22, Going into my First Sx with a BBL - Tijuana, Mexico

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So I've been lurking on this site for a while, and...

So I've been lurking on this site for a while, and have been doing research on BBLs for like 2 years now. I finally set up the appointment, and have been so busy prepping I forgot to give back to this site that gave me the idea and knowledge in the first place. 3 weeks pre-op and I'm finally doing it.

The process is incredibly difficult and emotional. I weighed 113 before going in and Buritica told me to gain 7 pounds minimum. I'm currently at 121. Still trying to gain more weight so I can have a total of 12 pounds. I spoke to a nutritionist recently in the hopes that she'd help me modify my weight gaining process, but she said I was doing fine.

I drink 8 Ensure plus a day. That's roughly 2,800 calories alone. Plus I'll eat a lot of carbs like bread and pasta. I try to stay full all day, not just satisfied full, but uncomfortably I'm-on-the-verge-of-throwing-up full. Instructions straight from my nutritionist and all the girls from my work who got their BBLs done (about 17 of them) I eat 45 minutes before I sleep, and sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to snack on some Clam Chowder and bread. I make sure I eat every two hours to top off. I'm so sick of the fuxking Ensure, but I only have 3 weeks of hell left.

They told me that 2 weeks before, I have to cut down on fats in my diet, and to start eating more lentils and beans to gain/maintain weight.

I'm so thankful for these online communities, and all the love and support we give each other. I know not many people on here have gone to my doctor before, but like 90% of the girls at my work went to him and they came out banging asf. I'm hoping this helps anyone who needs it.

Updates on Nutritionist

I have another week before I have to cut out fats from my diet, and start taking the medicine that (I guess) is supposed to clean out my system. I misunderstood and thought it was 2 weeks before. So yay! I have another week to start gaining the weight. I've been having a hella hard time gaining, because I feel full really quickly. My Nutritionist Suggested that I eat peanut butter because it's the most calorie dense, and it won't fill you up. I just carry a jar, and a little bottle of milk with me all day, and I use this as a supplement instead of the Ensure, because that was getting expensive and it wasn't working as well as the peanut butter is. Like a jug of milk a week, and some dollar peanut butter jars, and I'm set for the week. I push myself to eat about a jar a day, and it's working. It's so close to my sx date, I'm trying to maximize the booty gainz.

I haven't measured myself since gaining the 7 pounds Buritica recommended, but I noticed it all went to my thighs and butt, ha ha. He still needs tummy fat to suck up, so I'm just trying my best.

Pre-Weight Gain Photos

These must've been taken about a year ago before I began gaining weight. I always hovered around 112-114 lbs. I used ms Paint, so I could be "decent", ha ha. So excuse the crappy editing job.
Dr. Carlos Ivan Buritica

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