Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Brazillian Butt Lift, Lipo, with Dra Cardenas in Tijuana Mex

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30 years old, four children, 195 lbs I was looking...

30 years old, four children, 195 lbs
I was looking to have a mommy makeover done, that's ti include my breast, but she won't do all at once for health precautions...
First few days I was so happy with my results, now I am 8 weeks post op, and yes my lower abdomen is s flat as it can be, but I started showing a bump on my upper abdomen, and not o mention my butt, I had 900ccs of fat transferred per cheek, and 200ccs per hip, at first I was like wow! I love my shape!!! But as time goes by my butt looks like a long flat square.....disappointing I do have an hour glass shape. Oh and not to mention I am still recovering, because I developed superficial necrosis, incision still not closed completely, it is getting there! Dra. Cardenas did tell me she would do the scar revision and redo it so it can be thin as it should be :) I am looking foward to go back so she can do a Breast lift and arm lift, and who knows maybe she can get me fat, to put some more on my butt and hips, hey I'm Mexican I like the curvy shape ;)

30 years old, 4 children, 1 vertical C-section, 195 lbs, 5'6

I searched for Dr's in Tijuana for a few months before deciding, I was looking to have a Mommy Makeover done, I had several quotes, Pantoja gave me a quote for $4,500 for a Tummy Tuck, Butt Lift, Breast Lift, Arm lift, and Lipo. Tempting that's a great price! other Dr's like Fuentes, and Quiroz gave me a similar quote same procedures... I received Dra Cardenas Quote, at first she recommended me to have a sleeve done to lose more weight, and because of my weight, I do know I weight quite a lot... but still I didn't think it was necessary! It is not my eating habits, that give me this numbers, believe me! I was wearing a size 11 in pants and a large in shirts, I do tend to retain fluids a lot and specially after my 11 month old son, in which I developed severe Preeclampsia...Anyways I was about to put in my deposit when I received an email from Fatimeh and Dr Cardenas, giving the option and a quote for some of the procedures I was looking to have done.
A circumferential tummy tuck, with fat grafting to my butt and lipo to my whole back, flanks, I really was looking to have my breasts and arms, since that has always been a concern to me...anyways the quote was $6,300 quite higher then the others, but made me wonder....Dra Cardenas, seemed concerned, and very well educated and with lots of knowledge...she did promised me a flat stomach and an hour glass shape figure...and most of all my health was her top priority!!! So I did schedule with her for April 4th,2013.
She said she took 10lbs of skin, 6 liters of fat, on my fat grafting she said she did 900ccs per cheek, 200ccs per hip oh and I shall mention she did lipo my chin! at no extra cost! which I never expected but hey! that's awesome I see big difference to my face as well!!! ok when I woke up I felt so thight every where, I felt a HUGE ASS!!! and a tiny waist and flat stomach!!!! I was surprised to see myself like that never imagined I would have a body like that!!!! yes I was in pain!, and tired, and completely out of it, but I knew I had ended up with an awesome body!!!!
It is a hard recovery (well for me, it has) I am almost 9 weeks post op this Thursday..I will say I have ups and body aah I don't know not convinced like I was in the first few days...I am now showing a lump on my upper stomach yes lower is still flat! my butt is not like at first...I still have some but not as I expected...I do have the hour glass shape figure....but I still wanted my ass! ok I'm still recovering I developed superficial necrosis, my incision is still open on my pubic area and a few wholes around it...Dra Cardenas and Fatimeh did sent me a cream to help my incision heal, it's getting there... Dra Cardenas said she would do a scar revision 3,4 months after and re do my scar to make it all new and thin like it should be! at no cost! She is an awesome person!!! very caring and compassionate, as well as Fatimeh, even though I know I have been a pain in the ass! lol every one on Beauty-Enhance go above and beyond to make you happy! :) I do look forward to go back to them and have my scar looked at, and see if we can now do my arms,and breasts, and maybe she can get enough fat, I'm sure she can to put more on my butt!

My Journey...

I will post more pictures, I'm still trying to figure this out...
I know how it is when trying to chose a Dr, like this...scary, doubtful, and what not!

9 Weeks PO

Only getting better! True reality Before, don't even want to see! and After its just awesome!

3 Months PO I was anxiously waiting for 3 month butt fluffliness, but didn't happen....disappointed because I have lost a quite of volume!!! My ass almost looks s flat as it was before sx...and not only that but now look loooong and squared :'( I just want to cry. My stomach I have bulge on my upper stomach, that totally hate, I have not gotten an explanation...but I can tell you is not fat like I had been told...I actually went down in clothes sizes, my now old clothes fit very very big...I do know I have lost weight don't know how much though, anyways that bump on y stomach actually hurts! Oh god I can't believe I spent money for this....incision still not closed healed completely looong recovery, I just wish I can see improvement soon...

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