44 Years Old, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair, Lipo, bbl/grafting - Dr Pantoja, Tijuana January 2015

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Hi ladies! I've been meaning to start this review...

Hi ladies! I've been meaning to start this review for a while but time went by so quickly and now I'm already on the flat side. I'm normally a very private person, but reading the stories on this site and chatting with so many great people was life changing for me in terms of deciding when and how and where to do this surgery, so I want to pay it back and be there to support others who are thinking about doing the same thing!

Before Pictures - 5"4 132 lbs

Trying to upload some pictures - not sure why they aren't posting

Pre Op Pics - Let's hope these post

More pre-op pics - taken the night before surgery (142 lbs)

My normal weight fluctuates between 125 and 130lbs. Since I knew I was having lipo with fat grafting, I ate whatever I wanted over the holidays and hit 142lbs by the time my surgery date rolled around.

Post Op - Day 2 pictures

Day of Surgery

After a great night's sleep (beds here at FH are super comfy) - Suzanna made sure I had a good shower with antibacterial soap per dr's orders. They already have that here at FH so you don't need to bring any of your own. Before I knew it, we were on our way to Dr Pantoja's office. The drive went by very fast - I think maybe 15 minutes. I had seen a few pictures of what the office looked like (thanks to ladies here on RS) but the office was smaller than I expected when I got there - maybe because it was so busy - lots of big booty skinny waist girls hanging around getting their post-op checkups. Big round booty's!! Everyone looked fab. I talked to a few of the girls, they all said they had a great experience and were healing well. Most were in their first 1 or 2 weeks post surgery. Anyway, seeing all these gorgeous girls just reinforced that I has made the right choice with Dr Pantoja.

Suzanna left me in the office with the nurse where I filled in all the paperwork, and then went downstairs for blood work. Hemo was 14.1 (hurrah!) so I was good to go. The only time I freaked out was when the cardiologist came in to do the EKG. The way it's done here started me having a panic attack - first they sit you in a big chair (the same kind you see folks get electricuted in!) and then the cardiologist started putting metal wraps on each wrist and on each ankle. Oh my god!! It didn't hurt at all, just looked so barbaric that I couldn't breathe. My EKG came back 'abnormal' and the cardiologist and Dr Pantoja wanted me to go have a stress test but fortunately, I was able to reach my dr in the USA and have them email over an EKG I had just completed in the USA a few weeks ago and so I was cleared for surgery. Two lessons I learned from this - (1) make sure you get all your testing done in the USA before going to Mexico so that you know your surgery will go as planned - nothing worse than getting all the way down here only to find out you can't do the operation. and (2) bring copies of everything with you - double copies of all your medical reports and testing. I had brought everything EXCEPT a copy of the print out from my USA EKG test. I was so focused on my hemo level being good that it never occured to me something else could derail things.

I was impressed that Dr Pantoja was so serious about the EKG results and the cardiologist was right on point. They are a great team - really care about the patient and their number 1 focus is patient safety. Throughout all of this, Nadia was by my side interpreting back and forth. She is WONDERFUL!! Very professional, great bed-side manner, and very efficient (reaching out to my US doctor and resolving the EKG issue in a short period of time).

Day of Surgery Continued

With my EKG cleared and my Hemo confirmed as great, I met with Dr Pantoja. He is very nice, very friendly. He did a great job of explaining what was going to happen (all translated through Nadia). Then I stripped off for the examination and mark-up ready for surgery. Dr Pantoja told me that my diastasis was very big, bigger than he expected from the pictures I had sent. He told me that would be the primary focus of this surgery and that because the muscle separation was so big that I probably would not have a super flat tummy, but he could take care of that by doing some lipo when I go back to have my breast lift/aug later this year. When I originally reached out to Dr Pantoja back in November, I had wanted everything doing at once, but for safety and less time under anesthesia, he suggested we split the surgeries. Now that I'm in recovery, I'm super happy with that decision.

