Sitting advice from vets?

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I have hated my flat butt for years. I exercised...

I have hated my flat butt for years. I exercised like crazy to build it. Squats, lunges, glute machine, hip thrusts with big ol barbells. Slight improvement. I looked up weightlifting info. Reality really hit me that DNA is the main predictor of your form when I read an article how a top butt model got into modeling. I was looking for exercise tips. Turns out her butt was always like that, just a little work and she was a champ.

So then I stumbled across the Brazilian butt lift online. I was floored by the results. This is what I want to do!! I am so excited!

I have been reading everyone's reviews and I am...

I have been reading everyone's reviews and I am just freakin out! I really can go from pancake to cake :). You girls who are done are looking so good! Ready to kiss my flat tushy goodbye and be a curvy girl.

Does anyone have a comment on garments that they...

Does anyone have a comment on garments that they love or hate? A$$ out or in the garment better? What about foam? Or point me to a good existing discussion on this topic?

I scheduled my BBL for December 11!!!!! Headed to...

I scheduled my BBL for December 11!!!!! Headed to TJ with Dr. Campos. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told my guy that I went for a consult and he thinks I am crazy to even think about this. He is like are you kidding people DO that???? Now I gotta tell him I am actually doing it for real. I hope that goes well, wish me luck there. He does like a nice big butt so I am sure he will enjoy the end product! I am not telling anyone else like my mom or anyone because I know I am going to get negative vibe. I don't need that! That's why I come here to talk to you girls. You understand this.

Posting before pics. I am 5'6" currently 150 lb. Dr. told me I am at the perfect weight for BBL. I asked if I could lose any, he said I could lose 3-5 lbs max

I am waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting! Damn. ...

I am waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting! Damn. December 11 is soon but not soon enough if you know what I mean. I haven't bought any supplies yet. I got all this supplies info swimming around in my head from RS, will start taking action soon.

When I went for my consult with Dr. Campos he told me I have wide ribs so my waist can't get super tiny. But he said, it will be way smaller than it is now. I never even thought about wide ribs but I guess it makes sense since even when I am skinny skinny I wear a good size bra band.

I am thinking how to make it less obvious I had surgery to my coworkers. I am gunna buy some padded underwear and start wearing that after Thanksgiving. I am already in a waist cincher now. Then I'm gunna say I have been working out and dieting but I guess no one will notice that small increase anyway. Then when the bigger butt comes out after Xmas, hopefully it won't be a shock. I think I worry about this because I have too much time to WAIT and obsess! I hope this is not worth my time to worry about? I need to get obsessed with buying supplies instead ha.

What is you girls experience with coworkers and family? Did they go Hey, what happened, your ass is huge? I was thinking men at work wouldn't notice cause they do';t notice a new hairdo, shirt, etc. But on the other hand, it's a butt we're talking about! My family would disapprove so I don't want to tell the facts. I am sure my mom and brother would buy a workout/diet story but my brother's girlfriend will NOT! That girl has been trying like crazy to reform her shape in the gym and you know there is only so much you can do to move away from what god gave you. We talk about butt exercises and stuff.

Have a lovely weekend ladies.

I was so nervous but I finally talked to my...

I was so nervous but I finally talked to my boyfriend about this for real. A month ago I went for a consult and I told him about that, which he thought was CRAZY, but he didn't take it too seriously. Now I brought it up and got it all out there and he knows I want to do this. I was pleased that after some discussion he was supportive. Though when I was changing clothes that morning he comes in and says, show me what this problem you have is? And I grab my love handle and said this here and my waist are too big and I am not in proportion with the butt. I need more butt. And I have a dent in the side of the butt. He said I do not see anything wrong, he said my shape is well within normal types, and I damn hot at that. He was saying my love handle is so tiny, look at this (his love handle) now THIS is a love handle. Then he said, but that doesn't change your opinion, does it? And, the answer is no it doesn't. You know what though, I can see his point, because I think he is very sexy, imperfections and all.

But I STILL WANNA BIG BUTT!!!!!!!!!! YES BABY!!!! Give it to me!

Now, I never thought I needed his permission, but we live together and are a family so I really wanted his buy in and I do respect his opinion very much. So now I feel free to pursue supplies and a place to stay, etc. Exciting!!!

About my doctor, I chose him because I was looking at lovely BBL ladies and I saw a handful of Drs whose work I like. It also appealed to me to get a local doc in case I need seroma drained, etc. I was thinking Beverly Hills/LA but I decided on Dr Campos in Tijuana. Campos is local to me, and I LOVE his hourglass. So even though it's Mexico and some people worry about that, I am going there because he is a fantastic doc. I went to his office and it is modern and everything. I guess I am also comfortable with Mexico because people around here go there all the time for medical services so it is a familiar concept to me.

Even though I am close by to TJ, I plan to stay two nights before I go home. Because, I do not want to wait at the border crossing in a car for 2 hours, or wait in line to walk across the border for 45 minutes. Too much right after surgery. So I am looking at a recovery house. So far I got one quote for Beauty Care Recovery House but it is $180 a night for 2 nights = $360! Seems steep, I was expecting about $130-$150 maybe? Any suggestions ladies?

I want to lose 5 to 10 before surgery, other girls...

I want to lose 5 to 10 before surgery, other girls are struggling to gain. Damn I wish I could just give away this fat to you girls LOL that would be sweet.


