BBL in Mexico- Dr Campos - Tijuana, Mexico with pictures!35 yrs old, one child, fitness addict...

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I have done a lot of research these past months...

I have done a lot of research these past months for the BBL. To be honest I am already happy with my shape. I'm quite active and fit but I have always wanted a bigger butt. I have stopped working out a few weeks ago to gain a few pounds as I do not have enough fat for the procedure. First I wanted to have this procedure done in the Dominican Republic with Dr.Yily but I changed my mind not because she is not a good surgeon, I actually love the results I have seen so far, but after having been in contact with Dr. Carmina Cardenas, I just feel that she is the right person for me. I am currently taking Iron tablets and Folic Acid as advice by Fatimeh, the Dr's assistant. She seems really nice and explains everything well. I will post more as for me I am just preparing my body for the procedure by eating healthy.

My consultation in Tijuana

Hi guys,

I went to San Diego 3 weeks ago and I booked a consultation with Dr Cardenas. Gabriel from Beauty Care came to pick me up from my hotel to San Diego and drive me to the clinic. It just took us 20 minutes to get there. He was really bubbly and friendly with a very soft voice. I really enjoyed his company. I stayed in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego it really wasn't far to get to TJ. When I arrived there, first impression, the clinic is really nice and clean, modern and the staff friendly. I was just relieved to see that the clinic was real and really existed. Lol. I was asked to fill out medical questionnaire by Fatimeh the assistant. She is really nice. I had to wait 15 minutes and was asked to go to the Dr's office. She explained the procedure to me, I asked all the questions I had. She was patient, took her time. I took my clothes off for her to see the areas I need to be improved. She said that I do not have a lot of fat to be lipoed and that she could only transfer 600cc per cheek. She wanted me to have realistic expectations. She said that she could give me a rounder butt but it wouldn't be a big booty. These are the pictures I sent her 6 weeks ago. I work out a lot, I am happy with my shape and despite doing squats like crazy my butt is too flat. I'm happy with the rest of my body though. I'm not perfect but I have one child and I do my best to keep things under control. I have just always wanted a bigger butt... Please do not judge me. Some of my friends think that I don't need anything done, I am maybe a bit vain or insecure. I just want to be happy and confident... I'm not sure I am still going to have the procedure done.

Wish Pic

Oh when I was in the waiting room at Dr. Cardenas' office I met a nice girl who was just on her way to surgery for a BBL second round. She was really happy with her results, she had a Tummy Tuck as well and bbl the first time around. Her name on RS is getbody. Thank you getbody for your tips and advice. It was nice to have met you :)))

Changed to Dr. Campos!!!!!!!!!

Dr Cardenas was amazing as a person, very sweet and patient and if you just need lipo and especially a Tummy Tuck, she is one of the best I have heard while in the San Diego/Tijuana area. She is also good with the BBL but I have been told that the masters are Campos, Pantoja and another one. I can't remember the name.

I have now booked with Dr Campos for the same date because the reason why I am doing this is to have a bigger butt. I love his results from the pictures I have seen so far.

A few weeks ago, I did not want to have the procedure done anymore I was so unsure but these past days I have made up my mind and I want this so bad. I have put on 5 pounds during the past 6 weeks. Dr Cardenas and Dr Campos have not asked me to put on any weight. I just decided to put on a bit. I have received a quote from Angie last week and I am going to make a deposit tomorrow. I am so excited!

Deposit paid Dr Campos, TJ

Hi guys,

I paid my deposit today!!! I am so excited... I hope I have made the right decision!

I sent an email to Angie to let her know that I have transferred the money into the account. She replied promptly. So far I am very happy with the communication I am having with her. She always gets back to me on time.

BBL not permanent?!!????

