Post-op BBL with Dr. Campos- booty at last!

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I'm so excited!! I finally got my Sx date with Dr....

I'm so excited!! I finally got my Sx date with Dr. Campos and I can't wait! I love his work. I'm sure he will be able to take what I have and sculpt it into something amazing. As of now, I don't have a lot of ass and it lacks a defined crease. I want it rounded out and BIG. I want the kind of butt that looks roundish from all angles but plumper at the bottom. I have been waiting years for this and now it's actually going to happen!

156 days to go...

So I wired my $800 deposit and I want Angie (patient coordinator) to confirm it. She takes foreverrrr to email me back about most of my questions and it's frustrating. I don't want to lose my Sx date. What if she gives it away because she somehow didn't notice that I wired my $800?? I'm trying to be as thorough as these things as possible, keeping records of all quotes, communication, receipts, etc.

On another note, is anyone going to TJ in December??

Sx date moved!!!

OMG! I am excited. I was actually able to take a break from school, which means I can get my bbl done next month!!!! I had a freakout moment. date is August 29th!!

I do have to attend an orientation for an internship 9 days post-op though. It makes me nervous that it's so soon. Hopefully I'll get to sit on my boppy most of the time. What excuse will I use- I had back surgery?? I'm not feeling well? Uggh this situation is the only thing that makes me apprehensive about my new Sx date. Other than that day I'll have almost a whole month to heal.

Any suggestions for how to deal with an 8 hour long orientation 9 days after surgery?

What in the heck do I need to buy??!

So I'm going to Campos in exactly 40 days. I have been buying things here and there to prepare for Sx. I bought:

-daily multivitamin (with iron)
-calcium supplement
-boppy pillow
-generic hibiclense (antiseptic body wash)

Do I need American painkillers?
Do I need to buy epifoam and a board, or will Campos' office supply those things for me?

Thank you to anyone who can answer these questions! :D

Looking for a recovery buddy

Hi lovely bbl ladies! If anyone is interested in buddying up to stay at Clubmed the end of August (my Sx is 8/29) please please let me know! You and I would each get a 10% discount on our stay. Also it would be nice to have someone to recover with..I am scared as hell of the pain and would love to have someone to commiserate with during that time.

37 days left. Should I try to get a consultation?

I'm wondering if I should get a consultation with Campos before my surgery. I've read that people have gotten a better quote by talking with him directly. The thing I stand a chance trying to get Angie to squeeze me in with just over a month left until my Sx date? I keep asking her to send me a signed copy of my quote but she won't do it. I just KNOW Angie is going to pull some crap on me when I get there for Sx, try to charge me extra. And I won't have proof of my quote (besides the emailed one which isn't "valid") because SHE won't send it to me! So I'm hoping I'll get to have an actual consultation with Campos in the next couple weeks. I live in LA so the drive shouldn't be that bad.

Still considering Clubmed after hearing great things about it :)

I've ordered my Arnica tablets and Bromelain. I have bought a women's multivitamin (that has iron in it), so I've been taking that every day. I can't think of what else to do besides keep eating fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, tortillas, etc and excercising/running daily. I figure that the better shape I'm in, the better I'll heal. And it should decrease the risk of complications. Is there anything else I should do?

I already weigh 149lbs and I'm 5'4" and NOT liking it at all. My arms and thighs feel fat. However I'm only getting lipo on abdomen, flanks, waist and back so I don't want to gain any more weight. It'll just go to my thighs and their rubbing together annoys me. Is inner thigh lipo a popular thing?? I'm sort of considering it.

Awake for spinal block??

One more thing..I've been reading reviews by people who went to Campos, and most say they were still awake while they did the spinal (or epidural). Why?? I'm really weirded out (as silly as this sounds) about having a needle stuck in my spine while I'm awake and feeling my legs get paralyzed. Does anyone know about this??? Is it possible to have that done AFTER they knock you out?

Photoshopped wish pics of me

I guess it wouldn't hurt to take these with me when I see Dr. Campos. I didn't want to buy a PS app so I just used Photoshop.

Arm lipo worth it?

I'm on the fence about my arms. I've never really given them much thought, but they do look kinda fat. I wonder what Campos would charge to add on arm lipo. I also wonder what recovery is like if you do arms. If I'm going to be on my belly all the time, I'd use my arms a lot prop myself up and get in and out of bed. So it would be a problem if arm lipo were very painful.

For all you BBL vets, whether you got arm lipo or not, do you have words of advice?

