2nd round with Dr.Pantoja breast lift with implant and more body grafting

I'm looking forward to BBL, full back and arm...

I'm looking forward to BBL, full back and arm liposuction with tt. I actually narrowed down my Dr's to three. Dr. Pantoja, Dr. Luis Salas, and Dr. Campos. I first contact Dr Campos office through email and the office never responded. So that was that. Then I had Salas in mind but I had 2 relatives who weren't too please with his work. His office is very pretty and fancy his staff is great! but lady's do your research! My relative had to go twice to,fix her breast and the other has the left cheek bigger than the right from BBL. Anyhow, I'm only speaking from experience. I was absolutely please with Dr. Pantojas consultation. He quickly answered all of questions didn't rush me out of his office as I have some heart issues which he quickly address. He also suggest that I wait since it's only been 6 months after delivering my baby. I also nurse so he suggest that i give my body 2 to 3 more months. I felt absolutely please and felt that his priority in fact is his patients health and not their pockets. He suggest that I do an echo cardiogram with full lap from the US. Before attempting to perform my surgery. He amazed me I wish you all have that experience with your Drs. And I'm 100 % sure I'm making the right choice. I've been researching for the past 6 months and I feel confident and sure of him. Will post pic later of my body. He will see me on January 16 to make sure I'm in perfect condition for surgery and to discuss my echo cardiogram results. This second consult is free of charge by the way. I'm excited and can't wait for this.


Current pics of my body

post surgery pic and wish pics

Post surgery and wish pics

surgery with Dr. Pantoja on Feb 11th

My bbl pillow just came in the mail was pricey hope it's worth it.

"Our friends house" it is

I was debating between 2 recovery homes, but I've made up my mind after months and months of research. Our friends house it is. Ice read nothing but good things about them home I don't regret it.

10 more days for that big booty, and flat tummy.

I'm soo nervous, scared, and excited! It's hard to process all of this. Any advice on what to expect from this procedure? I wonder if I'm missing anything?

wanted t to share my BBL pillow

Feels like hard foam pretty comfy though seems kinda small my thighs stick out from the sides. Idk 105 bucks was kinda of a lot.

scary pics of my square but totally different with and without clothes

Been working out really hard and watching my eating habits. It's hard but I've started substituting for more healthy. Hate my butt and the saggy skin from my 3 pregnancy.

one week and a half away from surgery

I'm nervous having anxiety. Okay here are some current pics of my body. I know some ladies asked for them. Hope my results are stunning.

7 more days till my surgery with the Butt Dr. Pantoja

I've been feeling so tired have lost lots of sleep over this. Tummy, and bbl, I've heard liposuction of the arms is the worse. But hey beauty is pain right no going back.

getting packed up for surgery on Thursday.

just got a call from Pantojas office

So I just got off the phone with his assistant Hannia,to confirm my surgery for next week. This is the 3rd time she calls in the month of January up until today. to make sure I'm OK and If I have any questions regarding surgery. She said I should go in comfortable clothes like sweatpants. Not to eat or drink anything around 10:00pm prior to sx. I said I've been having lots of anxiety she said once they get the IV going they would administer the medication and I should be feeling relax. So I'm feeling excited. Can't wait.

2 more days until my surgery and I'm a nervous wreck!!!

It's Monday around 5 am can't sleep. All I can think of is what if something horrible happens? I would be leaving three beautiful children behind. I'm a mess but at the same time I want to do this. I've sacrifice sooo much for everyone else I feel that it's time to take care of me for once. I don't think I've ever wanted anything this bad. My husband supports my decision but of course he tells me it's your choice your fine the way you are. I know that's not completely true. I know I can make myself look better and feel better too. I believe the most important thing you must know when having surgery is being mentally prepared if not you'll be like me a complete mess! Dolls I can really use some motivation and support right now please. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

