March 5, 2014** TummyTuck and Fat Transfer to Butt - Tijuana, Mexico

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It's been a long journey and I FINALLY had my...

It's been a long journey and I FINALLY had my procedures done. Originally had my surgery scheduled with deposit, blood work and date ready with Dr. SALAMA in Miami but last minute changed everything to a doctor in Tijuana, B.C. so you can imagine my nerves! The reason why? I'm 26, single mother, and I just really really really wanted my tummy tuck as well as a rounder, fuller, fat ass before summer and Dr. SALAMA will only do one procedure at a time. I was recommended to the Dr. In TJ by a friend I went to the consultation on February 26th and had my procedures done just this week on the evening of March 5th!!!! The doctor worked around my schedule so I had my procedures done later that day so I'm counting my days from the 6th and on since I was out of surgery at 8 p.m. Also let me add it was wierd because it's a clinic and you see the general doctor who is also the owner of the facilities and depending on your surgery he will decide what specialist will perform the procedure. So for example my friend had her breasts done by a different surgeon the same day. I had assigned a different surgeon for my tummy tuck and fat transfer so I didn't met my actual surgeon until the day of my surgery.

**the process was so scary yet I was more excited and just ready to get it over with. I arrived to the clinic with my friend filled out some more forms, changed into some tight stockings they gave me I guess for blood circulation, had a general doctor see me asked me questions, went over my health one last time before seeing the actual plastic surgeon, then I met the nurse she said she woukd be with me before, during, and after surgery since I would spend the night there, she put in the IV and checked my blood pressure, after a while the plastic surgeon came in and went over my procedures he drew on me and I told him I want a cute belly button for my cute outfits I plan to wear and also make my scar as LOW as possible and cute as possible lol...he was sweet and understood what my expectations I also told him that I wanted more of nice rpund ass not so much volume because I already have volume to my butt. So after this the nurse abd general doctor walked me tothe ssurgery room I was introduced to the anesthesiologist he explained I was going to not be asleep I would be numb from my back down but that the medication he would give me would relax me and I wouldn't remember a thing. After that I woke up in my room out of surgery the doctor and the nurse there and,I could not feel my legs!! Omg it was so scary I was freaking out I kept saying, "I can't feel my legs" and they explained that was normal it would soon wear off, everything was okay, and that I was going to be happy with the results. I went back to sleep and the nurse really took care of me that night. I didn't feel any pain at all I was.more sleepy. **March 6th the next morning I was really in disbelief like I really did it I got my surgery!!! And the nurse just checked my blood pressure asked how I felt I really felt my stomach numb, I felt uncomfortable but not in pain I was worried about the butt but she said I could lay on my sides or place pillows behind my back , under my knees and thighs at home that I woukd be okay. My butt felt warm and hard but the most uncomfortable thing is the tummy tuck. After this I was asked if I wanted to eat so yes I had a jello and she sat me up check my blood pressure, she explained how I should walk, and then she said do you want to shower?? I was like yes I want to get these bandages off and see my stomach. So she removed my bandages slowly and omg!!! I was so happy I seen my belly button it was small and cute even with the stitches and my scar super low and perfect line so I was freaked out with this suction thing thsts in my pubic area and also this pee pee catheter I had omg it was wierd but she removed the catheter and I walked to the shower she,assisted me I brushed my teeth and she basically walked me through how I should care for my belly button and all those details gave me my compression garment and I waited for my ride home.
****since my arrival home I've felt okay not bad not good just uncomfortable. But the pain of beauty I hope it's worth it! Im obviously swollen and I'm walking hunched but I move around the house just fine. Any questions please ask it's almost I'm still in disbelief I actually had this done that's why I'm sharing this journey. Hope my story and pictures help you as wishes I'll keep updating all of you!!

it's day 6

I woke up more stiff and swollen...guess everyone and everday is different...I just really want to get better the swelling is the worst! I'm going to cutt back on salty foods and eat healthier with the hope of not losing my butt! This is complicated my TT scar bothers me when I wake up but other than that and still walking hunched I'm butt is hard and warm I get little tingle sensations at times hope it means it's getting soft?? My drain is till in the doctor said he will remove when it no longer fills and after that I start massages...the upside my belly button and scar are neat...ill post a picture without my compression garment at my one month mark right now im just swollen, bruised, with dissolvable stitches, abd hunched not cute at all...the first week is just SO DIFFICULT!!!! Also I had the fatt transfer to my butt and well ive been sitting on it and obviously at night ass well thete is pressure on it there is just no other way to be...I asked for a nice round fluffy bootay so only time can tell

out of BREATH

I woke up feeling a lot better! Less pain in the scar...still swollen mostly from the belly down and I'm still hunched just a little less...I tried to shower on my own! BAD IDEA I might feel better but my body made it very clear it isn't ready yet! I ran out of breath and I felt very light headed so definitely won't try that again yet