Looking for a RECOVERY HOUSE BUDDY Aug. 2013

I'm having Sx on Aug. 29th 2013 and I want to stay at ClubMed. If you go with someone else, they give both people a 10% discount. Hey, it's something! Anyone else who needs a Sx buddy in TJ later next month, let me know :) It would be so nice to be able to heal with someone else and not be all alone going crazy in my head.

In other news:
-I'm getting my blood test on Tuesday, which is exactly 30 days before Sx. Am I supposed to fast that day? I hope not..
-Got a doctor's appt on Friday. I'm hoping he'll prescribe me painkillers because I do NOT want to go through recovery with whatever they give you in TJ.
-Still trying to get a consultation sometime in August with Dr. Campos. I live only 2 hours away so I don't mind the drive. I tried to get an appt over the phone on Thursday and they said they would call me back. Of course they didn't.

I'm probably getting too fat for this. I'm around 150lbs now :( and only 5'4". I need to step it up with the diet. I already run 3 miles a day and do pilates. I'm afraid I'll have this Sx and still have fat left over. Especially in my arms and legs.

Going to Tijuana

Measured myself today:
Bust: 37"
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 39"

I've gained half an inch in my waist and one inch in my hips..boobs don't grow :/

I'm sooooo apprehensive about going to TJ tomorrow morning. The only time Angie could squeeze me in for a consult was 8AM. I'm so nervous that I'll get lost in Tijuana. Their highway signs make absolutely no sense and sometimes there are no street signs! Driving there is such a nightmare! It is madness. In preparation I've made google maps, directions, pictures, everything. I've "driven" on Google street view across the border and to Campos' office three times to try to memorize the roads. Worst comes to worst, I'll get a taxi driver to show me the way to Dr. Campos' office.

aaahhhhhhhhh so nervous! But excited!

Met Dr. Campos

DRIVING in TIJUANA is the worst thing ever!! It was my third time driving there and I thought I had everything prepared. I had made directions to Dr. Campos' office complete with maps and photos..everything! But I got thrown off at the border because they had made some changes there. The signs were different and I ended up going AWAY from downtown and not toward it! Somehow I was driving along the border into a neighborhood and couldn't do a U-turn because there was construction on the other side. So I tried to take some residential streets back toward downtown and got stuck in a quagmire of a FLEA MARKET! Aaaaaahhhh! It was just too much, and I was going to be late.

Plan B: Hire a taxi driver to show me the doctor's office. I ended up doing that and the driver was nice enough to take me even though I had no cash on me. He took me to a bank and I got money, and I gave him twice what he wanted because I was so grateful. I had my friend park my car. Like an idiot I ran into the wrong building because I was so stressed and worried about being late. Of course I checked all the floors and couldn't find Dr. Campos anywhere. I went outside and asked a random pharmacist if he knew where Dr. Campos was. And he knew! He told me to go to the last building on the block, Torre 7. I was so grateful to him, too.

So I ended up being only 5 minutes late. I still had to wait to see Dr. Campos. The staff was nice. I met another lady who had had TT and BBL and was there for a post-op. She was in quite a lot of pain but she was very happy with her results. Yay!

When I finally got to meet Dr. Campos I was very excited! I had all my questions written down. He had me take off my clothes and change into a robe. Then he came to look at my fat :( and smush my butt around. I asked him to give me the biggest butt he could. He said it would be difficult because my skin is tight, but he said he would try. I asked him if I need to lose weight and he said no. I also inquired about inner thigh lipo. He said I don't really need it, but if I want it, it would be $600. Meh. I'll think about it. So I had Dr. Campos print out my estimate and off I went.

Let me tell you, finding your way back to the border and into the CORRECT LANE is a nightmare too. Last time I got stuck in secondary inspection for two hours and this time I got into the wrong lane! I was in the SENTRI lane, which is kind of a fast lane for people who have permits to pass into the U.S. I felt like an idiot. A legless guy in a wheelchair approached me and offered to "pay the officials" (yeah right!) to let through into the correct lane. Otherwise the fine would be $2000. Of course I freaked out. I payed him half of what he wanted (since it was the last of my cash) and he led me to a part of the divider that was broken. I squeezed through and got into the lane for regular people. Going through customs was the easiest thing compared to almost every time in the past! They only asked three questions, and off I went. In hindsight I should have just pretended not to understand any Spanish, ignored the wheelchair guy, and let my friend talk the CBP officers into letting us in. I did a search online later on and it seems like you only get a warning the first time. But whatever. I learned my lesson: never drive in Tijuana. It never gets any easier or less confusing! The signs point you in the wrong direction. No one respects the rules of traffic. No one stops at stop signs, people run red lights, the traffic circles are anarchy because there are no lanes. It's an accident waiting to happen. When I go for my Sx, I will definitely NOT BE DRIVING!

