Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Fat Transfer to the Butt 7/24/2013 -Mexico, MX

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Well i am 29 years young mother of 4 wild gorgeous...

well i am 29 years young mother of 4 wild gorgeous kids ages 14-9-7-2 and must say i am done having kids and ready for the body ive been wanting since as long as i can remember. after a year of loosing weight ;) 62 pounds so far and everything is literally hanging lol i finally for my quote A extended tummy tuck with muscle repair liposuction on upper and lower back flanks,waist AUCH yes im already feeling the pain (im a chicken) and a fat transfer to my empty trunk lmao which i am not yet fully convinced i want to have holes all over my body idk yet i shall keep you gals posted . i am having blood work done here in california and getting clearance from my family doctor and dr. cardenas will do a second set of blood urine and all those fun tests when i arrive to her facility omg i am nervous anxious excited crazy you name it im going thru with this allthough that means my bank account will hit the ZeRO's i deserve this transformation!!!! i will add pictures later im not ready it took me a minute to send them to fatimeh which is a incredible person i will be staying at the recovery house for 10 LONG days!!! anyone gonna be there from the 23 of july 2013 to august 4th?? hit me up!! im going alone and till today im cooo but i know imma panic i hope not i put my hands in my lord jesus! and i have heard wonders about dr. cardenas ;) my quote is 6100 not including the 1k plus for my stay at the recovery house and not including meds and the compression garment maybe another 300-400 dlrs i need to say one thing im not going to tijuana to save myself 500 bucks no i am going to tijuana because 1st i need someone to care for me 24/7 for the first days i know being home will have my monkeys all up in my business and i dont want to freak them out. 2nd because the good reviews the doctor cardenas has and i truly believe in god and i pray i am making the right decicion my husband was like what will i do if you die. my sister and mom said the same thing my responce chill!!!!! thats the last thing i need in my head and if anything bad was to happen then i died trying to achieve what i wanted :)

everything is confirmed 7/24/2013 is the big day!! YAY

lab tests donde today and ekg came out normal hopefully blood tests is good as well ronnie from the recovery house will pick me up in san diego, discussed the anesthesia procedure a lil nervous but was reasured i am will be in good hands!

received the preop instructions

i must admit im calm about the whole situation idk if its because ive read so much about what to expect or because i just want this so bad!!! anyways i decided to take some pics of me now and here they are. i dont know if you gals have any suggestions or tips idk of anything i need to buy anything that may help my healing process?

worries as hell

so today i received my blood/urine test back and some abnormalities showed up in the white blood count my doctor said its maybe just a contaminated pee? huh yea well i googled it and shit just freaked me out!!!! so she ordered a 2nd set of urine tests i scanned them and sent them to cardenas around 1pm havent heard from anyone :( eeeh feeling blue. idk what the hell to think surgery is supposed to be this comming tuesday :'( grrrr feeling like chiet

im happy! anxious and not nervous

spoke with cardenas today she confirmed my urine test she sent me to my doctor and they have me on antibiotics and my surgery is scheduled for wednesday july 24th.... YAY!!!!! now i need to know what should i pack? what type of clothes? should i even pack underwear? lol im confused and im planning on buying the compression garment from dr cardenas as well as the epifoam? any suggestions?

omg wednesday is like right around the corner!!!

i head out to san diego on tuesday and will be picked up by gabriel. i leave my 4 kids my little one is 2 yrs old we have never been away from eachother and i cant believe im leaving him for 10 Days ayayay!!! i will be alone before , during and after surgery. anything i should stop eating? i stopped eating tortillas ,coffee and soda

just arrived

I am now at the recovery house and let me say its a really nice place peacefull... and im emotional i miss my kids specially my 2 year old :'( ive never left him before!! I met with Ronnie and my nurse and carmelita they all give me peace of mind hopefully i meet dr cardenas later today

the day has come YeS!!!

Well i must say im not nervous although i was up till like 2am tossing and turning meeh anyways im ready for this!!!
God bless you all

just got back to the clinic

And i had circumferential tummy tuck . Lipo all over. Muscle repair and fat transfer to my butt i am in real pain and somewhat emotional i miss my kids!!! The staff is the best their is. I dont have words to express how i feel about dr cardenas. Fatimeh and ronnie i just love them they are wonderful individuals.