post surgery supplies

I have 3 type of Arnica ointment and gel. I do have a favorite that works magic I purchased it in Mexico it's green. I'm also taking tea bags such as Ginger, Arnica, and Aloe. These teas should help me with the inflammation. Vitamins well Dr. suggest that I only take iron pills and a woman's multi-vitamin everyday "pre-surgery". Now ( post surgery) I'll be taking iron, multivitamin, B12, not sure if vitamin C is safe I read on here it can cause blood clot not sure how true that is but I'll ask Dr. and I'll be taking my own strong pain meds. My sister had this procedure done and said, the pain medication her dr. Prescribed her in tj didn't do much for her. She was in sooo much pain she cried. She thinks Tj pain meds. aren't as strong as US. she said she could feel everything as far as pain. She started taking vicodine and Norco twice a day. She said it helped her very much and that's how she was able to manage her pain. I also have cocoa butter and maderma for scar and itching. A small travel kit with shampoo, hand sanitizer tooth brush and paste. I think I'll go buy my antibacterial body wash today. Not sure if I'm missing anything? I have a boppy and a bbl pillow I order online I'm taking both just in case. I'll be staying at Club Med for 5 days I'm taking a few bath ropes and pjs and slippers. Oh and I order foam pad on Amazon that go's under your garment but isn't here yet. I heard it makes the garment way more comfortable and tummy tuck incision so hopefully it gets here on time. I think it was like 7 bucks I order 5 of them cause they are kinda of small. Well that concludes my item list. Ladies if I missed anything please let me know. Thank you all.

just few of the post surgery supplies

Anti-inflammatory items- Lots of Ginger tea, and Arnica tea. I'll be taking pineapple juice and hopefully eating it too. Arnica gel and ointment.

prepping my body before surgery tomorrow

So I heard this Aloe Vera is really good for healing. I've been drinking this everyday for the past week. Purchase at Walmart.

hope dr. pantoja can give me when of these butts tomorrow

doing my labs

Almost there

video of Dr. Pantojas building

Still waiting feeling anxious a day excited. All kinds of emotions are going through my head.

time to wear the gown

Feeling I'm ready to get this over with bring it on.

IV is,in

Dr. Just started Antibiotics

Dr. pantoja about to transform this body

Here's my body before surgery

hello dolls I just woke up from surgery 5 min ago

Sorry for typo I'm in pain my stomach feels,tight . I feel disoriented ND drugged up I can't wait to see what they've done surgery seemed longer than expected. Thank you for being so supportive . You all are the best. The Dr . bedside manners are incredible

one day post tt and bbl surgery. # team pantoja

I can't see my my body as I'm still in bed I feel sweaty in my crotch and legs I wish I could shower. I wanna see my behind and stomach.

finally having some finder tea with salted crackers

PANTOJA'S NURSES are awesome. They are extremely helpful and compassionate. My nurse's name is Carolina she's very sweet and kind I love her! Can't forget about Juantia she gave me a massage pre- surgery she's amazing and has great hands! I could be my bones popping. She's said mija te estas desarmando lol it was a joke we both laughed I said yes kids will do that I'm under so much stress with my children at home typical mother. We talked a lot and motivated me for surgery. Request Juanita for massages.

one day post surgery

She's taking really good care of me

time for breakfast at Pontojas

Well here I am feeling the pain now. When i walk it starts to hurt. I hate laying on my butt.

Feeling pain right about now. I'm an official Dr. pantoja' doll

Well as most of you lovely dolls know. I had surgery yesterday 02 -11-16 around 2 30 pm. Was about 4 hrs long. I was so nervous when dr. Was walking me to surgery room. Dr. Pantoja's surgeon or team not sure what each of their specialties were Cardiologist,anesthesiologist ect. Were fantastic! Anesthesiologist came to my room first talked to me about the anesthesia. How he would administer it. Let me just say I've had an epidural with both of my kids it was painful but with this guy I swear I didn't feel a thing. He was great! And funny too. All these guys are awesome. Dr. Came by my room 3 times today. I am the biggest Winnie when comes to needles thats why i dont have not one tattoo on my body but i would like one and to be honest this is my very first surgery. I took it like a Champ, if I did it you girls getting ready for future procedures will definitely rock yours! Trust me. :) and ur out of it through it all so no pain. Recovery is different.

video of Pantojas recovery room

short video recovery room at pantojas
well just wanted to share a short video of pantojas recovery room. Today I get discharge and Marvin will be in to pick me up. I've been drinking my teas and Aricare pills that go under tongue and dissolve. It's almost 7 am I think not sure. Almost time for my shower which I've been dying for I feel smelly and sweaty can't wait.

last day at pontojas. time to with Susanna at Club Med

I'm so glad I choose Dr. P they really pamper you here. Like said bedside manners are incredible!