I spoke to Havanagirl here on RS. I came across her profile and was intrigued by her review. She has had BBL done in the past. She says the result is not permanent. You lose all the fat within 6-8 months. She told me to save my money. She ended up doing butt implants in the end. Her results are amazing!!! I then started reading a few reviews here on RS about butt implants and realised that many of the girls have tried BBL but lost all the fat within a year!!! Some went for a second round and it still wasn't permanent. They then opted for butt implants. It would be nice to hear from a few girls who have had permanent results. I am putting my body through all this for a permanent result. I am hoping that some people are lucky and that I belong to the ones where the fat stays.
There is something else, I am cuttently not happy with. I have paid my deposit on the 12th and sent Angie an email, I have not heard from her since. I hope my date is secured. I also sent my blood results and she has not replied. I know my results are good so I'm not worried. But if they weren't and I needed to adjust something or take supplements it would be really bad to ignore my emails. Funny how quick she was to reply when I needed the bank details for my deposit. She always replied promptly. Hmmm not impressed! But I won't let that upset me...

Weight gain, body issues...

I have put on 10 pounds and I hope it will help with my wish of a bigger butt. I actually like my booty right now because it is bigger, rounder, juicier. I just don't like the bigger thighs and belly fat and fat around my waist. To have a nice "derrière" I need to be 10 pounds heavier but then I hate the rest of my body. When I am 10 pounds lighter as you can see on my pics, I love my belly and everything else apart from my butt. This is why I am having the procedure done!!!

Only a few more days to go! Flying out on Wednesday!!!!

I have spoken to Angie. I am good to go. She has received my deposit and labs. I am posting a picture I took today. With the weight gain my butt is fuller but seriously I need the lower back fat taken off now and the love handles. I didn't have that before!!! If my booty gets bigger from the transfer, I would be so happy! I think I have a good shape to start with. Dr Campos confirmed this from the pictures he has seen. It's already a bit like an hourglass already minus the ass lol.

I have lost a bit of the weight!!! :((((

These past 10 days I have lost a few pounds. I was eating healthier again because this is the kind of food I'm used to. I started feeling tired from all the junk I was eating previously to put on some weight. It is just not me! I like pancakes and French fries but just not everyday. As soon as I went back to my normal diet full of protein, vegetables and fruits, I lost some of the weight. I hope I still have enough fat for my BBL.

My quote

I have been asked to post my quote:

Lipo (3 areas) $3400 ( seen it at $2800 in another review, same Doctor)
Transfer to butt $800 (seen it at $600 in other reviews)
Facility $1200 (seen it at $1100)
Anaesthesia $500 (same)
Girdle $180 (seen it at $120)
Post OP Med $125 (same)
Optional arm lipo $1000 extra ( I don't need it though).

I think they have increased the prices recently or maybe I was overcharged? Any comments?!

Quote (part 2)

The other reviews were from 2013 so I think the prices went up in 2014.

It doesn't bother me to pay a bit more. It's still cheaper than in Miami where I wanted to go. I was quoted over $9000 just the surgery.

On my way to the airport!!!! :))))))

Posting a picture. Before the weight gain. After my 8-10 pounds weight gain. Like my booty better now but don't like the thick thighs, the larger waist and the fat on my back. Hope I have gained enough. Fingers crossed!

A few things I have packed...

-Antiseptic skin wash
-antibacterial soap
-vitamin c
-iron supplement
-Arnica gel
-Bromelain capsules
- few gifts for nurses and whoever looks after me :)))
-yoga pants

Also packed...

*Probiotics (Acidophilus)

Hi from San Diego

Hi guys!

I am in San Diego!!!! :)

I am meeting Dr Campos tomorrow. Just for a few checks that are still missing. I haven't done them. I need a urine test. I had only done the blood tests.

I took a picture this morning. If I can get my belly back to how it was before the weight gain... I have put on the weight just for my butt. I didn't need lipo. I do need it now though!!! I feel terrible... :(

Weight gain.

I hope there is enough fat now. I no longer fit in my clothes. I can only wear yoga pants now.


