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Hey BBL Princesses! BBL = Brazilian Butt Lift...

Hey BBL Princesses!

BBL = Brazilian Butt Lift
FG = Fat Graft
SX = Surgery

I have SX coming up on the 25th of June for total body Lipo + a BBL using FG
with Doctor Cardenas. I am REALLY excited and nervous and a whole BUNCH of emotions. OK SO I live really close to San Diego and am really excited about not having to sit directly on my butt. I have purchased all necessary Garments ( , Epi Foam ( She Wee ( and a few other things!

Tips advise... RESULTS!! PLEASE send me some photos!! I'd be SOOO happy to hear a little of your experience and of course some beautiful photos...

Let me know if you need service to create "Desired Result" Photos for YOUR Doctor!!

What is BOOTY Projection

LOL basically a ROUND spherical ass that POPS and dimension from ALL angles
specifically the side..

Ok.. So I'm hearing a lot of people say that Dra.Cardenas asses don't have "projection" This has lead me to do some research... I'm finding that women saying this mostly are women from long distances & women who have had tummy tucks...

The reason I bring this up is because a long flight will have you kill FG immediately & If you have a TT (tummy tuck) at the same time you kind have to lay on your butt. no?

Another thing I'm wondering the "3 month fluff" what's up with that? LOL.. I plan to get a lil more than I would want so when the general 25-%30 re absorption happens I will still be pleased with my results..

I also live in SOCAL and my flight will only be 45 mins... I found a FAB way to sit on my boppy where my ass gets NO PRESSURE on it...

I have also been working on my expectations. I know Dra Cardenas is a DOctor not a magician but I was Butter curves with hips dips and a sexy delectable booty that looks GREAT dressed as well as undressed.

I have invested money in all the proper garments I will be staying at BH for a few days and YEAH I'm REEEET! To GO!

PLEASE SHARE with me you info!

EpiFoam Wraps & Pads ON DECK!

Ok so I just received my wonderful SX package From

Epifoam Silicone back adhesive foam pads 7.75 X 11.5 ( for compression & drainage)
& Epifoam Silicone back adhesive foam wraps 36x11.75
See Here -

Epi-Derm Camo Silicone Gel Sheeting ( for lipo incision site wounds)
See Here -

Silicone Gel Sheet Circles ( for lipo incision site wounds)

I am VERY excited about this b/c I feel as though many underestimate the importance of proper, even & constant pressure post op for compression, drainage & sculpting. These pads help with skin draping, basically, reattaching skin to muscle and they are VERY important for smooth even results.. for more information.

SOOOOO I plan to OD... Like a female epi foam Michelin man!! I will wrap the entirtey of my torso upper arms & thighs in epi foam. Silicone (sticky) side down... I plan to LIVE in my garments for MONTHS...

I am awaiting a package from it will be here Friday...
I have attached a list of the things I have ordered from them as well..
I feel as though I'm saving SO much in the SX I have to invest in the proper
products... Once you leave the Doctor's office... the rest of the results are up to YOU!!!


WHY is EPI foam important....

When getting lipsosuction & or sculpture your
skin is removed from the muscle to retrieve the
fat... fluid builds up and if not properly drained it
can effect results.. There are also aesthetic results listed above...

I will also post Boppy Pillow tips & tricks & I will answer the following questions...
How to sit on a boppy pillow How to use a boppy pillow, what is a Boppy pillow, do I need a Boppy pillow, where canI find a boppy Pillow..

Butt Lifting Garments (CHEAP)


SO I don't reccomend theses for Day 1 post op.. these asre more like... you're healed and need to supplement your garment wardrobe with some cheap fillers. These are some of the cheapest garments I found that are great for Brazilian Butt lift patients... I have been looking around incase I need some and decide to help you guys out...


Ok so I took the Grayhound bus from Los Angeles to San Diego... Got picked up by a wonderful gentlemen call Gabriell. I'm still in the clinic, I've eaten breakfast, soon will shower and off to the BCRH. I'm very excited to meet Ronnie.

Dra. cardenas is tall, beautiful and gracious...looks amazing all the time, and has awesome saff...

The rooms are clean bright and equipped with tv and FREE wi-fi update photos coming!!! My butt feels great!

Dra. Cardenas BBL PHOTOS 1wk Post op

I have NOTHING but posottive things to say about my experience with Dra. Carmena Cardenas and her staff at Beauty Enhance. From 1st communication to my last day at the AWESOME BCRH... All I can think to myself is if you had a BAD experience there it's because YOU WANTED TO! Travel was swift and easy My BBL Buddy and I were wonderfully received and treated with the upmost respect the WHOLE stay... Wonderful food, spectacular nurses and a BEAUTIFUL facility. I had an all around amazing time & MY RESULLLLLLTS babyyy I am ecstatic. At first I was apprehensive because my body is in decent shape. I have no kids and am preety active, but as you can tell I had a little something something to gain.... I was also working with a lil so I'm VERY happy that my results are still BOOMING yet believable and sexy not obnoxious in your face.... this is not a questionable booty... BIG ROUND yet tasteful and PROJECTION...

