34 Year Old Lipo on Saddlebags, Waist and Arms with a Light BBL

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Nervous, surgery is today. Dont know how soon I...

Nervous, surgery is today. Dont know how soon I will be able to go back to work. I am having lipo on my saddlebags, arms and tummy. He said after that my butt would be smaller so he is doing a light BBL to make it all even. Guess I will be standing at work for a while. I have wanted to have my saddlebags removed for years. Here goes.

Day 3

I am super swollen, look like a balloon. My hands are so swollen a can barely close them. The pain is ok. I think the swelling is the worst part today.

the fotos listed in the 3 day update are PreOp.

All pics posted are preop, 1 hour before surgery. I have the compression garment on and cannot take it off for 2 weeks. Will post after surgery pics once it comes off. I will say that a Go Girl will be a great thing to have before you go into surgery!!!!

5 Days post op

Severe edema in arms and legs. Not much pain from the surgery. Pain mainly stemming from the extremely swollen extremities.

Feet so swollen

One of my toes looks like it is going to explode.

10 days post op

Went to see Dr about edema and was prescribed diuretics. Swelling down in 2 days. No more liquid jiggle in the feet whem I walk. Will post pics once garment is removed.

Still swollen and wrinkled from the tape

So taking off the tape was hell. I am more swollen on my right side and have tons of wrinkles from the tape. Will post more as I progress.

After a shower some spanks and clothes.

I did see a large crease on my right flank that suspect might need a revision in the future. The crease was probably created by the tape and how the garment cut at the waist.
Dr. Rodriguez

This is supposed to be tickle lipo... will post how much tickle there was later on.

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