added new breast pics for those who wanted updates (2 months post PANTOJA)

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OK, so as of now I am receiving reply from...

OK, so as of now I am receiving reply from Pantoja, Campos, and Cardenas. So far I'm leaning towards Pantoja. His office quoted me withblipo from arms, back, flanks, and abdoman, and fg to butt for 3500 usd. So far that is my only quote though, but it sounds like a great price:-)!, now, is there anyone who could tell about him? Good bad and the ugly? I've researched on this site a lot about post op, so unless there's anything specifc I'm good on that. What pain meds do they give you? Do they take u to a hotel (transportation.) Which Dr. Does that biggest butt, I want huge lol

December 20, 2012 Well, hopefully the world...

December 20, 2012

Well, hopefully the world doesnt end tomorrow, or else I'll never get me new body..

Anywho, some updates ladies. I am definatley going with the great Pantoja. As far as y research and communication with his assistant (Nadia) this seems to be the choice for me. Nadia has been quiet patient with me, and very fast and helpful. Ive decided to go ahead and add BREAST IMPLANTS to my surgery. All in all this means BREAST, BBL, LIPO FROM UPPER ARMS, FLANKS, ENTIRE BACK, AND ENTIRE STOMACH. Total = $5,600. Great deal if you ask me, but mind you that im not looking for the cheapest price, Im looking for great results- the price is just the icing on the cake :)

Ive already booked my flight. I will be leaving DFW (texas) January 20, 2013- and returning January 25, 2013.
Reason being, my roundtrip flight was $167.00 yes you're reading that right. when you go to their website, make sure to check the box that says "my days are flexible" and it'll show you a calender with everyday's price. Try to cooberate the cheaper days on the flight with the day of your surgery. The only downsides to spirit is that a) if you happen to miss your flight, you have to buy a whole new ticket. so if you go with spirit make sure you are pretty organized person. and b) you have to pay for any bags you bring. $35 i believe. im packing light and only bringing a backpack- a back pack of reasonable size is free.

I will be posting some before pictures soon. BTW please excuse all my typos and misspelled words, i just had an energy drink so im on 1000 right now haha.

Anyway, I found some surgeons website that shows different exercises you should do within the upcoming weeks pre-BBL. Credits- Advanced cosmetic surgery of n.y.

PliƩ. Also known as a ballet squat, this is performed by standing with the feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart and lowering the body into a pliƩ squat. Hold the squat for 2 seconds then repeat for a total of 20 reps. Finish with 20 seconds of pulsing in the squat position.

Touchdown. Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and the body lowered into a squat. Step the left leg back into a deep reverse lunge while placing the right hand on the floor. Return to start position and repeat, alternating sides, for a total of 30 to 40 reps.

Explosive Lunge. Start in a lunge position, left leg forward at a 90 degree angle to the floor, right leg back with knee pointing toward the floor. Jump up and switch legs in midair, landing in a lunge with the right leg forward and left leg back. Repeat, alternating sides, for a total of 30 to 40 reps.

Single-Leg Squat. This buttock exercise requires the use of a small towel which is folded up and placed under the right foot while standing with the feet together, toes pointed forward. Shift weight to the left leg, bending the knee, and slowly slide the right leg and towel out to the side until comfortable. Hold for a count of 5, then slowly bring the right leg back to center. Repeat for 10 reps and switch sides.

Kick-Back Squat. Start with legs shoulder-width apart, sit back into a squat, then lift the right leg behind you and extend the arms. Repeat, alternating sides, for a total of 30 to 40 reps.

Well thats more than enough for today. Ill keep you updated :)

So the world is still here, not that I had any...

So the world is still here, not that I had any doubts. But I did have ths craziest, most vivid revelations dream last night. Its still haunting me. damn...

Aaaaaanyway before I get into all that lol...I know i'm going with Pantoja, but ever since I found this site, and the likes, I've been literally addicted to researching every single detail of this surgery. With that being said, just for shits and giggles I contacted dr. yily to get info. So this could be helpful for all you yily fans:

Yily bbl $2900 (standard lipo belly, BA,flanks an fg to butt) IF you want to add boobies, grand total $4800. Pretty damn cheap, cheapest I've ever seen actually. So, yily is known for tiny waist and big butts with hips. Her breast work is ok, a little off, but decent....but the bottom half-wonderful. So ladies, if you don't mind flying to Dominican republic, and you like

Sorry.damn phone wouldn't let me finish. Anyway,...