5 days after surgery

Let me say it isnt as bad as i was prepared for it to be the only thing that makes me cry is being so far from my monkeys :'( . Lets jump to another topic i have posted pictures becase im in no moo for paparrazis lol but im posting 2. They put me on that thing from hell yesterday (maderma garment) and hay chica ya sentia yo que seme cai el alma!!! I felt like we went back to the old times where woman would have someone put a dam corset let me say that shit is no fun i had to sleep in it and ive slept like 3 hours its 5am. Besides that hakuna matata. Ooohh another thing everyone is super sweet i love my nurse ily and carmelita and doctor cardenas is here everyday ;) oh and i havent pooped in 6 days and they did that thing where they rape your anus hay dios mio que bajo toy cayendo chica!!! That was lastnight and nothing yet =( i hope i poop soon ive taken 4 pills to shit and 2 teas and NADA!!!!!

correction Haven't because mood

Lol sorry had to

exactly 1 week ago

Was my surgery. And i still dont see the light let alone the tunnel :'( went to sleep at 10ish woke up at 12:18 didnt go back to sleep till 3 and idk whats up but nurses are quiting 3 have left in my 7 days here they complaint about the pay and you would think that by the rates and the location ronnie or cardenas would care to have people happy but shit idk. They are all so sweet and smilly that u think there happy with their jobs meeeeeh anywho. Soooo i finally pooped ayayay a tiny lil gum ball and the nurses almost threw me a party ahaaa. Other then my bitching all is good mmmm ive been having headaches that dont go away maybe its my poor sleeping hours but the sleeping pill doesnt help me grrrrr.


ooohhh and i still have the IV in my arm?? idk why its here they never put anything thru it since the surgery day??? i dont comprendow que pasa

quick note

i guess things fly around here lol so they know i posted about their employees and take NOTE im referring to those whom are no longer here.

going home

And yesterday my husband started flippin wtf i didnt know nor did i plan for a circumferential TT. My sister mentioned the scar size. My reply 1. It is/was MY money 2. This was done for ME!!! Not for anyone else and let me just say if he doesnt like the scar the door is WIDE OPEN!! Sad but true other then that im going home with 1 drain ;)

swollen feet

well been home for 3 days and i am feeling great, my feet are swollen. i had been having very bad headaches daily till today. i am showering today with arnica water to help the swelling. ive been getting harrassing emails from Ronnie which i find unprofessional i will later post copies of the emails. i have absolutely nothing but good things to say about dr cardenas but her husband is something ELSE dont do business with this man and if you do make sure you get a receipt for everything otherwise he will try and convince you that you where on drugs and you dreamed you paid but you didnt i spent over 7 thousand dollars with them and he is being stupid over $50dlrs that WHERE PAID i may be on narcotics but trust and believe i know how much money i got and where it goes.

after getting the scare of my life

and facing a reality check. i must admit this surgery is my 1st and my last. i developed a necrosis and was advised by my family doctor to run my ass to the ER which i did. they did lab work ultrasound ekg heart and respiratory monitoring and iv . i was crying of fear not of pain of fear asking myself wth did i put myself into what will my kids do if i where to be absent tomorrow something i had never really thought about. i am here thinking when will i be normal :'( when will i ever show off the body i thought i'd have?? will this thing ever heal? why oh why did i do this?? maybe in 2 months i will feel better maybe in 2 months i will be healed who knows but its been 19days and i have yet to see any lights or tunnels :'(

hard times...

well i am now able to get out of bed without any help im able to do little things nothing like wow i'm almost normal...i ask myself will i ever be NORMAL again??? anyways the front incision wont heal idk wth is going on i still have the drain which gives about 75cc Daily. i'm meeting with Dr. C next week for the stitches on my bb and hopefully i dont get any bad news on this freakin incision. she announced me a possible seroma wth is that i didnt even bother to google that because google just freaks me out. i understand all the blogs that say this is temporary but i seriously believe this is taking forever next wednesday it will mark 1 month and i am looking nothing close to the old me cleaning playing with my kids running biking etc :'( GOD is good and i know i cant just say god heal me i know i must do my part and i think i am but i see no improvements


here are a few pictures i havent really been in the mood of taking full body pictures im trying to avoid all activity hope-ing this front incision will heal!!!!

