not that I was anyway. So, anyhow, my sx too about 5 hours. I had a circular tummy tuck, lipo to the back, sides of tummy, inner thighs, and the fat right around the bra area.
When I woke up. I could not feel my legs initally. I thought I was paralyzed....lol. At the moment, I was like I could live with being paralyzed if that meant being alive.....lmao. So, I guess my lower extremites were still under anesthesia...lol. So, I continued to try to wiggle my legs until I gained feeling back whooo praise the lord. I would also like to mention another weird thing that happened after I awakened from surgergy.....i was shivering, but i wasn't cold......i think it might have been all the trauma to my body. I also vomited twice but that was expected because I always do after general anesthesia. Well, they tried to feed hours after the surgery and I didn't want to eat, i just wanted to sleep. i think i slept the entire day PO1 and PO2.
PO2, I got up and walked around a little with the walker. I felt so heavy, stiff, and nauseaous. I almost started to regret the sx only because I knew I had some long and rough days ahead of me. I said long and rough, because, although, I am a very independent and don't like to depend on others for help, so i was going to have to break that pride, i am also a homebody, and I like to move around alot. So the whole walk in the park, piece of cake thingy was out the door. Therefore, I had to mentally prepare myself.
I just want to say that my recovery has been painless, but remember this is coming out of the mouth of a person who enjoys pain affliction. I took pain meds only because it was prescribed and i paid for them, but by the 5th day I refused to take them. Number one reason, they left me extremely contispated. HELL NO! I have never bn constipated b4. i will rather be set on fire *extreme exaggeration* than to have terds trapped in my body. its the worst feeling in the world. to feel and know you have toxins that want to evacuate your body but cant. i cried, prayed, and stranged....also did some breathing techniques.....like i was having a baby. sad thing is.....i was talking coalace and it WASNT WORKING! Eventually i told one of the nurses and she gave me this magic pill and it WORKEDD! It was almost like a colon cleanser.....lmfao. Major relief!!!!!!! yay me! Anyhow, here I am PO day 7. Still no pain and I have been walking without the walker for 2 days in a row. I haven't been wearing my compression garment. It was too small and i refused to be miserable in it or risk any cutting off of circulation. Dra. Cardenas and some of the others were certain that it will be fine......but i said no no no. Get me a larger size after all i will be the one wearing it for the next 6 weeks....and not to mention i am paying for this garment. So i got my compression garment, still haven't put it on.....just not ready yet. i plan to wiggle in it on wednesday which is manana, when I decide to shower, which i refuse to shower everyday or every other day, which is really hard for me, another mental thing i had to prepare for....main reason, i don't want to risk getting an infection in my belly button or tummy tuck site. CAUTION IS A MUST! But believe my underarms, honey pot, and evacuation zone was cleaned daily. Since I have not been in much pain or have had much draining.....i think my operation was not very aggressive or either my body is reacting well. Dra. Cardenas says that everything looks good. I'm homesick!!!! I want to go home. I miss my family. The days are not moving fast enough.....not to mention that its just me and the nurses since Dec. 21.
*Important Announcements*
BCRH and Dra Cardenas office is right in the heart of downtown TJ, which is literally 15 minutes outside of San Diego, Cali.
BCRH is a large and its very cold.
Gabriel was cool. Havent seen him since he picked me up from the aiport.
All of the nurses are awesome, Carmen, Elizabeth, Lulu, Roxanne, Sarah, and any other I forgot to mention
Fatimeh, patient coordinator, and Ronnie, director of bcrh, are awesome too.
The food is stupendous. Yesterday I had grilled tilapia with sauteed shrimp and veggis on a bed of white rice. yum yum yum yum
According to Dra Cardenas>>>>>>>>>>>>
DONT GO SHOPPING, DONT GET ON THE SCALE, DONT TRY ON ANY OF YOUR CLOTHES THEY WILL NOT FIT, EAT WELL.....PROTEIN FIRST, THEN VEGGIES, THEN CARBS.......TAKE IT EASY OR YOU WILL PAY FOR IT LATER.....HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS......removing large amounts of fat that is years old in a number of hours will take some time for your body to recovery.
Dra Cardenas was speaking from experience and from the experience of some of her patients. She said a full recovery can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months long. I am praying for the former.

