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So I have always wanted a nice perky bubble butt...

So I have always wanted a nice perky bubble butt and small waist, but was not fortunate enough. Big butt don't run in my family. I'm a fitness fanatic and exercise has only helped my behind so much. So that is why I'm choosing to have Liposculpture along with BBL. I found Dr. Campos through this website after seeing his before and afters and reading several reviews and decided to go with him. I did have four consultations with four other plastic surgeons before actually choosing Campos. He has a $100 consultation fee, so i opted for a virtual consultation instead. I emailed my pictures along with a list of wants and dislikes. I waited a week before contacting his office since I had not gotten a response with a quote.Camila answered the phone and proceeded to tell me they were having a winter special for the BBL for $4800. She promised she would forward my email to Dr. Campos so he could look at it right away. Within an hour max I had a response from the doctor explaining where he would do the lipo and where the fat would be grafted into the buttocks (lipo from lower back, flanks and stomach) . I reached out to Camila again to bombarder her with many others questions I had, she was very polite, sweet and thorough. She emailed me the deposit payment instructions. I called back a few days later to speak to Camila again for other questions and to make sure she had received a copy of the deposit slip. Gladys answered the phone and told me Camila wasn't available since she was off. Gladys is not as friendly and sweet as Camila. She seemed bothered and annoyed that I wasn't very interested in speaking to her. I have dealt with Camila since day one and i just feel more comfortable with her. Im scheduled for surgery November 11. I'm afraid for the pain I might be post surgery but I'm hoping it won't be as bad as I think. My youngest is 2yr and very active. My husband will drive me to surgery and back. I am planning on staying at the facility the day of surgery since it is included in the winter special. Also include in the special is all post surgery meds, 2 garments, 5 massages, 1 night stay and all follow up appointments. (Which sounds kinda dumb to me, shouldn't you have post op care included no matter what at no extra charge?) Im hoping I'll be able to drive back to California the following morning with my husband. Any lipo/bbl sister out there any suggestions for post surgery recovery?

Wish pictures

Few hours post surgery

So my surgery was moved up to Wednesday for whatever reason a spot became available. At first I was a bit hesitant since in my head my surgery was Friday and I still ad a few days, but I wanted to get it over with so i agreed with the new date. I arrived at Campos center at 730 signed in paper work urine analysis and blood work. I was then taken in for EKG. I waited for another 45 min or so and a girl called my name. I though maybe tbere was something else that was missed. So i go up and she says "get your things and come this way" I looked at my husband and said "oh shit" we were both couldnt believe tmit was happening, sice the first patient had just went in. I went in at 9ish and didn't have surgery until 1pm. I was hoping to be the first because i wanted to be able to go home earlier but it didn't happen that way.I went in to the surgery room nurse washed me up with betadine and up tonthe tablen I went. The anesthesiologist came in and did his thing next thing I know they are taking me to the recovey room and i was all done. I kept asking for my husband but thwy kept telling me he couldn't come in yet.I slept for a little while, when i woke up i had very little sensation to my legs and do to the epidural. A few minutes later my husband came in. What a relief to see him!He was never supportive over this decision but there was no way in hell he was letting me go alone. So regardless of how he felt he was there for me! I wasn't tin alot of pain initialsy I can say I was very soar and very tight feeling. When it was tine to be discharged the burse moved me to the wheelchair with my husbands help, lord have mercy did i think i was dying, my blood pressure dropped so low i felt i was literally dying. Low blood pressures are a terrible feeling to experience. The nurse held my head tight against her and trued to calm me down since iwas startung to panic, I felt myself leaving my body. After a few minutes i started tonfeel a lot better she gave me cucumber water with crushed ice it was very refreshing. She wheeled me out and off we were to home sweet home!!!! The ride was not terrible I sat in the front passenger till we passed customs into California. After passing I laid in the back seat using pillows under me. I used the restroom for the first time, which was a little awkward since i could take my garment off. Took my pain meds and went to sleep. I have been resetless all night its hard to sleep. My drain rubs agains my garment and it hurts so i cut up a maxi pad and put it in between the garment and the drain it feels much better. Im not in terrible pain but very little on a scale from 1-10 I would say a 3.... Until me next update

Going into my third day post.

I'm regretting this surgery so badly at this point. Please someone tell me it get better the pain is terrible. Had i known what kind of pain i would be in, i would have opted not to do it. I feel helpless, not being able to hold my kids is so depressing and it kills me.

4th day post op

Massage was no joke, it was so painful. I had accumalated liquid i side my tissues. I let out a few cries from the pain. Its teerible burning sensation inside. By her moving it towards the drain was so painful. My arms and knees are so sore from pushing myself up to stand from laying position. They placed a foam pan in the back and front. The front one made it a little more difficult to get comfy at night. Still in a lot of pain on day 4 praying it gets better.