finally removed my drain :(

it seamed like it would never happen. but i was finally draining 25cc daily. and well i took some pictures right now and decided to upload them and share what it looks like :( i see Dr.C this week so i am feeling relieved to finally see her again. i must say that everytime i email her boom she replies back! i also finished my antibiotics from the ER idk if she will be giving me any i shall keep you guys posted . God Bless everyone

i am not wearing my compression garment

:( i forgot to mention that grrrr after many advise from different people to take off that compression garment well i decided to take it off last thursday and i must say my incision is looking better idk if just my head playing tricks or if its infact looking better. tomorrow i see dr.C :)

met with Dr, Cardenas yesterday 8/21/13

got my stitches removed from my bb but she said she was leaving one there and that within a month i can take it off or the body will spit it out?? eeh i dunno whats with that but ooookay! she also confirmed i have necrosis which is relatively small she said the scab will fall and leave a hole (like the drain holes) and i will need to clean it till it heals she also punctured a lil bubble she said that is grease that the body doesnt need and when i see any bubbles to kindly squeeze them as the body is looking for a way out. she also ordered me to straighten up :( i have tried and idk i just cant i think its just my head effin with me but we will see ive made it my goal lol she also said i can start walking 15 minutes straight and then add 10 minutes every week till im good and back to normal i will later post some pictures i got to take my wild monkeys (kids) to school i havent said anything about my fat transfer to butt because ive been on my butt al this month :( since i had the incision problem there wasnt much of other position i could put myself in i have been using the boppy pillow but until the swelling goes down idk what will be of my ass i really dont think much changed and im ok with it i just want to heal completely and then i'll buy me some underware that has some sponge inshit or ill put a pillow on my ass but no more surgery's for me i'm a real chiken!!!!

here are some pics

later i'll post some of my holes and front incision

scab is falling off

like the doctor said the scab is falling off and the yellowish thing is showing up like on the drain holes! hope it heals up sooner then soon but then again only time will say

sooooo let me use this blog to let some emotions out

a year ago in july i came back from a trip to Michoacan mexico which is where i am from after many years i was soo exited ro finally meet my husbands parents. i got there and they were all super happy as the days went by my evil mother in law said to me mija i am taking you to the doctor because being this fat is not good :O my fuken jaw hit the floor literally!!!!! inside my head i was like god grant be serenity right not cause if you give me strength im going to kill this bitch and burry her ass right here right now.. (for years i had been on diets) to me this was an insult my husband the man i married and share my most intimate fears and happiness had never said anything about my weight idk if its because he would see how hard i hit the gym and changed my eating habbits. anyways that month in michoacan with that bitch felt like a year!! i hate her and i dont hate her for trying to make me skinny is because she herself is fat!!! la zorra no ve su cola ni el zorrillo su fundiyo!!!! lmao auch!! anyways she took me to like 10 doctors in 1 month i came back with so many herbal shit and needles in my ears my husband asked why? whats wrong? what happen? i said your athletic skinny mother thinks im fat!!! he said babe dont listen to what people have to say you can never have everyone happy, i tolled him that day july 21 2012 babe my real journey begins today! and since july 2012 i really changed my eating habbits i didnt change the food i changed the portion by 1/2 and at 1st i didnt see any changes i was 238 pounds but people started asked 3-4 months later what are you doing you look skinny! i still wouldnt see jack but a month later my clothes was loose ;) i was soo exited that i got my credit card and bought me a treadmill, a bike and some weights and a reusable water bottle that bottle followed me everywhere! 9-10 months later i was 52 pounds lighter i started stregth training but my loose skin wasnt going anywhere i spoke with a personal trainer whom was up front with me he said the more you lose weight the more flap skin you will get and there is nothing i can do with you to give you firm abs! if someone says yes you can they are liying. i said to me holly shit i dont want to be this way i really concidered many times just gaining the pounts back. thats when i said its time for that tummy tuck eve!!! its time i spoke with my only sister and she said you are stupid why would you cut your skin out she said you are full of vanity thats all :'( i was in shock because she is 300plus pounds and all this time i invited her to join me and lose weight with me and she refused so i wasnt feeling guilty i knew i had my husband on my side and i said hey im ready for a transformation and im willing to spend all my savings to accomplish what i want and he said lets to this i will give you 1/2 of whatever your surgery costs. i went to many surgeons here in los angeles and for some reason i ended in this site. and found dr. laura carmina cardenas and when i saw her site i said this is whom i will get my surgery from. i emailed her got a quote in about 6-7 days and i emailed her right back saying i wanted to book the surgery Fatimeh said ok evelyn deposit 500 and we will set a date for you, i did the deposit the same day and she said ok when do you want your surgery i said tomorrow!! she laughed she said well usually people set the surgery for 6-12 months i said no fatimeh my time is now she said ok well today is the 12th i can put you up for the 24th because you need a series of test before the doctor can lay hands on you and well time flew and i had my surgery and now you know ive had my troubles and i still do. and what i wanted to say is that you get courage,advised etc from the people you less expect it!! yesterday my sister said i want to see your incision i hadnt showed her because i knew she would bombard me with negative things and sure enough i showed her and she said. wtf is that ?? you have to have an infection that shit doesnt look right look at yourself what did you do?? i said i am fine and i will heal everything will close you gotta chill anyways i heard her bitch for the next our or so! i dont know why people be acting stupid its my body, my money and my mother fuken life!!!! not only do i deal with her crap! but my husband has been very weird and jealous 2 days ago he said i need your facebook password ?? i was like i deactivated my fb he was like why? so who do you text? i was like what do you mean? he then said where do you go during the day? i tolled where the hell am i going to go all i do is drive my monkeys to school and back home no where else?? wth is up his ass?? i think its really fuken early to be acting jealous inshit not like imma go clubbing during the day with these freaking wounds and looking like the hunchback of notre dame like really wtf!!! he said if you dont love me no more tell me and i will move out?? we had never had any sort of talks about separation i didnt know what to answer but i did i said look ive never cheated and never will the day i feel anything for another man i will let you know before i cheat that the love is gone and its time to move on but if you are not hAppy the door is there and its wide open if you wish to leave go right ahead your kids will always be here whenever you want to see them! he was crying and hugged me?? so idk wtf is up with these people!!! i am going thru enough shit like to deal with there insecurities!!!!!

