23 YO Old Mom of Two, Ready to Love my Body Again - Tijuana, Mexico

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So I've been a member on this site for quite some...

So I've been a member on this site for quite some time now. I looked around, read some reviews etc... Let me just say this office is EXCEPTIONAL when it comes to customer service and that's what really made me want to get my work done with DR.P. I have a friend who got a BBL done with Campos and I really liked her results...BUT their customer service is a joke!! I emailed them repeatedly trying to get a quote and get some questions answered but never got a reply. They obviously don't care about their potential clients so that was a huge nope for me.
Every single time I ask (Nadia) a questions she's always there for me and replies so quickly! Gives me peace of mind knowing when im potentially in recovery they'll be there for me like that.
Okay so now for surgery....
I have two kids and my body just isn't what it used to be. I want a slimmer waist and some more for my backside which is seriously lacking in volume lol.
Is it just me or has everyone been terrified that they're gonna die in/after surgery?! im so paranoid I swear. But this office definitely makes me feel like my health is their priority so that makes me feel so good.
Also, I don't want some damn instagram model booty either, I just want to be more proportionate because my chest is on the bigger side.
Although im not planning to do the procedure until September (So I can save$$$) I thought id get familiar with this site and get some advice from other girls who have gone through this before.

PLEASE ANSWER: What the hell do I need to buy before for recovery etc...Im so lost.

Thank you for reading and hope to be more active on here up until this all happens :)

Getting Nervous

Okay ladies, the clock is ticking! I FINALLY got the courage to schedule my consultation with Dr.P for this month. I really think I'm overthinking this whole thing because as much as I really want to do this for myself, I'm TERRIFIED at the same time. My family members aren't supportive at all and that doesn't help. My sister is ANTI TJ, and keeps telling me that I'm making the wrong choice by crossing the border for this surgery and she insists that I look for someone in SD or Beverly Hills instead. As much as I'd love to do that, the costs are 2-3x more than what I'd be paying with Dr.P, soo i'm just so lost on where to go with this whole journey. On top of that, I keep asking myself if the risks are even worth it. I have two beautiful daughters and can't even imagine what if something were to go wrong. Hoping to post pics soon! Still figuring out how this whole site works.

Finally met the Doctor! BEFORE PICS

Soooo, I finally met him...Getting into Tj was crazy... I parked on the US side and walked over. I barely made it in time but thank goodness I did. My fiancé went with me. We flagged down a taxi and got to the office in less than 5 minutes. Upon walking in, it looks like any other medical office. His office is on the second floor. I met Stephanie at the front and she was really nice. While I was filling out paperwork a girl walked in for a follow-up I'm guessing. She was TINY, like this little Asian girl with a HUGE behind lol. You can tell she was really fresh from SX. Anyway, shortly after we were called in by the DR himself. He was very polite, and straight to the point. I was a little frustrated because of course he doesn't speak English so it was a little hard to understand what he was telling me and to get my questions across correctly. Thank goodness my fiancé was with me he was able to translate for the most part. Dr. Pantoja took a look at my body and said that he thought I had enough fat for a great result. It was so awkward lifting up my dress and having him grab my rolls, lol. I showed him some wish pics and he said that everyone's shape is different and he would give me the best result for my body type, fair enough. I was really sad though since he said my abdominal wall is stretched from two pregnancies that there is a chance I could get a lumpy stomach and he recommended to have a tummy tuck when im done having kids, for the best result. I definitely appreciated his honesty, and believe that he had my best interest in mind. All in all I think it went well. Stephanie let me know that they were already booking into mid-January/February so to let her know a date ASAP.

Wish pics

Can you see the look I'm going for ? Natural looking, nothing too crazy!

I need him to work his magic on me

It takes a lot to even post these pictures. I'm so self conscious at the way I look now after having children. Hoping this will motivate myself to take the plunge and schedule my date. I need this! As you can see I'm built like a damn box

Surgery DATE!!!!!

So after a whole LOT of mental preparation, I finally decided to take the plunge. I need to do this for me, I deserve to feel confident about myself. I look forward to updating as often as possible with my journey :) Surgery date: January 31st!

