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Ok here I go again! This is my third time...

Ok here I go again! This is my third time attempting to write this and post it. I have been wanting a bigger butt for as long as I could remember. I have tried the diet and exercise thing but my weight just goes up and down like a yo yo and I would lose weight in the place (my butt) where I do not want/need to so I would try to gain some back to "fill out" my butt but then the weight would go to my stomach (uggghhhhhh). I came across this site in January but wanted to wait until my sx day was a little closer before writing a review. I just have been taking a peek at different profiles to decide which doctor is right for me and have been hooked since. I have met this lovely young lady on here by the name of Newbootypls and she is AMAZING! She is motivation on top of my determination and she has made this journey easier and I am grateful that we have met. Newbootypls I CANNOT WAIT until we meet in June!!!!

I wish I was able to get this procedure sooner but unfortunately I am deployed and don't get back until June so as soon as my plane lands to get back into the states I will be making my trip to Tijuana, New Mexico to get my new body (thank God)! The ladies on here and MMH are awesome and I believe I would not have made the decision to travel to New Mexico if I hadn't stumbled upon this site. I have posted my post-op pictures and I am anxious to post my post-op pictures. I was 155 pounds in the pictures but I am currently 148 and wondering if I want to drop down to 140 for my pre-op weight.....I will also post them on MMH and I WILL NOT LOCK MY PROFILE.....speaking of which that just makes me mad when people lock up their profiles to keep others from "looking" but thats the whole point of taking pictures!!!!

Anyway. I am glad that I have decided to go with Campos to transform this body. I will try to be helpful to you all and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Ok so here it is.....I needed an earlier date than...

Ok so here it is.....I needed an earlier date than what I was scheduled with Campos but he is extremely booked so I had explored other options. Cabral in DR was my second choice but with thw language barrier I decided to go with Cardenas. My appointment date is scheduled for June 14th with Cardenas and she said if my body allow her to she can transfer the 1000cc .....I am sooo excited! Counting down the days!

Soooo I found a website that sell epifoam (their...

Soooo I found a website that sell epifoam (their brand is lipofoam) a little cheaper. The cost is $7.50 per 8x11 sheet which is big enough of the abdomen and back area.....think about it....epifoam usually cost about $30 for 3 but from the website I just found you will get 4 for $30 it's not much of a difference but every bit helps....the site is http://www.contourmd.com/Lipo_Foam_8x11in_Individual_Sheets_p/lip-01.htm and they sell them individually unlike the epifoam brand in which you have to purchase 3 per order......I am looking for some that are even cheaper so if I find any I'll post it here. Hope this helps.............

Ok ladies I changed my date with Cardenas to June...

Ok ladies I changed my date with Cardenas to June 16th so I have 39 days left and I am soooooooo excited. Now on the other hand I still have a date booked with Campos and I am trying to give the date (June 28th) to someone else and they send me the $500 deposit since I already put the $500 deposit down. So if you or if you know someone that is interested in surgery with Campos on June 28th let me know.


