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Hey RS peeps! After 3 long years of stalking this...

Hey RS peeps! After 3 long years of stalking this site, I'm finally gettin my turn. I'm 28 yrs old. 5'8, weighing 186 lbs. :(. I have one son whom I delivered via c-section.

I've tried twice to book with Campos, but I had a hard time getting the proper info from his staff to deposit a payment in his account. I'm from Canada and have never done a wire transfer before. Every time I went to make a deposit, there was something I was missing. Time passed and money ended up getting spent, I got super discouraged and just gave up. I've always had my heart set on Campos. I've read some great reviews on Pantoja so I decided to email for a quote and got a response back right away, and they had all info needed to make a deposit in the package they sent me. I received my quote for $3800usd and paid the deposit that day. It was that simple!! Wish I would've went with Pantoja a while ago.. Could've been bootied by now.

My quote includes:
Lipo to the full midsection and arms.
Fat grafting to hips and buttocks.
1 night stay with meals
Room with wifi, TV, etc.
1 garment
Operating room and staff fees.

My date is August 27, 2015. (23 DAYS AWAY!!!) I'm so excited!! I seriously cannot believe I'm finally going! I've wanted this done so bad since December 2012! (When I first found this site)

I've made reservations for 6 nights at Our Friends House (Club med). I've read so many great reviews about Marvin and Susana. I am very excited to meet everyone. My mom will be coming with me. We decided since we've never been to San Diego, after my 6 days at OFH, we will go stay 2 nights in San Diego. If I'm up to it, do some exploring. So that's a total of 8 nights. I will be flying out of Ottawa August 26th. Of course, if I feel the need to stay longer, I will. I've never had any plastic surgery before, but I'm confident I will be okay after a few days. I've had a lot of medical surgeries in my life, and I've always recovered quickly. So here's to hoping!!!!

I haven't booked my flight yet, I plan on booking on the 21st. Just to make sure everything is set. My son is going to his aunty's. It all seems to be working out for me this time! Which is awesome!!

I also still have to do my supply shopping. I am not buying any garments till I get back, cuz I don't know what size I will be.

That's pretty much it for now. I will update more as the date gets closer!! If anyone has any advice or tips or any suggestions, I'm all ears! Also, If anyone is going around that time.. Let me know! :)

I am in the process of making my supply list. I will post that next update.

This is so exciting!!!

Added some pre-op pics.

Wanted to add some pre-pics. :)

Supply list (so far)

Hey RS dolls.

So I've started taking a multivitamin today. I live in a town house with 3 floors (4 sets of stairs) so I've been skipping stairs a lot whenever I have to go up. (A lazy workout) but by the time I'm at the top I feel the burn, so must be working lol. We're a pretty active family, we have a community pool here so we're always swimming, I'm always at the park with my son. But due to it being so hot here (finally) we've been pretty much sticking to the pool. Finally it cooled down a bit so me and my boy do evening walks (he bikes). We have 2 dogs too. So I take them for morning and evening walks and I have to take them at separate times cuz they're brats together!

This passed Saturday was my last time having a few drinks with my man (till 4 weeks post). I'm a night smoker (1-3 smokes in the evening) .. So I quit that too. Last one was Monday night. I'm gonna just try and quit for good. Since I'm not even a regular smoker. (I can't stand the smell during the day..lmao but yet I smoke when I have a drink or at night) weird.. I know. So yea, I should quit that.

So this is what I have for my list so far:
Iron pills
Arnica pills
Arnica gel
Tylenol pm
Non-drowsy gravol
Dial soap
Fenis (pee cup)
Charmin wipes
Pee pads
Probiotic shots
Karma waters x3
Tank tops
Maxi dresses (4)
Ace bandages (arm lipo)

Please let me know if there's anything you think I'll need. It's my first sx so I'm open to any suggestions.

I've been looking for lipo foam on Amazon.. But can't really find anything I want.. And the ones I did find were pricey. I'll have a better look again later. In the email from Marvin, it said they sell foam there? Also, I was thinking of just purchasing my boppy pillow there as well.

