Fat Transfer to Lips, Frown Lines, Nasal Labial Folds, Cheeks and a Small Nose Dent Correction with Fat

Hello. I am 33 years old. I had no cheeks what so...

Hello. I am 33 years old. I had no cheeks what so ever, through out the years I lost volume on my lips and cheeks do to over using micro current. I decided to get fat transfer to my face. Fat was removed from my lower abdomen while I was sedated. I got fat transferred on lips, frown lines, small dent on nose, cheeks, and nasal folds. It's been 5 days today after my procedure, not much swelling from anywhere but my lips. My lips look enourmouse and I am very nervous about them. My cheeks look amazing, my frown lines are invisible as well as my under eye wrinkles, I know I am still swollen but I didn't bruise much. I hope this lasts. I will make a review very soon.

Day 6 after face graft and lips

Lips still look huge. My problem is the duck profile and how fake they look. I have to go back to work and this seems not to help. I don't want anyone to know I had anything done. I still have pain on my lower abdomen from the fat removal. I am now taking coffe as a diuretic, Tylenol and Zyrtec for inflammation. Still very stressed and sad a bit depressed that I can't go anywhere. My husband says I look like a duck.

Before pictures

Here is a picture of before surgery. This was taken a week before. And a picture of 6 days after surgery.

Day 7 first week.

Early in the morning. My relatives saw me and keep saying I look the same. They say I will stay like this. I know because of reviews this is too soon to know. Feeling a little down. Another day at home another day putting ice and taking meds for swealling.

Day 8

This is the longest week ever. Okay. Last night I was very happy cause I felt my lips were going down, I texted my family members that know about the procedure and they were so happy for me. I was really really happy. Now I wake up (after trying to sleep sitting down the whole night) my lips look huge again. I don't want to get out of my room. I am so sad again. Ps I will update pictures later today see if it goes down.

Day 8 afternoon.

Still very swollen. I did my make up so I could feel better. I have been eating a lot of candy but I will stop now. It seems it makes it worse.

Day 9 still look like a duck

I am a day 9, I look exactly the same. I work on Tuesday, my only relieve is that I saw a review here where a girl healed on day 12. Maybe things will change. My lips feel very stiff still. My family says the doctor probably added too much fat. I asked the dr and he said it's too soon. I am having a very hard time sleeping on my back I feel like I don't rest all night, I breastfeed my daughter (I don't have milk, just for comfort) and she gets very uncomfortable too. Anxiety, sadness and being at home daily is affecting my nerves and relashionships. I am ready to heal, I want to. I have so much to do and really can't leave my house. I will wait. I will be strong and if you are going through this I hope this is helping you know you are not alone.

Day 10

Yes still look like a duck. Everyday I feel I write the same thing. I need to be strong. I have been all these days at home regretting this and hoping for this to last and look awesome. I will be strong. I will go to the store take my daughter shopping and embrace my lips. I will do my make up and know my lips don't denfind me. Know I am working towards feeling and looking better.

Day 11

Well it was hard today. At work people noticed I looked weired I tried to press on my lips and hide it as much as possible. I got out of there and my lips were super swollen. BUT, I just saw myself in the mirror and I don't look too crazy. It seems the swelling went down and my lips are looking a bit better. What do you guys think? It's the first time I see them this normal. Is it my imagination?

Before pictures.

Hello ladies I wanted to post these pictures because you can see my under eye wrinkles improved and how my skin texture improved dramatically due to the stem cells the fat has.

Today's pictures.

Well, I look better. My skin, and whole face looks better. My lips are still swollen, I still look like I had something done on my lips but it is getting much better day by day. My cheeks, under eyes look great. Very happy with the results of the face.

2 weeks post.

These felt one of the longest two weeks of my life. Swelling is getting there but very very slowly. I still feel my lips hard so I decided to get a steroid shot for inflammation. I will probably get it today or tomorrow. I heard that it helps swelling significantly.

One month later

At 4 weeks tomorrow. I am very excited with the results. My cheeks look very nice as well as my nose and the wrinkles the doctor worked on by injecting the fat. I also like the lips more. I still look like a whole different person, people I know ignore me when Get to see them cause they don't recognize me and the question is always: what happened to you? I feel and look better but still different. My face looks nice, my lips still look duck like, wat less than before but it's still there. From the side my lips look fake. It's obvious they are not real. But I am learning how to deal with it for now. I still have a lot of swelling left so hopefully it will be better soon. I am looking better every week. The recovery process is way more than I expected specially on lips, every thing else looks normal but nice. Happy with the results. I don't regret it. It is totally worth it. Now I am just praying I keep most of the fat I have and to loose some of the swealling on the top lip. I got 3 shots of steroids on my butt one week apart for the past 3 weeks. That helped a lot with swelling.

Miracle day.

Finally I can say I am 100% happy. Today exactly 4 weeks later I woke up with less swealling than ever and loving my new face. My lips look natural, normal but still plumped. I will add a before picture also. I look way younger. I got a tca peel done today. It's only day one of it but it my make my skin much nicer. Which it was already nice but I wanted something extra on my lids and rest of the face. I will make a review on it also. Thank you guys for following my recovery and I really hope this helps, thank you for the support when I felt there was no way out of it. Lol. I will keep taking more pictures and hoping I don't change after this.

Before picture once more

Dr. Gustavo Naranjo

He is great. Much experience. This is my second procedure with him, breast augmentation was the first.

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