Sorry.damn phone wouldn't let me finish. Anyway, yeah.

I'm still going with +PANTOJA+ :)

Mu focus is my overall body. And although pantoja doesn't do hips, i'm going to ask him for the BIGGEST POSSIBLE BOOTY I've got faith in him.
Well i'm off.

First off, happy new years ladies :) today...

First off, happy new years ladies :) today officially marks my 3 Weeks left period. I Knorr this is off topic, but I need to vent first. So my fiance got a new laptop a couple days ago. I decide to randomly look at the history (I know,I know) and discovery its already filled with porn sites. I don't know how most girls feel about this, but I personally don't like it,I guess it makes me feel a little insecure :(. So anyway, when we first got engaged let January he swore on our relationship he wouldn't look at it anymore. every once in awhile I'd ask him poof he looks and gets annoyed and always promises that he hasn't.I can't stand being lied to so that's what makes me so angry-but even worse,I saw a live webcam porn chat on the history too.I consider live porn cheating.idk. Am I overreacting?

Anyway, here's some things i've purchased, these are only the things I WILL BE TAKING WITH
-little pill case
-iron, vit c, fish oil,arnica,bromelain
-1 maxi dress
-pack of wifebeaters (for under garment)
-pair of sweat pants
-pair of undies (heard u don't need em)
-compression socks
-cell,iPad, charger
-deodorant,toothbrush, hairbrush, make up
-hand sanitizer

Part 2 of today My phone really is a piece of...

Part 2 of today
My phone really is a piece of shit. Ok where was I... So of course I do have more items, but those listed are just what I will be taking with me to Mexico. This should fit one backpack, the boppy I will wear on my neck like a travel pillow goal is to pack light. I know i'm only three Weeks away, but it hasn't hit me yet that this is really happening.I can't wait.the only thing I am nervous about is how I will sleep since i'm getting both bbl and breast implants.I have come up with a few ideas, may sound bazaar lol, but hear me out:

Sleeping with the top half of my body on the couch, with my legs on the coffee with my butt hanging in the air between the two, and my back slumped.


Getting a reclining lawn chair and cutting out a hole for my butt


Two wedge pillow aligned like a bicycle ramp, three fatter parts facing reforge with my butt in between


Getting a toddler mattress or giant piece of foam and cutting a hole for my butt

Lol so these are just some thoughts so far.don't worry, if any of these don't make sense,I will take pictures of these contraptions this week. I WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT FOR YOU, MY FELLOW DOUBLE-SURGERY LADIES I got ur back ;) lol bear with me

Hey ladies, so I've spent closer to $7,000 on this...

Hey ladies, so I've spent closer to $7,000 on this surgery/recovery house/items and i'm about broke lol.that being said, if anyone has a gently used *GARMENT,GIRDLE,FOAMS,or BOARDS they would like to sell please please please let meknow, just inbox me with what you have and the price! Personally, i'm looking for a size small or medium. If it helps, i'm 5'2 147 pounds right now, just need garments desperately. I am leaving for Mexico sx in two Weeks so the sooner the better :). Matter fact, even if you haveother sized garments or sx items you'd like to sell-just post a comment on here and the price you're looking for, because there could be smother pre-sx girl reading my comments looking to by one a well! I really appreciate it :)

So, I sent an email to my doctor asking about all...

So, I sent an email to my doctor asking about all those vitamins I see on makemeheal/blogs/etc. In the reply I was sent,I was told that all of that extra stuff want necessary.also that ahealthy diet is far more beneficial especially leading up to/after the surgery. The only thing I was recommended to take was IRON. Besides that, they did say that arnica/bromelain does indeed help with healing. But as far as everything else, ill just stick to those three plus healthy(ish) eating! I know I prob sound like a cheap bitch-but i'm just practical. Im practical with most aspect in my life (except my weakness for clothes and shoes) but I would never skimp out on my well being. I truly feel like people may stress and buy whatever they see that has to do with this surgery because it does become an obsession. PLEASE KNOW that I am NOT trying to offend anyone, I mean hell i'm on this site waaayy too much lol, i'm just saying.

