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I previously wrote about my backlift not being to...

I previously wrote about my backlift not being to my satisfaction. I was trying to stay positive regarding my results and its outcome. However, I'm just being real about my feelings even though I knew that nothing is 100% and we have no guarantees.

After speaking to Campos I knew he sincerely done all that he could. He expressed (again) how difficult my case was being that I had a lot of scar tissue from previously getting aggressive lipo on my back. He also explained how the incisions are made and there would not be 100%. If he was to make a second incision vertically that would possibly make the drastic change Im looking for. But again, because of the scar tissues and the infection I got during my last surgery (with a different surgeon) he really was concerned about my well being. He said the tissue was very hard and severely damaged. Still in all, he suggested a possible revision with the vertical incision but suggest waiting. He also gave me two more options of treatment for the damaged tissue but prefer to wait and see the outcome once the swelling goes down. After speaking to the doctor and allowing him to fully explain what happened and how difficult everything was I truly believe he wanted to do more but my body would not allow him to do so. Even with the FG he explained that my skin was tight which made it difficult to give me as much hips as he would have liked but made every effort to put as much as possible. He said, he pushed hard to give me what I wanted but again my body gave him another problem.

Because of the over stretching of my skin with the fat he's watching me to make sure I am healing fine, which I am. He gave me 1,000cc's and yes he stretched the hell out of my butt because that’s the only pain I have. Lol… So yes I was expecting a better successful outcome on the backlift but I must remember that the doctor is not God and most importantly he took my health into consideration FIRST. I believe because he really wants to please his patients I will be totally happy in the end. I will see as time goes on. In the meantime I’m staying positive and enjoying how smooth my sides are and how much fat he was able to remove from my abdomen
Good News…
My sutures will be able to come out on Monday and he removed the drain from my back. I must say, this experience is a lot different than my last. My last procedure I had to stay in TJ for 15 days due to necrosis and other side effects or complications. This time around I barely have any bruising, my pain is basically discomfort in my buttocks, I was walking on day two, and started going to the restroom without assistance on day 3. My entire healing process is much faster. I would have expected a slower healing process due to my diet was poor this time around and I was not as physically active as before.
The front desk staff Angie and Hannia has always been courteous and helpful. All my emails were returned in a timely fashion, all my questions were answered, and even though they are extremely busy I was assisted each time and never felt rushed.
The only reason why I gave a lower rating for aftercare is because the nurse who stayed overnight with me in the hospital was not bilingual and we did not see eye to eye on anything. The compassion was not there, and there were little to no effort made to try and nurse me. I wasn’t even able to talk to my mom on the phone because the phone was not plugged up in the room. Do you think anybody went and got a phone from another room so I could let my family know how I was doing? No. I woke up wanting to speak to my mom and was told by Angie that she already spoken to her and informed her of my outcome. Thank God... Anyway, I believe the nurse became angry and purposely punished me for getting out the bed and taking my own medicine. I woke up around midnight in pain and she refused to give me more meds because she had just given me a dose through my IV. I told her I cannot suffer in pain for the next 7 hours upon the doctor arrival. As soon as she got up and called the doctor in the middle of the night I took my own pain pill from my purse. Of course she was yelling at me and refused to help me get in bed. I asked her to put the cover on me and she acted as if she didn’t understand what I was saying. After asking her a third time I just proceed to get up on my own and that’s when she put the blanket on me. So...she understood what I was saying in the beginning but was trying to punish me because she was angry. Every time I asked a question it was like pulling teeth. When she didn’t want to or unable to answer my questions she became angry and making grumbling gestures and sounds. So because of the horrible experience overnight I had to drop a star for aftercare although it was the nurse who was rude and unhelpful.

Just a quick note that I was able get out and get...

Just a quick note that I was able get out and get around today. Actually, i think I may have walked and stood around too much but I felt good. Also a lot of the swelling is going down daily and Im starting to see the change in my back and my overall shape. I wish I had taken my measurements before but today they are 46-38-46. my ht is 5'6 and wt two days prior to surgery was 194. My current wt is unknown. I will probably wait until 2 wks pst-op to weigh myself.

Hello all, Just a quick update....The night...

Hello all,
Just a quick update....The night before departing Beauty Care I got my nails done by Nurse Carmenlita friend. She came to the facility and gave me a new set of acrylic nails with designs. Speaking of Beauty Care, I'm going to miss them all. Its like we became family. So sweet and caring, yet down to earth. I took a few pictures of them without their scrubs on and on their way home or wherever they were headed. Eli is the young nurse I call mama because she doesnt play. Carmenlita I call nurse diva because everyday she is dressed in name brand and has a killer body. Hair and makeup always in tact. Dr. Cardenas checks on all the patients at the recovery home and best believe shes coming in her stilettos and trench coat. So I call her Sexy Dr. C. The overall care they provide is awesome. They do everything for you and try to make your recovery as pleasant as possible... I flew back home on Tuesday, April 9th. I had the hardest time trying to be comfortable on the plane. I had my boppy to sit on but because my butt is so tight and sore the plane ride was miserable. Thank God it was only one and a half hour long. I cant see how you vets who travel long distance can do it! I tip my hat to you....Since Ive been home I have been running errands and basically staying on my feet. Because of this, I now have swollen feet and legs, shortness of breathe (after walking for a period of time) and my first in life nosebleed. I'm not sure if the nosebleed was due to me laying on my stomach with my head down facing the computer or not. Nothing major so Im not going to worry about it.....I took my own drains out on Thursday. It was not painful at all. I just made sure to spray the open hole on my body with antiseptic spray and covered it with gauze and tape....Yesterday I wore a long maxi type dress and can see the difference in my body all ready. I just pray that my results continues to get better. However, I still have some fatty tissue on my back but its not drastic. I'm hoping with the reduce in inflammation my problem area will continue to correct itself...Im still taking my vitamins, fluids, and drinking protein shakes. Im still stiff especially after being in one position for a period of time. This morning I woke up in pain in my abdomen area (laying on stomach) and I remembered reading about a lady on RS used a heating pad so I got up and plugged mines in and took a pain pill. Once I found the right position I was able to drifted off to sleep. Besides all that has been mentioned everything is going well.

I just wrote up this post about the changes in the...

I just wrote up this post about the changes in the past few weeks with my body and for some reason it erased. Im on a time limit today but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm posting 3 and 4 weeks post op photos. Im looking better nude each week and recently discovered I look great in certain clothes. I looked at myself in the mirrow and didnt recognize myself hehehe...I hope my results continue to get better and hopefully my butt wont shrink more. The swelling is pretty much gone at this point so going from 46 to 43 in myhips and butt area is making me worry a little. However Im happy witj my overall look (in clothes). Im told that you wont know your true results until 6-12mos later so Im going to enjoy my current results as much as I can.

I thought that I should mention that I get a call...

I thought that I should mention that I get a call and/or email once a week from Campos office asking how am I doing. The first week after I returned home I was having some discharge and foul smell from my navel. After getting some advice from the office my navel no longer is an issue. I receicved another email today from Campos asking how's my navel and how are things going. Im really shocked and greatful for the concern. I personally have never read on here about Dr. Campos office calling to follow up with his patients so I wasn't expecting this level of care. I'm glad that I went to him and don't regret the experience at all.
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