To the American RS Dolls, is Advil illegal in the states? (I'm Canadian) My go to pain reliever is Advil extra strength but I heard it's illegal in the states?? Not a fan of Tylenol. Since I'm flying to San Diego, I don't wanna bring anything I'm not supposed to.

Also, those who travelled by airplane, how was it on the return flights?

22 days away!! I'm getting so excited!! I have a big event im organizing (I'm an event planner) the 22-23rd. So I'm just excited for that to be over.. Get paid and then off to Mex the 26th.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted reviews and pics. It's been such a great help. I feel pretty prepared for what to expect, thanks to RS and the RS dolls. No nerves yet, just excitement!!! FINALLY ITS GONNA BE MY TURN! :D :D :D

Also, thank you for reading my review, I hope once I'm bootied and post my experience, it will be helpful.

August 27th!!

Ciao for now! :) xx

10 days and counting!!!!!

Hello Dolls!!

The countdown has officially begun for me!! 10 days till booty day!!! I'm so excited!!!

I've been pretty busy with my upcoming event this weekend so I still haven't done any shopping! :s

I head back to the city on the 24th, so I plan to do all my supply shopping the 25th. Last minute.. I know!!

I've been taking iron and a multivitamin. I've lost 5 lbs!!! Go me!! I'm not trying hard to lose weight.. Which I probably should be.. But I'm happy that the changes I've made are showing on the scale.

10 DAYS!!!!!!!

Ciao for now! xx

Pic from the weekend

My friend took this over the weeknd and I wanted to cry. Now that the day is coming soon, I have to admit sometimes I had doubts about going. I felt selfish for spending that much money on myself.. But after seeing this pic.. I'm like eff that I'm going!! I've put off going twice already.. I'm going this time! Can't wait. 10 days.

2 days and 12 hours till surgery.

Hey beautiful dolls!

So it's 2 days and 12 hours till my surgery and I have to admit I'm like super bummed for some reason. My son is at my sisters, I miss him so much and it's only been 1 day. I'm still feeling like this is selfish.. to spend so much money on myself. So I'm having a hard time getting excited. I fly out Wednesday morning. Idk what it is. I feel super bummed.

Anyway. So I booked my flight on the 21st. Sent my deposit to OFH via pay pal. I've googled about currency exchange. Stupid Canadian dollar dropped so that sucks for me! And this no drinking and smoking suck. Lol I need a glass of wine and a cigarette so bad right now. I feel like I just want this to be over with and I wanna be home.

Sorry! I'm such a downer right now. Lol. Boringest review ever. I will buy my supplies tomorrow along with some dresses. Pack my shit and be out to San D!

Can't wait to be on the other side. Wish me well beauty's! I need ALL the support I can get!


Fly out tomorrow!!!!!! :D :D

Hey my gorgeous Dolls!!

So yesterday, I was having a hard day. I just wanna thank all you ladies for your support. I really needed to hear all the sweet comments I got. Gave me some reassurance hearing that I'm not the only one who felt that way about going.

So today was a better day! I exchanged my money! I was worried about my budget trying to figure out the currency and rates and blah blah blah.. But turns out I have more than enough! So I was happy about that. Did some supply shopping with my mom, got everything I need.

I just found out about the bbl pillow from my sx buddy! I'm bummed that I heard about it so late... Would've ordered one. Looks like it works better than the boppy. I'll just be buying the foam and a boppy in Mex.

So I fly out tomorrow at 10:30 am.. Arrive in San Diego at 2:41pm. There's a 4 hour time difference I believe. My mom and I were talking about upgrading to 1st class on the way back, so I have room to stretch out and relax and not have to wait in line or anything. I was wondering if I should let them know I need assistance on my return trip? I know I have a transfer in Chicago.. And I have 44 mins to transfer.. What ya'll think? I'm thinking that's not a lot of time to switch planes.
Anyway, Marvin is picking us up at the airport and we are driving over to Mex and OFH, spend the night then off to my appt. at Pantoja's at 9 am Wednesday! Omg I'm so excited!!!! It feels good to finally be excited!!! Can't wait to be on the other side!! I just hope everything goes well, the trip home isn't a pain.. And I look smokin hot!!