Ok, once again I do need to vent again. If u been following my blog, u know my fiance and. Haven't exactly started this year off right. So a couple days ago, we had a heart to heart talk about everything, ESP. The lying. I gave him a chance to clear the air so we can move on with no more drama and bullshit. So today when he went to work, I peeked at his laptop just to be sure. I guessed his email password, and thru that got his password to an old twitter account of his. Mind u, before we got engaged, we broke up for a month because I found out he had this secret twitter account that he was using to talk to other girls. He was supposed to delete it when we got back together. Back to today-I log on there only to find that he has really been on there this whole time. Even telling other his they r beautiful and Shit. I asked him specifically the other night if he has been on it and he said no. I even called him today right after I saw everything to give him another chance to be honest. He STILL lied. So once I told him that I seen everything, he got amnesia saying.that he doesn't remember and.that he'd have to look and call me back. Wow. So he's calls me back telling at me about "why were going thru my stuff blah blah blah" trying to turn the tables like a punk ass Bitch. Ladies he wouldn't even talk about what he did wrong so I just hung up.

We been together three damn years. I just can't believe how easy it is for him to lie to me-and not even man up and take responsibility at that. I know i.should leave but its so damn hard, last time I left I was sick for real. Anyway, hopefully after I get this new banging.ass body ill feel better, and strong enough mentally to just leave. This Sx means a lot to me, its the only thing that keeps me happy these day.

I see girls are using those body length foam slabs...

I see girls are using those body length foam slabs on their bed with a hole cut out for their butts so they can lay on back after sx....well I am having both butt and breasts done so this could come in quite handy! Only problem is,I right know where to find them. Anyone?

O.a.n. My surgery is exactly one week from today and its finally starting to sink in.i'm getting a little bit nervous.i'm sure this is normal. And although I an scared, the feelingthey outweighs that is knowinghow happy I will be when its all over with :) what a great opportunity we all are fortunate enough to have! I'm so happy for all you girls as much as I am door myself! YAY!

So I moved back in with my fiance our whatever he is, we talked things out so we are on a good level, but i'm just going to take things one day at a know, kind of keep side distance just incase anything happens again I want to protect myself.BUT things could get back to normal who knows,I'll France to work on forgiving him all the way.

Other than that things are cool. Shoutout to vickie98 for the brands new garment that was so dope! That being said, i'm going to pass that good deed on, and after my recovery I will donate any thing I have for this surgery.that I end up not using,and all garments that are used but clean and in good condition. So if your sx is in.atleast three to four months away, just leave a comment below if interested. Garments will be medium.

Well ladies,.I'll try to get to my laptop tomorrow so I can post these pre op pictures.

So whenever I find out something that helped me...

So whenever I find out something that helped me with this sx, or a good deal,I try to keep you guys updated. thru out this while time,I NEVER knew what those garment foams were called (except the EpiFoam brand) and it was driving me I finally found a cheaper alternative out of my hatred for monopolies and curiosity of pointless things lol.
Anyway, its called Reston foam technically. And 3M is one of the companies thwart makes it as well. For a five pack its like $22 not bad.its also self-adhering. Here's the link

PS- 6 days WHAT'S UP..

Ok, so I am one of many whom happen to be anemic....

Ok, so I am one of many whom happen to be anemic. A blood transfusion in mx would really cramp my steezy (style) so I've found out some very useful tricks for making that iron stick.
First things first "iron deficiency is most common among women of child bearing age" which isprobably mostof us here.

-taking vitamin c at the same time as you take an iron supplement greatly improves the absorption of the iron.
-it is better to take iron supplements on an empty stomach, this too improved absortion.
-heme iron is more potent than non heme. Heme iron is from meat (red,chicken,egg yolks)
-non heme iron, although not AS good as heme, still helps. Non heme iron comes from cereals, spinach, nuts.
-it is ok to take up to 100 mg of iron while u are to get your levels up (6 months max) but don't do it too long or it can hurt you. For me,I take two 65Mg iron pills, one in afternoon, one at night.

Hope this helps ladies.

So I have my belly button pierced twice (one on...

So I have my belly button pierced twice (one on top, one on bottom) and I really don't want to life them a after surgery. note-this won't help if ur getting a TT, since when u have a tt they give us new belly button. Anyway, they sell "Maternity Belly Button Rings" on Ebay for about $3 each. They are flexible and very convenient and long.of course you will have to take out out during the actual sx, but you can put it back i'm right after. With all the swelling and sensitivity, them being long and flexible really help.