Hmmm some details on the work done.....

I have full lip pretty much... back flanks thighs upper arm area
and FG to my buttocks... I began my DIY massage prematurley I'm
sure but I am trooper... a tough cookie and also impatient so I have
been rubbing myself down for the past few days with RAW shea Butter
and or an analgesic gel... I have been watching Massage by heather on Youtube
and have been giving myself modified lymphmatic massages...

My ABS are SOOOOO tight and flat... my back has NO fat and my thighs
no longer rub.... my breast have been carved out it seems and my "shelf" is developing VERY nicely....

EPI FOAM & GARMENTS are VEEEERRRRRYYYYY important.... My results would not have came as quickly or as nicely w/o them. I KNOW I am NO WHERE near healed//// and theses results are not FINAL but so far so effing good!

Cardenas BBL + Lipo

Just a flick or two.... Req more photos :)

DRA Cardenas Results MORE PHOTOS

OK... sooooo.... I have been LOVING my results...

A few challenges I went through was

Bruising || Even though I am darker complected. I STILL have a TIIINY bit or bruising around my arms and on my inner thighs...

Itchy Skin || My stomach and my back skin have been CRAZY itchy... I use eucerine and do as many rub downs as I can... and I soak. A LOT

Up & Downs || One day I have a DOOONK one day it's like meeeh... but I have MAJOR curves... then it comes back... idk.

SUPER Hunger a week or two after recovery I was BEAST MODE hungry LIKE CRAZY SUUUPER hungry... Gained an LB or two.. and then began to work out two weeks ago...


My back sway is CRAZY.... the DIP is just sexy...
Can I work out.. YES... and my stomach responds VERY well to
abdominal stimuli.
My figure just gets better and better... as time goes on I'm realizing
the DRA's GENIUS... Sculpted smooth flat belly... Tighter looking thighs
my WHOLE figure is great...

I want MORE

Arm & back Lipo... Simply feel as though she could have been
more AGGRESSIVE.. NO complaints... the BCRH was amaziiing
Ronnie is a GOD send... My whole experience was LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

DRA Cardenas BBL Lipo Shots

Love my figure.... Scars and injection sites are healing well... s curve going on...
Tight I LOVE Dra's work!!!!!!!


WOW! So it has been QUITE a while since my last update! I didn't want to be one of those people who disappear into the sunset once the procedure was over.. but it is SO EASY to become one…

Ok. let's see… I am still very happy with my results. I feel as though I have a large amount of the fat in my glute area… My figure is great my measurements are 36 26 42… I work out a lot and I still maintain a very curvy hourglass figure….

My body never really gets pegged for being "done" I like my modest yet super curvy results… eeeeeeeeeevery now and again I day dream about a round 2 but I don't have much fat anywhere to go a round two.

WOW it's almost been 3 years

Just wanted to drop some update photos on my bbl. Still looks great still looks round and has great projection. Dra did a great job! I sometimes feel like I'd like a lilllll more.. but until I decide, I'll work out... I also wonder... if this extra lil bit of fat can be removed... all in all tho, I am satisfied....
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

SO far so good. Communication is thorough and open. I will be staying at beauty care. For a few days... Flight Booked. Travel Arranged, Garments Purchased... I received this message a day after my initial communication. "Hi Black Girl Swag, this is Fatimeh in behalf of Dr Cardenas, she review your pictures and information and these are her suggestions and comments: This is Dr. Cardenas and I am very pleased to know about you. Thank you very much for the confidence of sending your photos. I am a very honest person and doctor, so I have to tell you that you have already a beautiful body shape, a slender and curvaceous body, so we will have an amazing start, your results can not be other than excellent... I would recommend a thorough liposuction to your Abdomen, upper and lower back, flanks (under your armpit on the side of your breast),waist , inner thighs, arms and a nice FG to your Butt and Hips. I can envision a beautiful change, curvier body shape, bigger butt and after having the correct procedure you will obtain the perfect result. Quote Lipo and FG $4100 Quotes include clinic expenses, medical staff fee, anesthesiologist fee, post op lab work, stay overnight. Do not include compression garment nor meds as outpatient, nor recovery stay. Quote is honored for 6 months. Regarding the breast lift, It is possible to do together with Lipo as long as your Hemoglobin is over 13, but I need you to send me pictures without clothes in order to give my most accurate suggestions and quote. Please let me know if you need further information. I will recommend to stay in Tijuana for: 5 to 7 days in order to let you go home safe and sound. Please consider our all inclusive Beauty Care Recovery House and visit the website and check availability with Ronnie Jones the Director of the RH at Please let me know if you need further information, it will be my pleasure to help and serve you. Dr Cardenas

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