As he marked me up he told me I didn't have much fat in my back but he would take it all out and graft it to my hips/butt. Then I was taken upstairs to the recovery room where I got into a surgical gown and had my IV started (nurse Carolinena - she was amazing and so kind). Next I met the surgeon that works with Dr Pantoja (Pedro). He is very handsome so that was a good distraction...lol! He asked lots of questions and made me feel really at ease. Next I met the anesthesiologist and he also asked a lot of questions. He was super nice too. I can't say enough about the great staff there at Dr Pantoja's office - they are genuinely nice and caring.

Next a woman came to give me a massage to help me relax. I guess Dr P does this instead of giving meds, and I think it's a great idea. Unfortunately, the massage lady was very aggressive so it wasn't relaxing in the least! She slapped loads of oil all over and just rubbed my head and body randomly. No way she was trained as a masseuse! another downside - all that oil and rough head massage made me look like I had been sleeping in a bush for a week, crazy hair sticking everywhere!! Maybe just my experience, but I will be giving feedback to Dr P at my follow up visit.

When the 'massage' was over, Dr Pedro and the nurse walked me across the hallway to the operating theatre. The whole team was in there and Dr Pantoja was happy and seemed relaxed and confident. They had me lay on my side on the operating table, curled up in the fetal position. They do this so they can apply the spinal block once you are alseep from the meds. Next the sleepy meds started to be injected into my IV and before I knew it I was out cold and waking up in the recovery room - operation complete! Dr Pantoja was sitting in my room eating some lunch and keeping an eye on me, along with a few nurses - everyone wanted to make sure I was comfortable and let me know the surgery went well.

Post Surgery - Day 1 / Day 2

My surgery was at noon on Wednesday, and even though I had not eaten since 9pm the night before, I was not allowed to eat or drink anything post surgery. The fluids were from the iv only. I didn't mind, I was pretty much out of it anyway. The nurses put pain meds into my IV on a regular schedule, but there were a couple of times that I asked for pain meds and they were given to me. Caroleena was the nurse on duty and she was wonderful, very compassionate. I forgot to mention that I think I woke up a few times during the surgery. I'm not sure now if I dreamt it or if it actually happened, but in my mind I'm on the operating table and asking "Am I supposed to be awake right now?" - I was not feeling any pain at all and either they put me right back to sleep or I was imagining things!

By the following morning (Thursday - day 1 PO) they brought me a lovely breakfast of oatmeal and fruit with honey. It was yummy. For lunch I think I had chicken soup. The whole day is a little bit blurry but I do remember being VERY stiff and swollen, not in any pain but quite uncomfortable. The nurses got me out of bed to walk around - oh my gosh. It took forever for me to get out of bed, even with 2 nurses helping me. I was convinced that my back was somehow velcro'd to the bed! Dr Pantoja and Dr Pedro came to check on me several times in the day to see how I was doing and check my inscisions etc. I was not really wanting to look at the inscision so I just looked away! Dr Pantoja said he lipo'd 2000cc's from my back and put 950cc in each cheek. If I wasn't drugged up I would have freaked out, because I was not looking for a big booty, just adding a little bit to refresh what I used to have when I was younger!

The second night in the clinic was much harder for some reason. I think everything was just catching up with me and the bruising started to surface from the lipo. I was definitely feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of so many days recovery ahead.

Friday morning the nurses removed my catheter and IV, gave me a shower and got me into the compression garment. Then Suzanna from club med/friends house came into my room to pack up my few things and take me 'home'. I was so happy to see Suzanna - she has such a comforting way about her that you just feel you can relax and give it over to her! 15 minutes later we were at FH and I was sitting in a chair watching the amazing ocean view and feeling restful.

After a nice lunch, Suzanna pulled my garment down so she could spray the antibiotic stuff on my incisions (Dr Pantoja requires you do this twice a day - the spray was $15 from the pharmacy here in TJ).