I went to the office today. Ronnie from Beauty Care arranged it all for me. They picked me up from my hotel in SD. At the border, I realised that I didn't have my passport. Border Protection said that I couldn't enter the US. I was stuck at the border. OMG! Ronnie drove back to my hotel by himself and brought me my passport back to the border and drove me back to my hotel again!!! He was very professional and calm. I didn't feel even for one second that I was bothering him! What an amazing man! Very educated and smart.

Unfortunately I did not meet Dr Campos today. I got there a bit late so he was already operating. The office is really nice. Tania looked after me. She is very pretty and very pleasant. I also saw Angie, even though we didn't speak much. She was very nice as well... I did my blood test, they took a urine sample and then I filled out some paperwork and then I left. I'm glad I went today. At least I know what to expect now when I go back for my sx. I still don't know where I am going to stay for my recovery. I was considering Club Med because I love the beach but I won't be going there anymore because I am not happy with Marvin. He refused to pick me up from SD and suggested I take a bus or trolley and walk across the border alone!!! He said he could drive me back to SD for $75. He didn't want to wait in the line and wanted me to go there alone!!!

I love Beauty Care for their service and I feel like I have known them for a while now.

Tijuana (part 2)

Marvin called me in the morning. I told him that Ronnie had arranged everything for me. I had to be at Dr Campos' office at 8am. There is a lot of traffic at that time getting from TJ to SD as people commute to work. That's the reason why Marvin wasn't "available". I did understand his reasons even though I was a bit disappointed that he would expect me to walk across the Mexican border all by myself. I wasn't mad or anything but I did appreciate Ronnie even more for agreeing to do it for me. He sent out Gabriel and drove me back Himself!! But what really put me off going to Club Med in the end that was Marvin called Gabriel while Gabriel was on his way to me to tell him not to pick me up and not to drive me to Tijuana because I was his customer! Really? Ronnie called me and was a bit confused but I reassured him that I was waiting and expecting Gabriel. What a shock! Marvin wasn't bothered to pick me up in the first place and now he was spoiling everything for me. It's my fault because I had told him that I was going to TJ with Gabriel. I couldn't believe he really did this!!

This review is based on my experience. I am not telling anyone what to do. I am only sharing what I have experienced so far. I'm sure Marvin is a great man but unfortunately I didn't get to discover the positive aspects of his personality. I felt violated and betrayed! I wrote him an email to tell him everything I wrote here. He apologised. I am not going to think about it anymore! But what a day!!!!

Last pre surgery pic

Hi my lovelies :)

This is going to be the last pre surgery picture that I am posting.

Will update after surgery. Wish me luck and thank you for your input. It really helps! I appreciate it a lot...


Thank you Lord!!!!

I had my sx this morning !!! Yesterday the original date was with Dr Cardenas but I haven't updated since I changed it. I haven't seen body yet. I'm still a lot of pain. Living in my stomach. Not really comfortable! Will keep you keep you up to date with pictures!

First pictures post surgery

Sorry a lot of typos in previous post... But it's the pain!

Surgery went well, I praise the LORD!

When I got there at 7:30, I was given some consent forms to fill out by Angie, then I received a yellow pill (from Isabela the nurse) to calm my nerves. She is very helpful and extremely good-looking with a perfect shape btw. i wonder if she's had some Campos magic***done :))))

Dr Campos introduced himself, marked me up and we discussed what i wanted to achieve. he says i look very good already bodywise and ge would'nt add anything to my hips. By making the waist smaller my hips, my lips will automatically have the right shape. He's very charismatic and good-looking. Then straight to surgery (2-3 hours) Woke up in a lot of pain, felt dizzy when I got up. Dr Campos was already gone before I woke up so I didn't get to speak to him abt the surgery. I felt it was a shame... But the nurses were there and very helpful too. They said that he wasn't far away in case of an emergency! Martin from Casa De las Lilas was there to get me. We drive home to the RH. I had a very tasty soup and a home made smoothie! I love it here!!!!!! Recommended!!! Only downside is it's quite far from the DR's surgeries and in case of an emergency (20 minutes by car), it could be inconvenient. But the Dr's office told me that Club Med is even further away. The closest one is Beauty Care. It's around the corner from Dr Campos, Dr Pantoja, Dr Cardenas. They all equally good I have just follow your heart.
My travel buddy says my butt looks good. It looks a bit flat lying down though on the pic. Will post more soon... I met her here and we decided to share a room. She had the same procedure done yesterday by Dr Campos! :) and looks awesome. I advised her to post a review here on RS.

