180lb Weight Loss Post Sleeve Gastrectomy, Skin Removal, Body Lift - Tijuana, Mexico

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Heading to the Ariel Center tomorrow to have a...

Heading to the Ariel Center tomorrow to have a belt lipectomy (LBL) with Dr Medina Sanchez. Not nervous but definitely excited and looking forward to this portion of my journey. I had my Vertical Gastric Sleeve done on 10/07/13 at the same place with Dr Ortiz and Dr Martizez and had an amazing experience so my nerves are at ease as I know already where I'm going and what to expect. I will post more about the plastic surgery aspect of my experience!!

Arrived safely. Can't sleep!

I'm here at the hotel and should be sleeping but I think my adrenaline is just pumping because I'm not nervous at all! Went to Walmart and got in the jacuzzi. I do have a companion with me that I hired to take care of me for the week. It is required to have one or you have to stay another night or have the option to pay for a private nurse. I will update ASAP after surgery!!

My butt is gone!

So I'm now day 3 postop. I ended up having to stay an extra nigh at the surgical center due to my hemoglobin dropping significantly low. I bled a lot during surgery. I honestly believe its because I was so busy leading up to the surgery working and trying to organize my home since I live alone. Make sure to get your rest prior to this surgery! But even with the blood loss and need for iron infusions and erythropoietin injections, I feel awesome! I'm not symptomatic of someone with a very low hemoglobin, no true pain, just 2 areas burn a bit when I move in and out of bed. The site looks great so far. I have this compression garment on which truly takes your breathe away initially. I got two which I feel is a must because you leak a bit from the sites and must wear them 24-7 aside from showering. Im still on track to head home Saturday. I'm very thankful for the entire team at the OCC/Ariel Center for taking care of me and individualizing my aftercare. I'll post pictures when I add them to my computer or log on with my phone.


Here are a couple photos I took the day before surgery and 2 days postop

5 days postop lower body lift belt lipectomy pics

Befores and 5 days postop. I have some pretty decent leg swelling as well

Swell Hell....

is right!! I've made a bit of a nest in my bed and been elevating my feet and it's gotten a bit better but damnit!! Still no pain. I took some Tylenol last night because my back was so sore from hunching over.

Update pictures postop lower body lift belt lipectomy plus items I've found handy

Here are pics with the same undies I wore preop. A few items I've found handy postop-
1) My Go Girl. I bought it years ago for a trip to NY since I'm a germaphobe and don't like public toilet seats. It's pretty much a funnel for a woman to use to pee standing. I've used it this whole time. I figured the less getting up/sitting down the less pain. Plus toilet seats are very low which leads me to the next handy item
2) Toilet seat riser. I didn't bring it to Mexico with me but it has been super handy at home. Even though I've used my
Go girl to pee once nature calls you're higher in the air and are able to get yourself on and off the seat. If it were lower I would be straining more to get up which in my mind will affect my scars long term. Plus with the seat higher you don't need help (I'm super independent). I also used it while I showered. I say on it with a towel and was able to splash splash away wash my legs by myself.
3) A "grabber". I don't know the proper name for it but I'm using it all day!! I tend to drop things all the time so with this contraption I'm able to pick things up and reach things by myself. I organized my home preop so most things would be in reach and at my level too. I have a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom so the grabber is great for getting items I want to cook and I'll use them to do laundry today. I use it with wipes to
Clean the floor if I spill in the kitchen or bath and to put my own slippers on.
4) Elastic and safety pins. Safety pins to attach my drains to my garment and the elastic I use when I'm not in the garment and tie it around my waist when I'm not in my garment to have something to attach my drains to. Perfect for the shower. You can see it in my pics.
I'm super independent and don't like asking for help so these items as well as a few others have made it easier for me. Any questions let me know!!

2 weeks post lower body lift belt lipectomy

2 weeks into this I feel sooo much better! Not like I felt bad but I feel like I've turned a corner. I'm moving a bit faster and can bend a bit more, my swelling is all gone for the most part, and one of the two drains I'm done with! I attempted to take it out myself but couldn't get it for some reason so I had a friend take it out for me. I chose to reinforce my steristrips placed by Dr Medina with more steristrips so they are all still in place. I'm still using my grabber a lot but definitely not as much. Thank God for whoever invented that. It's been so helpful. I have update pics too!!

Comparison grid

Just wanted to put all the pics in a grid

Update bikini pics!! 3 weeks post body lift

So sorry. I took these Monday and have been super busy and didn't post my weekly pics. I took bikini pics the day before so I could take afters. Here they are!! I have some pics of the scar as well.

7 weeks post lower body lift update!!

Sorry I ended up going in to work yesterday. So I'm 7 weeks post op and feeling good. Everything is still really tight and I'm still dealing with swelling but not as much as before. It kind of feels like a taut rubber band. Everything is still numb but I noticed that the scar is gaining some sensitivity to touch- it's hard to describe the sensation but maybe kind of like when you hit your funny bone but not as intense? IDK. I'm still not ok with it being touched because of that sensation. I started treating the scar as well a couple weeks ago however that's kind of been delayed because I've had a couple spots that need extra time to heal as well as having had one of my drains stay in longer than we thought (til the day before I went back to work!). I do wear a binder to work since I work 12 hours and would be totally swollen and uncomfortable without it. On my days off I don't wear the binder. It's a simple one like they give you after you have abdominal surgery at the hospital. My scar looks ok but it changes which is strange. I'm using Bio-oil as well as silicone scar tape and dermatix silicone gel (recommended by my PS) all from Amazon. The Bio-oil I love because it smells great and isn't super oily. Great because my skin was pretty dry from waiting for things to heal up. I'm looking forward to my first bath and going back to the gym. I looked at my before front picture I'm posting and I can see i need to get back into my routine because my muscles are smaller ( not like they wee big but I can see the difference). Here are some pics.

3 months post lower body lift update

I've been MIA for a bit!! But I will always check and answer questions if anyone asks so don't hesitate to send me a PM. So I'm 3 months postop now and a lot of the swelling has gone away and I can see more curves now if that makes sense. I still wore an abdominal binder at work until I was about 2 months just to help the swelling since I do 12 hour days. It would feel like a balloon that was about to pop sometimes!! I've been using bio oil and Mepitac silicone tape on my skin/ scar. The tape stays in place for days and doesn't come off even with showering. I can tell the difference between wearing the tape and not wearing the tape because I have the scar under my belly button that will flatten out when I wear the tape. The weird thing is that when I don't wear the tape it raises right back up! I don't know if it will stay flat over time or what. I'm itchy from the healing so I walk around scratching a lot :) I'll attach pics!!

Before, during and after sleeve gastrectomy and lower body lift pics

Lots of pics!

Sorry I've been MIA for a minute!!!

Hi!! I'm really overdue on the update!! I've been relocating to another state, doing a travel assignment, and just all over the place!! Anyway I'm doing well and because of my schedule have not been hitting the gym like I normally do but my travel assignment will be over at the end of January so hopefully things will get back to normal as far as my workout schedule although I'll have to find a new gym. Body wise I feel great and have put on a couple lbs which is ok with me because I'm a little on the thin side in my book. Here are some update pics! Also if anyone has any questions feel free to PM me. I'm so sorry if you did and I've not gotten back to you but I've been a busy gal for a minute!!
Dr Medina Sanchez

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