Post Op Pictures - Friday (Day 2)

I know I posted these earlier but it's driving me nuts that my review is out of sequence!!
You can see that the bruising is not super noticable at this stage.
The orange color on the incisions is the antibiotic spray.

Sunset view from my bed at FH

Watching the sunset from my bed at FH - took this the first night. Can never get tired of that view!!

Post Op Day 3 - Saturday

Had a really good sleep. Beds at FH are super comfy. Hospital beds so that you can get comfy (well, as comfy as you can with a tummy tuck and lipo bruising!!) Fabia is the night nurse here and she took amazing care of me. Since the catheter is out before you leave the clinic, I had to learn to go pee on my own. Fabia was great at helping me get out of bed safely, take me to the washroom etc. I bought the Pez female urinal thing from amazon and it has been a lifesaver. They have a toilet riser here so sitting down would not be a problem but keeping pee off your compression garment becomes the name of the game!

I was supposed to have a massage with Maripaz at 4pm and took percocet ahead of time, just to be safe - had no idea what to expect and was definitely nervous! Unfortunately she was delayed with clients at the clinic so it was around 7pm when she arrived at FH. Maripaz is gorgeous, and adorable. She is very sweet but speaks very little English. She stripped off my compression garment and was trying to get me to lie down on my back on the bed. I don't know why, but it just felt like an impossible task (of course, all in my head thinking my stitches would rip open or something!) and I started to cry. I pretty much cried through the whole massage - not because it hurt (although it's definitely a little uncomfy at times) but I think I was just releasing all the stress of the last few days. I think also just a release, feeling happy and grateful that I had made it safely to the flat side and knowing I was taking another step on the recovery journey. I'm also the kind of person that needs to know what steps are happening - so with the communication barrier I wasn't quite sure what Maripaz was going to do next, how she wanted me to move, how long was left of the session etc. I am going to write up some 'instructions' and leave them at FH so that other girls who are like me can see the 5 steps involved with the massage. Maripaz uses her own special arnica and herb oil. It smells great and it's nice to get the skin hydrated after being stuck in surgical stockings and a garment all day!

Post Op Day 4 Sunday Updated pictures!

Had a pretty good nights sleep (thanks to benadryl) and took a percocet ahead of my 11am massage with Maripaz. The whole experience was much different the second time around since I knew what to expect - and also the percocet helped to relax me a little! When the lipo areas are massaged (very gently) it can be a little ouchie - kind of like when you have a bruise and poke it with your finger. Not pain, just not pleasure either. A trick that I use when I start to feel uncomfortable is to scratch my tongue across my back teeth where it's a little sharp - and that 'controlled pain' distracts me from the external pain!

Here's a few pictures from PO Day 4. The orange color is the antibacterial spray on my incisions. In addition to the tummy tuck I had lipo to the back bra line, upper arms and inside thighs - the entry points for the lipo are stitched up with dark sutures (one on each arm, 2 on the back, and i've no idea about my thighs - I can't seem to see any sutures down there but I can't say I've spent any time looking for them...lol!)

Post Op Day 8 - updated pictures!

I can't believe it's already been a week since I had the surgery. Today I had my first follow up appt with Dr Pantoja. His nurse has called me at FH each day to check in and make sure i'm doing ok. I was supposed to have a check up on Tuesday (PO day 6) but Suzanna (FH owner) said she could tell I was doing fine, and i was feeling fine, so I postponed a couple of days. I'm so glad I did. Every day you feel a little better and just getting in the car would have been tougher 2 days ago. Today it was fine. My appoint with Dr P today was very quick - the nurse removed the drain in my back and the stiches from my lipo (back and arms). I was nervous and took percocet before the appointment, but I didn't really feel anything. Dr P said I am healing great and everything looks good. My front drain will probably stay in for another week - I'm fine with that, i knew going into this surgery that it would likely be 3 weeks and I'd rather have a way for the fluid to get out than have it pooling in my body.

