Breast Augmentation,TT,BBL,LIPO $7,200 Dr.Pantoja - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hi everyone! I have been a non-stop reader on RS....

Hi everyone! I have been a non-stop reader on RS. I have read and taken notes on many of your journeys. I am a very spur of the moment spontaneous 39year old with 3 kids 13,20,23 and ready for my makeover. I used to weigh 220 max weight and after years of trying diet after diet in 2010 I decided in a Lap Band with Dr. Mark Takata in La Jolla, CA (OMG BEST DECISION EVER) !!!! In 1 year FYI it goes fast, I was down 100 pounds. I loved my new image with the exception my boobs were almost 2nd to none. I went from size 20 to size 5, Oooh yes I was in heaven, but deep down I felt too skinny. I decided to gain some weight and I felt more alive and nourished lol. I have gained few pounds(my decision) my Lap Band has totally allowed me to maintain my weight. I now decided even after weight loss I needed Tummy Tuck, and always wanted Breast Implants. I never considered or thought about Brazilian Butt Lift till I saw results and numerous stories on it. Fast Forward in October 2014 I was debating on a few Dr's in Tijuana, Mexico. I met and consulted with few but it was Dr. Pantoja who seemed genuine and caring. He addressed my Lap Band issues, and to me that meant a lot. He's a caring man, and so far his staff have been WONDERFUL! My surgery is scheduled for Thursday December 11, 2014 2pm my check in is 11am. I'm so scare, nervous, anxious, and unsure of my outcome. I hope I can feel like a new me, and finally wear jeans minus little kangaroo pouch (my ex called it that shit). I have a very supporting boyfriend and family who think its time I finally do what I always wanted to do. I hope you all can pray for me and I want all my angels who have always been by my side to be watching over me in the next few months. This year has been a very blessed year and I never feel like I'm entitled to anything. I hope all you considering do your research and homework. The surgery can have awesome results or it can be the worst nightmare. I understand all the good and bad. I just feel selfish sometimes spending my cash on this, but I'm always doing stuff for everyone, and it's my time for me to do this for me. I wanted to leave on a beautiful 2-3week vacation with my family to Europe, but we settled for a Bahamas cruise in 6/2015 and my surgery in Dec 2014. I wish I could upload a lot of my before ,but bf gets weird about the site. I will upload as much as I could. CLUB MED it is for my 3night stay. I stay free with Dr. Pantoja 2nights, then Club Med 3 nights. I live close to Tijuana but I didn't want family to hear me bitch my first week of pain and lots of suffering. Marvin at Club Med gave me a price of $100 a night minus the transportation. 2 days and counting!!!!! I'm 5feet 1 inch, size 11, bra 36B

Today is the day! 8 hrs to go

I'm little relax and nervous at the same time. I just feel nonchalant...normal? I guess I will head on to the Walmart buy my granny panties, socks, and mini tooth paste. I packed very light I I was told CLUB MEDical has everything even my gowns. I just need an out fit to come home in.
I can't write it 5am with a full agenda, but heck In will just relax...heading to TJ 10am my check in is 1130. I wanna say I will update everyone later but I will see how I'm feeling. I got Percocet, Tylenol with codeine , and my levaquin on hand.

My body pictures size 9-10

39 year old with 3 kids, 5'1, 160 pounds, post 4year Lap Band(Dr. Mark Takata) covered by insurance all $35,000 was paid. I wrote a desperate letter to insurance 3pages yo be exact and was approved within a week. I was calling daily. I was 220 max went to 125 pounds. Now fast fwd my body transformation keeps rolling. Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Breast Augmentation, BBL today December 11 in Tijuana with Dr. Salvador Pantoja $7200 all included plus a 2 night stay, girdle, lab work, and I will post the initial email.

8 hrs POST OP outta surgery!

I was relaxed up until my walking in to OR, Everyone from Dr. P, Dr. assistant, and Anesthesiologist were so nice and professional. They were just like La Jolla, CA team(extremely knowledgable , caring! upfront! and very professional) I was never once nervous in the OR. I curled up to baby fetal position he was looking for his injection site. I worked up when heading to room saw my family still here waiting to make sure all was well, and say good night. I think my surgery was 5hrs.
I am not feeling pain, only some sleeping discomfort, and tiny bit nauseous from all mess no real food since 6pm Wednesday morning. I have a sister who loves the hell outta she cried went they took me in, told her to stop being a Winnie :) she left me a Mexican phone, and is already called US. I do feel normal for NOW, a bit confined, and hot in this room. TV shows are great, nice little room' and girl next to me had same procedure the day before. My nurse with Dr. P is nice and helpful (I think she was sleeping few times). Ladies FYI get all your WIFI info on iPad,phones, etc..I have to wait till 8am to obtain for my phone. Dr. Pantoja is really a caring, focused, and artist of a man.

6 days post op Dr. Pantoja

Ooh wow!! What a week this has been for myself. I had wonderful help at home never made it to ClubMed..I came home and was in pain 3rd and 4th day. My 5th day was sad, bf and me parted ways ;( but I'm a soldier and healing is my priority!!!! I had to move my post op visit no ride into Tijuana. I will see my doctor Saturday, they always call to see how I'm doing. So thankful I can now walk more, and actually be a little bit more independent. I am in need of my pedicure, nails, and wax jajaja. I'm waiting though until I feel well to be a little new transformed woman. My son has been assisting me last day and he's so good. I'm been eating chicken soups, some fruits, some pineapple juice. I guess I should do arnica tea, and fresh pineapples. It's hard to call people to bring this and that. I'm a little on the bummed side but I continue to walk in my road and see my big picture ahead. Ladies it's hard, and you will need help, patience(I don't have that) and trust in GOD.

July 2015...7 months post op

I have been happy with results, breast look very natural, my scar is still reddish but no keloid. I am battling my food addictions, and I have gained some weight. I am still very happy with my jeans n tanks :) I am planning round 2 for a vasolipo ...I recommend Dr. pantoja, and I can say I feel I am feeling alive once again

I consulted for free with Dr. Pantoja and booked with $500. He was a caring man and never once did I feel I was a bank or cash to him. I totally validated that when I took 5 other people to consult with him last Saturday(he told friend to wait on a certain surgery until she lost the weight and get to her goal). Dr. Pantoja will not performed surgery if blood work is not good, and he looks in detail. He quoted me $7200 for BBL, Breast implants with little lift, Tummy Tuck, LIPO. I think it was decent pricing and around range of his competition. I met and spoke with lots of his former patients in waiting area, new patients, and girls coming out of surgery 1day post op.

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