Lipo and bbl...Mexico, MX

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Hey ladies, I am so excited to share this journey...

Hey ladies, I am so excited to share this journey with each one of you. My surgery isn't until June but I am so wishing it was tomorrow. After looking at Dr. P's work, I know that I have picked the right one. I will be traveling with my sis who will also be getting bbl. we will come out dolls together and I cannot wait.....June can't come fast enough...#excited and ready. ????

Pre six fat and rolls ??

Finally uploaded my pre body pics. So ready to have my tt and bbl....I dream about how much better I am going to look and Feel about myself. Is it June yet!!!!

June 2016

The days are getting closer and I'm so anxious. My sister and I talk about this all the time. We are so ready. I hope the time moves this fast when June gets here.....#ready to heal and be that bombshell#


Going to be Panotjafied in 22 days...I cannot wait. Can someone answer this question for me; Can you bring your own pain med to Mexico and if so, what kind?


So I am days away and the time is ticking. Can't wait til I am on the plane; that's when it really gets real. I will be sure to take pics until I reach the other side. Dolls please keep me and my sis in your prayers.

The waiting game

This time next week I will be a different looking woman....Omgosh, I can't wait! Tick tock tick tock.....will post before and after pictures soon.....

Hey ladies, it's 11:30p and I just wanted you all to know that everything went well and I am on the other side. I'm very tired but will post pics as soon as I can. Thanks for all of those who helped me to get to this point, cutting my nervousNess in half....smpoc he's to aLL

Day 1 Post op

Hello ladies. I am finally a Pantoja Doll. I feel great and I am walking around but get really tired and out of breathe when I am too long. I didn't have a tummy tuck but will be back in 6/8 months. I am still @@t Pantoja's because I am a not able to pee, so he gave me a pill to help and I am now waiting to all my experience has been the absolute BEST. I couldn't have asked for better. #TEAM PANTOJA#. Yall here are some pics and I will have more when I get to he recovery house. Every one please say a little prayer for my sis as she just went back to get bootified.

Post Op- Day 16

I am returning to work tomorrow and I feel really good. Although I am loving the way my body is looking right now, I am very anxious to see what it will look like when the swelling is all gone. I anxiously waiting for my 3 month mark. I would like to let you ladies know that there is alot of truth in what they say that when you are out in the heat, you swell. So just take little trips if you have to be out in the sun. I am going to post pics. Please remember that I did not get a tummy tuck so my stretch marks from my kids do show but I am happy and I know I will be happier when the swelling is gone. I would also like to thank all of you ladies that followed my journey and I will try my best to keep you updated with my progress.

Day 16 pics

Not really good pics but you can see the difference.

5 weeks 4 days

Hola ladies! Sorry I have been MIA taking care of life but I'm back to post updated pics. So far my results are fantastic..with no regrets. I am still sore and tender in lipo areas but still it's is fine. I love my body, how it makes me feel, and being able to put on clothes that accentuate my body is amazing. I smile whenever I try on clothes cause I look good! #TEAM PANTOJA#
FYI...I am not a good photo taker but I am getting better (smile)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Pantoja is the absolute best! He and the staff are so nice and all of them, right down to the cardiologist makes you feel so comfortable. My experience was nothing i expected but everything I wanted it to be and I couldn't have asked for better results. #TEAMPANTOJA#

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