This afternoon Maripaz came to the house and i had my 6th lymphatic massage. I have had one every day starting on Day 3 PO. If I take a percocet then the massages are fine. If not, I do find myself crying - it's not the most pleasant thing in the world but again it's more that I psych myself out thinking about what's going on (all that warm fluid gushing out!) I highly recommend the massages and it's great that Maripaz will come out to ClubMed. I can't imagine getting in the car and dealing with waiting around at Dr P's office every day.

I'm trying to think if there's anything else I need to share from the last few days. Ah yes! The poop milestone! Every day since I came to ClubMed i would ask suzanna "Should I take stool softener" and she would say "there's nothing in your system, you're not going to poop until day 5" and she was 1000% right! I didn't feel any heaviness or urge to go, so on the morning of day 5 I took half a dose of Milk of Magnesia and within a couple of hours I was having a nice poop - no pushing or struggling or anything. It was a beautiful thing! One more milestone crossed off the list :-)

The other thing I've been doing is drinking lots of Propel water. It's zero calories, tastes great, and has lots of vitamin C, B6, etc. I'm also taking the VitaMedica surgery vitamins (AM/PM & Bromelein/Que combo). And of course, still taking Floradix liquid iron every day. My hemo was 14.1 the day of surgery and 11 when I was discharged which I was very happy with.

I'm posting some pictures taken this afternoon - hopefully they load ok! I'm still bent over from the tt, lots of bruising from the lipo, but incision is healing really nicely. Can't wait to have boobs to match my new tummy later this year!!

Post Op Day 17 - updated pictures

Sorry I've not updated my review sooner - I arrived home from ClubMedical (Our Friends House) last Sunday and between the kids and work, I feel like the days are flying by. Wish I could say the same for the nights, which seem to last forever since it's hard to get comfy and sleep for more than a few hours at a time! I'm posting some pictures from 2 days ago (Post Op Day 15).

A few random observations:
*The recovery is taking longer than I thought. I'm 2.5 weeks post op and see other reviews where girls are back at work and doing long shifts, or are asking how soon they can work out. Unfortunately I don't fall anywhere on that spectrum! I did start back at work full time last Monday but thankfully I was able to work from home. I am supposed to be in the office next week but I'll be reaching out to my boss to see if I can work from home for at least a few more days.

*I had 9 lymphatic massages with Maripaz at Our Friends House, and I have found a local lymphatic specialist now that I'm back home. The process is very different. Maripaz is more focused on moving the fluid out of your body. My local person is more gentle and focuses on helping the lymphatic system 'heal' itself. There is no fluid extraction. I have not had to take a pain pill for the sessions since I've been home. I have had 2 sessions so far and have 8 more booked (every 2 to 3 days). A pack of 10 sessions was $450.

* I have not driven since my surgery. I think I will try tomorrow. To be honest, I'm pretty terrified. It takes me 5 minutes to climb into the car as a passenger and even short rides feel very uncomfortable. I am clutching a pillow to my tummy but seem to feel every bump and twist in the road. It's exhausting!!

* I still have my front drain but I think that will come out soon. The fluid has been very clear for several days, but I'm still putting out around 40ml every 24 hours. Thankfully the drain itself doesn't bother me so I'm in no particular rush for it to be pulled although it would be nice to check off that milestone. I have an option to go back down to Dr Pantoja next weekend to have the drain & all my stitches removed, but I'm leaning towards seeing a local surgeon here to take care of everything. In either case, I have a lot of anxiety over the process. I do not like to have my stomach touched at all, and the thought of the stitches being clipped makes me feel faint!!