"FRUTA PLANTA" CHINESE WEIGHT LOSS PILLS-To all my BBLers (don't know if that is a real word) lol but I have been getting alot of messages about the diet pills I have tried and helped me lose weight and I was actually able to keep it off. Now keep in mind that you will need to stop taking these pills at least 3-4 weeks prior to you taking your labs and surgery because they can throw your labs off which can interfer with your surgery date (I know because my labs were completely thrown off and I work in a hospial and a doctor I work with said he wouldn't do surgery on a patient if they came in with those numbers). Supplements can alter your lab results so that is why it a good idea to stop taking these at least 3-4 weeks before you do your labs or have surgery. Here's the information about the pills (this description came from a private message I sent to someone).
The diet pills I were on are called Fruta Planta which are in a pink box. I found the info on YouTube and did my own research prior to starting it and I had read that the FDA did not approve the diet pills but hell the FDA didn't approve alot of vitamins that we are recommended to take either! Then the FDA turned around and made a US Fruta Planta brand and approved it. I heard the FDA wanted a cut of the profit from the makers of Fruta Planta (its a Chinese diet) but they denied giving the FDA a cut so the FDA did not approve the pills. Anyway I use to look on YouTube all the time and see how they worked for different people and in weeks people went through a major transformation so I gave them a try (mind u I have tried soooo many products without success). There are many fakes out there (including the US version) so I had to be careful then someone gave me a site for the real ones. The website is www.mynicnaxs.com and you want to go on the left side of the page and click on Fruta Planta (Pink Box) and I personally perfer the 2011 version because it is stronger and worked better for me but I have noticed it can be too strong for some people so I would recommend the 2010 version to them. The 2011 version (the stronger version) are usually the 2nd box and cost $14.50. If you go on the website and you want the 2011 version but not see the 2011 version or they are sold out (which happens OFTEN) wait a few days and see if they are on there then. They are cheap but they work.....you can look on YouTube to look at people stories. These pills had got me down 33 pounds and OMG they really work. You do not have to diet or exercise but if you do then you will lose more weight faster. Just take one of these in the morning and drink AT LEAST 6 BOTTLES OF WATER A DAY CAUSE THAT IS THE KEY TO LOSING WEIGHT ON THIS DIET. When you order them you can use the promotion code REPEATCUSTOMER and they willl take 5% off your order. My brother lost 38 pounds, my sister-in-law lost 25 and my niece went from a size 24 to 18 in about 5 or 6 weeks. I think you would LOVE these. BELIEVE ME!!!! Good luck and like I tell everybody else.....I want you to update me as you see the numbers on your scale drop. If you have anymore questions about it just let me know. Oh and the side effects I have while on these pills are DRY MOUTH and a suppressed appetite! I feel like I can drink 6 gallons of water! At times my appetite was nonexistent and I would go throughout my day without noticing I haven't eaten anything the whole day and I get a hunger headache or feel a little weak but when I eat something it goes away.

I hope that this will be some help to people. I know how it feel battling your body to lose weight and trying everything but still isn't successful. Good luck to you all and if you decide to try it feel free to keep me updated with your weight loss.


Well ladies I have 32 days left to my BANGING...

Well ladies I have 32 days left to my BANGING BODY!!! Bought my plane ticket and paid my surgery off and Lord knows I surely hated to see that lumpsum leave my bank account but I feel good that I do not owe anyone so that's a plus..........NO TURNING BACK!!! CARDENAS IT WIILL BE JUST YOU AND ME BABY JUNE 16TH!!!!!!!

Ok so eventually.....I will be taking new pre-op pics because I have been losing weight. I will try to post them within the next week or so.......Now on to my venting session.

Venting :\
Now as ya ladies know I was going with Campos at first but had to get an earlier date but it had to be in June but he did not have any available dates in June and so I had to go with Cardenas because she was able to give me an earlier date but I already paid my deposit to Campos so I held on to the date and made posts on here and MMH to let people know I have a date that I am trying to transfer to them JUST AS LONG AS I GET THE $500 WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME! Now I understand that Campos office allow you about a week to pay the deposit before they give your date away...however I am not his office so I expect a fair and fast exchange so I'll give you 2 days at the most to pay the deposit after you have received an email from Angie saying that you are good to go orrrr I move to the next person.....just that simple! I don't play when it comes to money....especially my money!

Well as of May 15th my surgery and flight has been...

Well as of May 15th my surgery and flight has been paid for so I am happy about that! It is now 24 days until I see my birthday gift to myself. Honestly reality is starting to set in and although I have had surgery before (not to mention I am a Surgical Tech so I see surgeries everyday) I am a little anxious. However, it could be because of everything I have going on at the time. My 27th birthday is tomorrow and I am leaving Afghanistan within the next 12 days or so then after my surgery on June 16th I will be getting ready to get stationed in Japan so I am guessing this is why my anxiety is "off the charts."

BBLer's I know as time gets closer we tend to get nervous and think about all the "what ifs" which is normal then to hear about the bad reviews here and there doesn't make matters better. However, we all need to try to think positive and go in with faith believeing that we are going to come out of that surgery unharmed. I know it's easier said than done but to go in with your blood pressure sky rocketing because of what you have read that happened to another person will only stress you out more and believe me (from prior experience) recovery is more than enough stress that you will need so just pray that all the BBLer's get through their surgery and recovery and do what you need to do to get through yours.....................*just venting*

Ok now that those things are out of the way.................what is this "board" that I have been hearing about in these reviews? The one Dr. Salama gives or reccommends for his patients to help flatten the tummy........Please enlighten me! Thank you ladies and gents....I will keep you all updated on my journey and I will update my before pics because I have lost inches in my midsection since the last time I uploaded my "before" pics.

