DEPRESSED!!with Dr Pantoja. June 17th Tijuana - Mexico, MX

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Hello RS Dolls, I was not going to write a review...

Hello RS Dolls, I was not going to write a review until after my surgery which is on June 17, 2015!! I went to see Dr. Pantoja on April 18 and let me tell you I got there before my appointment like at 9. My appointment wasn't until 11 yet I was the first one to be seen. That was so nice of them, bc mind you they had 3 other girls there after I arrived that most likely had appointments before me. Two of them were for consults and 1 was there for a post op. I just kept observing and overhearing their convo as much as possible bc im curious to see what they are saying related to the surgery. I finally decided to asked what she got done and she told me both had done surgery and her friends surgery was recent so she was there for post op. I just wish the girl with the post op had a tighter dress so I could see. Anyways, my bf said he could see nice curves on her regardless if the dress was loose lol. She did look hot! Well I finally got to meet Dr. P and I was ready with my list of so many questions for him. Dr P. was really informative and made me feel so comfortable about this whole procedure. He told me to "relax" bc I overthink things a lot and he said that's not good! I'm such a baby for pain I wanted to know what kinds of pain meds I would be given n he confirmed that they do give pain meds but not as strong as the ones here in the US. He assured me I would be fine and to stop thinking about "pain" He really listened to all my questions and answered all of them. I think he's a really nice person and genuinely cares for the well being of all his patients. Since I have breast implants (old) he said that I had to get cleared for that first so he referred me to get it done in same bldg. Off I went to get the ultrasound done on them and everything looked good! Tomorrow, im going to be paying the $500.00 deposit :) I honestly can't wait and pray all goes well and finally have the behind I've been wanting for so MANY yrs!! And the receptionist is really nice as well she speaks English. I speak Spanish but sometimes I can't communicate as effectively as I do in English. weird but idk. I have to start getting ready and buying stuff I might need so please feel free to leave a message on what to do or what not to do before.? What not to buy? I keep reading all these reviews and honestly i learn something new from each post so thank you dolls. I'm just so excited!!!

Recovery Home or Not? Pleas Help Me

my surgery is on June 17 and my bf got those days approved, the reason he might not be able to come w me is bc of childcare. 

We have a baby and it's really hard to find someone we can trust to watch over her. Basically looks like no one will be able to watch her :( I'm debating on what should I do either stay at a recovery home or go home since he will be home and have him help me recover? we live 3 hrs away from Tijuana. Please ladies what are you thoughts? should I go do the surgery alone n stay at a recovery home or come home n have him help me? I appreciate all your comments and suggestions.

1 month away!!

omg 1 more month!!! i'm sure this month is going to fly!!! ladies what is a must to have for bbl? pls give your advice I greatly appreciate it.. I will be having surgery on June 17, with Dr. Pantoja, I will be coming back home next day :( I live three hrs away so I really need help on what is a must for care while at home. or any advice you guys might have? thanks a lot ladies. I read and learn a lot from every post I read. help a sista out lol :)

One more week

OMG, Next Wednesday is my surgery with Dr. Pantoja. I did my blood work here on Friday and im just waiting for those results. Hope all my blood work comes normal!! please pray for me ladies. I promise pictures are coming soon! I'm really embarrassed to post them.... but so what, I'm going to do it ;) I'm getting nervous!!!

bloodwork done!! cleared for surgery... June 18th it is :)

Today, I went to see my primary dr and got the results from my complete blood work. She cleared me for surgery and she said that everything looks really good!! My hemoglobin is at 13.8!!! Also funny thing is that my period came early I normally get it on the 17 which is a day before my surgery but I got it yesterday!! I'm getting really nervous but I can't wait to finally get the butt I've always wanted!!

surgery is hrs away 6/17/15

My surgery is hrs away and I can't sleep. I'm nervous and scared. Please pray for me ladies. I greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart .. here are my pics finally. So please commnt and let me know what you think. Thank you ladies :)

walking after bbl pls help

Thank you for all the support ladies.. I'm still not feeling too well to write a detaildd review :( .. been sleeping on my tummy and its very annoying. My butt is very HARD!! when will the hardness go away? Also I do walk but I still drag my feet. Is this normal? If I walk for long I start getting pain on my sides n back. Any vets with any thoughts or advice?

small update

well hello my lovely friends!!I As of today, I am feeling so much better my ass does not feel as hard anymore and I can walk way better. After day 8 I can say I was feeling more like myself. I was able to bend more and pick up stuff from the floor. I also was able to wash my own laundry, light cleaning around the house and do my own baths. I say do my own baths bc in the begginisng I was not able to bend as much and couldn't reach my feet.. Every day gets so much better ladies and what can I say ? I'm so loving my results!! Dr. Pantoja gave me the confidence I much needed. Now I don't have to worry about finding clothes that hide my butt :) everything looks so good!! I'm so happy with my new body. This experience is so worth it! Thank God I'm healing fine and I cant wait to share my pictures soon.. Thanks to all my girls here on rs for checking up on me it really means a lot to me..

the promised pics ladies :)

Tomorrow will be 3wks since my bbl with dr pantoja!! I love my body more and more as each day passes by.. here are some pics I took yesterday

another pic

very depressed!!

Hello ladies.
Well where do I start?? my butt has gone flat from the middle part! it's no longer nice and round and it's my own fault! Ive been crying a lot and very, very depressed since sunday morning! Here's what happened. On Saturday june 11, (late night) I drove with out a boppy pillow for about good 40 min max then in the am hrs of june 12, drove back home I would say a good 30 min with the boppy pillow.. I noticed when I woke up at around 12 noon on Sunday that my butt look flat and even my bf told me your ass looks different like it's flat!! omg I almost fainted when I saw it! it no longer was nice and round. I tried on some jeans I had bought Saturday morning and oh my fucken gosh I couldn't believe it!! I almost fainted and I cried and cried like a baby.. I sabotage my results for being stupid ... It's Monday and it still looks flat from the middle part. Has anyone experience this? pls help me. Please tell me this is temporary :( I spoke to hannia this morning and she told me to email some picutres.. I have not heard back from dr. p so im anxiously waiting:( im praying it gets full like it was before bc I would hate to do a round 2 :(
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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