* My external bruising is pretty much gone, but I'm still very tender and bruised internally on the lipo areas. My incision is healing really nicely. I'm applying medi-honey or neosporin once a day. I'm still walking hunched over and the lower back pain is awful. Sometimes I just cry, it feels like it will never end. Then I remind myself it's only been a few weeks and pull myself together! There is definitely a big emotional component to the recovery and hopefully that will settle out soon.

*I am able to get in and out of bed by myself. I can put my compression garment on by myself and it only takes about 5 minutes. I think I might need a smaller one soon, but the one I'm wearing still leaves big marks all over my skin so I'm not quite ready to squish into something even tighter just yet! I am eating normally and have no trouble with going to the bathroom. I've not had to take anything to help with this, just a regular balanced diet and lots of water seems to be doing the trick. I am still on 5mg of percocet in the morning when I wake up, and again early afternoon. I take 800mg Ibuprofen early evening.

Happy healing everyone!

Sunset at OFH

Sunset Movie from balcony at OFH

Explicit - Click to view


3.5 Weeks Post Op - Another Surgery and Feeling Frustrated

Since my last review it's been a little crazy. I woke up feeling very sore on my left side last Tuesday and found myself very emotional for no real reason. By the time I was at my lymphatic massage I was crying like a baby (and she is very gentle, it doesn't hurt). In my mind I started thinking this recovery felt almost as bad as having a kidney stone (which I've had a few in the past and the pain is off the charts)... and as my flank pain started escalating I knew that it was indeed a kidney stone and nothing to do with my tt recovery. I can't explain the excruciating pain - there are no words. After 2 hours waiting for my dr, I was finally able to get a Torodol shot and then I had an emergency CT scan that showed my kidney was blocked by a stone that has been there for a while and hasn't moved. On Wednesday I had surgery - I'm not sure what the most stressful part of that was - having to explain to a hundred doctors and nurses all about my surgery in mexico (you can imagine the mixed bag of reactions), fear of having the IV again, fear of the pain I knew I would feel post surgery with a kidney stent in place. I also BEGGED the surgeon to pull my tt drain and stitches while I was under anesthesia but they refused to touch anything to do with my surgery from Pantoja. :-(

Unfortunately they were not able to get the stone out but they did push it back into my kidney so the blockage is clear (for now) and they were able to insert a stent. I potentially have another surgery next week. This has been so hard on my mental recovery - I have been working from home since a few days after my TT surgery, but was set to be back in the office this week and of course did not make it. I am also on a bunch more meds - including another round of antibiotics, AZO (to numb the bladder so I don't feel the stent pain too much), and of course on Percocet (also to manage the stent pain).

So...with all that going on, here's my TT/fat graft update!
* I had my front drain pulled an all my stitches out 2 days ago. My primary doctor was unwilling to do it but she referred me to a surgeon and he was very kind. I took 10mg of Valium and 5mg of percocet 45 mins before my appointment. I had so much anxiety around the whole process, but they were so kind and really put me at ease. I didn't feel the drain being pulled at all (although the valium was probably kicked in and doing it's thing by then!). The nurse took out all my stitches - it took her about 45 minutes. She couldn't believe how many stitches I had! She guessed maybe 400 - wow! She was super nice and supportive. At no point did they make me feel 'shamed' for having surgery in Mexico. After the stitches were out, the doctor came and checked everything - said the incision looked great, but had the nurse put steri-strips on the tt and the bb. He also prescribed antibiotics for a week (to be safe, with the drain being pulled until the drain hole heals). I am going back in 1 week for a check up.

* I still have a lot of discomfort/stiffness around my sides and lower back - especially when I wake up in the morning or stand up after sitting down for a while. My bra line lipo is also still feeling very bruised internally - it's hard to explain really. I am not able to lift my arms above my head fully without tremendous pain. That's ok - It's not like I need to do that much, but it does mean I can't reach for things up high on a shelf in the kitchen. There is no external bruising. I hope the discomfort and stiffness goes away SOON!!