Anything else I should pack?

My Sx is 12 days away and it doesn't even feel real! It still hasn't hit me I guess.

Still, I think I have prepared fairly well so far. I have packed almost everything. Here is my list:

-tush wipes ?
-lipofoam ?
-slip on shoes/flats ?
-boppy pillow ?
-body pillow ?
-US pain meds (Percocets) ??
-thermometer ?
-gauze pads ?
-Chux (or towels) ?
-butt chair
-frozen peas ?
-anti-itch cream ?
-medical tape
-pineapple juice
-crackers and soup

-bromelain ??
-arnica montana ??
-Metamucil ?

-2 pairs of socks ??
-pajama pants (dark colored) ?
-zip-up hoodies (dark colored) ?
-undies ??

-tampons ??
-coconut oil ?
-face moisturizer ?
-makeup ?
-makeup remover ?
-soap ??
-toothbrush ??
-toothpaste ??
-brush ?
-comb ??
-hair ties ??
-contact lenses ??
-contact lens case ??
-contact lens fluid ?
-iodine solution

-folder of all correspondence ??
-money order!!!
-Passport!!!!! ??
-wallet ?
-phone ?
-charger ?
-laptop and charger ?
-wish pics!!! ??

One check means I have the item and two checks means it's already in my bag. I am only staying in Mexico for two days, so I am not taking everything. I live 2 hours away so I figure I'll just drive back and forth for my post-ops.

The only thing that bothers me is that I have not received word back from Angie about my labs. I had my results faxed to her 9 days ago. I have emailed her twice and have received no response. *Sigh* I guess I need to call the office on Monday. I wish they could just TRY to get their shit together in that office.

11 days pre-op

I blocked out the stuff in my room. I am paranoid about internet safety.

Advice on healing at home

Any advice when it comes to post operative care would be greatly appreciated! I have never had liposuction so I don't really know what to expect. I feel relatively prepared. I have my Percocets, my pillows, vitamins, and so on. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is that I'll be coming home the day after Sx. I'll be going back to the office 6 days later. I figure that staying at a recovery house when I live only 2 hours away is a little silly.

I am just anxious because I don't know what to expect. Generally I heal very well and have never had any illnesses or complications. But you never know. I figure if I have any problems I'll just go to my PCP, who also happens to specialize in liposuction (is that unusual?).

Anyway, any advice on healing at home is very welcome. Thanks in advance.

Dealing with the office

After 15 days, 2 faxes, 3 emails and a phone call, Dr. Campos' office FINALLY got back to me about my freakin' labs and EKG! Gee whiz! Is it THAT hard to inform a patient whether they got medical clearance or not?! When I called, the excuses were "our fax machine was broken" and "no we never got your email". I am not a demanding or high maintenance person, but this is just plain unprofessional. If Dr. Campos' work weren't so good, nobody would be putting up with this. I feel bad because some people in the office seem genuine and helpful, but certain individuals are not.

I keep telling myself: "You get what you pay for". Apparently you have to pay for basic customer service.

I guess you have to be very persistent and patient. I'll be glad once this is over.

Other things I am doing in preparation are:
1. Daily exercise. I am almost 100% sure that staying fit and keeping my body functioning is the best way to ensure my probability of having an uneventful recovery. Of course I am no doctor but it seems logical to keep working out. The healthier you are, and the better your circulation is, the lesser the likelihood of having complications. This is my educated guess.

I do 30 minute workouts from and then jog 1-2 miles after. I do this 5 days a week. I'm down from 3 miles a day, but that's ok because I don't plan to do that after Sx. I think I'll try to replace running with cardio that's less intense on my knees and shins.

2. Taking bromelain, arnica montana and iron pills daily.

3. No more drinking :( Bleh. This is actually my least favorite part of preparation.

4. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. I DO let myself have more treats (like frozen yogurt) than usual :) It's fun. However I definitely won't be keeping that up after Sx!

5. Got a robe to wear to Sx. I'm afraid it'll be a pain in the ass to try to pull any of my workout pants on and off post-Sx.

In all honestly though I'm scared shitless of this Sx. Mostly I am afraid of complications and PAIN! I hope hope hope for a smooth recovery!

