3 Days Until my Lipo with Dr. Pantoja!! - Mexico, MX

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I will be getting lipo on my tummy , back and arms...

I will be getting lipo on my tummy , back and arms. Feeling nervous and anxious about my procedure:/ recently started feeling this way after reading a few old/negative reviews. Only 3 days away.

I will be staying over night and coming home on Friday morning.

The staff has been super nice and helpful by replying to my emails within 24 hours.

Lipo Surgery today with Dr.Pantoja

Hi girls.!!

So far so good with my Recovery.

I arrived to Tijuana around 8:30am
Had my lab work done around 8:45 and my EKG around 9:20am. I met with Dr.P at 10:15am and said my surgery would start around 11:30am. Before I met with the anesthesiologist, I got an amazing massage for Juanita. They staff was been extremely nice, including Dr. P!

I believe the surgery was about 3hours. He didn't pressure me into injecting my butt because I said no since the beginning.
I woke up around 3pm and have had no pain or nausea since then :) I'm hungry but I will wait to eat until tomorrow.

I will definitely post post-op pictures tomorrow.

2 days post op

Came home on Friday morning.

I got lipo on my back, arms, and tummy. No but injections.

Not much pain just really uncomfortable.

Today I showered for the 1st time and was REALLY dizzy. I'm not leaking as much today.

I'm really swollen and I'm hoping this changes within the next coupe of weeks.

2 days post op


Hi girls, Everything is healing well so far. I've had 2 lymphatic drainage massages and I feel better after each one. My only issue is that I've become super dizzy and fainted when taking off my garment. Hoping it gets better with time.

lymphatic drainage massage Recommendations in Los Angeles

Hi girls! Do any of you have recommendation in Los Angeles for lymphatic drainage massage?

9 days post op with Dr. Pantoja!

Hi girls!!

Feeling so much better. I was able to shower yesterday without feeling dizzy. The doctor called me twice to check up on me and he said to make sure I was eating enough food to avoid feeling dizzy when taking off my garment.

I have another follow up appt with him Thursday. Will keep you all posted.

EPI foam

Hi girls!!!

Is been 2 weeks since my lipo. I'm feeling great! I do have lumps in my tummy but getting massages 2x a week. Dr. Pantoja says they're not permanent but I must continue my massages.

He also made me wear EPI foam. It's uncomfortable because it makes my garment tighter.

Progress pictures

Hi girls, here are some progress pictures.

I'm still swollen and have bruising. No pain but I'm still uncomfortable when I sleep because of the tight garment w/foam
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