It's TIME! Nana Makeover in Tijuana After BBL in Beverly Hills

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Hi, new friends and old ;) In February I had a...

Hi, new friends and old ;)

In February I had a bbl with lots of lipo (5 liters) and fat transfer (1860 per side) to my flat, saggy butt. In Beverly Hills... I have a long review with lots of pictures posted. Very happy I did that. However...

I am 61, gave birth three times, ranging from 9.5 to 10.5 lbs and breastfed for about 5 years. No big surprise that I have saggy boobs and a wrinkly tummy. Oh and a saggy pubic area. Ugh. At my bbl post op I discovered (to my dismay) I would need a tummy tuck, but was kind of in denial. I go into detail in my other review, I want this one to be about the mommy makeover and the experience going out of the US.

I will provide more details later, mainly wanted to post the pics I just took, before I chicken out haha, but I will say, one of the deciding factors was the aftercare offered by both Dr Camacho and the recovery facility, Casa de Angel, owned by Angel Bay. Angel and I have become fast friends and I can't wait to meet her on Tuesday!

Not sure if I will post pics again before I come home, but I will be online for sure. It helped me so much with my bbl in Feb to feel connected to this community. So, here it goes :/

PS, I am getting breast lift with smallish implants and an extended tummy tuck. Also getting "vaser" lipo this time. I will write a separate review after comparing the two. I am beyond excited! Ask me anything...

Ready for my makeover tomorrow

Arrived in San Diego a little before 11, was in Dr Camacho's office by 1130! So easy. The lab person came to the office to draw blood and got it on first try, which isn't always the case ;). This was followed by the cardiologist, right in the office, including an ekg. Efficient.

I had already met (and hugged) Dr Camacho when I arrived and now we talked about my desires. Tentatively decided on 280 CD cohesive gel implants for youthful upper pole fullness. He will have the next larger size also to see what works best. He is conservative, which I appreciate.

Then we took pictures, the turning like a click type. He marked the try tuck and lipo areas first, then spent a lot of time measuring and marking for the breast lift. It will be a full anchor incision which gives the best lift and perkiness, which us what I want. I typically scar very well so hopefully that will be the case. I'm not a fan of breast lift scars, but if I'm doing this, I want the maximum result.

My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, I need to be there by nine. I hope to post a pic of the markings later.

Also, the recovery house I'm at is breathtaking. So pleased I chose Casa de Angel.

Madeover ;)

Everything went well, my incisions look darn near perfect, I'm so pleased :). I am 5 days post and in swell hell, I feel like a sausage lol. I just have my phone QED it's not great for posting pics so will wait till next week for the visuals. My breasts look so perky and youthful! I got 295 CD implants and they're still a little high, but have feeling in nipples YES! Haha. I also got lipo on arms, inner thighs and knees, so I'm puffy. I'll try to check in more often. It's so beautiful and relaxing here at Casa del Angel <3

8 days post mm pics

Got drain and most stitches out yesterday, I. 8 days post, very pleased. Lots of edema, used foam under garment after I took these.

16 days post - Dr Camacho Melo must have used a magic wand ;)

16 days post mommy makeover, extended tummy tuck, breast lift with 295 cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants under the muscle and vaser lipo of back, arms, inner thighs and knees. Really swollen in the abdomen. Found a good massage place near me and have another one scheduled for today, she's experienced in post tt patients so I lucked out.

My incisions are healing beautifully, the tummy area where it's swollen can look a little red, but I sent pic to Dr and he said it was fine, masseuse said the same.
I'm feeling better every day and starting back with tai chi this afternoon (with doctor permission of course). Even had a lunch date yesterday that was so much fun, I totally forgot about my surgery (I'm single btw so it's pretty exciting to get this new body!)

The edema in my abdomen is kind of scary looking, but on the high end of normal. I sent pics to Dr Camacho Melo after and he put me on an antibiotic, just to be safe. He is such a genuinely caring person, and being able to send him pictures and get immediate response actually makes the communication better than what I have experienced here.
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