*Leave in 3 days, surgery in 4*

Well this morning started off bad, flight got...

Well this morning started off bad, flight got delayed four times ended up being in the airport for 7 damn hours. On the positive side they refunded my ticket and paid for my meal. Anyway, I'm now sitting here at Grace, and this place is wonderful! They really know how to take care of you, they've been keeping my fed and comfortable-and I haven't even had surgery yet! Lol these women here are a hoot though. So when I arrived in San Diego,I was picked up by a driver for Grace, he stopped frequently on the way here so I could take picsof Mexico,I think its so beautiful here.we are right across from the beach. The rooms are comfy and cosy. I didn't get sleep last night, so I'll be passing out here shortly, my surgery is at 9am. Also, shout out to my sx bestme2013 she'll be going in to surgery with me tomorrow, please send prayers her way as well as prayers for me :)

Well girls its finally starting to hit me that...

Well girls its finally starting to hit me that this really is happening! So I'll explain my morning....
First of all, Grace is amazing. I ended up sharing a room with bestofme2013 (my sx buddy) anyway I took my shower last night since I'm not a morning person. So she woke me up this morning and we got dressed, then we were picked up by terasita (grace nurse) at 730 am and headed to Pantoja office. Our appointments are both at 9am, but she's
going first. Anyway, we arrived at the office
and filled out paper work. We then went ownstairs to do labs. Then waited for the cardiologist to do EKGs. After that Nadia,(assistant) took before pics. I then was walked to the building next door for breast exam since I'm getting implant. When I got back to the office,I talked to Pantoja about what I wanted and he marked my body. Nadia walked me upstairs to the clinic area, and to my room. I turned on the TV and changed into a hospital robe, hair net, and thigh high compression stockings. So just now a nurse came in and put an iv in my hand that contains fluid and antibiotic, then she tucked me and said "relax princess"lol. I'm just patiently waiting as of now.Pantoja suggested getting my over thighs so
why not. I will be getting 615\525 cc natrelle
silicone implants thru an areola incision. Lipo will be done, and my bbl of course.Rett only

I have been wanting a bigger butt for the longest...

I have been wanting a bigger butt for the longest time ladies. I honestly thought this surgery would approve my appearance and give me more confidence- i thought I would just be happier....but now that im on the other side.... I WAS RIGHT lol, love my results this is more than i ever couldve hoped for. Fn amazing, I got the exact results of a wish pic i showed Pantoja. And let me tell you, I gotta donk donk DONK woohoo! A real little waist and nice boobies to match. Pantoja ended up switching the iplants to 450/525 ccs because he said the other ones were too big and look funny-this is fine with me, god looking out pantoja. theyre still D.D.'s though, perky as hell :) So my surgery was yesterday afternoon, the only complaint was that i woke up in the middle of it and panicked a little, but that only lasted a couple minutes then they put me back under. Keep in mind this was NOT THEIR FAULT hey it happens sometimes. Grace recovery house is wonderful along with the great syaff. Ive been draining a lot so theyve stayed on top of keeping my clean and dry. They do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable, and keep you well fed and hydrated- def. recommend this place- DO NOT TRY TO RECOVER ON YOUR OWN LADIES i cannot stress this enough. Im a tough chick-and def could not do this on my own. Anyway, today went like this- i stayed the night at the doctors last night after my surgery (which is normal) woke up a few times starting at 4 a.m. everytime i woke up there was a nurse right there asking me ig i was ok or needed anything. at about 9:30 am they put me in my garment and special bra. Since I have both BBL and boobs done, i was asleep on my back. Im not worried about losing volume because panoja places fat under the muscle. And in my honest opinion girls i do not suggest getting both done at the same time UNLESS you are able to handle pain pretty decently, sitting or laying down is a bitch-ivee been mostly standing all day and walking. I was not dizzy this morning, i stood up and was fine and full of energy. The only thing that hurts now is my butt (when i sit) my shoulders (dont know why) and most of all me va jay jay. i have no idea why that hurts, but it just feels like a lot of pressure-try menstral cramps x20. The only thing i can think of is because i ended up getting lipo to my inner thighs. So at about 11am teresita picked us up, the ride back wasnt bad. I was fed grilled cheese, cookies, and arnica tea and changed my pads. I watched some tv, called my fiance, and took a 3 hour nap. After that I came downstairs and bs'd with all the girls, ate quesadillas and chicken soup, more arnica tea/ took my meds and was change again, had my garment washed. I was out of my garment for about 2 hours, so i swelled a bit so it took 3 people to get it back on me, but now all is well. Im about to go back upstairs now to relax and sleep. Night ladies! PS-promise pics tomorrow

Ok so let me start off by saying sorry for not...

