23 Years Old No Kids 145 Pounds 5'4 - Tijuana, Mexico

I found two doctors thur this site, I emailed dr...

I found two doctors thur this site, I emailed dr Leon campos & dr pantoja , only dr pantoja emailed me back I set the appointment for July 21 I asked to be in the waiting list I wanted this done before 4th of July but everything happens for a reason, I'm hoping for a hourglass shape body with a big butt at least 1000cc on each buttocks & 200cc on each hips I'm also hoping on getting fake boobs this year


I found out that dr pantoja office takes American Express (yassss) this makes me happy since I can use my credit card to pay for this procedure, I'm counting down the days I'm currently in a diet as well I gain so much weight in the pass two years I was in a serious relationship and when your happy you tend to eat with your partner but now that I'm single I have no excuse to get my dream body, they are going to get fat out of my arms, back, love handles , inner thighs, and tummy I'm also wanting to get my boobs done if anyone recommends a great doctor in Tijuana please let me know I will update you asap and post more before pictures

I'm in Tijuana

I'm at pantoja office rn! The day is finally here I'm so excited to have a beautiful butt I doll update asap wish me luck ;)

2nd day update

The pain is real it hurts so much and bleeding so much but my body looks so good already

One week update

Hi beautiful ladies this week has been the hardest, I been having so much pain but today I woke up feeling so much better it still hurts when I move when I'm laying in bed I'm also planning a second Brazilian butt lift after the holidays, overall I'm happy my butt is bigger than before and my hourglass body is on point, I haven't been eating since I been super nauseous which is bad but even when I try to eat something it comes up, I'm glad I went to tj my doctor did a great job I have a follow up this coming up Saturday any more questions feel free to ask :)


Any recommendations for me, 3 days ago I noticed a ball of fat in each butt cheeks will this go away with massages has anyone experience this before that has gotten a Brazilian butt lift??:(

Pictures of the ugly

Hopefully this bump goes away any recommendations please let me know

Booty booty

Recently took this booty picture, super happy :)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr pantoja has great before and after pictures I want a huge butt and small waist

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