I forgot to mention that I had 8 pounds of skin...

I forgot to mention that I had 8 pounds of skin removed. 1000cc in each cheek...WTH.....I dont want a grande culo.....but guess what it isnt big at all. it fits my frame like its mine....by the way i have been sititing on it since day 1. no boppy pillow for me. I also had 200 cc to my hips and that is actually big because i have thunder thighs *we have a lovehate relationship. Another thing Dra Cardenas mentioned was that the compression garment does not mold you......the operation, your diet, and exercise afterwards is what molds you body. The compression garment only assists with the drainage. That was good to know. Anyhow....talk to you later.

Hey Real Self Peep, I am not 12 days PO. I still...

Hey Real Self Peep, I am not 12 days PO. I still cannot stand up straight completely, but I am moving around with ease; however, i still get easily tired from standing too long, walking too long, or taking a shower. But I am able to do these things. I still havent worn my compression garment, so I am a little pissed. Especially since I was put under the impression that my measurements would be taken before a garment would be bought......APPARENTLY NOT! #1 a medium sized marena cg couldnt get past my knees and a size large was cutting off my circulation to a point that the massage lady was concerned.......WTH! Yet the Doctor was so sure it would fit me......how so?????? According to the marena website, I should wear a size 2XL......that suggests to me that these garment run extremely small because I wear a size medium in the majority of shapewear purchased in the US. So, I told Dr. this news, I told her that the large was STILL TOO TIGHT, THAT THE HOOK AND EYE WAS ABOUT TO COME UNHINGED WHEN FASTENED (and they were on the last row), AND I COULDN'T SIT NONETHELESS LAY DOWN WITH THE DAMN THING ON......ALL I CAN DO WAS STAND!!!! IM SORRY YAWL BUT I AM SO PISSED!!!!! Since the doctor recommended a size medium or large, I could not get a size 2XL unless I came out of pocket an additional $120......excuse me! So, I paid $120 for the large and I couldnt exchange it for a 2XL, because of the doctor recommendations. As mad as I was I couldn't argue.....I just pointed out how the damn box the cg came in STATED THAT THE GARMENT: SHOULD FIT COMFORTABLY, THERE SHOULD BE NO PAIN, AND THAT ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SLIP A FINGER UNDERNEATH......SAD TO SAY IT WASNT THE CASE. So, I bit my lip and said okay......if i cant get a 2XL for my money then Im not fkn wearing that, I refused to be in any pain and since my damn concerns dont matter over yours, I will just get a compression garment when i return to the states. fluck it! SO MY SUGGESTIONS LADY.....IF YOU TYPICALLY HAVE ISSUES WITH SHAPEWEAR....BRING YOUR OWN....DONT COUNT ON ANYONE TO GET YOUR SIZE RIGHT!!!!! IT WILL KILL YOU.....i have a bad temper and i am so angry that i want to fight giving the condition that i am in. IT HURTS WHEN PPL DONT HEAR ME OUT, I KNOW MY DAMN BODY MORE THAN ANYBODY. Here is the funny thing.....they think my legs are swollen, but they are not......thats just how thick they are.......FRUSTRATED UPSET! Dra. Cardenas is an artist when it comes to sculpting, shaping, and cutting your body and her prices are good, but i have been told by someone who works directly with her that she has a difficult time with giving patients or potential patients what they want......meaning a patient my only want a tummy tuck, but she will coerce them into getting lipo too.......and i know from experience......i was expecting a ett, but woke up with a circular tummy tuck.......thats some bs. But its all good.....im just really upset.

Funny thing is they came today with my cg.....the...

Funny thing is they came today with my cg.....the size large.....they fixed the thigh part and now i am wearing it......i cant breathe!

After waiting 4 and half hours in the San Diego...

After waiting 4 and half hours in the San Diego airport, I finally made it back to Houston at 10PM last night. So happy to be at home. But as soon as I arrive, my menstrual cycle start.....damn! This only adds to all the ooohing and awwing. I usually dont start until the end of the week. I guess it was from all the different phermones I was around for 13 days in Tijuana. still have drains in, still swollen in some areas and only hoping for the best. Not in best of moods bc im PMSing. Talk with you guys later. Maybe next week. In the meantime feel free to ask questions.

