40 Years Old, 3 Kids, Lost Weight, Boobs Depressed - Mexico

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After struggling with my weight for my entire...

After struggling with my weight for my entire adult life I finally decided I wanted more out of life! I worked my butt off to lose 80+ pounds. Now I'm ready to lift up these girls, get rid of this saggy belly, and achieve the figure I've always wanted! Ive still got quite a way to go but I'm so ready!

Date set, flights booked, hopes high

I went through International Patient Facilitators, Sheri Burke, to arrange my procedures. At this time I have absolutely no complaints! She has answered every question I've had whether by email or phone call. ???? Now I'm just patiently waiting for my SX date to arrive! 17 days and counting!

Starting here

It's one thing to know you have been over weight and your body is in sad shape because of it but it's a whole other ballgame to actually SEE it. It took me several days to take before pictures and several more days to actually post them for people to see.

10 Days to go!

With just 10 days to go I'm getting a mix of emotions. Excited mostly! I had a surgery on February 11th to get my tubes tied and ablation. The ablation basically destroys the lining of the uterus to reduce or prevent menstrual bleeding. I wanted to get these procedures done before getting a tummy tuck so as not to ruin my PS work of art! ;)
No periods, flat tummy, perky breasts, round butt.....exhausted fiancé!! Maybe I better get him on a vitamin plan.

What did I do??

I'm 4 days PO. I actually ended up going through a breast lift, extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo to the flanks and lower back, and Brazilian butt lift. Yes, all at the same time. To say I'm in pain would be an understatement. My PS said she took off 8 pounds of skin and removed 6 liters of fluid and tissue through lipo. She then put 700 cc in each butt cheek. I'm a little upset about my butt. I thought she would firm it up a little, not make it need its own zip code! Anyway. She said she went so aggressive because I'm in good health and young and my body could take it. We shall see.

Before pics

Here are some before pics and the one after pic I can manage so far

Day 7 PO

Dra Balza came to see me yesterday at my hotel. She is so nice and professional! She got after the hotel maid for making me sleep on a rubber mattress with only a sheet in between. Anyone who is recovering from surgery knows how much sticking to a rubber mattress all night would suck! She spent a lot of time talking to me and giving me encouragement. She took the drains out of my breast then cleaned and redressed my incisions. I am very impressed with her!

10 days PO

5 days PO

I should have added these pics already but better late than never! These were taken after a shower while I was still in Mexico at 5 days post op. You can see where the foam squares were. Man I hated that compression garment and foam!

5 days PO

More pics

Trying pics again

5 days PO

1 month

1 month pic. Still swollen. Still pretty sore but getting better.

6 week booty pic

Trying on jeans finally!

7 weeks

Little separation where the incisions meet on the breasts. And belly button pic.

2 month update

2 months post op. No, I'm not pregnant, that's swell hell. :)

11 weeks PO booty

Where do ppl find jeans for something like this?!? If they fit my waist I can barely get my butt and thighs in them. If they fit my butt they gap at the waist. The struggle is real! Lol
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I haven't actually met Dra Balza yet but we have exchanged emails. I picked her out of 6 other doctors because of her professionalism and her knowledge of cosmetic surgery.

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