So yea.. All packed and ready to go. For my trip, the supplies I brought were mostly meds, 3 maxi dresses, a pack of men's tanks, pee pads, pee funnel, antibacterial body wash, 3 karma waters, polysporin, lotion, shampoo, toothbrush etc. I didn't feel it necessary to pack a ton of supplies since I am staying at a recovery house.

Well!! I'm off to hang with my babe. I will update tomorrow when I arrive at OFH!


Made it to Our Friends House!!

Hey Dolls!

So I made it to OFH! And wow! Beautiful!! But first I'll give an update on my day.

So my mom and I flew out of Ottawa at 10:30 am, transferred flights in Chicago, then landed in San Diego at around 2:20pm local time.. Waited for our baggage and what not. Marvin gave me his cell number to call when I got in and he picked us up immediately. He is such a gentlemen and is very nice. He's gave us a bit of a tour on our way to Tijuana. For some reason there was a lot of traffic today (he said it was unusual for a Wednesday afternoon) so we arrived here at OFH around 4:15 ish. It's in a gated community, it's beautiful! The house is beautiful.
Susana welcomed us, we looked around and sat and talked for a while. She is super sweet! Her and Marvin are both very welcoming.

I met a girl who had gone to Pantoja for her round 1 and OMF she looks good!! Like dammnn good!! She's going back again.. I don't know why cuz she looks good! But it was nice to meet her and see her amazing results. I didn't think to ask her when she did her round 1.

So Susana showed us to our room, gave us the wifi password. There's a private bathroom in every bedroom. Our room has a view of the ocean. It truly is beautiful. After we relax and freshen up, Susana and Marvin are taking us for Tacos!! I told him I've been to Mexico twice already for vacations but have never had tacos. So they insisted on brining us. I can't tell you how beautiful it is here and how nice they are.

Pantoja at 9 am tomorrow!!!!!! Wish me well dolls!! I'll talk to you all soon!!


Some pics from today!

So Marvin took my mom and I out for tacos! It was absolutely amazing!! Best tacos ever! We also went to this market place so my mom could buy herself a 6 pack. Vacay for her. Lol. anyway. I'm off to bed. U

Made it to the other side!!!! Pantoja!!

Hey dolls.

So I made it! I'm bootied!!! I still haven't saw myself yet. I'm in bed on my belly, in the recovery room.

I just wanted to do a quick update and let everyone know I'm doing well.
I got here at around 9:15 am. Fabiola drove us. She's so sweet!! Met Hannia, she sent me downstairs to get my bloodwork done and I came back up to sign papers. Just to add as a reassurance.. The lab is totally safe, I have tons of tattoos and have had tons of blood work, so I did a quick scan before letting her prick me. They follow proper protocol using sharps containers and packaged medical needles.

I came back up and filled out papers and then Nadia called me in to take some pre pics. The cardiologist arrived and did my EKG. He said everything was good so it was just to wait on my bloodwork. Which didn't take long.. My mom and I then went in for my consultation with the Dr.P. He's very nice and funny. Nadia translated for us. He not only put all my worries at ease but also spoke directly to my mom as well, reassuring her I was in great hands. He then marked me up and Nadia brought me upstairs where the OR nurse then prepped me for sx. Got undressed into my gown, hat and socks then she gave me an iv and a pill to prevent nausea. The anaestheologist came in and spoke to me as well, then I waited for about 15 mins till they were ready and then went into the OR. They gave me my spinal block while the nurse gave me some sleepy medicine in my iv. Man I felt so relaxed. Felt like I had a great sleep anyway! I remember hearing some sounds of vacuuming but idk .. I felt super sleepy.. Then I woke up in OR when they were just finishing up and they put me in my bed and I slept for like 45 mins?? Anyway I woke up and my ribs were sore with like a burning sensation. My upper back a bit too. But it wasn't unbearable. They gave me pain medicine through my iv and I feel great right now. lol like I could get up and walk out of here.. I can fully feel my legs now.. Feelings been back for a while.