New pics 1 day post

Casa de las Lilas

This place is amazing! They look after me so well, all the nurses and the Dr. as well!
Lupita ( I think that's how you spell it) looked after me all night last night. She washed my faja full of blood. Everytime I call her she's with me within 15 sec. I just took my first shower! She showered me like a baby! I am swollen and covered in bruises. The lipoed areas are dark blue. Started taking Bromelain tablets today. Thanks God I didn't do my arms. I would have passed out. i rely on my arms to get off the bed. I had lipo to my waist, belly, inner thighs and inner knees hence all the blood of my faja. Need to buy a spare one today! They sell them here at Casa Lilas. I truly recommend this house. It doesn't feel like a clinic but a home. Tomorrow I'm having my first massage! My skin feels so sore and my butt is hard like a rock! These pics don't make my butt any justice. It's hard to get the angle right. Apart from the ones Lupita took of me. All others are mirror selfies lol.

Day 2 update on my recovery house- Casa de las Lilas

Today was an emotional day for me! I kind of felt homesick. And I felt the pain a lot more today. I am extremely swollen now. I went back to my private room because sharing is nice during the day to have little chats but at night, I like being alone. Today my new friend, Ana, has had her first massage, mine is tomorrow. She sent me a message as soon as she was back from Dr Campos. I, despite the pain, tried to go down the stairs. Her room is downstairs. I'm upstairs. I see the Doctor (the owner). He isn't really nice btw. Just to be polite I tell him in my broken Spanish that I'm going to see Ana. He says to me in Spanish that she is tired to just leave her alone but in a very aggressive way, waving his hands at me! I tried to explain that she sent a message. He insists no no no! I went back up in pain. These stairs.... Sigh..... Unless you use the electric chair but you have to sit on your butt. 2 minutes later he comes up and tells me I can go and see her.( I texted her in the meantime to say that I wasn't allowed to go see her). So when he asked me, he came back up. I told him I'm no longer interested in going. He slammed the door on me in my own room that I am renting at $150 per night and said "bueno". his feelings hurt as if i just broke up with him after him begging me to come back. Lol. What a grumpy old man. He speaks no English so communication is difficult. He should have been listening instead of yelling in the first place. It is only us two patients here so we like to spend some time together. Now he is ignoring me and doesn't speak to me anymore! No problemo! I'm good at it too. After all the first positive impressions when I got here, I am not as excited anymore! The novelty has worn off. This is my third day here. After all the pros, I thought I'd share the "cons" with you. I would recommend it here ONLT if you speak Spanish. This is not a holiday. You are having surgery and there are risks involved. It is important to be able to communicate. I'm still happy here though mainly because the nurses are excellent. Only Spanish speakers though. I have had no issues so far. No infections, no blood clots, no blood loss so it's ok. Touch wood. Any major concern I don't think they'd be able to cope. The house has all the basics here like to change your dressings, clean your wounds etc. just basic stuff. And they make sure you take your medication on time, you are fed and clean. It is a home away from home. But I wouldn't see it as a medical facility.

Before and afters so far

So far I am quite happy with my results.

More pics

Day 3 - Shower time new pics

It has been so therapeutic updating my review... It really helps me with my recovery!!! :)))

El "Doctor" must have gone through some kind of metamorphosis over night. He is as sweet as sugar today!!! Thanks God, since being a mother, I have learned to forgive... Before I would have ignored him until I leave this place. Lupita my favourite nurse was on shift over night again. I feel so good! She is so wonderful... I am having my first massage this afternoon at Dr Campos' office! Will update later! Hope it doesn't hurt too bad! XOXO.

