Pantoja or Campos Struggling...lady's/dolls Please Help - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hey lady's/dolls thanx for reading my post. So I'm...

Hey lady's/dolls thanx for reading my post. So I'm in a predicament I have already placed my deposit for Pantoja but I'm having second thoughts.
So here are my expectations/outcome goals: Ever since I could remember I've had this pooch of fat in lower abdomen. Lady's I'm a little over weight but not Fat, or at least I've never looked at myself like that, even at 115lbs I had this pooch of darn fat. So my goal is to once and for all Destroy the Enemy (the pooch) lol I'm such a drama llama. Yes! Main goal. Secondly I have this awful deposit of fat in my armpit area it drives me bonkers,Get rid of that also. Third my arms, no matter how hard I work out at the gym my arms always look like ham legs( or ham thighs) you catch my drift. Overal I want to slim down the upper portion of my body. Because I have an inverted triangle shape body(having breast augmentation 3years ago didn't help the situation, I look too heavy)this would ultimately add some homeostasis to the situation.
That was my original goal.I must start by saying, I'm not a big butt person myself. I've managed to do just find in the world with my little butt. However, being that I'm dating a butt man. Why not please my man a little. Since,for the same price in the US maybe even less I'll get to my quotes later. I can get lipo and add a little junk to my trunk.
This little idea led to this insanity. I on this forum like an SVU detective( I apologize if you don't get the reference) in on here a lot! I can't make up my mind Campos or Pantoja! Even though I've made my deposit for Pantoja. I'm a perfectionist and I'm scared my butt won't have enough shape with Pantoja.
Okay so a few questions for you lady's who have had a BBL.
1) did your results last? How long lipo? And BBL?
Side note:I've heard they don't last and I've heard they do. I asked Angie if Dr.pantoja injects the fat under the muscle or on top she said both. When I asked Dr.Pantoja he said just above. Where I heard that Dr.Campos injects right under the butt muscle. I'm confused,does this matter.
2) were you happy with your results?

I'm getting cold feet...

Idk if I want to do this anymore, I've been reading too much. Please, does anyone know if my $500 deposit is refundable with Dr. Pantoja?

This is extremely uncomfortable

Not only is this extremely uncomfortable for me but it's really embarrassing. I can't even believe I'm doing this. I'm so self conscience I don't even like my boyfriend looking at me naked. I have huge body issues. But I think this will give you a good idea of why I'm having this surgery and hopefully it serves as a good before and after comparison. I also have to say the angles didn't help because I don't have a lot of experience taking pictures of myself.

How many profiles on here...

Are actually real lol I'm stating to feel like some profiles are not...has anyone else felt the same?

I hope I'm not jinxing myself and this really happens!

So I got my surgery date moved three times. First time I asked for the date off, it got approved at work and then two weeks before my surgery date my coworker put in her two week notice. DENIED!The next time I put in my notice for PTO another co-worker accepted a transfer to another office, so it got DENIED! last minute. Luckily my surgeon has been flexible. So now I set my date for The 7th and since I'm leaving my job because I decided to go back to school it won't be my job getting in the way, if something gets in the way. You can see now why I have been so hesitant to post. I'm excited and nervous. Really really nervous, if you have any suggestions please let me know. I'm scared for the pain... Complications... The risk of dying. My co-workers brother died two days ago in a car accident in which he wasn't at fault so in reality I think life is crazy and full of risks. I hope God lets me know if this a risk worth taking... Much love to all of you lovely ladies thAnk you for reading. I will try to post more often :*


Can anyone help ease my mind this epidural thing sounds scary. Are you wide awake when they inject you? during surgery how awake and aware are you?

Measurements (sponge bob)

Okay I'm super bloated because I have been eating a ton to try and gain some weight. Initially I thought I should lose some weight but someone told me I might not get my butt the size I want. So I have a very sponge bob square pants body shape right now breast area 39in hoping to lose an inch at least since I'm getting Lipo on my back. Waist is 34 in measured it right on my belly button. Lower waist is probably a 36in and my butt is a 37in. Praying this is all worth it and I can describe myself as sexy afterwards :/

Anxious can't sleep...

That and my boyfriend is snoring a storm. I woke up at 4:30am to go to the gym Wednesday went to bed at 10pm last night rushing to get everything in place for when I get back. It's 3am and my mind is going a million miles per hour. I'm just doing a whole lot of praying right now ( please god let me be safe!). My boyfriends mom is so sweet she made me a pot of chicken soup because she knows my boyfriend can't cook and I'm going to starve when he brings me back home lol. okay since I can't sleep time to start preparing...


I'm realizing that my post still says Pantoja and I can't change it. I tried it won't let me. I'm having surgery with Dr.Campos. When I'm finished I will be writing an extensive review. Maybe even going back and starting a new one that has the right Dr's name. Thank you gorgeous bbl lady's for all of your support one favor please, keep me in your prayers. Tons and tons of love Babylifter ;)

My boyfriend...

Has been acting super distant the last few days, Is this normal has anyone else experienced this? " boyfriend acting distant before plastic surgery" he's taking care of me post-op I hope we don't break up because of this. His friends have told him from experience that it's a true test of dedication and commitment, they almost got divorced. I asked him at least 10X if he was sure he wanted to do this he said yes. Well too late now :(


Good morning I'm here.

Will be posting posting

Post of pictures later today. My only concern is I feel like my butt look kind of flat. I'm still kind of out of it but will be posting pictures later today when i feel less dizzy.

Post op pictures

I'm really swollen.

Post op pictures

Sorry they didn't upload...more as swelling goes down.


Does anyone have her contact information please let me know.

I'm kind of getting depressed...

Well kind of almost is being dishonest. I'm getting depressed. This whole having to be taken care of thing is way harder than I thought. I'm a nurse and I'm used to helping people not having to wait for someone to help me. I can't believe I'm saying this I miss working! I feel like I'm lacking purpose (it's only day 5) also because I don't know if this was worth it at all. This laying on my abdomen thing is way over rated and difficult as F?$@&, probably the hardest part because I think My butt I think my butt looks flat as hell and not very much bigger. I think it looks the same. Idk I should give up now and just lay it to rest lay on my back or give it time and wait to see if the shape changes and it gets rounder. One thing I will give campos credit for is my waist, I have never been able to have a flat belly with exercise so yeah I'm kind of obsessed even though he did mess up on my Lipo and leave pockets of fat. I'll take pictures later so you guys can see and give me feed back. Any suggestions on my flat ass please I would be forever grateful.

Feeling better

Some pics of my 6 day post op. Ignore the drain lol

Sleeping sutation!

So I have read a few different things from various doctors. You should sleep on your belly for 10-12 days, another said 2-3weeks and this doc on YouTube said a month :O impossible! And the infamous sitting I start class next week and I'm nervous to look like a weirdo walking into class with a pillow to sit on, how long are we supposed to do that for? Comments, suggestions, information much appreciated :*

Cc question????

Out of my own curiosity does anyone know how many litters are in 1,000cc or its equivalent in pounds?

Not very pleased

Not very pleased with my results my butt has gone down a lot in 2weeks and will probably continue to go down. Looking at myself I see a huge diffrence in my waist but not in my ass. I think if I would have just gotten Lipo around my abdomen that would have been enough :( not to mention fluid keeps accumulating on my sides and Campos uses like a 20G needles to take it out very painful. I hope I change my mind soon, as of now Lipo was worth it bbl not so much!

Pics of deflation

Same skirt
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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