23, 115lb Petite Getting Curves in Tijuana! Mexico, MX

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Hi all, after lurking for a while I've decided to...

Hi all, after lurking for a while I've decided to make a review.

I'm going to get a breast augmentation and brazilian butt lift in Tijuana, with Dra Laura Carmina Cardenas. The procedure is $7000 all inclusive, which includes a 5 night stay in Mexico.

I'm pretty petite (5'1, 115lb) but Dra Cardenas told me that she could achieve some nice, natural curves by lipoing my waist and doing fat transfer. If any of you out there are around my size and have had a bbl, I'd appreciate before and after pics before I go under the knife so I know what to expect!

With regards to my breast augmentation, I think I'm going to go with 300 mod +, though the doctor recommended larger at 380 or more. We'll see soon!

Also, is anyone else going to be in Tijuana from the 23rd of April onwards? I'm looking for buddies as I'll be in the recovery center by myself.

Yay :)

Surgery went well, I should post photos. I hate reviews that don't post photos, but now here I am wondering whether I'll be recognizeable in them.

Lipo: I got 3L removed from my waist, back, lovehandles and arms. I didn't think Dr Cardenas would lipo over my ribs, but I'm actually sore everywhere from the bra-line down. There's this lovely dip in at my natural waist, like what you see on plus-size models, which means she actually didn't lipo all the way down to my hip, if that makes any sense. Like, I'm not skinny waist then BAM hipbones. It's more feminine and I like it. She botched one of my arms by hitting a vein, and it's currently black and purple from internal bleeding. The other one is still puffy from lipo but actually looks much skinnier than before surgery, which is saying a lot since I was pretty skinny to begin with. I'm really hoping the bruises go down in the next week or so. It's summer and I want to wear pretty dresses!!

BBL: I got 350 cc in each cheek, and it looks like a really proportionate natural bubble butt. I was really disappointed when I first heard the number, but it's been 3 days now, and when I went to put on leggings, I had trouble pulling them up! I have a really nice hourglass waist now and I love LOVE my hips. In person they look like I have a combination of excellent genetics and a great gym membership. I don't think anyone would wonder if they're fake.

BA: My breasts are a different story though. When I did consultations back in the States, doctors told me that 275-350 was the reasonable range for me. Since I'm Asian, I figured something like 275-300 mod+ would be safe to remain believable. Everyone knows ain't no skinny Asian girl got breasts bigger than a B. I didn't really explain that well the day of surgery, which is totally my fault. Dr Cardenas put in 320cc UHP since she said 300 looked way too small on me. I'm really worried they're way way too big, especially now that I have lipo and my whole body is much narrower. It turns out I'm actually really small-boned under all that chub! Anyway it feels like even with the bbl, I look top heavy with this huge projection.


Here are some photos. I'm gonna wait on the arm Lipo since my arms are really puffy and gross at the moment.

Also keep in mind since I got a BA and BBL together I've been lying on my back the past week, so my bbl results are probably worse than if I hadn't put weight on it. Even so, I'm really pleased :)

A little upset

My breasts feel too big. They're a 32DD because they're ultra high profile and they look like total torpedoes in clothes. I have broad shoulders and they make me look really heavy. Does anyone know if they'll go down, or am I stuck with super big breasts?

Year and a half update

I haven't posted in ages. But I want to say I couldn't be happier with my results. I don't even remember what my original body looked like until I compare with photos. I will say my butt shrank a lot because I sat and slept on my back because of my breat augmentation. But it still looks great. It's not a porn star booty, but that's never what I was going for. I just wanted to be pretty and a little bit curvy. Now I've got a body that turns heads but I have NEVER been accused of being fake, not even by people who've seen me in bikinis. I look amazing in yoga pants, and my breasts are just the right size that I can look 'natural' busty in a sports bra and huge in a push-up. I wish she had been a bit more aggressive with the lipo, but I was already tiny. I have a bit of loose skin over my belly, just enough that my belly button is flattened a little. Anyway heres an update to girls who want more booty but not THAT much booty, yknow?


I look like this now. I specifically asked for smaller implants so I'm pretty small on top. Some days I feel too big, some days I feel too small. I'm really ambivalent about them tbh I think I'm a little crazy. But I'm happy with my figure. It's really believable. My bum isn't really anything to look at compared to everyone else on here. But is nice, plenty to grab. Girls have been asking me how I work out and don't believe me when I say I don't. But nobody's ever accused me of being fake.

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