I'm at Club Med now

Best decision ever! Suzanna and her staff are amazing so caring and compassionate. I'm glad I chose them
. The view of beach is beautiful. I final seen my body with garment I look amazing!!! Big hips nice butt. I'm so happy!

2 days post

This is all for now ladies sorry

3 days post surgery still very swollen

Well I feel much better. I had a drain massage today. I was retaining lots of yucky stuff on my back. I can still feel some in there actually a lot in there. I felt so much better after the nasty drain from the back lipo. Anyhow I miss my kids and I should be good by Thursday.

Dr pantoja doll 4 days post tt bbl hip

Feeling great

having my drainage with Lucy at Club Med

This feels great! We'll worth the money my swelling go's down every time I have this.

drainage by Lucy at club Med

Feels great!

lmfao! how do you like my new look ladies

What a morning! So I started my period today now I have to wear this darn thong to hold my pad. well let's make the best of it. I'll model some later lmfao!

7 days post surgery Dr Pantoja

I'm so excited! Today I was able to take my garment off and give myself a shower I was so happy!

tummy tuck with Dr Pantoja before and after surgery

Wow! This picture truly scares me! I never realized how big I was I was only 5 days post surgery. I can only imagine what I'm going to look like without the swelling.

more before after pics still very swollen Dr. pantoja doll!

Soo swollen in my back and it hurts like hell! He had to be very aggressive with the lipo on my back and make me a sexy tummy.

Dr Pantoja Doll bbl tt, ect,

11 days post surgery still very swollen and have lots of back pain. Dr. Did an awesome job! Was very aggressive with back lipo. Tummy tuck healing great! Hardly draining now.

15 days post surgery Dr. Pantoja Doll!

I'm finally feeling more like myself. Today I woke up feeling energetic and less tired. Here are some before and after pics. Tummy tuck bbl back lipo, and legs

21 days post surgery in tijuana at Dr Panties officr

So sorry ladies I haven't been keeping up with you ladies. I've been super busy trying to recover and it's been extremely hard with my kids there's hardly anytime left. Anyhow I'm in tijuana Finally had my drain and stitches out. Dr said everything looks great! Healing perfectly fine! I also had a massage today with Dr assistant and it helped me out a lot. Right after my massage I was able to move around more and stand straight. It's been extremely hard for me but I'm a tough cookie. Will post more pic later. I'm thinking of staying another night here in tj. Just to get another massage before heading home I highly recommend them ladies they are well worth it make you feel like million bucks. Trust me invest in these massages at least the first 2 weeks of surgery for better results. Will post soon dolls.

Dr Pantoja doll 3 weeks post surgery tt bbl ect

These are the most recent pics. I just tried on those white jeans yesterday. Still have my drain there.

Dr pantoja doll 23 days post tt, bbl

I'm feeling a lot better now. Still have pain from back liposuction I don't think that's going away any time soon. I'm now sitting more but not for long periods. I'm still very swollen Dr said give it about 4 months for final result.

1 month 8 days post sx Dr pantoja doll

Well like I mentioned earlier I'm taking it day by day still in lots of pain from back lipo. And I promise I'll keep posting I'm just so behind on everything during the whole deal with the recovery it's definitely not easy and with 3 children my hands are full.anyhow dolls I'll keep u posted

Dr pantoja doll tt bbl

Finally feeling better and getting out more. Still swollen from back. So far I'm loving my results love my hips and butt tt looks good but still very swollen from lower abdomen I might end up with fat down there only time will tell.

5 weeks 5 days post tt,bbl and other areas of body lipo

Hello dolls, well here I am posting to keep you dolls updated. So far I'm loving my results. Still have back pain well more like sore and tenderness from lipo. It's been so long since I've fitted into a small it feels great to shop for cute clothes and be able to wear it. I also must say this transformation has definitely improved my sex life a whole lot. My husband wasn't too happy with me doing this at first but funny how I can't get him off me now. Ladies if your considering this I advise not to think twice the only regret I have was not doing this sooner. Now my hubby is to worried about other men looking at me lol funny how that works. Well feel free to ask questions. Like I've mentioned before Dr. PANTOJAS IS THE THE REAL DEAL love that dr. Can't wait for my boobs

almost 2 months post tt bbl

Well feeling much better. I like feel that when I'm outdoors on a sunny day I start to swell so I try to avoid that. Anyhow here's a quick pic

feeling great!