Doctor told me they gave me 1200 cc in each cheek!!!!! Ahhhhh! Lol. I didn't get to see myself yet or touch myself.. So I still feel chubby. Lol also, my arms aren't even sore and I got arms done.. Dunno what's up with that.. I hope they did them!

Texted my mom, they took her out for quesadillas again and took her to buy tequila for back home. I'm glad she's enjoying herself. She did use her vacation time to come with me. So I'm glad she's relaxing and having fun too. She really loves Marvin and Susana. She herself even feels at home there. I found their towels even smell like my moms towels. So it really does feel like home to us. I'm excited to get back there tomorrow.

Oh btw Nadia and Hannia are both sweethearts! Very gorgeous girls as well. I paid the remainder of my balance just after Nadia took my pics.

So far everything went very good. I'm really happy I chose Pantoja and OFH for my stay. I feel like I'd come back just a to visit even if I didn't have surgery.

Oh yea, when Dr.P marked me up, he said he would try his best to get my tummy as flat as he could.. He said cuz I have stretch marks and loose skin from my son it may not go as flat. But I'm totally fine with that.. My main concern was that cake!!!

Oh yea!! We saw Dolphins this am!!!!! From the living room window at OFH.
Well dolls. That's all for now. Hopefully they feed me and let me drink soon. They said I had to wait 3 hours after sx.

Post pics as soon as I see myself. Here are some pics so far.

Day 1 post op!!! :D lovin all that cake!

Hey gorgeous dolls!!

So I'm day 1 post op. And I'm surprised at how good I feel. I had a great sleep last night too surprisingly. I've read most girls have a hard time sleeping. Glad I requested that sleep cocktail cuz I slept great! Woke up at 6:30 am cuz it was like 10:30 back home. Drank some juice.. Relaxed for a bit. Then the nurse put me in my garment. When I first sat up and saw my body.. All the blood and liquid from the drains.. I felt dizzy and nauseous. So I laid back down for a bit. But then I got up and got my garment on. Then I had some fruit and more juice. Then relaxed till Pantoja came.. The nurse changed my padding cuz I was draining so much. Which is good apparently. Then Pantoja came in to see me. He's so funny.. Asks if my booty is too small! HAH! With 1200cc no way. I saw myself in a reflection when I was changing and I was so happy! My waist is small and my hips and butt are big! I know I'm swollen but I'm super excited for my results. They made sure I peed then they let me go home back to OFH.. I stood around for a bit.. Walked around the house.. Then came in my room to relax. Susana made her famous chicken soup and let me tell you!! It was so yummy!! Had some pineapple juice. My mom took some pics so I will post. But it's with garment and dress on. I will take more pics when I shower tomorrow. So far I'm so happy with my results. I can imagine they'll only get better. I know my stomach may not be super flat cuz I had a baby. But I'm fine with that. My main concern was having ass! :D
The longer I lay down the more stiff I get so I keep trying to walk around and go pee regularly. They gave me a catheter too while I was asleep.. Gah that's the only thing that bothers me is peeing after having a catheter.

Anyway. Gonna relax! I'll Update more tomorrow.

Ciao for now dolls! xox

Mom took more pics.

Mom took pics in garment only. Keep in mind I'm swollen and have padding in my garment.. Pics don't do it justice. Sorry for the blood. Drainage...

Day 2 post op Pantoja.

Hey dolls!!

So I'm day 2 post op. I'm feeling pretty good. Eventho I slept horrible lastnight. I'm tall so my garment straps were digging into my skin all night and my neck kept getting sore from laying on one side of my head.

So today I had a shower and my garment was washed.. I also had a BM today! Yay!! Lol. I added a sports bra under my garment and so far that's helped with the strap issue. My belly button looks messed up! But I'm still not small enough to use foams in my garment yet. Maripaz is off today so I have to wait till tomorrow to get my 1st massage.
My face was swollen this am.. My feet a little bit too. Fabiola made me an awesome western with toast this am. It was yummy. I was also up at 6 am here cuz it's 10 am back home! So that sucks. Wish I could sleep more. Gonna see if I can find a different sleep aide here in Mex. I took 2 gravol lastnight and it didn't help. Wishing I had that magic little cocktail I had at the clinic the other night. Shit knocked me right out and I slept awesome! Lol

As for pain, I've been alright. I'm only sore when I lay down too long.. Getting up hurts a bit and burns my back and some of my tummy. But once I walk around I'm alright.