At first I was worried about a TT and fat transfer at the same time...just get through the FRIST week and every thing will be okay. Yes im still hunched and swollen from my stomach but even like this I'm very happy with my results and it will only get better...I still have the drain ill probably have it until day 15 not sure but once that is out I start back WOW no fat what so ever other than my bootay! I asked for round and fluffy not too much and im cheek is getting softer sooner than the other so im being patient...what an experience this has been...I'm staying positive I know my stomach will take time to heal so ill keep updating


I much better im still swollen from stomach but im loving my CURVES...I might be doing too much I went to a job interview today but I feel great everyday is a progress im taking out the drain tomorrow and my massages will begin so im happy my bum is looking awesome im happy!! Worth it just get through the first week and ill post a ine month before and after in bikini ill finally show my stomach I hardly take off my compression garment and I plan to wear it for 3 to 6 months

tummy tuck pictures

I've been stressed having a lot of personal issues and arguments!! Hope it doesn't affect my results I'm just avoiding it all at this point. Anyway I have felt so much better I'm driving, I'm pretty much back to my routine, I do take breaks and I'm asleep much earlier now. The stomach is still swollen I'm still a little hunched but im happy with my results. Now im thinking I need breast augmentation. It's complicated lol. My scar is low! Looks neat I still have my drain in so that's just annoying. I need before pictures I owe those and will post at one month.

feeling okay

I'm feeling a lot better but everyday is different I'm pretty much doing normal activities. I still have the drain in!! Doctor says I have to keep it in until its no longer draining fluids. I'm getting so much attention but I still feel the same I guess im just hardon myself after being in a really bad relationship and just falling for the wrong guys! Anyway I can't wait till summer although I plan to wear fajas for some time it wont hurt me to remove for the two piece once in a while!! I'm sure my self-esteem will boost after a month post opt since my tummy is swollen mostly from underneath the belly button

pain in ribs and tightness

Not sure if anyone else has felt this but last night I started feeling pain or poking sensation in my ribs and back I don't know maybe I moved and hurt myself? Also I been sneezing!! Ouch It hurts burns so bad I hold my stomach and try to sneeze carefully lol but Im not bruised its just a strange pain. And I feel so much tightness in my stomach mostly above the belly button/waist area. This recovery is different everyday! Some days,I'm fine others like today I feel so tired and uncomfortable. Anyone else feel the same? I'm just not feeling confidence today I just want to see my results already can't I just fast forward a few months?? Lol

feeling good

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since surgery...I can't complain I really wanted this surgery just didn't imagine recovery to be so frustrating! I'm still hunched I think it's frim how tight and low my surgeon pulled my skin...the results im in denial its my new stomach! I'm really hard on myself and insecure but I'm sure in a couple if months I'll be the happiest I've been in years!! Other than hunched, tightness, and still having my drain in the swelling is down maybe because I walk around a lot im active to the point people say I'm going to hurt myself. My bruises are almost gone ive read stories of being swollen sone days even a year after surgery hope that's not my case.

tell me how's it looking?

Today I feel okay I'm just in denial like I really did it!! Two years waiting and here it is! Yet im feeling blue...idk but I had the faja adjusted by a seamstress and my waist is tiny hope it looks this good without the faja. My butt looks funny but it still healing so I won't complain its definitely round and juicy :0 I think at wishes to the ladies recovering be patient

I wore heels last night!!

First off let me say I still can't believe I got this done :0 I'm getting compliments from left and right and all over BUT my mind can not wrap itself around my new self I seriously have no confidence Idk why? But anyway I still have one drain in and I still went out last night to a friend's birthday celebration and I drank two extra strength Tylenol and had lots of water and sat down the entire night but im not going out for a little while. My butt was so uncomfortable and I felt stiff a.d I can feel my tt scar more I'm almost a month since surgery and never thought I would still not feel great. My waist is SUPER SMALL abd I have a bubble butt but im still swollen so I can't wait till this drain is out and I can start the massages.

***one month update

So its been one month! I seriously can not believe it! I recovered slowly from this procedure. I just had my drain removed and my stitches!! What a painful experience, so my doctor ssys the next step is waiting about a week and after they place a special type of marble in my belly button to open it a little more so it's not too small. Also I will begin my massages. He will also give me the name of the gel I can apply on my tt scar! Im happy with my results although it has been painful, uncomfortable, and a long recovery I'm just so happy
Dr. Valdovinos Pimentel

I'm really happy I said no love handles, no back fat, really mark my waist, round fat ass, that's what I see so far!! :)

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