16 Days PO still have some drainage, but thats...

16 Days PO still have some drainage, but thats okay as many of my followers know I had a circular tummy tuck, lipo, and fat grafting to hips and butt.....so there is still some drainage yet its far below 25 cc. I dont want to pull the drain until there is barely a cupful. I also still have swelling somewhat but its expected. Still in good spirits.....will be even more happier when everything comes together as I know it will. :)))))))

Okay, so I said I was going to pull my drains when...

Okay, so I said I was going to pull my drains when there is nothing but a capful, while that wasn't the case. Ever since I have been wearing this "oh so tight" compression garment is has been irritating the site where the drains come out. It has creased and pulled away the skin that is trying to grow around it......so last night as fed up as I was I decided to pull both of the drains out. I had been draining right at and sometimes right below 25cc in each bulb, I have read on Real self that many plastic surgeons pull drains out when they are 30 cc and below over a 24 hour period, but mine as been at or below 25cc for the whole week. TIME TO PULL, right? Well I decided it was and so did my mother when I told her what was going on. So, while everyone in my house was asleep....lol. I sat down in my restroom and clipped away each stitch that was holding in the drain and slowly pulled each drain out. The drain wasn't easy to get out, you have to pull with some force. The whole process took me about an hour for TWO REASONS. #1 i had to stop and breath because I wanted to faint and #2 one of the drains had CLEAR FKN STITCHES ON IT.....who in the hell uses CLEAR STITCHES.....pls be sure to request no clear stitches......it will piss you have trying to find the shit....the drain it clear and the stitch is clear......man ol man i was hot. SO I WILL POST A BOOTY PIC BY THE END OF THE DAY. TOODLES :)

Yea! today is the day to remove my bb stitches!!!

yea! today is the day to remove my bb stitches!!!

Took out BB stitches myself......man, Dra....

Took out BB stitches myself......man, Dra. Cardenas needs to put dissolvable ones in.....they were a bitch taking out. OMG! But they are OUT!

Dra. Cardenas recommends that you stay at the BCRH...

Dra. Cardenas recommends that you stay at the BCRH for 14 days for a ETT, Lipo, and FT. That was too long of a stay for me. If you are a head strong independent woman like me, in good health, mind, and spirit......like the little engine that could. I would recommend at least 7 days at most 10 days. Especially if there is a HUGE POSSIBILITY that you will be going home with the drains anyway past the 14th day....ugh! Also, ask about the stitches around the drains (YOU DONT WANT THEM TO BE CLEAR FOR GOODNESS SAKES) and Ask for dissolvable stitches in the BB, if possible. Also, if you happen to go home with the drains REQUEST THEM TO GIVE YOU THE PROPER EQUIPMENT TO REMOVE THEM. And, last but not least get a prescription for BM, as I have mentioned Coalace doesn't do a DAMN thing or you can ask the BCRH for their little brown pill. Bring flushable wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, deordant, and lotion. YOU WILL ONLY NEED ONE OUTFIT TO GET ON THE PLANE......You will be stuck inside BCRH, so no need for clothes. And last......if you have THIGHS LIKE I DO.....REQUEST A MEDIUM CG BUT WITH ALTERATION DONE TO THE THIGH PART OR GO TO YOUR NEAREST SHAPEWEAR STORE AND GET MEASURED FOR ONE.....BECAUSE YOU KNOW MY STORY. I think thats it.

Anyhow, I was planning on back to Tijuana to either have Dr. Pantoja or Dra. Cardenas to do a breast lift, but I think I'm going to stay home and allow Dr. Horndeski do my breat lift.....I have met with him in person last year and he has this technique that called the Ultimate Breast Lift ($8900 my quote). I have seen many results from the women on here. So, if I can spend $7410 to go to mexico for sx, I can pay an additional $1500 to get my breast done in the US. I'm super excited! A complete package is on the way.

This is the part of the recovery process that I...

This is the part of the recovery process that I dread....THE ITCH! I jus want to pull my skin OFF! Aw! I am soooo irritated that I don't want to be talked to nor touched. My stomach area itches....my ass itches.....man. I've put benadryl anti itch cream on me, lubriderm healing lotion, and i've even taking bendarly tablets....ONLY FOR IT TO WORK TEMPORARILY. The ish really gets on my nerve AT NIGHT! I am tossing and turning....itching and burning........CANT WAIT UNTIL IT SUBSIDES. I can manage pain.......BUT THE ITCH....jus makes me feel so disgusting......OCD moment!!!!!