I've noticed a little tiny bit of itchiness.. I have my benedryl tho if it gets any worse.. I'm drinking plenty of water and pineapple juice.

I'm so happy I chose to recover here at OFH.. Susana and her staff take such great care of me and my mom. I literally feel like I don't have to do anything. Gonna miss them when I go home!

Anyway, Mom took some pics for you all. My body looks pree cray right now. But I'm sure with time it will look better. So far loving my shape and my booty. Pics don't do it justice at all.

Well I'm gonna relax! Absolutely love it here! Susanas supper lastnight was amazing!! I LOVE salmon!!! Anyway..

Ciao for now bellas!! :) Xo

Day 3 post op Pantoja.

Heya dolls!

So I'm day 3 post op. I'm feeling better and better everyday.. Although I haven't been sleeping good. Lastnight I was so uncomfortable. I kept waking up. Belly sleeping sucks. Susana has this wicked pillow, so I was able to sleep on my back a bit. I woke up at 6 am.. Went for a walk outside down the street then I came back and slept till almost 9. So I'm thinking I need to walk more.

I had my first massage today with Maripaz. It felt weird.. In the lipoed areas. Hurt some parts. She drained me and took out my back drain so after that I felt relieved. I shrunk a bit but not a lot. I'm not using foams yet and I'm kind of worried.. Cuz I want my bellybutton to reattach. I have my post op tomorrow so I will talk to Dr.P about that.

Nothing really new.. Besides my massage and that with everyday I feel better than the last. Tomorrow I hope to do more walking. Seems to help.

I tried on a dress today and loved it. Super excited to be healed.

Anyway. Ciao for now! xo

Day 4 post op!!! :D

Hey dolls!

So I'm day 4 post op. I had my post op appt this am with Pantoja. Everything is great!! They removed my stitches and drains. I just asked how long I had to wear the compression socks and he said 2 weeks. He also said for me to start using foam today. I can feel I need to be drained. My massage is at 4. So I'm just relaxing, enjoying my delicious smoothie till then.

Going out today felt good but I felt exhausted from all the standing. I'm happy to be back in bed relaxing lol.

I slept good lastnight.. Starting to get itchy so I take benedryl at night.

I forgot my mom had taken pre op pics the night before. Looking at them today it was like wow! What a transformation!!! Pantoja hooked me right up! I'm so happy with my results. He's so humble and caring as well. Made sure all my questions were answered. He seemed very proud of himself when he saw me. I'm super happy at how I'm recovering. I haven't been in pain. Yea I feel stiff and sore when I get up after laying down for too long but besides the pain I was in when I woke up, everything has been great. Super happy!

So since I didn't post some good post op pics for you all! I'll post them today. It's a huge difference. I'll post more after today's massage. :D

Ciao for now!

Day 5 post op. Finally using foam!!!

Heya Dollies!!

So I'm day 5 post op. I slept pretty horrible last night cuz I napped yesterday. Got up, undressed and showered by myself. I came to San Diego today to catch my flight early tomorrow. Before we left I stopped at pantoja's to have my last massage with Maripaz. I keep forgetting to take a pain med beforehand, and always regret it during. It's very uncomfortable on the belly and the sides, the back wasn't as bad. I'm finally using an ab foam!!! Now that I got it in I'm thinking I should've just tried sooner! Hopefully my tummy heals right. Maripaz told me to start using them today.. Cuz my skin is reattaching. Anyone else have to wait till day 5 or later to use foam?? They put me in a medium garment, and I feel like they should've put me in a large. I don't feel like I'm shrinking yet. My garment is super tight that the straps dig into my shoulders cuz I'm tall. So that's an annoyance.

Me and my mom checked in to our room and then headed down to the Gaslamp Quarter for some dinner and shopping. Surprisingly I didn't swell! So I'm happy about that. Felt really good to walk too. I find laying down so much makes me super stiff and sore. I even took off my compression socks for the 2 hours we were gone. Got them back on now.