Going to Mexico tomorrow morning

My nerves are finally kicking in. Mostly I feel anxious about how I feel when I wake up from Sx. Not looking forward to the nausea, the chills and the pain. I'm probably just psyching myself out though. Fear of the unknown.

Apparently MetroPCS does not have any services for calling the US from Mexico?! That really sucks. I'm just worried my mom will call and I won't get the call. I'm only going to be there 3 days, but still..she gets worried or angry when I don't pick up. Most importantly I don't want her to know I'm in Mexico because she will get suspicious!

But there is good news for me! My companion was able to get Friday off, so I'll be able to stay in Tijuana from tomorrow afternoon until Saturday morning. Or maybe we'll come back Friday night. Not sure yet. I'm so glad! It's nice having the extra day to be there just in case I need to see Dr. Campos or to get my first post-op massage.

I'm sooooo excited! Almost everything is packed. I'm just a little sad because I have two beautiful cats that I will miss very much for these 3 days. I worry about them a lot when I have to leave them at home. So maybe I will come home Friday night.

Got to Mexico a couple hours ago!

The drive from LA to TJ was wonderfully uneventful. I found my hotel ok and am relaxing in my very comfy room. I am now anxiously awaiting my surgery. Took some Magnesium Citrate to get things moving before surgery. I'm afraid I won't be able to go #2 for a while after surgery.

Ok so this hotel is pretty cool. The view is nice enough and the employees are helpful. The king size bed is good. Weirdly, it's only about 6 feet long (so like if you're a tall person you'd find your feet hanging off the edge). Oh well. The best thing is it's only about a 3 minute walk to Dr. Campos' office! I'll be walking there tomorrow and getting picked up by my companion, who is fabulous and fantastic for coming here with me.

We went to Costco to stock up on water, bread rolls and bananas. I paid about 135 pesos, or about $10 usd.

We are about to go get some food, probably Mexican food. Being here is a lot like just being in the US though. You have all these American things like Subway and McDonalds and Costco. The bellboy was very nice and informed me of places where we could eat something good. As a side note, most people here do not speak English.

I am getting nervous now eeeeeee!! I will post on the other side!!!!

6:44am, day of Sx

THANK YOU to all the lovely people on RealSelf for the encouragement and support! I really need it today! It means a lot to me.

I had a hard time sleeping last night because of the heat and my anxiety. It also sucks not being able to drink any water past midnight! I am parched.

I can't wait to get this over with. Keeping my fingers crossed that Angie won't give me any trouble! I've paid, so I should be good to go.

I will try to update as soon as I get out of surgery!

On the other side now!

OK ladies I made it!!!!! Yes!!! I felt like death all night and this morning. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible it was trying to sleep. After taking a percocet and napping for an hour in the hotel, I feel 100% better! :D

I won't overexert myself though. I've read of other ladies overexerting themselves when they feel good and suffering the consequences later.

Dr. Campos: excellent!
Dr. Whizar (the anesthesiologist): professional and funny. He made small talk and made me feel better.
Angie: Really a sweetheart in person!
Isabel: THE BOMB!

I will update later with all the details of the Sx day when I feel better. Thanks to all you lovely ladies!

2 days post-op

I'm feeling a lot better today, so I'll try my best to give a good account of my surgery day.

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. I got to Dr. Campos' office a little early. While I was waiting outside the office on the 5th floor, I had the privilege to meet another BBL sister! That made me happy.

Angie arrived around 7:30 and let us in the office. We filled out some forms and waited. I was surprised when they called me back first. I thought I would be second. I was led back to the that famous room with the mirror and given my surgical garments. I got a surgery gown, booties, panties and a cap. Then the wonderful nurse Isabel came in to give me some pills and the tiniest cup of water. I'm not sure what the pills were for- maybe an antibiotic and an antiinflammatory. Isabel checked my vitals, weighed me, and left.

Then came Dr. Campos! He took a bunch of pictures of me. I asked some questions: could he try to make my butt as big as possible, when can I start exercise again, etc. He said he would inject as much as my skin would allow, and that I would need to hold off on cardio for 3 months.

He left, and then a short while later it was time to go! I was led to a room (later to be my recovery room) with comfy beds. I laid down and I met the anesthesiologist, Dr. Whizar. He asked questions about my experience with anesthesia, as well as small talk questions. I asked him when I could drink again. I think he said "later tonight"...? Not sure if he was being serious! While this was going on, Isabel (I think) gave me my IV. It didn't really hurt.