So I'm pretty much over the back pain. It's minor now. I message Nadia today she said I should continue to wear my garment. Wow! 2 more months with this thing stuck to my skin. Anyhow here's my most recent pic most of the swelling is gone I'm so happy with my results I couldn't be happier I'm so glad I decided to go with Dr Pantoja. Absolutely 100% satisfied plan on going back for my breast.

2 months post surgery

Almost there starting my first workout today.

4 months post tt bbl with Dr. Pantoja.

Ladies I gotta give it to Dr P I'm soo happy with my results. As time pass my waist only gets smaller couldn't be happier. Love my Dr. Can't wait for my boobs.

4 months post to bbl with Dr. Pantojas

I'm very happy with my results. I feel so much more confident. I honestly have nothing negative to say about my surgeon only that I wish I had done this surgery sooner. I enjoy the beach with my 3 kids and confident wearing a swimsuit. Dr P. You gave me my life back.

yesterday pics. 4 months post tummy tuck bbl. Dr Pantoja

Well here a yesterday pic. I'm happier by the day. Remember go where ever u feel comfortable. First impression experience is everything. Mine was excellent by via email in person and after. That means a lot to me.

another recent pic 4 months post tt bbl

Doctor Pantoja transform my body.

4 months post tummy tuck bbl

Feeling amazing ladies! Don't over think the procedure if you have the money and can do it. Go for it! Best decision I ever made. I was too depress with my old body and now I feel like a new person. I'm glad I went through with it the pain was well worth it. If you ladies given birth before trust me I'd say natural birth is much worse lol.

loving my results Dr pantoja doll 100%

Love my Dr have an apt with him on Aug 9th for my breastfeeding can't wait!

2nd round with Dr. Pantoja

So I went in on August 10 to have my breastfeeding checked. Turns out I need a lift and considering a full D maybe a C not sure yet. Hope my baby starts walking she's 15 months old and I rather wait for her to walk lol won't make the same mistake that's for sure.

almost 6 months posttummy tuck bbl

Had tt bbl. Feeling fantastic.

Feeling fantastic! 8 months post tt bbl first round

Well im feeling great. Im actually going back to see him in November for more work. I feel 10 years younger. I feel so much better about myself dont regret this one bit. Pm me for more info. Cant thank dr P enough.

8 months post tummy tuck bbl

Ay doctorsito, como lo quiero y como a cambiado mi vida. I can go on and on about him. I am glad i choose him and that is why im going back to him for my my breast. Ladies hes the real deal!

Round 2 breast lift with silicone implant and more lipo from abdomen and maybe back.

So im schedule in November i was only considering my breast but while im why not take advantage of it. This stuff is defitnately addicting. Lol im going to have my breast done with a lift more lipo and fill my booty some more. Overall im happy but i guess its never big enough for some of us. Bigger is better so I've heard. Im scared of the lift with the anchore incision. If any of you dolls have done the lift with Dr. P PLEASE share id be happy to see. 1 month away from surgery all over again. Excited and desperate to finally end it and no more!

Pantoja doll 8 months post tt bbl

Feeling great, however, very sad how people begin to see you different and judge you for the surgery. I deleted all my social media sites because i couldnt stand the negativity i was getting. This something that made me very happy and has changed my life in a very positive way. I feel really good about myself. I take good care of my kids they always come first. I think i felt it was time to finally do something for me. Ive always given so much this is my treat to me. Intimately let me just say it changes in a very positive way. My husband always said i look fine the way i was i realize that was Bs! Not true at all. Trust me they do a complete 360 towards you, out in public in bed it changes all the way around. People treat u different in a good way and in a bad way. Lots of dirty looks from woman. Its crazy at first i felt bad that when i went out with my husbands other men what look. Im coping with my transfomation and im happy that i finally did something for me and not anyone else. Positve vibes to you lovely ladies out there and dont let the surgery change you. :)

Dr Pantoja Doll

Another selfie ladies. I guess its gonna happen Im schdule for my breast lift and implants with more fat grafting on november 2nd cant wait!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Great bedside manners and professional, caring. Do not regret the surgery and will only let this dr. Slice me lol.

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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