Ok so let me start off by saying sorry for not posting in awhile, and thanks to all of you wonderful ladies for all ur support and encouragement. So as of today, I am 2 Weeks post op. I feel much better, and started getting really good sleep about 3days ago. I've been sleeping on my side since last week, it does make my implants a little the morning though. I'm starting to get the feeling back in my skin (stomach and back) i'm super happy about how skinny my stomach is now, finally curves in the right places! The only thing that still hurts is like the very bottom of my butt, where it meets the vag. Its just like a lot of pressure and still a little hard. I've never had stretch marks, and guess what ...I still DON'T have any :) I was worried about that. My butt didn't bruise at all surprisingly. I had minimal bruising (sides, inner thighs that's all) I hope my breasts don't end up scarring as they still have stitches... I have a few downsides, I don't want to be negative, but I do want to continue being 100% real, they aren't too bad anyway. Ok so I had my arms lipod and they are still fat. I mean my swelling haa went almost all the way down everywhere else, so its looking like i'm stick with it. My breasts look great, however the doctor said he had to make more incision other that just areola to get them right. So I have entire areola stitched, a line down the middle bottom stitched, and the bottom crease stitched. One more thing, i'm already wanting round 2 on the booty. I feel as though its not big, but my man says i'm crazy, he doesn't think its went down at all. I wish I felt that way too. We'll see, I mean i've always been ridiculously critical of myself. And not to sound cocky, but i'm a sexy b*tch so i've always had random dudes trying to get at me when I go out in public lol....but since this surgery its been like whoa. My man gets so mad lol, but anyway that's the thing that makes me think hey maybe my butt is bigger than I think now. I'll just give it some time, like 2 months then decide. All that aside i'm still extremely happy I had this done, and happy with my doctor, happy with going to Mexico (even though I was scared at first) and if I do end up going for round 2, please believe it'll be outside of the states again. Tijuana is amazing, I want to go back just for vacation! Of course they do have.their rough areas just like anywhere else, but the also have beautiful areas too. I was happy there like something was in the air :)

Anyway, i've never been too good at following rules. I've been sitting/laying on my back ever since. Its not like I have too many options since I had both surgeries.same time. also, since I got implants it said not to drive 3 Weeks....I drive on the 5th day and been driving ever since. I've also been cleaning, grocery shopping, just normal stuff. On day 7 I wore heels got cute and went out. I've had 0 problems, don't get me.wrong though, if something starts to hurt or feel funny I stop completely.

Welp, todays 17 post op. Now the only soreness I...

Welp, todays 17 post op. Now the only soreness I have is late at night and when I first wake up. I started taking my own showers on my own like 5 days ago (with a sports bra on). My bruises almost gone completely. And I forgot to put before, I GOT 1000 ccs in each cheek, and 6.5 liters of fat taken out (think 2 liter soda bottles how big they are, that's a lot. And i'm doing something a little different to keep my stomach flat, i'm wrapping my belly mummy style before putting on my garment. Its been working,:). My stomach its still hard though, so its the bottom of my booty. But other than that everything has soften up. My measurements USED TO BE 36-31-38. Now they are 39-28-42 yay. And although I feel like my but has went down tremendously, its only went down an inch and that's since day one post op with the swelling and everything. My man still insists its big too. I guess paranoia lies, self-perception lies, numbers don' I'll work on more pics, only posted one new one. Trying to figure out how to use photo editor to make a before and after side by side.

Lord help me lol. See i'm the kind of person that...

Lord help me lol. See i'm the kind of person that when I get something in my head,I won't stop until I get impulse kinda gal. And right now i'm trying to blockmy thoughts of a second round. But ladies is starting to be to strong of a thought. Damn damn damn. Any thoughts?