Calling all BBL veterans

I'm staring to do a lot more research on EVERYTHING this journey entails. My original plan was to stay at a local hotel after surgery. Now that I'm reading up on recovery houses, are they worth it? My budget is pretty right as it is, and they seem pretty pricey. If anything I'd want to stay maybe 3 days max. Can anyone give me insight on if it's something I REALLY should consider or can I go without it? For reference I planned on having my fiancé with me at the hotel to help me out with anything. Just indecisive about it all. Any input is appreciated!!


So shit got real today...My deposit went through meaning this is for REAL! YIKES. Does anyone know or have experience with the fajas colombianas? Like which one to get? I'm on their website and there's soooo many different ones. I'm kind of lost... Thinking for my stage 2 faja if that helps. Thanks in advance!

Happy mail day

Finally got my Booty Buddy. Hate that these things aren't cheap! Lol but my results depend on after care so I'm willing to dish out the extra cash. Plus I saved $10 with the cyber Monday sale so that was good :)

Counting down the days

So I'm a little more than a month away from my big day. Deep down I'm extremely nervous but I try not to think about it. I've been following so many journeys on here and they have helped me so much! I just started taking my iron pills the other day... I'm gonna start getting the rest of my supplies as the days get closer. Still trying to figure out if I wanna take my car across the border and how long I'm gonna stay for. So many little details! I will keep posting as much as I can even though I don't get too much feedback, it at least helps me to look back at.

Weight gain

Heaviest I've ever been in my life. Can't wait for it to all be sucked away, and to actually see some curves!!

No booty judy

Can't wait to have an ass to fill out these jeans! Add me if you have a surgery page on IG- pantojadoll0130

Body goals

I'm literally OBSESSED with her and that banging body she has... I just want to know... who created it!!! Wahhhh I want my butt and hips to look just like hers... I know that's asking a lot :(


Hey ladies! I was just curious, I came across a picture of some BBL work on Instagram the other day that was really good. (Done in TJ) when I asked the girl who the booty was done by, she tagged a surgery coordinators page and that left me really confused? I don't want to name any names but obviously I was inquiring about the surgeon and didn't get the answer I was looking for? The reason for my question is do these "surgery coordinators" try to keep the best surgeons work a secret so they can get paid to point you in the right direction? It honestly pissed me off because I'd love to know who is doing these surgeries in Tijuana because who knows it might even be the Doctor I'm going to, and they don't want to say. I know of other coordinators who work with DR surgeons and they always name the surgeons who do the work they are posting about. Just a question/concern I wanted to share because it had me so confused!

Pantoja dolls!

Hey dolls, just preparing all of the little details for my upcoming surgery. What were the out of pocket costs you paid besides surgery? I'm trying to decide how much cash I should have on the side for whatever I may need....
So far I've got:
Taxi rides if any
Food at the hotel after my surgery
(Can't really think of anything else)

I would love to know what else you dolls ended up spending money on! Thanks in advance :)

20 more days!!!!

It's feeling more and more real and I'm actually getting excited to have this over with because I've wanted it for sooooo long. I get paid this Thursday so I will be buying all of my supplies. On the 21st I'm gonna be heading down there to get my labs done so I don't have to deal with it on the day of. One less thing to worry about! I'm a little worried about the whole gas crisis thing that's going on but I'm literally going to the clinic, hotel, and home. I hope everything goes fine. I guess I'll get a trial run the week before when I get my tests done. I will be updating every step of the way! Stay tuned :) I can't wait to see what my booty will look like in these pants after surgery!

Need advice!

Hey ladies! So if you've been following my journey you know that my day is coming up! It's exactly two weeks away now. I'm taking 2 weeks off work to recover and then gonna religiously use my booty buddy at work, I'm super nervous about ruining my results since I work an office job. My boss just told me today that he needs me to fly out to Florida on March 8th which would be 5 weeks after surgery. I live in California so this would be a lengthy flight for me. Do you guys think doing this would jeopardize my booty?? I just don't want to go through all of this and ruin it so I want to take all precautions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Hotel Recommendations?