* Because of my kidney stone and surgery, I've not been able to wear my compression garment for the last 5 days. I will maybe try to get it on today for a few hours. I don't 'feel' swollen but I guess I must be since the elastic from my undies leaves a big mark on my thighs.

* Since my stiches came out, I feel a lot of 'pulling' around my belly button. Just in the general area, not the bb itself. I'm wondering if that is the muscles re-attaching of if it is something to do with residual 'pain' from the drain being pulled, or residual pain/swelling internally from my kidney surgery (it's on the same side, so hard to tell).

* I have no idea how my fat grafting is working out. Thankfully it wasn't really a big focus for me - mostly just did it for a little 'refresh' in my tush. I do sit on a boppy in the day. At night I sleep on a boppy or on my side but I am not religious about it. I see folks on RS who don't even sit down for a month or more. I could not be one of those people, especially with my tt and muscle repair. I have not taken pictures or done any measurements. I guess I'll get a good sense when my drain hole is healed and I'm able to try on bikini bottoms!

* I have not driven yet - mostly because of my pain meds this week for my kidney. I also still feel nervous about getting behind the wheel. Just one more mental game my head is playing with me. The emotional part of the recovery has been much more challenging than I ever anticipated. I'm happy and mostly upbeat, but I do have the occasional cry, mostly from frustration that I'm not doing all the things I was hoping to do by now. Everyone heals differently but I see so many ladies on here who are back to 'mommy duties' by this stage, and I just am not quite there yet.

I will try to post some updated pictures later today - not much to see since everything is covered with steri strips, but I know how much I looked forward to pictures when I was reading reviews pre-surgery so I will put them up anyway!!

Happy Valentines everyone! x x

24 days PO - Updated Pics

Here's a few pictures I meant to post last week. These were taken 24 days PO - right after my drain and stitches were removed. I was able to find a local plastic surgeon to take care of all that for me (too nervous to do it myself and did not want to do the long journey back to TJ). Unfortunately I didn't get to see my incision as the surgeon applied steri strips soon as the stitches were out but it looks to be healing well. As you can see from the pics, I am still very swollen. i'm also very stiff and still walking hunched over.

29 days Post Op - 2nd follow up with local plastic surgeon

I just had my 2nd follow up today with a local plastic surgeon (the same one who removed my drain and stitches last week). He is super super nice, no judgement at all about me going to Mexico (and when you think about it, they would have every right to be since it's really their competition!). Anyway, they checked out my incision but didn't take off the steri strips. The nurse and the doctor were both like "wow, you look great - your surgeon did a great job!" So that made me feel fab because this guy is a top guy and knows his stuff. The nurse said my belly button looks amazing (although I've not seen it, I'm squeemish, and happy to just not look when the steri strips were changed!!). I am still walking hunched over, but a little less today. I have a hard lump on my right side, just above my incision. I'd say it's about 3" long and 2" tall. I thought it might be a seroma but the surgeon today said it was probably fat necrosis from the lipo and nothing to worry about. he said nothing you can do - the body will absorb it but it will take a few months, maybe as many as 5-6 months. I'm hoping sooner, as I really feel that's where I'm having most of my 'discomfort' - mostly where my cg is digging in there so it feels extra bruised.

I'm still walking really hunched over, but today a little straighter. I'm also walking really slow - just so much stiffness. The nurse today said it's likely related to my kidney stone and will resolve in a few weeks.

I'm still taking percocet in a morning (5mg) and Ibuprofen for the inflammation (800mg). I'm trying to remember to rub arnica cream on my shoulder blade area each night - its still very tender there from the lipo. I have no pain on my upper arms where the lipo was done - I barely bruised there either, so maybe he only did a really tiny amount - but I had read a lot of reviews where that was so painful during recovery so I'm happy to have scored a break there! I also have no pain on my inner thighs from the lipo there. The bruising is gone but still a lot of swelling.

Sending positive thoughts to all of you out there in recovery or about to have surgery!