After that things started getting fuzzy. I was led (or wheeled) to the operating room. I was rubbed down with a rag soaked in iodine. I laid down, and the short blue curtain was put up in front of my face. That way I wouldn't be able to see anything if I were to wake up. Then I remember being told to roll onto my right side for the epidural. That didn't really hurt but I remember it being kind of painful when they were putting the plastic tube in my spine to administer the anesthesia. It hit a nerve. Then, Dr. Whizar poked me with something several times on my chest to see how well the anesthesia was working. After several pokes I couldn't feel it anymore. Then I drifted off.

I woke up once when I was on my back. I could feel Dr. Campos working on my belly. It didn't hurt of course but it felt weird. I woke up again near the end of my surgery. This time I felt Dr. Campos injecting my fat. I remember seeing blue scrubs and lights. I was thinking "damn, I wish they would either knock me out or hurry up and finish"! It was somewhat unpleasant.

I'm getting sleepy so I'll finish this later...

Surgery day continued

I forgot to mention that after I spoke with Dr. Campos and before I met Dr. Whizar, Isabel came and gave my what is referred to as the "blue pill" here on RS. It was more like a tea green color. She said it would help me relax.

OK. So I seemed to have woken up in the recovery room with blankets. My memory is fuzzy though. I felt horrible. I tried to nap, and I did. A few hours later, my BBL sister joined me in the recovery room. She's such nice person and a real tough cookie! She was handling her surgery a lot better than I was.

I wanted to go back to my hotel room with my sweetie, but I was hopeless. My legs were barely able to move. I tried to get in the wheelchair but I slipped and was sprawled all over the floor! That frightened Isabel, and she had to pull me off the floor and get me in the bed! Poor girl. She is a real warrior nurse. She worked all day and all night. Anyway, I was in no condition to be released so Angie convinced me to stay at the clinic overnight.

It got dark, and I tried to sleep but was finding it very difficult. Our wonderful nurse Isabel made us comfortable. She adjusted the pillows so that we could sleep on our backs without flattening our butts. We received some anti-nausea medication and something to put us to sleep through our IVs. That put me to sleep for a while, but when I woke up it was still only midnight. I was miserable. I was in pain, I couldn't get comfortable, and I couldn't sleep at all. I tried to drink some water and pineapple juice but I threw up in my cup. Isabel was so sweet and through out that cup, then tried to help me get comfortable.

I dozed on and off until about 4, when Isabel gave my BBL sister and I our showers. She washed our garments too. The shower was pretty unpleasant. Then I was shivering for a while afterwards. Isabel said it was because of the anesthesia. A couple hours went by and I tried to eat Jell-o and drink water. I threw that up too. Gross. Isabel had me kneel down and into some cushions in a praying position to improve my circulation. I guess I wasn't getting enough blood in my head. I was so dizzy and nauseous.

After what seemed like ages, Dr. Campos showed up and reviewed our aftercare instructions with us. Then we met our sweeties, made our aftercare appointments, and were allowed to go home. I was really feeling like death at this point. I was wheeled out to the truck and had a hard time standing up. Once I got to the hotel, I took a Percocet and a nice hour long nap while my sweetie ate at the breakfast buffet. When I woke up, I felt 100 times better! I'm sure the Percocet had a lot to do with that, but I think the sleep did too.

Well that's about it. In conclusion, I was pretty miserable for the first 24 hours. We left the hotel at 1:00PM. Getting into the Medical pass lane was, again, a pain in the ass. We got lost several times. Apparently we were in the wrong lane again (the Ready Lane??) and the border agent tried to give my sweetie a hard time. I was laying on the floor of the truck where we took out the seats and put in blankets and towels. The border agent asked what we were doing in Mexico, and when my companion gave him the answer, the agent said sarcastically "she won't be the first, or the last, to get a 'medical procedure' in Tijuana". He said medical procedure with air quotes! Asshole. Then the agent came around to look at me laying on the floor. Apparently my robe was open, and my pussy was visible with the drain tube. The agent jumped back, all grossed out. Haha! That made the story believable, and he let us through. Once over the border, the ride home from Mexico to LA was not so bad, and I've been feeling decent at home.

I'm trying something new.

I woke up feeling pretty good today. I was stiff, but not really in pain. I've been taking walks around the neighborhood. I think the walks really help with my drainage and circulation, as well as my boredom.