So, last night I have been researching fruits to...

So, last night I have been researching fruits to assist with the reduction of swelling. Of course I came across all the fruits thats high in water content...grapes, watermelon, honeydew, pineapples, and cantaloupe. So, I am going to try to eat nothing but fruits and nuts fo the next 3 days and see if it has any affect on the swelling. Wish me luck. Today is Day 1.

Confessions...since the beginning of the 3rd week....

Confessions...since the beginning of the 3rd week....i have bn doing line dances...wobble....booty wurk....biker shuffle...yet very lightly. Today I started doing belly rolls.....many would say i shouldnt be doing this, but i cant help it....im a dancer. I love to dance. And i feel so good doing it afterwards...plus i havent turn anything.

Here I am going on 4 weeks Post Surgery. My...

Here I am going on 4 weeks Post Surgery. My recovery experience has been good so far. The two issues I have are the lipo burns and swelling. Swelling has gone down significantly especially the swelling from the tummy tuck. Still experiencing some swelling from the lipo around the back area. Although I have already undergone the surgery I still find my self doing alot of research and following up on others experience. I have came across a few ladies who are issues....such as seroma....hematoma.....incisions opening up etc. All I have to say is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Some PS put ladies in a compression garment 3-4 days post surgery.....i ask myself why? especially when there is alot of bleeding and draining thats still occuring. Who would want something such as a compression garment squeezing the life out of a fresh wound (inicison). I know you have seen photos of women in blood soaked compression garments.YOU KNOW YOUR BODY MORE THAN THE PLASTIC SURGEON DOES! IF IT DOESNT FEEL RIGHT FOLLOW YOUR GUT AND IF YOUR PS KEEPS PRESSURING YOU AGAINST YOUR WISHES, FIND ANOTHER PS! While some women have put on their cg 3-4 days out of surgery, I waited a week in a half out until my incision closed up some. If you visit the websites that sale post operative compression garments that state when the garment should be worn....typically stage 1 is two weeks post sx and stage 2 is 3-4-6 weeks post sx. Also limit infections by showering a week after sx and massaging neosporin on the incision. If your drains start to irritate you alot like mine did....remove them. Good luck!

Before having surgery I worked out everyday....it...

Before having surgery I worked out everyday....it was a habit that i loved and enjoyed. Now that I haven't been able to work out for almost 4 weeks due to the surgery of course....I FEEL FAT. Eating and not exercising IS NOT FOR ME! I can't wait to WORK OUT! Its killing me.

The more compression the better, right? At least...

The more compression the better, right? At least that's what they tell you. Well, here is somethings that I have noticed when wearing my cg. I have bn able to wear my cg as tight as it will fasten for a while now, but whenever I do, I notice a little bit of oozing (specifically where the drains where located) on the incison. Now the cg doesnt feel constricting, straggling, or painful when I fasten it tight (at least not to me)......but that perhaps doesn't mean the same for my incison.....I guess. So, lately, I have been wearing my cg on the first row of fasteners.....a little loose, enough to slip a finger through, yet more comfortable and it doesn't cause any oozing to the incison. It seems as though too much compression is not good for me especially when the incision is still in the process of healing. Also, another thing that I notice when wearing the cg tightly....is that it localizing the swelling....which I strongly dislike. When tight, the cg compresses all the swelling down (south) forming a pooch.....i hate it i hate it......but ONCE AGAIN....when I wear the cg comfortable it basically evens out the swelling. WELP......IDK what else to say.....what are your thoughts?

Last night I noticed that I could laugh and my...

Last night I noticed that I could laugh and my tummy not hurt. It felt so good. I can also suck it in now. I just did it less than 5 minutes ago. I feel like I'm coming back together one by one. I am so happy....you guys just don't know. Now, if I can only manage the itching so that my lovely boyfriend can touch me without him starting an itch or two. Yea me!

No scar treatment used other than neosporin

No scar treatment used other than neosporin

1 year and a month later....tt, lipo, and fat grafting to the hips/butt dra. Cardenas

It's been a year and here I am. Still love my results, would love another visit 2 years from now. Currently searching for an outstanding breast doctor in Texas.


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