Finally made my decision..Dr Hughes it is!! Culver City

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I have always wanted a bigger bootay lol after...

I have always wanted a bigger bootay lol after having 2 kids my body needs major help :/ square hips no butt. I have seen Dr Campos work and I love his hourglass which I really need. I'm kinda wanting to switch now to Dr Bruno only because I have not seen any Campo girls here in a long time. It's making my wonder why??? Also Dr Bruno is much closer to my home but more expensive. I would really appreciate any input from you girls :)

Switched surgery date to May 28 with Dr Campos

So just a quick update, I paid my deposit 800 dollars and have moved my surgery date to May 28. I still can't believe I'm finally doing this surgery!! I have been stocking this site for over a year now lol and finally decide to write my own review. Will be posting my preop pics soon.

Quick update

Hello ladies!! So just a quick update I scheduled my consultation with Dr Campos on April 19 hope he doesn't tell me I need a tummy tuck :/. I will keep y'all posted

Having a change of heart to Dr Bruno

I was so set on dr campos even sent 800 dollars deposit for my surgery date but I wish I would have waiting :(. I'm loving the big booty's Dr Bruno is giving. Round with projection. Although I do love the hourglass Dr Campo gives, sighhhhh. Plus Dr Bruno is much closer to my home. I have a consultation with Dr Bruno in 1 week I will update then.

Wish pics

Wanted to post some of my wish pics before I post my sad preop pics lol

More wish pics

More wish pics

Front view wish pics

Preop pictures

Dr Hughes consultation

Hi ladies so I went to my consultation with Dr Hughes on wed 3/12. He told me he can give me 200hips and 1200 ccs on booty. But I'm hoping for more! First I want to say Dr Hughes was very profession and kind. I did not feel rushed not once and he answered all my question. He seemed vet confident he can give me at least 1200 ccs. I've read his reviews which are great and seen his patient after pics of bbl and they all look awsome!! Plus I have emailed him several times with random questions and he always emails right back. I really feel I can trust dr Hughes. I feel I have made the right decision. Especially after surgery, I know if I have any questions I can email him and he will response.

More pre-op pics


So I contacted Angie at dr campos office to see if I can get a refund or at least a partial refund of my 800 dollar deposit since I cancelled my surgery with them and Angie said its non refundable! They goes 800 down the drain!!

Preop visit

I went to my preop visit yesterday and saw Adam he's really nice and helpful. Signed all the paperwork also had my labs done. Will be getting my results in a few days. I was able to see Dr Hughes as well, he answered additional questions that I had. I was told I only need to take arnica and maybe iron?? What did you ladies take for preop vitamin?? I mentioned vitamedica preop vitimins but Adam said since I'm young and health it's not necessary. Just curious what you ladies took. Any advice? Thanks

Starting Vitamins today

I still need to get Arnica and Bromelain

Labs are normal :D

I had my labs done on 4/3/14 and I had received a call with my results so I decided to email Dr Hughes and he emailed me back staying he reviewed my results and they are fine yayy! I'm getting excited and nervous, my surgery is now paid in full! No going back now!!!!


I meant I hadn't *

Time off from work

Hi ladies, I'm trying to get my time off approved for my surgery but I don't want to tell them what kind if surgery I'm having done. How did you ladies do it was time off from work. I don't want to reschedule my surgery!!! :(

Surgery May 20 bbl

Feeling nervous, scared and excited at the same time! Did any of you have IV sedation with epidural? I'm scared about general anesthesia. I have 2 little ones and at times I feel guilty for wanted to do this surgery. I heard protein shakes are really good for you to drink after surgery, is there a particular brand that's better? Also I don't know what kind of garment to get after surgery stage or size! Any advice? Also where can I get the arnica gel? I heard its good for itches lol

ER visit

So I had been having heart pain, or so it felt like it for 2 days. So I went to the ER they did EKG and chest X-ray plus blood work. Thank god everything was normal. Dr did day my potassium is a little low but no big deal. I guess it might have been my nerves lol but at least now I know I'm good to go for my surgery on tues :)

Arnika Forte

This is the Arnika forte bottles I got from the spa next to Dr Hughes office, they are suppose to be really good for brusing a d swelling. I was told to start taking them 1-2 days before surgery.

Preop pics

Surgery tomorrow

I'm having second thoughts, I have to beautiful kids under 6 and I'm think is this surgery really worth it? Is it worth risking my life. I'm also thinks if I'm health enough for this surgery. Thinking to much right now :(

Nervous and excited!

But I feel better know I did my research and I know I have chosen the best surgeon for me. Plus god is grand and I know he will keep me safe. Prayers going out to all of you with up coming surgerys :)

On the other side, thank you god!

Had my surgery today, will update when in feeling a bit better. Just tired a bit dizzy. Dr Hughes said I got 1,358 cc I believe

1 day post op


I'm 2 days post op and I have been drinking ensure just noticed it has vit E!


Sorry I haven't update in a while the first few days were so hard for me plus my anxitey didn't help but dr Hughes was there for me every step of the way!! He is such a great surgeon and individual. He called me and emailed me to make sure I was ok and even took the time to see me on a sat to make sure I was okay! He's staff is also no rand very helpful. I feel about 80% normal now. Saw Olga today and said 1 more week and I said 1 more week
And I can get rid of this binder. My swelling has gone down so booty has gone down to, I hope it doesn't get any smaller!! Booty greed is real!!!! Lol I want to thank you all for you well wishes!!

8 day postop

Butt got smaller :/ but still very happy with my results! It's also getting softer by the day. I have projection now!!

Another post op pic

Bottom angle


So I took off my binder to shower and I felt in my right side by hip area like a knot 2 of them. Has this happen to any of you ladies? And did it go away? Any advice ?


Wondering if its to soon for massages???

Post op visit

Today I went for my 2nd postop visit and unfortunately I still have fluid :( Olga the nurse at Dr Hughes office said I had 20 ccs last postop and today she took out about 22 ccs. I can't believe it I have been wear the binder 24-7 except to shower. So I have to wear binder for 1 more week, so frustrating. I can't wear any nice clothes because you can see the binder so I'm in tshirt an loose fitting pants.

Post op pics

I'm feeling almost 100% normal except for this binder. Booty getting softer and rounding out

Post op pics

Dr Hughes is awsome, I'm very happy with my results I was amazed with my stomach how small it was after just lipo! No tummy tuck. Dr Hughes was there to answer all my questions from day 1 consultation and after care postop, he called to check on me and always answered all my emails! And gave me a booty! I finally have projection.

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