Picture for CHB97 - indentations from cg

CHB97 - here's a picture from a week ago (possibly more) but it shows how deep the indentations are on my sides as a result of wearing the cg. It still looks the same today - I assume it gets less as the swelling goes down . I get a little bit of indentation lines from the cg under my boobs, but everywhere else is comfortable and fine. Hope this helps!

6 weeks post op - Updated pictures

I honestly can't believe it's already been six weeks since my surgery! I was hoping at this stage to be posting before and after pics and be playing dress up to show off my flat tummy, but I'm not quite at that stage yet. Unfortunately I had to have another emergency surgery last week for my kidney stone so my ps healing is a little behind where I'd like to be. * I am driving again and dropping the kids at school etc. I'm still a little hunched over and I can't walk fast at all, so I have to build in extra time. It takes me longer than I would like to climb in and out of the car but I'm hoping I'll be 100% by next week. I've really been knocked over emotionally and physically by the 2 unexpected kidney surgeries but each day a little better. * I have not worn my surgical cg for a couple of weeks now, except for half a day here and there. It was just not practical while dealing with recovery from my other surgeries. I have switched to wearing the Maidenform "Self Expressions" hi-waist boyshort - it's easier to manage and I think adds enough compression. I bought about 20 shaper type garments at Target, and this was the 'magical' one for me! It was $13.99 and I'm wearing an XL but might move to a size L. * I've not had any weight loss yet. I'm hoping that's just because of the trauma my body has been through with the additional surgeries and meds. I was 130lbs before xmas, ate like a pig and was 142lbs the day of surgery. I'm sitting at 140lbs now. I have not been trying to lose weight, but I was hoping some might just magically disappear...lol! Now that I am more mobile, hope that starts to change. I will also check in with Dr P to see when I can start doing squats and easy weights. I don't feel like my body is quite ready but maybe it's just a mental block. I can't wait to start getting some shape and muscle tone in my body! * At night I am mostly sleeping on my sides but I do get a lot of discomfort and stiffness. I can get in and out of bed pretty easily, but the stiffness in my hips and back makes me do a bit of fake lamaze breathing to help me push through the discomfort! * My steri strips are off and I can finally see my full incision and bb. Tomorrow I have a follow up with my local ps to see how things are healing and get instructions for next steps. Dr Pantoja's office has also been calling me and I will follow up with them. If you are doing ps with Dr Pantoja and can find a local general surgeon that you can work with, I highly recommend it - unless you have someone that is good with wound care and can help you out. My incision at the front is looking great - it's healing well and is low and clean and thin. My incisions on the hips and around my sides are not looking as good - they are more 'open' and stretched. Hopefully there is way to fix that up, as that will be the area that 'peeks' over the edge of my underwear so I want it to be as clean as possible! * When i was taking a few quick pictures today, I realized my inner thighs still look flabby an there is no triangle gap which I was expecting to see by now. I will be reaching out to Nadia ask about this, and also about my upper arms. They also look flabby. Not that I was expecting perfection, and maybe it's a case of tonining up, but defintely not looking like some of the other post-op pics I see on Real-Self. * As you can see in the pictures, I have a lot of swelling in my stomach area. I'm not sure how much of this will 'deflate' over time, and how much will need to be reworked at some point with lipo. I will ask Dr P for his thoughts. I'm planning on breast lift, breast aug, abdominal lipo and chin lipo later this year. I'll recycle the fat again and have Dr P boost up my bbl where it's needed. I guess maybe I'll be adding more lipo to my inner thigh and arm lipo depending how my body changes over the next few months. Ok - enough of my random thoughts, time to post some pictures! Hugs to everyone wherever you are on the journey!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

After reading many reviews and looking at before/after pics, I was super impressed with Dr Pantoja's tummy tuck work. He is very caring and professional, treats you like you are his daughter. His staff are wonderful and everyone was so nice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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