Hello ladies!!!!!! I am going to finally post some...

Hello ladies!!!!!! I am going to finally post some more updated pre-op pics since I have lost some inches!!!! I have them side by side so you can see the difference between January and May. I had lost weight then once I found out about BBL's I started to gain weight thinking that was the best thing to do and found out by my doctor (Cardenas) that she recommends I be close to my desired weight so after reading about her injecting 900cc in each cheek to a person that was 120lbs and 5'5" I decided to lose weight again. I think staying at 145 is best because when I was 140 I didn't think I would have enough fat for the volume I am aiming for which is 1200cc (praying). Now on a better note...... I am 18 days away from surgery so I am excited about that!!!!!

Oh so I forgot to post the information about my...

Oh so I forgot to post the information about my piercings....this might be T.M.I. for most but helpful for some. I had to contact Dr. Cardenas to ask her if I had to take out my piercings pre-op because the only way 3 on my stomach can come out is surgically because they are implanted under my skin (micro-dermal piercings) and although I can take out the one below the belt I didn't want to because I know that due to the type of surgery I am having the piercing below the belt will not get in the way like those on my stomach can but I am proud to say thst Dr. Cardenas said that she can work around those piercings YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!


I MADE IT BACK TO AMERICA SAFE AND SOUND FROM AFGHANISTAN!!!!!!!! I am sooo excited!!! However let me tell yall what happened though......to sum it all up.....I paid $770 to expedite the process to get my passport so I can receive it within 2 days then I found out that I only needed my birth certificate and my drivers license :( Anyway.....I leave to go to the airport on Friday and I will arrive at San Diego by 5:20pm.

Soooooo I am at the airport now getting ready to...

Soooooo I am at the airport now getting ready to fly to San Diego then on to Beauty Care. Honestly I do not feel any kind of way. I don't know if I am in disbelief or what! I do not feel anxious, happy, sad or even nervous......... Now I can't say that I will feel the same once I cross that border but as of right now I only feel neutral. I went to the store yesterday and bought some size XL panties and buy were they big lol! Well I will keep you all updated!

Had my surgery yesterday and I am a little sore...

Had my surgery yesterday and I am a little sore but not in pain. Dra. Cardenas took her time and asked me questions and an insight on what to expect and I am glad that I went with her! She was very aggressive with the lipo and I am so excited to see the end results. had surgery yesterday but I have not seen my body yet. I have been wrapped up since my surgery and they told me that I will put my garment on tomorrow so I will be snapping pictures and posting them then.

I know I said I would post pictures today but I am...

I know I said I would post pictures today but I am extremely swollen and I believe if I post pictures today then they wouldn't do me any justice. I will post them sometime this week ladies. Sorry

Soooo I just logged in and see that my post from...

Soooo I just logged in and see that my post from Saturday never updated.........................it was a bit lengthy too ;( Well here it is in a nutshell.
First and foremost I completely understand why sometimes it takes sooo long for some people to post pictures afte4r surgery! The recovery stage can be extremely challenging.......
Today is day 9 since surgery with Dra. Cardenas and I'm am feeling a heck of alot better! Let me tell yall.........the first 4-5 days were hard for me physically and mentally. I have a high tolerance for pain but I think it was more so of being uncomfortable that really messed with me. It is hard to get comfortable. I sleep mostly on my stomach and from time to time I would turn on my side to sleep and wake up in pain from being stiff. I reaaalllyyy hate that part! I took my drain out on day 8 which was yesterday which was a relief and now I feel somewhat normal. I got tired of hiding my drain in my purse when I was out and about. Ladies let me tell you...............I had never knew what it felt like to have swollen feet and ankles until I had this surgery.