Yeah i'm crazy like that. I don't have a doctor,...

Yeah i'm crazy like that. I don't have a doctor, and going back to Mexico to get stitches out is unrealistic. So I just decided to do it myself. So here's how it went down: I still have stitches on my breasts from the implants and lift (as you can see in the picture). There are two different types of stitches; the yellow/clear ones are dissolvable, so I leave those alone. The thicker black ones are the ones to remove. After 2 Weeks the ones around the areola only (try saying that ten times fast haha) are to be removed. The inverted T on the bottom half of the breast are to be remove on week 3. So I got a shot glass and filled it with rubbing alcohol, put a pair of tweezers, and a pair of fingernail clippers in it to sterilize. I just held the stitch with the tweezers, and clipped the stitch right at the knot with the clippers.then pulled out remaining pieces with tweezer. It was more scary than painful, could def do it again. So ladies if u have a steady hand, and want to save a couple hundred dollars on something that literally only takes minutes-there u go. Toodles. Oh and I took some bomb pics of the body (like good angles) I'll post them soon.

Ok, so I ask exactly one month post as of today....

Ok, so I ask exactly one month post as of today. First off I have to say... My butt has been getting bigger and rounder these past two Weeks, as it heals. I suppose this it what they mean by "fluffing". Honestly I thought fluffing was a crock of BS, but ladies it is def be the judge. Look at pics, the ones at 26 days post op are the ones I took when I noticed it was getting bigger. Its wild.
Anyway, as far as everything else, everywhere I go I get stared at, by men and women. I have a new little game I play with myself where when I walk by people (if there's a mirror/window around)I look back at them in the reflections and ALWAYS see all eyes on my booty.its crazy.I must admit the attention feels good. I went shopping at Macys yesterday and tried on so many Jeans, its hard to found ones that fit since i'm somewhat short, have a huge ass, and tiny waist. The Jeans that fit my booty are baggy at the waist,I end up with a gap. So I had to buy pants with the word"curvy"in them.ones that have stretch. Just some advice to u girls who like Levis, theyhave Levis made for us Fuller bottom girls called "Bold Curve" they are amazing. Not only will they fitur new big booty, but they are very comfortable and best of all they really accentuate ur curves. Try em out! The other pair of pants I found there that work are called "curvy celebrity pink" they are supersoft, come in all diff colors, and fit right...just make sure u get the ones that do say "curvy" because there are two diff types.they're on sale for $25 right now too.

Wow oh wow. I love them and they are the perfect...

Wow oh wow. I love them and they are the perfect size for me. soooooo glad I took Pantojas advice and went with 500s instead of 600s! Anyhow, I had my first Victorias Secret trip today since my b.a.. I was measured again and it turns out they have gotten bigger. I haven't measured since one week post op (i'm now 6Weeks). So my official size is 34DDD and is happens that's the biggest size they carry whew that was close. I got the demi fantasy bra its so comfortable. As far as the booty, its still holding up.I sit a lot...I mean really A LOT and it hasn't seemed to have any negative effects on the goods. But, there is a but, I have caught the sickness that sometimes goes around herecalled BOOTY GREED you may have heard of it lol. That being said, i'm 82% sure i'm having a second round. With Yily perhaps. And ladies this is ONLY because I want to visit Dominican republic and also because it is cheaper. Otherwise I'd just go with Pantoja again because he is absolutely the KING and I just love him and his crafted big-booty-giving hands.

Well girls, I'm just over two months post op....

Well girls, I'm just over two months post op. Things arete going pretty well, nothing out of the scars are going away slowly but surely. I've been drinking a lot of water-this helps with scars tremendously because ur body needs hydration to regenerate the skin cells.I've also been using bio oil. I have one seroma on my side, but who gives a Shit (they aren't serious and they go away by themselves.) I'm stillwearing my garment during the day because I like how it makes my body look,I don't wear it at night. Tomorrow I will start an exercise routine with jogging and light weights just to tighten everything up and have a six pack by summer :) my butt is there hadn't gone down much thank God, its currently measuring at 41 inches (day one post it was 44, but that was with swelling and everything). My boobs are 34ddd I'm extremely happy with them. My arms still hasn't gotten any smaller, that is my only complaint.hopefully with exercise they will though.
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