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As so many before me, I'm tired of the yo-yo'ing...

As so many before me, I'm tired of the yo-yo'ing weight. A few years ago, I lost a little over 60lbs just by counting calories. A small injury that had nothing to do with eating sidetracked me and I gained all of it back plus some. I just went on about my business over the years not paying much attention to my weight or the scale. I knew what I needed to do to try and lose weight but had absolutely no motivation to do so. Being tired all the time puts you in a catch 22 and it sucks.

After weighing myself a little over a month ago and seeing that 378 number on the scale, I realized I need help. If I don't get help now, I may not be here tomorrow. I decided to try and adopt a Paleo way of eating as it's the closest to the way I want to eat. I'm not 100% there but have lost 18lbs. I want to try and lose another 40lbs before surgery so my BMI will be below 50. If not, I'll have to add another $350 to my surgery price. Even more important than the money, I want to do it so I'm that much healthier going into surgery.

Because of my researching over the past year to year and a half, I was able to easily choose the doctor and location of where I wanted to go. I have scheduled my surgery for June 24, 2016. I've reached out to the patient coordinator and asked her to have the nutritionist get in contact with me. I'm 4 months away but feel it's important to know the nutritional expectations for both pre and post-op. I'm ahead of the game in that I've already gone through my sugar and caffeine withdrawals since starting the Paleo way of eating. That will only serve to help me with the headaches and other symptoms others get as a result of cutting these two items out of their diets.

The only thing I think I may struggle with at this point is when I'm not downing Diet Cokes (I'm not anymore) I drink at least a gallon of water a day. Don't think I'll be able to do that post-op. :/ I don't have high blood sugar or diabetes so that isn't the reason. It's just always been this way when I've cut out the diet sodas.

Anyway, although I've been an "official" member here since August 2015, this is my first post. I enjoy reading your own experiences and look forward to adding mine. :) starting weight was 378. As of this morning I'm at 360 and hoping to be closer to 324 by 6/24/16.

Trying to get healthier before surgery date in June 2016

Good morning my fellow weight loss friends! :)

Just thought I'd update my journey this morning. I started trying to eat closer to a Paleo diet 1/18/16 and did a weigh in at work this a.m. Down 22lbs! I want to try and start incorporating my treadmill and resistance bands now as my goal is to lose another 40-ish pounds before surgery 1/23/16.

I bought some whey protein drinks and talk about gag worthy. That's $35 down the drain! I should be receiving the IsoPure Zero Carb ones today and I'm hoping they'll taste better than what I tried last night. I have never been a protein shake fan and I'm hoping to find something I like leading up to surgery. From what I've read, taste can change after surgery so this will probably be a really long search. I also bought some grass fed whey protein powder that is for the most part, tasteless. I made a green smoothie (1 kiwi, 1/2 pear, 1 frozen banana, 2 kale leaves, 1 cup of coconut water, 1/3 cup of ice *Note: The 2nd time I made this I removed the Kiwi and added a kale leaf. Both times I added a little more coconut water so it isn't so thick) and added the powder to it. Changed the taste a little but not so bad I couldn't drink it. Not sure I'd be able to drink these post sleeve because of the sipping. We'll see.

I hope everyone is doing well on their journey.

20 days until my VSG!

Thought I'd check in since I haven't in a while. I am 20 days away from actual surgery with Dr. Alejandro Lopez in TJ, Mexico. Surgery is already paid for. I am down 44 lbs from where I started and need to lose another 10 lbs before surgery date to avoid the up charge for being over a 50 bmi.

I start my pre-op diet next Wednesday which consists of 1 meal with a serving of protein and salad as well as protein shakes for the other 2 meals. I'm allowed additional vegetables if I get hungry. Liquid diet starts a week after that, only clear liquids and protein drinks.

So far I am not nervous, more excited than anything.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Almost 11 weeks post-op

Tomorrow will be 11 weeks post-op and I realized I haven't updated here in a while. Everything has been going well so far.

Since the beginning I've been able to drink more than just sips which is awesome considering I used to be a chugger. The whole not drinking before, during or after a meal for a certain time period really sucks! I literally watch the clock until I begin drinking again. :)

Food-wise I am eating everything as I was pre-op and have been since week 4 (ok'd by our plan). Portions are hugely smaller of course. I can't eat more than 4oz at a meal and even that is sometimes pushing it, so I don't. I have thrown up twice and that was because I ate way too fast. It wasn't a horrible experience (e.g. no pain etc.) but it definitely reminds of us of our limitations and to slow down.

I went from 2 Omeprazole's everyday immediately following surgery to a pre/probiotic in the morning and 1 Omeprazole in the afternoon/evening. The past week my stomach has been making all kinds of noises and almost makes me feel like I'm hungry but I know better. I just started back with 2 Omeprazole's a day and the extra noises and fake hunger have gone away.

Up to this point I haven't done any true exercising as I always start feeling weak which happened pre-op. I decided I need to push my body a little to get back to being used to exercising. I've been using my vitamin patches (Patchmd for those that don't know about these wonderful things. You can buy them directly from Patchmd but I get them from as they're a couple dollars cheaper if you subscribe to the get auto-ship monthly) and eating enough calories to sustain at the bare minimum, walking. Joined Planet Fitness by my house and went for the first time last night, did 30 minutes of walking. I meet with the "trainer" tonight to hopefully get a routine going that will allow even light weight lifting.

Ok, weight-wise I have lost a total of 91lbs since starting this journey in mid-January. 59lbs pre-op and 32lbs post-op (surgery was June 23rd). I feel like I'm on the slow end of the losing spectrum but I'll take any loss I can. It seems I stall every other week then will lose 2-4 lbs. With my overall weight loss and time I started to now, I'm averaging about 2.9lbs a week. While there are times I'd love to be one of those really fast losers, I'm thankful because I'll have a smaller chance of problems with my gallbladder and anything else that is irritated because of fast weight loss. :)

I have to schedule my 3 month labwork appointment this month. I'll check back in with results.
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