25 Years Old Mother of 2 Ready for a Big Booty! Mexico, MX

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Hey my bootyfull girls im new to this but im soo...

Hey my bootyfull girls im new to this but im soo tired of not being in love with my body anymore and this year it need to change! Hope to god with a little gelp from Dr Campos i really love his bbl not sure about the tummy tucks though have any of you had one done from him and am i in need of one im not sure never considered it till Dr campos suggested i should

The price is the quote i got from him
I think its pretty good for a tt and bbl
I'll post my wish pics and my actual pics

Not my actual Date waiting for angie to response with my down payment to save date

Dr Pantoja it is!!

Hey girls so ive been looking around and im going to go with Dr Pantoja after all love how he does put his attention more then i got with campos staff dont get me wrong campos awesome BBL but i dont heal fast since i have had c sections i know how my body works i take forever and i need someone to answer mt concern as soon as possible not a week later anyway deposit for may 5th 2016!! With Dr P Yay! I can not wait im getting all back lipo flanks bra area abdominal area and arms into my butt and a BA not sure if i should get a lift as well with it since my left boob is smaller then my right

Only 2 more weeks!!!

Sorry ladies i hacent been on in a while but i am now...So i meet dr pantoja today for the first time i was sooo scared and excited at the same time since i already paid the deposit and what if i didnt like him? But he was the sweetest Dr my husband and my mother liked him so thats a plus everything is good to go i was going to get BA along with BBL but he said no since my breast milk hasnt completely dried up yet and since i do want a pretty big size back door he said its best to avoid sitting layinf on it for a while so i have to wait 8 months after my BBL but thats okay i wanted that more then anything anyway! Now i have nothing ready what do i need to take and pre pare myself any suggestions? And what are good hotels to stay at? Please i have no idea help! I only wanted to stay 3 days tops if that only because i have a 1 yr and a 4yr old at home but im also a big cry baby with pain ????

Booked my Hotel room!

BBL Tomorrow finally!

Well hope to god everything goes good tomorrow im mixed emotions right now one moment I'll be super existed and the next having a panic attack lol am i the only feeling like this? Do you girls know what kind of pain killers Dr. P gives and are they even strong enough?

Today is The Day!! yay

Please send all the prayers you can girls today is the day blood work and ekg came back great now to wait at 12pm i go in yay cant wait to be curvy

New Body Pantoja Doll

Hello dolls sorry it took me so long to update drove back home today in a lot of discomfort not so much pain and if I have it's at a 5 or 6.... 10 being the worse here are some few pics without my faja on only because i needed to wash it because i leaked through it couldnt take good pics but will try again tomorrow because it looks way better tummy a little saggy tho

more pics

May 5th surgery

Pics from today 3 days post

Hey ladies this pain discomfort is no joke the pain medicine Dr. Pantoja gave me didnt really help thank god for my mother im taking norcos half a pill of the 5mls seems to work i take 2 whole pills in a 24 hours asked the Dr and the okay from him here are pics with out the faja and one with i dont take it off unless i have to poop i sleep with it and have it on all day

had no ass whats ever lol sad

Side by side before pic took day surgery

day 5th

Pics with faja on every day been getting a little better but when i do feel good i move around too much following my 1yr old and the next day i regret it! So dont do it if you feel good one day dont over do it because it will set you back

New Pics

Feeling better each day just had an other massage its not the best but after i feel great oh and i have not sat down at all i squat to poop lol sorry for too much info

tummy pics

Hey sorry i havent posted up much just really busy with my 1yr old and almost 5yr old and recovery but i havent posted tummy pics so here you go
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Im Booked with Dr Pantoja instead

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