My first massage!!!

Today I went to Dr Campos office for my first massage with Joana. She is amazing! I wasn't in pain at all, it was a bit uncomfortable at times but I loved it! She is from Venezuela and also had her bbl 4 weeks ago with Dr Campos. I went with my friend Ana, she had a massage right after me! I also bought the epifoam today for $20. Dr Campos sells them. When we drove back I actually had a closer look at TJ. I'm getting used to this place and I'm in love with Mexico even though TJ is not a very beautiful city. It's very industrial but has its charm. It's mainly the people here that I have learned to love over the passed days.

When we got back at Casa de Lilas, el Doctor "Antonio" was already awaiting us. He was so nice to me that I almost felt bad... But only almost!!! Lol... I think he is a kind man. It's just for me being European I was really shocked when he shouted but he probably didn't mean to. It broke my heart when he said he would wash my feet for me today. Because of the massage I drained a lot and my legs and feet were full of blood. He took me to the shower and was on his knees rubbing my feet. I'm not mad anymore, I think it was his way of saying sorry! It is all quite emotional here. Recovery is hard. I sleep 2-3 hours per night max. Mainly because of the pain! The nurses here are very helpful. I can't praise them enough. Lupita, Maleda and Lolita. Then there is Laura the accountant. She is here in the office during the day. She speaks English. Today she taught me about the Mayan Culture in Mexico. I came here for a big booty but I am going back with so much more! I have learned that I am very adaptable. Any environment, any culture, I don't mind. The gated community where Casa de Lilas is located is actually kind of cute maybe I'm getting used to the dust everywhere and the pollution. It doesn't bother me anymore. I still don't like the area outside the gated community though! My Spanish has improved and I actually would love to learn it properly now. If you don't speak Spanish, I still won't recommend it here for you but if you have no issues with your surgery, it is ok. But the problem is you don't know beforehand if you're going to be ok or not!

Day 4

Good morning! It's 6:35 here in TJ. Lupita just woke me. Shower time!! Then I have to have breakfast already because of my tablets, they need to be taken with a meal. I'm having my second massage at 10am with Joana again. I just took a picture of my belly. It's looks better every day. It's still very swollen and sore though. So far, so good! It nearly looks like it did before I put on the weight for the bbl. :) xoxo.

Ultrasound massage

Today I had my second massage. It was an ultrasound massage today. It wasn't too painful and I felt good afterwards. Today's massage was with Adriana. She's very good and experienced. She also removed a few of my stitches. It's in the same building just on the 3rd floor instead of 5th where you would go for your surgery. It's really nice and clean. And smells so good! Really relaxing :) !!!


I have only posted "nice" pictures so far trying not to put anyone off. But recovery is not easy. It is physically challenging but also mentally! My knees are swollen and I can no longer walk. There is a lot of blood everywhere. Who told me to have lipo on my inner knees? Lol. I think arm lipo and knee lipo is the worst! It hurts a lot more than the belly or even inner thighs. I haven't done my arms but that's what I have been told! I am sharing pictures so you know what the deal is...

Liposuction of the knees ( Found this online)

"The knee may seem like a small area to be worked on, but like in any kind of liposuction treatment there are certain side effects and possible risks with a knee liposuction.

For example...

You’ll experience pain, tissue trauma, swelling and bruising for about a couple of months

It will take a few weeks before you get over the stiffness

Because your knees bear the brunt of your weight, you can’t be overly active before the time is right."

So I think it's all normal. I just didn't know it would take long. I thought it's just a small area and no big deal! Otherwise I wouldn't have done it simultaneously with all my other procedures.

Day 5

My knees are a bit better today. Lupita put some ice on my knees last night. I think it helped a bit. It's 9:10am here in TJ. Massage is at 12pm for me today.