necrosis is falling and hole is starting to show :'(

very frustrated right now the dark spot (necrosis) is falling and i can now see the hole and i am freaked out :'(
im in sharp pain

Sanity Not Included

i seriously thought that by this time i would be worried about what cream to use to fade my scar, or making time to hit the gym and work some abs. but no im nothing close to that! hear i am worried about all these holes in my incision. my PCP wont prescribe me ANYTHING to help me close these holes! like seriously i aint asking for some high narcotics to knock me the fudge out of this reality! so i am stuck with neosporin which i really see no change!! the hole keeps getting bigger and this cituation is taking away the little sanity i had. i really wish to stay positive but seriously i see nothing getting better and let me say that i understand this isnt because i went to Tijuana and all that crap!! its my body reacting to all the freakin hell i put it thru the oly thing i do say is i would have liked to have my surgeon at a reliable distance! which is and is not the case!! when i went to tijuana on the 21st of august my 2 1/2 hour trip turned into 4 hours each way!! it was hidious and very uncomfortable. anyways here i am going crazy. maybe next week i will post some pictures. i am not wearing my compression garment nor do i have any plans i am very swollen and all though i understand it helps with the swelling it makes my holes worse so 1st is my holes and 2nd is the swelling. i am showering with antibacterial soap and cleaning my incision with neosporin foam and then applying cream followed by a gauze! well having nothing more to say i wish everyone a happy long weekend . sorry for any mispelling but this ipad sometimes has a mind of its own.


and i have been calling around a few places to see if i can get some help with these hole ive called surgeons and wound care facilities and NOTHING!!!!

i dont want to frighten anyone

every surgery is different every body e'volves different. i dont blame my surgeon. i put my body thru hell and it reacted this way. so i went to the ER again :/ yup and they discovered a infection i am on 2 types of antibiotics and of course cleaning my hole with antibacterial soap, foam neosporin , sufrexal cream. as for the hole it seams to be getting bigger its crazy but thats exactly how i see it right now. Dr.Cardenas says it looks much better and she continues to let me know she is with me in this journey. which i appreciate! the ER sent me to a wound care facility but Dr. C had me choose either her or the wound care faility :'( so i chose her. she stated at the wound care faility they will dig the hole and make it bigger that its best that i continue her instructions and let it heal with time, so thats what i am doing. i must say i appreciate those of you whom have texted,email,private msg me. with your thoughts and prayers i am blessed to have such great support from all of you! Thank YOU..