It's home time tomorrow morning at 6 am. I'm so excited to see my family!! Miss them so much.

I will post update pics at 1 week for you all!! Thank you for all your comments and well wishes. I feel great and I look great!!! I'm so happy! Definitely gonna miss Susana, Marvin and Fabiola! They were amazing during my stay at OFH.

My entire experience was great. I'm happy with all the choices I made. :D

Ciao for now!! xo

10 days post!!

Hey dolls!

So I know I been MIA for the passed few days. Shit was pretty overwhelming when I got home.

So the flight was long! Felt bad having to sit. I tried getting up and walking as much as possible. I notice my butt went down a bit but I also think it's from the swelling gone down too.

My bf broke his elbow when I left so when I got home the place was a mess, there was a mountain of laundry and the fridge was empty. So after getting the house back in order and my boy all set for school, I feel like I can relax now.

I still lay down on my belly during the day whenever I can. I stopped wearing the sock garments. I just sleep with them if I notice I'm swollen. i haven't been able to get in for a massage so I do it myself or my bf uses his good arm. I have an appt finally Wednesday!

I feel great! I feel like my normal self again. My booty doesn't feel weird.. Like it feels like a part of my body now. Lol.

Clothes fit so much better. Everything, I really could not be happier. The only complaint I have is this damn garment! I'm tall so the straps dig into my shoulders. To the point where it hurts sometimes. So I may look for a different garment once I'm like 3 weeks post. I still don't notice any shrinkage in my waist.. Could be cuz it's hot here and I'm still swollen. Still in my medium sized garment on the first set of hooks.. With foam.

Dr.P's staff emailed me yesterday checking up on me. So sweet. I feel like he genuinely cares about every patient. He's such a great doctor!

Ciao for now! xo

11 days post. Took pics.

Here's some pics I took today.

Dr.P told me to massage myself for 15 mins in the am and pm till I can get a massage. So I've been doing that. My belly looks better but still sticks out a bit. I know he took out a lot of fat so obviously it's not just gonna look all smooth right away. I notice everyday my skin looks better and tighter.

Still happy AF with my results!!! Love!!!!

Ciao for now!! xox

3 weeks post op tomorrow!!

Hey Dolls!!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry I've been gone for a bit. Things have been busy at home. My son started hockey, my mans still home healing from his broken elbow.

So tomorrow I'm 3 weeks post op. I'm feeling good! Looking good! Sucks cuz I was only able to get 1 massage when I got back!! Shits been so busy getting myself ready to start school in October, my son has hockey both Saturday and Sunday.. Plus the mans been at home so money's been tight. Pantoja told me to massage myself good everyday but I should be seeing a masseuse at least 2 times a week. So once shit calms down I'm gonna go as often as I can.

My ass feels like all me now. Doesn't feel so weird. In my head I think it's getting smaller but I think it's just cuz I'm used to it now. I've been sitting sometimes.. I sleep on my back on tons of pillows.. Or on my side with my boppy set up below my hip so there's no pressure on my hip. I seriously couldn't take sleeping on my belly anymore.. My arms were so sore, my face was often swollen and my teeth would hurt like as if I was grinding them. So I try not to lay on one side super long or anything.. I'll start on my belly then switch to my other 3 sides throughout the night. If that makes sense.

One thing I'm noticing too is if I am sitting and slouching too long.. My skin feels tight on my belly when I stand up straight. Pantoja told me to stretch myself out when doing up my garment and that will help. I didn't notice but u guess I was leaning over too much when I was doing up my garment. I'm on the second sets of hooks now. I feel so duh! Like I should've tried it sooner. I only tightened it yesterday. I noticed this am I shrunk.

I still never got a chance to weigh myself.. Or measure myself. I will do that soon. Oh yea, I walk about 3 miles a day.. Or try too. I've been eating super healthy.. Basically chicken breast and salad. I love them both so much so I don't mind. Today, I had pasta with a garlic avocado sauce I made.. Mmm mmm it was so good!!