I've had a bit of an issue with my drain. I think it might be clogged with a chunk of fat. I tried "milking" it several times but all I got were a few drops of fluid in my tube. Alarmingly, I got a few drops coming out of the incision site outside the tube. I didn't want to mess with it too much so I stopped.

I think part of the solution to this is better compression. I don't think my garment and my foam are compressing me enough. So, I put my sturdy steel-boned corset on top of my foam and garment. I laced it pretty loosely though just to be safe. I don't really want to faint. It is a 24" corset when laced completely shut. I had been able to close this corset before surgery, but I am nowhere near closing right now because I am as swollen as a stuffed sausage!

I have noticed a slight increase in drainage since putting it on, so I am happy. Maybe this will also help shrink and shape my waist. I'll see what Dr. Campos has to say about it when I go for my post-op on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance for any suggestions or comments :) Happy researching/prepping for those who are pre-op and happy healing to all you post-op ladies!

Not feeling so good...

Yesterday and today have been a little rough. I woke up today feeling like death and sweating bullets. I ran out of Percocets so I'm taking acetaminophen. I do have Gammadols from Dr. Campos, but you absolutely CANNOT mix that with Percocet. Very bad drug interactions. I found this handy tool: has an interaction checker. Use it! Since it may take several days for the oxycodone in Percocet to clear from my system, I'm just going to wait to take the Gammadols.

This might be TMI but I haven't had any problems with #2 because I've been eating tons of fruit. I don't know why, I normally don't like fruit. But now it's like all I want to eat! I had diarrhea today though so that was upsetting.

I've had some scary moments where I've felt dizzy and weak, but they have passed thankfully. I just need to make it to tomorrow! Tomorrow we will be driving to Tijuana for my massage. I hope I'll get to see Dr. Campos and/or get my drain removed, but that may not happen until Thursday.

This is kind of a big deal: I think they gave me the wrong garment. I had lipo on my inner thighs, and they gave me a garment that only goes a third of the way down my leg. I had really horrible bruising and swelling on my thighs because I had no compression. So I went and bought some adhesive athletic bandages and wrapped my thighs in them. It has helped dramatically! My thighs look almost normal now.

Well that is it. Many hugs and kisses and thank yous to all you lovely ladies!

First Massage!

Hurt like hell! It was up there with getting tattooed. Actually it was maybe even more painful than tats.

The worst part was definitely when the masseuse had me sit upright (on my butt!!) and massaged the hell out of my back. She removed two of my stitches. The one in the middle of my back was fine. However the stitch above my crack was very painful! I think what happened was some of my tissues were starting to attach themselves to the stitch. So of course it hurt when she ripped them out.

Apparently I drained quite a large amount of fluid from my back. I looked down at the absorbent pad I was sitting on and saw a lot of bloody fluid.

I do feel better after the massage though! Just a little.

Feeling better, drain removed

I got my drain and the rest of my stitches removed today! I was happy about that. The drain removal did not hurt at all, it just felt weird with all the tubing sliding out of my body. I've realized that stitch removal does not hurt at all too. I realized that yesterday when I thought the masseuse was removing my stitches, she was actually puncturing holes in me in order to get fluid out of my back. She did it again today and it is quite unpleasant.

Dr. Campos told me the hole left by my drain is quite large. They had to use a large tube because I was bleeding so much during surgery. The hole looks a little scary. He wanted to stitch it up but I was a big baby and begged him not to. At that point I was just overwhelmed with pain and anxiety. So he just taped it up and gave me very strict instructions on how to take care of it. I will follow it to a tee (whatever that actually means)!

-Put antiseptic gel on it every day.
-After 5 days take the tape off VERY gently.
-Disinfect with the gel.
-Put new antimicrobial (Micropore) tape on it.
-Leave on for 5 days again.

Well that's it. I'd better go buy myself a new garment today.

I put my body through hell today, don't do this!

I got back from my second trip to Mexico yesterday.

Today I went to the orientation for my internship. I really really didn't want to, but it's an important internship so I had to. I definitely did not last the whole 8 hours! Thank goodness I was able to leave around noon. I was standing or on my knees on a chair the whole time. It was terrible.

The two train rides and bus ride back were annoying but not so bad because my timing was good. Everything arrived almost as soon as I got there. Yes! That almost never happens. I even semi-ran to squeeze myself between some train doors. I really didn't want to wait for the next train. I was pretty beat by the time I got home though. I had done a lot of walking and putting up with people on public transportation. (I don't mind public transport, just rude people on the bus.)