Hey ladies! For anyone who has stayed in TJ - could you please throw some hotel recommendations to me? Dr.P's office recommends City Express since it's right next to their office, but after looking up the hotel, I'm not a fan and it is EXPENSIVE for Tijuana. I'd be looking at spending at least $200 for 2 nights...that's ridiculous. I fell in love with Hotel Ticuan but i'ts a 10-15 minute drive according to Nadia so I'm not sure about the crazy TJ commuting. If you guys could give me some suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you!

Blood work!

Hey ladies, just crossed back over to the US. We went over to have my blood work done today. I guess I'm just OCD and I wanna make sure that my hemo is good sooner rather than later. I guess I'm concerned about my levels since I DONT eat meat. Everything went well except for the fact I almost blacked out which always happens when I have blood drawn. I'm tripping out because the guy who took my blood didn't wear any gloves, I'm thinking I should have asked him to. Anyways the girl in Pantojas office said she would tell me my results by Monday. It's all getting so real. It was an awesome trip, we walked around, got tacos, and there was practically no wait on the way back. We'll see happens come Monday!


Hey dolls! Just checking in... i weighed myself yesterday and I couldn't believe the number on the scale. I'm at 160! I've never been this heavy in my life. I'm 5'2 for reference... I'm hoping this will benefit me as Dr will have more fat to work with. More than anything I want a curvy body and small waist rather than a huge ass, I'm just hoping he will be able to achieve that on me. I was on my Instagram and looking at some dolls who went to campos and they're bodies were curvy as hell! I guess he's known for that... we'll see how everything goes. Just a few days left and it'll be my turn!


Hey girls! I'm in the process of buying all of my supplies, I wanted to ask your opinions on arnica cream? Does it work, and is it worth buying? Thanks in advance!

Surgery day

I'm here ladies! It's been a long morning. I will be Dr.P's second surgery of the day. Currently relaxing watching a movie in my recovery room. I got a massage and I'm feeling a lot less nervous that I did when I got here. Wish me luck!


Ladies, surgery was a piece of cake but recovery has been hell for me. I know it will get better as the days pass, and I will update more in a bit but I want to get some rest for now, I'm extremely swollen, but I made it! :)

How I'm feeling

Hi ladies! I always said I hated it when girls would always post before surgery then once they went through it they became MIA & here I was doing that lol... lets just say this past week has been one of the hardest of my life. Recovery will test you mentally and physically. I'm glad to say that I'm finally feeling a little bit of energy coming back as of today. I was able to get up and do some things around the house and walking and Lying down have become more tolerable. I'm still very swollen but so far from what I can see I love my results. I have a nice little waist and a booty that is the perfect size for my frame. Dr.P did his thing and he was AMAZING throughout it all. I came home taking my meds incorrectly and he called me personally to check on me and guide me through it all. I have a post op check on the 11th and hopefully I can get in another massage. I've had 2 already and although they weren't extremely painful they are pretty uncomfortable when your body is still so fresh out of surgery. I plan to keep updating throughout my healing process. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask!

12 days Post Op

Loving my results so far. I go back to work on Monday and I'm hoping that sitting on my booty buddy won't affect my results. Hopefully I don't lose any more volume because I love how my body looks right now.

First day back at work

Finally went back into the world after being stuck at home for 14 days straight. Felt good but also very hard on my body as I had to drive and sit through out the day. Praying that this doesn't affect my results as I have no choice but to go back and make this $$$ now. Hope my booty buddy does
It's job!


Hi ladies! I feel like It's been forever since I've updated on here. I'm almost 7 weeks post op and feeling great. My swelling has gone down dramatically and my faja just keeps getting looser and looser. I'm on the hunt for a good stage 2 at this point. My body had definitely rounded out and I'm loving my results. I've had 5 massages with Mari Paz so far. (2 right after surgery) and the rest about two weeks apart. I always feel amazing afterwards and it's definitely worth the trip down there. I've started sitting the past couple of days here and here without my pillow and it feels so good to be able to do so again! Even if it's just for a little bit. Still using my pillow at work and while driving and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks. Here are some pics of my progress! Follow my surgery page for lots more updates :) Pantojadoll0130
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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