Almost 3wks

Wow, has this been a roller coaster of emotions. The first week was the hardest physically, the pain was horrible for me. I already don't do well with pain but this pain was worse than giving birth, and giving birth is VERY painful! I had a hard time looking at myself I didn't like what I was seeing. My butt looked flat in my garment and my hips looked huge and bit ridiculous on my body frame. The worse was when I went for one of my massages and ran into a few bbl girls. We all looked very much the same. It was a little weird and depressing. I thought to myself "does he just give everyone the same shape, wtf". I came home feeling very depressed and second guessing my decision of picking Dr. Campos. The days went by and some of the swelling from the hips started to go down, thank God. My body changes everyday so i honestly dont think its a good idea to post pictures just yet. Everyones body is different and we all heal differently. I avoided this site as well because i feel like its a mind f#$k and it was making more depressed. Im almost at 3wks there is still some pain and some swelling. I am able to do more things and im happy to be able pick up my baby. That was probably the worse part, seeing him extend his arms to me and not being able to pick him up. I am a lot happier with the way I look. I have had fluid accumulate in my lower back it had do be drained with a needle at my last massage. I can't wait till I'm 100% pain free back to my normal life.

Drain removal

I had my drain in for 10 days. I was originally told the drain would be removed on day 6 post surgery. So i go on at day 6 for follow-up and drain removal. I walk in and I'm told the doctor can't see me and since i was still draining over 25 the drain couldn't be removed. I was very upset the drain was uncomfortable and it hurt when i moved a certain way.But since it was draining it was better to have the fluid come out through the drain instead of my tissues So I was asked to wait a few more days till it drained less and the nurse would see me and take my drain out. So I went down to massage that same day. I had fluid on my sides and lower back accumulated so the lady was able to massage that fluid towards the drain and she opened the back scab and drained my back. I returned on day 10 to remove my drain, but first i stopped on the third floor to get my massage and then i would go up to the 5th floor to see the nurse. The massage lady takes me in and starts to do my massage, she then starts telling me that she will be the one removing my drain since the Dr was out of town t some sort of convention and the nurse wasn't in that day. That made me really upset, I was never told that the masseuse would remove my drain. I was a little scared because at this point wasn't sure if she was even qualified to do that. But thank God she was very gentle and very careful. It didn't hurt at all. I must say they are not very good with communicating to the patient. So ask questions and get clarifications make sure you understand what is going on they seem to forget to communicate with the patient....just wanted to share that experience with the whole drain situation.

Arnica pain relieve oil

I bought this oil on Amazon. It is amazing it does just what it says. I massage myself 2x a day helps with the soarness on my lipo areas and the stiffness from the garment and foam.

Few days shy of 4wk post

I can't say that i feel 100% my energy level is up just a bit i am able to do more things around the house or with my kids.I went back to work and it was a big mistake i almost passed out felt so nauseous and my blood pressure was low, I was sent home. I can't believe i couldn't make it through my 12hr shift. I haven't had my hemoglobin checked but based on how i feel i think it might be low. I also have a hard time eating i have to force myself but then that makes me nauseous and makes me throw up. Oh lord, this recovery has been no walk in the park.


When does the tenderness get better? I'm 4wks post op and still very tender all over lipo areas. When does everyone stop wearing their garmnet? Im still wearing mine 24/7 exept to wash it/shower? Mine makes me feel safe. I just can't throw whatever on though because you can see the garment and and the epifoam so that's annoying.

Did you get something done????

I have had a couple if ppl straight up asked me. You look different, did you get something done?. My answer "not much just working out"... What does everyone else say? Are you honest and tell them or you just play it off? Both these ppl that asked me are not even close to me at all, they are just acquaintances. It makes me wonder if the ppl that ARE close to me notice but they just choose not to say anything or they just talk behind my back? Which ever one it is, I guess it doesn't matter I did this for myself. But it also isn't the best feeling to know ppl are conversating about you behind your back. I would love to hear from you ladies how you have gone about this?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I did my consult by emailing pictures. I waited a week without any response. I knew i wanted to get the procedure done on a certain date so i went ahead and called the office. I spoke to Camila (very sweet) and explained to her I needed a qoute ASAP. Within the same day I got I response back. I called back saved my date and send the deposit the next day. Day of surgery I didn't have much time with Dr. Campos he seemed rushed and a bit annoyed i would say. There was some soetnof issue going on that day with a previous patient. He took pictures marked me up, answered some questions and explained the procedure. He also suggested I get a mini tummy tuck since I had some loose skin, to which I declined. I knew I have to lay to on my back if I got a tummy tuck risking my bbl results. After surgery I dont remember seeing the doctor I mostly saw his nurse (Pati) that is in surgery and does the aftercare as well. I had some issues with nausea and not being able to eat because of it and was unable to reach anyone at the office and the after hours number I was provided. I saw Campos 10 days after surgery for my post op. He was very nice polite and took the time to answer all of my questions and doubts. He was pleased with how everything looked. Overall I am happy with my results. I wished he was more involved in the after care, but his nurse was very knowledgeable and when I finally got the right number she was very responsive. The massages provided in my qoute were very helpful and necessary. The ladies were very good. I would recommend Dr. Campos.

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