Let me see here......I have the directors chair (thanks to one of the ladies that recommended it) and let me tell you................IT HAS BEEN A LIFESAVER! Also, the funnel has been a needed item as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now let me talk about my stay ande experience with Beauty Care and Dra. Cardenas. Beauty Care was AWESOME!!!!! OMG the nurses there are soooooo helpful! Carmelitha and Isalea were sweethearts and if I ever went back I would stay at Beauty Care again. There was an incident there though.....on my last day of being there a pipe busted (which was out of their control) so a couple of ladies had to stay in hotels during the duration of their stay which probably sucked but the pipe bursting was out of Beauty Care's control so I would not give them a bad rating because of that! The food was AWESOME and healthy as well!!! Dra. Cardenas is caring and professional and polite! I made a great decision with my doctor of choice!!!!!! She told me it was not up to me or up to her on how many cc's to give me and that it was only up to my body to determine how many cc's it will take and I respected that (I wish my skin would have stretched a little more so I could've gotten at least 1200cc's but it stopped at 850cc's in one cheek and 900cc's in the other and 250cc's in one hip and 300 cc's in the other) :(

Now my experience with my flight (this is where things went downhill for me). I had things arranged for whelchair assistance and a row to myself so I can laydown for my 4 hour flight. Long story short...........the flight was delayed and then they overbooked the flight so the next flight can merge with our flight so I ended up sitting on my butt for 8 hours and once I made it to my final destination I hurried up and ran to the bathroom to see the damage that was caused and I noticed that my butt wasn't as "out there" as it initially was and there is a really noticeable flat part right above my butt crack.....meaning that I believe that by me sitting for 8 hours my butt is kind of flat now sooooo I went into a slight depressed mode (I'm still dealing with it) but I am hoping for the best. However I will say this.....I dont care how much volume I have lost and will lose I will not do a round 2 so it is what it is :( Here are some pictures......

Things have been a little crazy on my end (outside...

Things have been a little crazy on my end (outside of the recovery) I know before I had this procedure I said that I was going to be loyal and post pictures and keep everyone updated because I wanted people to do that for me during the beginning stages of my journey and sometimes I feel like I am doing the complete opposite of that. Today is the day that I will be more active on realself to help others like I've been helped.

So far things have been going good as far as recovery. Today is day 21 since my surgery and I feel alot better compared to day 3!!!! Only problem is that I have swollen feet and ankles. I have been having this problem since I flew from San Diego to Atlanta on the 22nd of June. The other day I had to go to the ER to get a ceck up to make sure I didnt get an blood clots from my long flight but I guess things were fine. They told me my potassium was low and gave me potassium pills and water pills and that has been helping ALOOOOOTTT!!!

I can tell that I have lost a nice amount of volume in which I knew that was going to happen from sitting on my butt for those 8 hours because of my flight. However I am still pleased with the little butt I have left and even more pleased with my stomach! I think I am really excited about the flatness of my stomach than the fat she injected into my butt. Not saying she didnt do a good job (my skin was tight) its just I've always wanted a flat stomach and now I have one. I went out the other night to the club here in Atlanta (without my garment on) and let me tel yall..................I WAS TURNING HEADS LEFT AND RIGHT! I liked the attention and the women were looking too!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! It was really worth it! I still get sore from time to time but its tolerable. I have my directors chair to sit in from time to time so that helps alot. My garment (size medium) is not as tight in the stomach area but tight everywhere else so I am just going to add another sheet of epifoam to my stomach area to make the garment tighter there instead of going to a size small garment.I am afraid that if I go to a smaller size garment then it would be so tight that it makes my butt even smaller ;)

Ladies ladies ladies!!!! I am now 5 weeks post op...

Ladies ladies ladies!!!! I am now 5 weeks post op and I am enjoying my new booty! I have been wearing the squeem waist cincher. Honestly I have been slacking with my garment since week 2. I would take it off for several hours during the day but sleep with it all night and throughout some days. I know thats not good but thats what I had been doing and I am still in nice shape but dont try this at home lol! I have hade some experience with this bootay! Feels like I get hit on more by women than the men...I'm not complaining just surprised! Some of you have already seen the pics from the Vixen Group but I'm just posting these for those that havent seen them yet.

Its hard to update my profile with my phone so I...

Its hard to update my profile with my phone so I dont really update but I did my R2 with Cardenas Feb 4 and she gave me another 850cc in each cheek and I lovvve my results! Im proud of her!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Cardenas customer service and bedside manner was great!

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