Even though I've been through so much I can honestly say my surgery was WORTH IT. I never took into consideration any type of complications and I think not too many of us do. I dont regret it because thats exactly what i wanted and if i hadnt done it it would still be on my head. not only that sooner or later i would have done it.

nothing has changed therefore i havent been here

so i went to see Dr.Cardenas on monday the 9th and nothing really happened in my visit. she stated all looks good and to continue cleaning it and eventually SOMEDAY this thing will close. i sincerly believe my 3hr drive each way plus the 1 1/2 hour line to return to U.S was not worth it at all. i mean she didnt say anything new it was like hearing outloud what i read in her emails. and she hasnt emailed me since then :'( i feel like she absolutely doesnt give a dam about my wound and i am growing very desperate this sufrexal cream isnt doing ANYTHING but she says this is a miracle cream. shit dont mind me asking what is it supposed to do for me?? cause till today i havent seen a change in this wound yes it isnt growing bigger but it isnt closing either. forgive me if i am sounding negative but this is exactly how i feel! ive spent to much money in this after care which i dont care for the money as it goes like burning fire. my point is i wasnt expecting to spend so much money in after care medication, gauze, non-miracle creams, trips to tijuana to have nothing done etc etc. tragame tierra!!!!!

oooh and

for those of you who have my cell # and have texted or called me and i havent replied :( im sorry but my phone completely died and i lost all my contacts. GGGRrRrrrr

i want to share this with ya'll lol

this is i guess my end result which am pleased and happy and have no words :)
oh and i cropped it to take my face off i hope you guys understand why i dont put my face in my pictures

No contact with Cardenas

Hello Ladies,
Well I am 85% back to my normal duties. I emailed Dr. Cardenas a while back and never heard from her or Fatimeh. I find that very unprofessional. Why wont she reply? Why wont she make an attempt to reach out to me? I am sure she knows the hole is still there when I saw her 3 weeks ago she said in 2 weeks you will see the hole closing that was just cheap talk. I am seriously questioning if this will ever close and how my skin will look when it does. I am furious because I advised Cardenas that the ER had advised me to go to a Wound Care Center and she had me choose between her or the wound care and I chose her FOR WHAT? So she can abandon me ½ way thru this journey?? And yes most of you will say well why the hell didn’t you go to the wound care and not tell cardenas. I am an honest person and therefore I believed BELIEVED!! I was dealing with a honest professional individual and It is very clear to me she is NOT. Yes many of you have great outcomes with her but how many people out there is there with my situation? People that don’t know this blog/website exists? I am sure I am not alone and it is sad sad sad and some people here get mad cause of what I say and I truly don’t give a dam. This is my story this is how I feel and I am sure if you was to be in my boat your ass would be freaked as hell so if you have anything bad or stupid to say by all means grab a ticket and wait till I give a dam. I am tired of coming here and having my inbox full of crap. I am trying my best to see the light at the end of this journey and that light isn’t around the corner. So if you have anything stupid to say grab a big glass of shut the fuck up and keep your comments to yourself.

hole as of today

here is the hole

at a wound care center in downtown los angeles

i'm feeling sick already!!!
Thanks Dr. Cardenas for not giving a dam about me. and for leaving me with this wide as open wound and not following up.

sad reality

After spending my morning at a Wound Care Facility surrounded my people that have their legs chopped off due to diabetes and people with burns etc etc, it made me feel sick seriously I shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on this after care not mentioning my hospital bills.
So the wound specialist suggested a debridement of the wound and put a VAC to help it close he states since the wound has been left alone the skin instead of closing it just created a border of defense and it wont close he gave me 2 options either do the debridement and basically start all over with this wound OR give it a shot with a cream.
Me being a chicken and not wanting nothing to do with sharp objects I chose the cream, he did however said if it 3 weeks it hasn’t closed he will have to do the debridement which I said that would be fine.
I am seriously upset with Dr. Cardenas I would have NEVER EVER thought she would leave me ½ way thru recovery. How can someone sleep? Seriously
Anyways it is a lil to freakin late to say what if… so I shall keep anyone who is interested on my journey updated.

ive gotten a few msgs

about what cream i was prescribed i just picked it up its called Skintegrity Hydrogel .
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

the queen of tummy tucks has indeed let me down :'(

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