Day 6

Good morning!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I started my period. I was dizzy and lightheaded. My blood pressure was low. El Doctor was worried and wanted to take me to an hospital but I said I'm ok. I didn't want to move or go anywhere. I would have rather died if I had to rather than going anywhere! My knees were swollen again. I was feeling depressed. El Doctor said it happens to a lot of the ladies recovering to go through a "mini depression". I felt really bad. I starting having doubts about doing all this. I was unhappy and ashamed with myself. Feeling shallow and superficial for not loving myself the way I was and putting my body through all this... Thinking about my daughter and was kind of bad role model I was having done all this... And so on. A dark day for me! I even wanted to delete my review! And not write anymore...
Lupita helped me a lot. I owe her everything right now. She is amazing! ;))))
Lolita the morning nurse is just ok but still nice. She is the best cook here though.
Maleda the day nurse is lazy, can be rude and not always helpful. She told me to stop acting like a baby yesterday because it made me "fea" (=ugly). She is knitting all day in front of the TV. She does the bare minimum but is still friendly when it suits her. If you're easy she's nice. If you are giving her extra work, she shows you that she's annoyed!
The pain is terrible so it is important to take the pain killers on time before the pain even starts. She always forgets. Yesterday she gave me my pills an hour late. I had to ask for them. She would have probably forgotten. She was watching some Saturday night Mexican show on TV. I was already in so much pain my body couldn't cope. Then I felt dizzy. And my blood pressure dropped.
I'm feeling better today. Much better! Sorry for being negative. But I have to be honest! Had I known all this before, maybe I wouldn't have done it! But it's a journey. There are good days and bad days!
My friend Ana went through something similar a few days ago. I felt good after sx. So I was thinking she was just a bit sensitive and homesick. Until it happened to me lol. I cried myself to sleep like a baby!
Please try to be with a loved one if you can! A husband, a sister, your mother... Someone who can be there for you! Right now I only have God and Lupita! :) Today is going to be a good day because that's what I have decided!!! I won't have it any other day...

Day 6 pictures

Lunch (salmon cake, Mexican rice, salad, grilled asparagus and papaya for dessert). All made by Maleda at Casa de las Lilas. Will miss the food for sure! :)

Didn't need a Tummy Tuck (TT)

My lovelies :)
As a mom, I do have a bit of loose skin on my belly below my belly button. Dr Campos explained that I could end up with some loose skin after SX unless I went for a TT. I personally prefer a bit of loose skin than a TT scar. Unless your belly is extremely soft and you have a lot of loose skin. I'm just very swollen at the moment... But I'm pleased with my results so far. I can't wait until the swelling goes down. :)

My buddy Pineda12 is on RS!!! Yeah :)))) Campos doll....

I met Pineda12 at Casa Lilas. She wrote a review yesterday with pictures. I love her results. Dr Campos is the best!!! I already had curves (hips+flat belly) before minus the "ass" (no culo lol)... So I might not be a good living proof of what Dr Campos can really do as a surgeon! Pineda12 had no hips, no butt but a belly... And just a pretty face!!!! Ha ha!
She is a new person now!!! Please check Pineda12's page and show some love... :))))) She left today!!! I'm alone now... :((((((
Thank you.

Day 7- Feeling better!!!

Hi again :)
I just read my previous updates and now that I am feeling better, I am actually glad that I am at Casa Lilas. It is extremely clean, they use bleach every day, they change the bed covers every morning! The food is great! My biggest worry was catching an infection and I didn't!!! They use gloves each time they touch you unlike other recovery houses. I feel really good now. I am able to walk and shower alone. I love my results more every day. The Doctor has been really nice and helpful. Yes he can be harsh and unpleasant at times. But he is also extremely meticulous and thorough in every other aspect as well. The place is clean!!!! He is on time, you get to your massages on time, no messing about, he is extremely professional!! If he was more fun and more laid-back everything else would also be different here. I didn't come here to make friends at the end of the day! I would still give Casa Lilas an 8/10.
I recommend Casa Lilas to all of you and if you need more info call El Doctor :)))
+1 (619) 342-7913.

