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I did actually 3 procedures: Lip Lift with Corner...

I did actually 3 procedures: Lip Lift with Corner Lip Lift and Blepharoplasty Upper and Lower, but in this review I won't discuss the Bleph procedure, I'm waiting for the final results, I'm still recovering! Cost of all 3 was $4000 Cash! $1500 each with the $500 discount, which included Operating Room, General Anesthesia, One night stay in the clinic with the food, medications, monitoring and all the stuff you getting when you are in a Hospital! Girls in the Clinic were amazing! Professional and very sweet, almost everyone spoke English, I don't speak Spanish, but I felt like I was back in my New Jersey where Spanish is everywhere!
Very important CONCERN I had before I went to Mexico, besides Professionalism, Knowledge and Experience of the Doctor, was The Safety Concern! So I want to assure everyone who reads my review it's ABSOLUTELY SAFE! You can go to Tijuana at any time without any problem!
As I said I'm from NJ, so after we set up a date of a surgery I flew to San Diego the day before the surgery, checked in to the hotel next to the SD Airport, called the doctor and the driver (who affiliates with the clinic), and voila, next day he was right at my hotel door, very good looking young man, with the perfect English, absolutely trustworthy, I had a Cash with me, and felt a little awkward with the stranger, but this is his job, and he wouldn't jeopardize it for my stupid money :D So we drove probably 10 mins in SD and 5 in Tijuana, clinic is very close! He dropped me off, I paid $70 (one way), (the next day he took me back to my hotel, also $70 plus tip - optional) and there I was again by myself, but hoping to see the Doctor, the only familiar face in the new town, we had a lot of phone and e-mail conversations prior, I saw her pictures online, she saw my pictures sent by me, but it took some time, before I met her, so I went through all that registering and preparation process, and just before I was going to be rolled to the operating room My Only Saver, My Doctor Came, I felt so relieved, so we discussed very briefly what was going to be done, which we knew, just never spoke face to face, I gave some suggestion regarding my eye, which I shouldn't do, and she did as I asked, now I regret it, but as I said I'm still in a recovery process, and final results are not there yet! Today is exactly 2 weeks after the surgery!
I love my new lips, as you can see on "before" and "after" pictures, results are dramatic! "After" Picture is taken right after I took the sutures off MYSELF (that's the different story) :D on a 12th day! Scars are still visible, I treat them with anything I heard of ( Medihoney Gel, Silver Wound Gel, Neosporin, Rosehip Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Mederma, ScarAway Silicon Sheets) took DermAvance Arnika Forte, Glucosamine MSM & Turmeric, Vitamin C still taking, and all the other vitamins, but best thing is probably to leave them (Scars) alone, and let them heal naturally!
Yes! Pain! There was NONE! ZERO! I remember when I was waking up after the surgery I heard my name repeatedly, felt so good, didn't know what was going but Wow, everyone knows me :D! Then conscious kicked in and first thing I said "My Eyes Hurt!" I was getting Pain Meds through IV, and that took care of the pain. But BAD swelling under the eyes and the whole face, and discomfort with eyes are plenty still now, Not with Lips!
So my conclusion is go for Lip Surgery to Tijuana! You won't regret it! Especially if you are on a budget! It's the same treatment like in America, just with less money, besides you'll meet sweetest, kindest and very caring people there! I'm glad I did!

My Eyes

Thank you girls for lovely responces, I will definitely post more updates on my lips :)) but as you all want to see my eyes, here they are! My problem, (this is my opinion) was that right eye looked much smaller then left one, because upper right eyelid was more drooping then left one, so I asked doctor to take more skin from right then from left, and she did, so now my Right eye looks bigger then the left one... my hope is that they will get even after they will be healed. As Dr Sigler said PATIENT has to have a PATIENCE, so Im waiting :))

Update on week 4

So here is my lip, looks normal, not as sexy as it was :)))) but I like it, it's still better then what I had, thin, not attractive lip, which developed with age. My mouse corners are still drooping :(( doctor told me she was going to take only 3 mm, which I think was not enogh, my mouth was not simmetrical to begin with, but I was hoping ti fix it by letting her to cut it :)))))
Scars are still visible, under the nose and very hard on touch, cannot wipe my nose properly, using Q-tips for that, I think that, scar will need 3 to 4 months to fully fade away.
With lips I'm very happy, don't get me wrong, but I wish she would do some markings while I was awake, and I would know what to expect, but I suspect she didn't do any markings

My Eyes Update on week 4

Now, what's going on with my eyes? Trouble!
I regret, I did it! Much better option would be a brow lift, when your eyes are untouched and you get much younger look!
Again, maybe I need more time, I hope, hope, hope that's the case! But what if not?!
My right eye's lower eyelid is turned down and looks like open pocket, my left eye, when closed, doesn't close completely, scars are on a different levels. You can see on my closed eyes, but that's OK, I can cover them with eye shadow.
So, right now I'm not as happy with my eyes, as with my lips, plus I suffered a lot.
So girls unless you have the eyebags, don't do blepharoplasty, and if your upper eyelids are drooping, on my opinion, brow lift would be the best fixer.
I will definitely put more update pictures later, if I'll see any improvements, actually my eyes are still hurt on touch, so I hope they are still healing.
Good Luck to me :))))) !!! And Good Luck to you girls :)))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Eyes After 2 months

Dear Girls of RealSelf community I'm back, and thank you very much for your support and good wishes, I really needed hem, was so miserable with my eyes, today I feel much better, I'm so happy that you were with me and helped me with your nice words, thank you very-very much again! Love you all! Today is a little more then 2 months, and I want to tell you that eyes look normal to me, no more "retraction" of the right eye, Thank God! I still have though a sensation of a feeling that something is pulling from the inside of my eyelids, and I rub them constantly, that feeling is probably from the dessolvable stitches, they obviously need more time :) I put today more pictures of my eyes, so you can see how they look now! As of my lips, they are ok, but scars are visible, not the mouth corner's, under the nose, but I don't care, it will fade away, I still can not wipe my nose, the scar is so hard, but after 6 month everything will be normal :) One more thing, my brows fell down, I mean the distance between eye and the brow shortened :( So you judge yourself, the pictures don't represent exactly what I look like, but will give you an idea :) Thank you very much! Love you :)))

one more picture

one more picture with a little mascara

little mascara

little mascara

Some new pics

I'm putting my Halloween pictures, because they are recent, Lips are just regular normal lips, )scar is still visible) but one thing is good, when I talk, my front teeth are showing nicely, and I like it very much :) Eyes are not completely healed, but with makeup, they look good, it's not 3 months yet, I still have dark circles under my eyes, but they will go away!

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Before and Right After the Surgery Lips and Eyes

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I had a great experience with Dr Sigler and her associates. They were all super friendly, informative and very attentive. She is very professional and experienced surgeon! Dr Sigler gave me the right advise on what would be good for my face, and performed the excellent job, I'm very happy with the result! I highly recomend Dr Sigler and the clinic in Tijuana, Mexico! She also contacted me several times following the surgery to check on my progress! What could be more sweeter?! The whole experience of my traveling to Tijuana was great, I don't regret I went to there!!!! Mexicans are lovely, lovely people!!!!

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