So I really don't recommend doing something like this on post-op day 9. I only did it because I absolutely had to.

In other news, I took some naked pics! Sorry about all the blobs. My butt still looks kinda flat from the side :( I'm going to stay positive about fluffing though! It's way too soon to judge and I'm sure I'm still quite swollen.

Photos from yesterday

Recovery is finally happening

I finally feel like I'm actually recovering. For the past week I felt like it had come to a standstill. I felt a little depressed and discouraged because I felt crappy every day. But today I have noticeably less pain and swelling than yesterday. So I feel more encouraged. I am just trying to rest as much as possible and not stress about the things I have to do next week.

My measurements for today are:
bust 38"
waist 28"
hips 43"

Not perfect but I am very happy! I love my waist. I hope it keeps shrinking as swelling goes away. I'm hoping for a visit from the fluffing fairies too ;)

Check-up today

I took LolaJae's tip (by the way I love her blog) and went to my primary care physician for a check-up. I think it's super important to get checked out by your doctor to make sure everything's ok- especially if your PS is long distance. My PCP also happens to be a plastic surgeon (and does BBLs!) so he knew what to check for. I took off my garment and he looked for lumps, seromas, and infection. He kept saying I look incredible :) That made me happy! I'm glad I did this, if anything, just for the peace of mind. I'm a bit of a worry wort and a hypochondriac.

I was concerned because I have a lot more pain in my left cheek and hip than my right. Doctor said it was normal. He had a weird explanation: that plastic surgeons, whether they are right-handed or left-handed, will put more strength and vigor into one side of your body. That side will hurt more. It's a strange explanation, but whatever, if the doctor says I'm fine then I'm happy. He also checked out my drain site, which was a huge hole last Thursday. I refused to get stitches (I'm a big baby!) so I was worried about infection. Doc said it looked fine. Yes!

I'm glad everything was ok, and I'm happy I went. You never know for sure.

And I just feel really good today! I only took one tramadol in the morning and I've been pain-free all day :D Just a little stiff and sore like usual. I'm so happy with the progress I'm making. I love how I look. I'm a happy camper for now! Oh and ladies, the attention you get when you're out and about is real! Even when you're in sweatpants and a hoodie. Just warning you.

I'm making one last trip to Tijuana next week. I still have two more massages to get at the office, and hopefully I'll get to see Dr. Campos for a post-op too.


I haven't updated because I've been so busy and because things are pretty uneventful now. That's a good thing!

I had to go to a 3 hour internship function on Friday, which was post-op day 15. That was really awkward because I tried to sit a couple times, but ended up standing up most of the time. However, driving was fine with my boppy pillow. I had tried (terribly unsuccessfully!) to drive at post-op day 8, so I was surprised by how easy it was by day 15.

On Saturday I had to go to a training that lasted 8.5 hours!! That sucked but I was able to get away with standing in the back of the room for the majority of the day. I sat for maybe 45 minutes total, besides driving.

Today was another story.. I had to actually sit down with clients, so I ended up having to sit more :( I did use my boppy, so I think I was able sit without putting much pressure on my butt. There was no way I was going to look professional standing up and talking down to the clients. However, at home I still lay on my belly and avoid sitting. There really is no need to, since in Dr. Campos' instructions it just says to avoid sitting for 2 weeks. However I'm just paranoid!! I'm going to avoid sitting/laying on my back as much as possible for 4 weeks I think.

Oh and I went out for the first time this past Saturday night and I had FUN! I really missed drinking. I had a delicious glass of beer at a local bar, just 7.5% alcohol, but I was definitely feeling it!! Normally one glass would be whatever, but I was totally feeling that alcohol about 2/3 of the way through! You have to pace yourselves with alcohol after this procedure because you've lost a lot of blood! I ended up having 4 beers and a bit of wine that night. I was fine. IMPORTANT NOTE: This might be obvious, but DON'T drink if you've taken any painkillers!!!! I waited about 36 hours after my last tramadol to have a drink. It's a good idea to check with your doctor before you go out drinking, just to make sure.

Well that's about it! I am sooo happy that I've started feeling normal again! I'm still very stiff, but it's tolerable. I do light stretches. I think I'm a bit swollen also, but I'm going to be patient with that. I'm looking forward to my massages and my post-op with Dr. Campos this Wednesday and Thursday. :)

Waist training and compression

I've been wearing one of my steel boned corsets to train my waist. I only wear it a couple hours a day because it limits my mobility. I'm hoping that over time I'll be able to train my waist to stay at 26" or so. Right now it's 27" right after I take it off. It stays that way for about an hour.

