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So, I'm currently waiting on the instructions from...

So, I'm currently waiting on the instructions from Nadia on how to go about sending my deposit thru PayPal. I've changed my mind so many times regarding my doctor but I've finally made up my mind. I tried looking for a doctor close to where I live but didn't find a doctor delivering the results I'm looking for. I'm super nervous and excited. Any advice as to what to pack and where to stay would be appreciated. Also vitamins to take and where to buy Lipo foam and all that other good stuff. Thanks in advance



So I have a full month to try and lose 5-10 lbs. it's so hard when I love Tacos! Lol

Deposit paid

I paid my deposit today and received my receipt along with pre surgery instructions from Nadia. It's official I'll be having surgery June 6th!!! Gotta start looking into hotels and flight deals. Any ladies here recommend any hotels y'all have previously stayed at? Any advice is greatly appreciated

Arnica Montana 30x?

Okay so in currently trying to shop for all the things I need on Amazon. I've heard a lot of RS ladies talking about Arnica. From teas to gels and tablets. What is it for? And how do I take it? Did any of you ladies get the lumbar back support foam?

Lipo foam&&Lipo Board

Quick question chicas. How many Lipo foams and boards should I order? I'm trying to buy everything online right now. Any help as to what to put in my shopping cart? Halp! Lol

Purchased some stuff

So I started working on my list of items. So far I've purchased:
B12 vitamins
Arnica Tea
Arnica gel
Iron pills
Vitamin A
Benadryl itch cream
Hydrogen peroxide water
To go items (toothbrush,germX, deodorant)
Johnson baby cream and body wash
Folic acid
&& I can't remember right off the top of my head what else i got in my mini trip.
Looking for silicone bandaids or something like that
Walmart didn't have Mederma so I'm gonna go next week and get me some.

Passport Booklet

Mkkay so I called Volaris which is the Mexican airline company id be using and I'm a bit confused. They mentioned something about needing to have had my passport book six months ago. How does this work? Anyone have a problem flying from Monterrey to Tijuana? They said since I'm a US Citizen
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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