Recovery Houses in Tijuana

For all the private messages I keep getting about Recovery Houses. Contact them directly for questions. Their details:

Casa de las Lilas:
+1 (619) 342-7913
+1 (619) 7525158
$130-$150 per night

Club Med
+1 (909) 266-1364
$775 for 5 nights then $100 per additional night.

Beauty Care Recovery House
+1 (619) 730-0295
$150 per night

Grace Recovery House (have no info). Just google them.

Recovery Houses Tijuana (part 2)

Beauty Care Recovery House
Tel: +1 (619) 730-0295

Worried about my butt getting flat!!!

I decided to cut 2 big holes in my Faja to allow my butt to "grow"... I felt that the faja was getting tight now. My butt is not as hard anymore, it is getting softer and it needs space! :))))
I don't know if it's going to make a difference but common sense tells me that yes!
Can someone tell me if its better or not? Thanks. I wanted to order a few with the butt out online and in the meantime my one will do. Thanks!!!!

Butt out vs butt in...

Does anyone know the advantages of each of the fajas? I need to order a few fajas but I am not sure if I should keep my butt in or out. Thank you!

9 days post- lost some volume but I'm still happy :)

Hi dolls,
I am getting lazy updating my page. But I know I am helping others. It's funny how once it's over it's like you don't want to talk abt it or think abt it anymore. The whole experience has had its negative aspects and you just want to move on...
Lupita (the nurse) took this pic this morning in the shower. My butt has lost a bit of volume. It looks bigger with my faja on. I haven't eaten much and probably lost some weight. I am not worried about it though. The nurses at Dr Campos' office told me passed the 1 month mark, it will look fuller again... They said I haven't lost the fat but the fluids from the swelling! Within the next 3 months it will keep changing constantly and they recommend avoiding the mirror!!! I'm still happy with my results and I love the little thigh gap that I now have!!! :))))

Goodbye Mexico!!!!

I left Tijuana yesterday. I am flying back home to Europe!!!

I am doing well, I am still happy with my results. Still stiff and not really able to move a lot though.

I have deleted my pictures. Please send me your email in a private message if you would like to see them. Thank you.

I went to Dr Campos' office yesterday and got my drain removed! I feel much better without it! I also had my last massage by the wonderful Adriana. It was so painful though!!!

Having a liposculpture and the BBL was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! The pain and not being able to move, the stiffness, the painful massages and so on. And the mood swings. I now understand why they ask you prior to this if you suffer from depression. Because if you already do beforehand, you'll probably feel suicidal after surgery!

Dr Campos wasn't there. He is still in Brasil, he went to a convention for Plastic Surgeons. That is really cool to see that he really takes his art seriously!!!


Just reposting my pictures because I have been told I have removed them too early :)
Sorry ladies!

14 days days post surgery today!!!!

Here pictures I took this morning!!! I am 2 weeks post! Still still, numb and bruised. Feeling better though. I no longer need pain killers. My knees are still swollen and are still draining.
Does anyone know if the butt will drop a bit? I feel that there is more fat in the top half and the bottom half!!!! Thanks... Other than that I'm still very happy with my results!

*Still stiff

Sorry typo in previous post.
I meant I am still stiff.

Question!!!! Please help!

Sorry typo in previous post!!!!
I meant that I feel that I have had nearly all the fat injected in the top half of my butt. I feel that the bottom half is still flat!!!! Will the butt drop??? Thank you.

3 weeks post and so happy!!!

I am 3 weeks post. I still sleep on my belly. My swelling has gone down a lot so has my volume. I have lost 5 pounds by watching why I eat as I had gained 10 pounds for the procedure! I lost a bit in my butt as a result but it's still a nice butt. It's not too big and I think it suits my frame. I wanted a sexy butt and nothing over the top. I just hope it stays that way and doesn't go down too much. On some days I feel that it's too small but overall I'm happy!
The girls at Dr Campos are amazing! They have replied to all my email promptly. I was a bit worried about my swollen knees. But my knees are nearly back to normal again. Isabel, Tania, Patty and Angie are amazing girls!!! I miss my massages by Joana and Adriana! Dr Campos has a good team!!! I love them...