As much as I love my new body and my new shape.. I think I wanna go back next year for a round 2. I love my results so it's not Pantoja at all, I just want my ass bigger with more projection. I understand there's only so much he can do in a round 1. I had a lot of fat, he was at his limit why he didn't take more out of my arms. I started doing small weights tho. So we'll see next year if I still feel the same.

Love my body! Love wearing all my clothes! Some I bought and never wore cuz I hated my body.

I'm also super happy with how flat he managed to get my tummy. Did not think it would get that flat!!

Thanks Dr.P!!

5.5 months post op!

Hey dolls! I'm SOOOOO sorry I've been gone for a long time! I started school in October so I've been super busy with that.. Plus life and such! Let me go back a bit. So after a month there wasn't really any changes. Some days I'd swell, some days I'd be good. I had numbness in my back and tummy for the longest time. Then at about 2 months post I got super friggen itchy in my lipoed areas. Super itchy! I'd make bae rub my back with his hard working hands like every night! that went on for about 2 weeks ish.. After that stopped I'd get weird sensations every now and then. Like little shocks in my back, or weird annoying sensations if I moved my back skin too much. After all that I finally had feeling in my back and tummy again. I'd say like maybe 3 months post? After a month post, I got super sick of belly sleeping! My neck was cramping hardcore! So I used my boppy and slept on my sides. I'd put my boppy under my thigh so my hip was like floating and then pillows under my side. I stopped wearing the garment after 2 months, I'm super tall so mine dug into my shoulders! Hated that thing! I started wearing a cincher. Your body feels weird without the garment, so it takes a bit for it to feel normal without any compression. I still use my waist trainer! Love that thing. I haven't been exercising but I still eat as healthy as I usually did. I feel like it's finally fluffed.. Lately it's been looking bigger. It's sooo jiggly! Love it. I have my days where it feels small and I want more. But overall I'm happy! I love my results! I love all my clothes, I love shopping now! I love getting dressed up. I get A LOT more attention. Not that I wanted more lol but it's nice! I never had an ass at all! So I'm totally in love with it! The thing is I don't take tons of pics of it! I probably should! I'll get my bf to take some! I don't notice any swelling anymore. I feel like dr.P missed a small patch of fat on my tummy. But I ain't mad.. He took ALOT out of me! And my results are pretty drastic. He also warned me my tummy may not be super flat, cuz I had some loose skin from my son. I did not want a tummy tuck!! My tummy is pretty flat standing and laying. I notice a bit of loose skin on my lower abdomen but if I were to work out I'm sure it would go away. I didn't get massages as much as they recommended, which may be why the patch of fat also.. Idk. I YouTubed lymphatic drainage and did them myself on my tummy. That's the only area the masseuse usually worked on anyway. One thing I would do again is budget more for aftercare!! My bf broke his arm the day I left to San d.. So a lot of my after care money went towards his share of bills and such. Anyway, overall. I love my results! I'll be 6 months feb 26th. I have some pics. I will do my best to post the dates they were taken. I know it's been awhile!! Again, sorry! I had every intention of updating regularly.. But once I got it done it was like.. Back to reality now. Idk anyway! I will update again in a few months! Or whnever I take pics! Thank you all for taking the time to read!!! Happy Valentine's Day!! Xoxox

2 days away from being 1 year post op!!

Hey everyone!!

In 2 days I will be 1 year post op! I can't believe it!

There hasn't really been any changes. I feel I lost weight cuz I started working out and eating better. Love the booty!!

Although, I do want more hip and more butt. But overall I am very happy with my results.


I looked through my phone for pics.. So I hope these are good.

If you're sitting there wondering if you wanna go through with this, my advice is GO! My only regret is that I didn't go sooner.

Love you all!!


Dr.P and his staff are amazing! They always kept in touch before my surgery, making sure I didn't have any questions or concerns. They still email me after to see how I'm doing. He's very caring. Wait times were not long in his office or for email responses. Post surgery/in recovery room, him and his staff always checked in on me, made sure I was comfortable. I'm very glad I chose him. I felt very taken care of! Loving my results!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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