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Well about 3 years ago I started to not like my...

Well about 3 years ago I started to not like my nose I felt like it was too big, the bridge is skinny and then the rest is circular like a clown nose lol. I started looking into rhinoplasty and said I was gonna do it eventually when I was in my vacation in college and my first year is done and since I have summer vacays to consult with this doctor that my neighbors recommended because her and her son got it done with Dr. Arturo Gonzalez in Tijuana. So I went on the beginnig of June and he couldn't make it so I recently went Monday to TJ and waited for him to arrive since he has to cross the border as well since he lives in San Diego. So I finally talked to him and he told me it was a little too wide and showed me pics of one girl with similar and said the eyes show more and ur whole facial expression changed for the better of course. He said when I became old the tip wouldve drooped. He is super funny and I felt really good because all the staff there he said has had rhino, I talked to his assistants, secretary and they love their nose and they said he is conservative he doesn't like his patients to look like theyve had surgery done he likes it to look natural!!

Surgery today!!!!

I am super duper nervous right now all these thought are running through my head!! I just hope everythig goes well.


Well finally I'm on my way back from the border I had my surgery end around 12pm and it sure feels tingly and I feel like I have a cold and ny throat hurts as well I'm pretty sure from the tube. I'm still not swollen or bruised YET

So my neck is killing me!!

So my throat started hurting worse over the night I think my neck pillow made it worse cuz the side of ny neck feels super sore I can't really swallow idk why does anyone else feel like this it hurts more than the actual nose??

Nose feels hard

So I don't know if its supposed to feel like this but my nose feels like super hard like a rock I'm not sure if the tape is puttig the pressure and the stitches outside my nose kind of hurt also, I didn't know it was gonna be quite painful

i feel like the tip is way too high

The doctor told me yo not make me look piggy and he said no but that when he taped it it would look like that I just hope it doesn't stay that way


Oops I meant to say I told the doctor

face gets super oily

My whole face gets so shiny and oily even tho I clean it with a towel kinda annoying and these stitches are still super uncomfortable since I have em on the outside of the nostrils they look gross also


So my stitches are super tight and I can't smile or laugh but today I've been tempted to laugh or tried laughing but I feel like there exending itd kinda painful and iI on't want them to rip:'(


I want this cast off already I want my tip to go down it'd just weird seeing so much nostril when I didn't even have mine show so much!!!


So last night I kept waking up and couldnt sleep much because my stitches were itching and nose under the cast as well i wanted to scratch it so badly! I'm also scared that when the cast comes off it still looks piggy!!


It turns out that I got my cast off but he had to put tape all around it for another week and I get the stitches off until next week which sux cuz they get itchy!! It hurt so bad when he was touchig it all over it felt so sore and its super swollen!! Well I'm glad for the girls that got their cast off today hopefully u guys love it!


I've been so sad it sucks, the nurses and stuff told me that depression is normal but idk why I'm feeling like I did a huge mistake I'm scared I'm gonna look completely different its a horrible feeling and I wish I would've thought it better!!!

Months Afterr

Okay where should I start well all these months have passed by and let me start off by this whole decision gave me severe depression and I couldn't take it. There was a point where I just wanted to die. I didn't eat and cried all day everyday for about 15 days in august. I thought I wasn't the same person, that I ruined my face and all I wanted was my old nose. I hated myself for going through something that just popped in my head out of nowhere. I felt like I betrayed myself. I did go to the hospital twice, I went to see psychiatrists for medication and therapists. My mom pretty much did everything in her hands to see me get better she would call my friends to cheer me up, took me to TJ for life changing groups, pretty much took me everywhere that would benefit me. I have to say that therapy did work for me and the medication which I am no longer taking thank god! I learned to accept my nose and I actually see the same person as before. Its funny because friends that haven't seen me in while and see me don't even notice anything which makes actually makes me feel much better. Here's some pictures to show how I look now.

More now pics!

So the time keeps passing by and I can honestly say that my nose doesn't bother me as much anymore. I feel like its part of me now and sometimes I forget I even went through the whole surgery and that I was able to conquer the horrible depression state that I was sumberged into. I can look in the mirror and not get repulsed by what I'm looking at. And I can sometimes pin point how it looks better than before! I thought I would never be able to go out in public and not be worried of what people would say. I can look at people in the eyes just like before and be my old self. It was a long process which does take time and you heal your heart and emotions. Swelling wise I still feel swelling its not as hard as it used to be but I do feel stiffness in the tip. I can rub it when i feel runny nose but Inot very hard as before which sucks. Those black heads that I got are still there but not as visible. Sometimes I feel like my collumella moves and shifts to one side which is really weird ill have to ask my doc about that. Also it still here oily especially overnight which I think its swelling. But yeah just wanted to let you guys know a Lil more about this nose!

11 months

So hey guys just updating at 11 months. I still feel the tip hardish but not as hard its getting softer than before. I actually forgot how a normal nose tip feels but I think its getting there. It still does get sweaty when I wake up its all wetish. I think that's the water from the swelling. I feel like my nose isn't a problem anymore like I don't care when ppl look at me from the side or anything its like it doesn't matter to me:p I have always wanted a nose piercing but I never got one cuz of work and now i still want one but idk if I can? If it affects it or I'm scared like the nose falls apart idk I'm weird. Have any of you gotten one after rhino? Feel free to ask me anything or give ur opinion. Thanks

Before, during and after rhino

Well I just wanted to add pictures to show the difference between the whole process. I didn't post before much pics during the whole rhino process because of the whole depression state but now I can show them and excuse my face I was honestly miserable. Hope these help people and show how much a nose changes throughtout the process! Since mine is 11 months already I still feel like it's gonna reduce in size because it still has some swelling.

2 years After

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