3 weeks post :)))

More pics...

Back shots

I tried as good as I could to take a picture using my mirror... I can't do better than that... It's not perfect but it gives you an idea of what my butt looks like...

Nearly 6weeks post

Hi everyone!

My butt has finally dropped. It is softer now and looks very natural.
I am very happy with my results. The only thing I'm going to speak to Dr Campos about is a noticeable dimple I have in my right butt cheek. I don't know wether I need a revision for it. But you can see it through my clothes (fitted dresses). Other than that I love my results. I'm still a bit swollen around my waist but no more pain. I haven't started working out yet. My knees look really good, too. It was worth the pain. I really do recommend Dr Campos to everyone. :))))

3 months post!!

I am 3 months post today and my booty is still there. I haven't lost a lot of volume since my last update. I have started working out 4 weeks ago and I feel great. I still still have a crease in my but cheek and I am going to email Dr Campos about it. I no longer put on weight in the areas where lipo has been performed however I have noticed that when I put on weight it now goes to my upper body (arms and upper back)... And booty which is a good thing. So I am working out and watching what I eat most of the time because of my arms. Maybe my arms also look bigger now because my waist is small. I am no longer posting pictures because everybody's noticing my butt and I like to keep things private. I want to like to stay anonymous.

5 months post and still happy

Hi guys,

Just a quick update!!! I'm
still very happy with my results. My butt is still there, I haven't lost any volume since my last update. I get a lot of compliments and attention. It is sometimes annoying because they are people you don't want the attention from. But well you have to deal with it. Overall I would say that I am more confident and more comfortable with my body now. I have a new boyfriend, too and he loves my ass. I haven't told him that I have had anything done... He hasn't asked me even though I think it had crossed his Dimple is still on my butt though. I am also working out, doing a lot of squats and butt exercises. I am no longer posting pictures. Please inbox me your email address for pictures. Good luck!

6 months post update

I am 6 months post now. My volume is still there. Haven't lost much. Overall I'm very happy with my result. However I no longer put on weight on my stomach and waist area because of the lipo. I have put on weight in areas where I never had any fat before like on the backside of my legs, below my butt so I have a bit of cellulite there now even though I had none before this surgery. Ladies if you have this procedure done, you are going to have to work out regularly and watch what you eat for the rest of your life otherwise you will put on weight in other areas!!! I haven't put on a lot, just a few pounds. I work out regularly! But I haven't been consistent with my healthy eating. And it shows! I don't regret having it done. I love the way I look and how my clothes fit now. Curvy and sexy. And my boyfriend is very jealous now because of all the attention I get lol. It has definitely been positive for my relationship and my confidence. Good luck ladies :))

One year post !!!!!

Hi ladies!!!

I haven't lost any volume. My butt is still big and round. I'm very happy with my results.

The dimples are still here. I hope it doesn't get worse over the years. I still work out and watch what I eat. I'm worried that my butt might sagg over time and I understand why Kim K wears Spanx 24/7 for extra support.

I'm no longer posting pictures because I would like to remain anonymous.

Good luck with everything.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Campos is a very skilled Doctor. I am glad I picked him. I am extremely happy with my results. I would give Dr Campos 5* for his skills and my results. However, the last time I saw or heard from Dr Campos was before I was put to sleep for my surgery 8 days ago. We had a 15 minutes consultation. When I woke up, he was already gone. I have not heard from him since. No phone call. No email. Nothing. I had my follow-up appointment today but when I got there, I was told he is out of the country. He went to Brasil to a Convention for Plastic Surgeons. It was all a bit unfortunate and based on that I could only give one star for time spent with me... I was seen by a Patti and Isabelle instead. They are both amazing, especially Isabelle. She is a really nice person, always smiling and explains everything well. I would have loved to discuss my results with Dr Campos and feel it's a shame I didn't get the opportunity.

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