Hey ladies

Anyone do this and have their man hate the results? Background to my question:

It has been a long time since I posted here. Ready to rejoin the community. I got pregnant when I meant to do my BBL last year. Then sadly miscarried the baby. Now 10 days away from my surgery.

My fiance is against it. He says I should learn to live with what god gave me. Yet he had surgery years ago on his jaw to improve his appearance. In fact he was the very one that gave me the idea or plastic surgery in the first place as he was talking about how lipo can get rid of another body feature of his he doesn't like. I was googling lipo with him in mind to see how much it was when I stumbled on BBL. Holy ** I was floored by the fabulous butts that can be sculpted.

We had a fight a few days ago about it which ended with him saying he would not get in my way, or leave me over this, but he is against it and don't expect him to get appreciate the results.

I want to do this for me, not for him. Yet he is totally a butt man so I think he will like it?! He said I have a lot more going for me than a butt can offer. I wonder will he reject my new shape?

So that's why my question - anyone do this and their man hates it? I don't want to hurt my man I love him so much.

7 days to go. Man problems.

7 days till my surgery with Dr. Campos!! I live very close to TJ so he is a great choice for me.

I want to be getting all excited, but my man is not happy with me. About a week ago we had it out about the surgery and he said he will not get in my way but doesn't support. So we have not mentioned a word between us about it since. We are still doing our other usual stuff, not like we are fighting or cold. I don't even want to get into it again, but I think at some point in the next few days I need to remind him of my surgery date. Crap this is annoying.

Anyone have any man advice?

I am also starting to think a lot about the recovery and I know it will not be a walk in the park. I keep telling myself, the worst of it is a week! Then after two weeks, much better! Then within 6 weeks I should be almost back to normal except with a round butt! YES!!!! OMFG with a nice BUTT!

3 days to go

OMG! 3 days to go!! Trying to prepare myself for the recovery. I know it will not be a walk in the park. Trying to tell myself just get through the first week. I keep noticing in reviews that most say they are feeling quite a bit better one week post. I am praying the surgeon's hands are steady and for no bad complications.

I'll be recovering at home as I live near my doc. I will stay overnight in the outpatient center and come home the next day.

I've been looking at you girls pix post op and the maxi dress kills it! I can't wait to look like that in a maxi!!

Forgot the mention, still not talking to my man about it

Still not speaking words about this with my man. Sigh. I will remind him of my surgery tomorrow and I hope we don't have another blow up. Think I will remind him by text when we are apart so my chicken ass doesn't have to face him if he gets upset again. Let him calm down off on his own. I hate to see him get upset, breaks my heart.

2 days to go, doubts and worries!

I finally reminded my man that I am going for my bbl Wednesday. I texted him a seriously long ass emotional message. This may be the longest text in the history of man. which ended with me saying don't tell anybody. His whole reply was: ok. I won't. I hope he's not mad when I get home.

I am getting worried now with less than 2 days to go. The reality of complications like seromas, swelling, infection is weighing on me. What if my skin on my stomach doesn't reattach nicely? What if the result is very uneven? I knew these possibilities all along. I wonder if my fiance will become more supportive? Damn I feel lonely in this. Glad this board is here.

one day to go

This is surreal my body I had all these years is going bye bye. Wow I can't believe it. Goodbye weird shaped ass though you have served me well. I am praying for good health and no complications and for a fine ass.

one more prayer

I also pray my man comes around soon to be supportive.

the day is here

Waiting for my ride to the docs, sitting on my ass for the last time in a while. Nervous, excited, grateful, scared. I hope this thing comes out good.

My fiance is a little better support wise as of last night. I can tell he is worried for my health and safety. He's at least speaking to me. Hopefully he will step up when I get back home tomorrow.

Ok ladies, talk to you on the other side.

Thanks for your support ladies, you're pretty much all I've got right now since the mister is being how he is.

1 day PO - surviving

I made it through. Don't feel real good. Stiff/sore. Think I will go for a walk and see if that will loosen things up. Staying in one spot doesn't feel too bad, but changing positions is a big Ouch. Will update a lot more when I am feeling up to it. May need more pain drugs to make this work.


Ladies, I got my butt 4 days ago! It is swollen and bruised but nice and juicy! I am not going to post a pic yet cause it's too bruised up. It is kind of weird and hard, too.

I am hurting. I need some encouragement. The worst of the pain is over. My skin is numb in some spots. I am sick of this surgical drain and it doesn't come out till Wednesday (2.5 days from now). For some reason I am trippin on the drain. It doesn't hurt at all. It is just weird. I want it gone. It is still draining but it will be ready to come out Tuesday for sure and I gotta wait till Wednesday appointment. My lower back is swollen and numb. I had it drained once 2 DPO, will be drained again Wednesday 7 DPO. I would have had a massage/drain tomorrow but it is Mexican Independence Day and the offices are closed.

This shit is hard.

I'm going to post my whole story and on an upbeat note, just got to get through a few more days I hope the light is near, or will this pain and drain and numb and swelling last forever like it seems?

Currently my waist is actually slightly bigger than pre op due to swelling. Before measurements: waist 30, hips 39. Today: waist 31, hips 43.

Sitting advice desired

So I can avoid sitting 100% for two weeks. Then I have to go back to work where I have a one hour meeting I should sit for so I don't have to explain anything weird. Is one hour after two weeks gunna kill my new ass? Then the next day I have another one hour meeting. I can stand the rest of the time. I wonder if I can somehow use a pillow without looking too weird. Vets, any advice?

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