It's important to just take it easy with waist training if you're using a steel boned corset. However I really do love the way it looks when laced tightly. I only lace it tight like this for the last 15 minutes or so. For the rest of the time it's just tight enough to provide compression.

Last trip to Mexico (for a while)

Here I am again in TJ. I had another massage today at Dr. Campos' office. The massage therapist used a machine on me that I think was ultrasound. It got quite warm. She rubbed it in circles on my belly, sides and back. I have some scar tissue building up, so the therapist worked on massaging it out. The good news is that I don't have much fluid and swelling anymore, so she didn't have to puncture holes in me to get it out! :)

I had my last post-op too. Dr. Campos said I'm coming along very well. My drain site is healing well. I asked him about a hard lump in my left butt cheek slightly above the crease. It's about the size of a quarter (in diameter). He said it's probably dead fat cells that have scar tissue forming around it. Gross, I know. It has gotten softer though, and I was told to massage it daily.

I asked Dr. Campos how many CCs I got. It turns out he put 1200 on each side! Woot! That was way more than he said he would put in my quote. When I received my quote, he had said only 600-700. So I am pleased that he was able to put in 1200. Dr. Campos said I have about 850 surviving, which is normal. I am a happy camper :)

Shrinking a bit, hoping to fluff soon

School started so it is crazy time! I'm taking 17 units so I won't be on RealSelf so much :(

The past two weeks have been pretty uneventful BBL-wise. I did lose another half inch in my booty but I also lost a whole inch in my waist! I think it's just the swelling going down. I did invest in a size small Squeem Magic Lingerie waist cincher. This thing is great! Way comfier and more practical than my old fashioned steel boned cinchers.

I definitely don't have as much projection I would have wanted, but I'm pleased with my overall shape. I think the doctor did the best he could do. I would do a round to in an instant, but I'm going to wait until I'm finished having kids (don't have any yet).

My current measurements:
Bust 38"
Waist 26.5"
Hips 41.5"

I've been "strapping" my butt by wrapping my athletic gauze around my legs. I hope this will help shape my crease. I think it's working.

I have scar tissue on my abdomen and right thigh that is making my skin look lumpy. I massage these two areas vigorously in the shower every night. It hurts but if it softens the scar tissue then it's worth it.

I actually had fun shopping yesterday! I bought things I definitely wouldn't have worn before: space pants and a tight coral pink skirt! I'm excited to wear these fabulous finds :)

Thanks for reading, and my well wishes too all, whether pre-op or post-op!

Week 7 update

Not much has changed, but I think my swelling has mostly gone away. I'm still working on massaging my scar tissue every day. It still hurts.

I don't wear my Squeem anymore, nor do I strap my butt cheeks. I don't think either of these things would have much of an effect at this point.

I do still sit on my boppy pillow in my classes and at my internship. I don't think I would damage my fat cells if I were to sit without it. It just feels uncomfortable to sit on a hard surface.

I have only three qualms:
-I still have numb areas on my abdomen, flanks and back. They're slowly improving.
-I don't have much of a crease :(
-I wish my butt were a lot bigger!!!

Other than that, I'm pretty happy... My measurements are still the same as last time. I keep obsessively checking my butt to see if it's shrinking though! I feel like it looks a lot smaller than I would like, but the tape measure stays at around 41.5, give or take a quarter inch. Otherwise, school and work are keeping me super busy so I don't think about it too much.

Oh one last thing: I started working out about 2 weeks ago! I definitely missed my workouts. I still don't run of course! All I do is baby workouts from I like the standing core exercises and arm exercises. I do a bit more each day. I think it's helping with my flexibility and softening scar tissue.

a few more things

Now that I look at my older pictures, I have to see that I'm sad about my loss of volume. I am very happy with my waist and overall shape though, so I'm not going to complain too much. Dr. Campos DID warn me that he wasn't going to be able to fit that much fat into my butt due to my "tight skin".'s ok I guess. Maybe one day I'll have enough money to do round too.

I keep telling myself that I do look 200% better than before. Maybe, just maybe I'll fluff a lot and magically get a butt crease. We'll see.

I had some fun wearing weird clothes I haven't touched in years!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I think Dr. Campos is very professional, personable, skilled and talented. I am so glad I chose him to do this procedure. He is very busy though, so he might not be able to give you tons of time for consultations and post-ops. I think he does the best that he can.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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