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I have been wanting a breast augmentation ever...

I have been wanting a breast augmentation ever since I was 15. I had my son at age 22 and six years after I have decided it is time to get both. I had a huge pregnant belly and was left with tons of stretch marks so for about 5 years now, I've known I needed a tummy tuck. I have been very patiently waiting. I just started looking at doctors and getting serious about it for 2 weeks. I know not much but I am ready. I booked an apointment last week with Dr. Buenrostro and got a quote for both. I was gonna go for lab exams today and get surgery done April 3 but I came across bad reviews. That is when thanks to Make me heal and Real Self I came across Dr. Cardenas and decided to schedule and appointment by phone and I mailed them too. I got an instant reply by mail asking for my pictures. I booked an appointment for this next saturday anyway. I am very excited and waiting for my appointment date. I hope I can get a date in April.

Thank you all ladies for all your stories, I almost chickened out.

(I have not recieved a quote yet but was asked to enter one)

Im so sorry for not updating before but I have...

Im so sorry for not updating before but I have been moving from house and I was busy forever plus I just got internet at home again finally!

I will be putting up before after pictures. I will definitely get the surgery.

Went to see Dr. Cardenas 2 Saturdays ago. Everything went well with the consultation. By mail I was told I might not be able to get the TT and the BA at the same time which totally had me upset, but at the consultation I was given green. I only have to pump my red blood cells level and score a 13.
Doctor asked me to drink alot of water, to walk 45 minutes a day atleast 3 times a week, iron pills along with fresh orange juice twice a day, to eat healthy, and tons of iron food (spinach, swiss chard, lentils, beans, beets, etc.)
I was asked to buy body lotion (Keri or Lubriderm for super dry skin) and put it all over my body twice a day. So I am doing all this.

My surgery date so far is April 23! Im sure I will be nervous as hell. Communication so far is fantastic.

I got priced 8,500 for both, including one night stay, medicine, and the faja (sorry dont know the word in english :/)

Before with Buenrostro he included a 4 night stay in his super nice clinic, but oh well. Those reviews killed it.

I think it's all for now :)

I think about it and it kind of makes me nervous...

I think about it and it kind of makes me nervous although I am overall excited. I don't know if I should wait a few more weeks until I lose more weight for better results. How much weight did you ladies lose before doing it? I have a ton of saggy skin ready to be cut. I guess it's time to put my before pics, no dream pics for me
though... I don't know if I should stay at a recovery home after the surgery, 1 day at the clinic sounds like so little to me for the surgery. The one thing I loved about Buenrostro was that he offered 5 nights and four days at his clinic included in his quote. Any input? I think coming home straight away is too much for me and I want to be safe.

Well changed my date again! From April 23rd to May...

Well changed my date again! From April 23rd to May 15 to May 8th as the final date. Got my labs today and waiting for the result! Gave my deposit and saw the Doctor again, very nice of her to see me being as I didn't schedule an appointment and she was fresh out from surgery. Talked to her about 600 ccs and she said it was not too much being as my boobs are too tiny. It will be silicone implants over the muscle. The tummy tuck will be circumferential (all the way around, eek!) i'm on diet and doing 1hr to 1 1/2 every day. Taking iron, fresh orange juice, rubbing lotion twice a day everyday and juicing spinach, chard, beet root, and carrots! Waiting :)

I am nervous about my boobs, weirdly I feel calm...

I am nervous about my boobs, weirdly I feel calm about the tummy tuck! I dont want to go super big, im so unsure about 600 ccs, maybe I should get 550? I just dont know. I guess a small D is fine. Please help!!!

Omg I can't believe I did it but changed my date...

Omg I can't believe I did it but changed my date again, concert came up and didn't want to be Frankestein at it or not be able to attend at all, Just moved it down 12 days. I so freaked with 600 and have decided to go 475-500. I feel much better about it now. Meanwhile exercising and dieting, although I have not lost weight :( I don't know why. It's worth it though, prepares my body and I will be healthier for the surgery. Taking my iron and antibiotics because I my pee seemed to have some kind of infection.

Well I still have a little over a month to go. I...

Well I still have a little over a month to go. I was scared, reading the journey of a RealSelf member (Pharma) helped me so much. Her pictures are amazing btw. I kinda feel a little relaxed.

Wish I could fast forward time. I really want to be on the other side of the road and be in recovery phase.

I have been exercising for about two weeks now and have been eating way healthier from a bit more than a month ago. I lost about 12 pounds so far which isn't much for my liking or for what I need to lose, atleast another 12. I weigh 189 and I havent lost weight at all since exercising :( I may not lose weight but I will def be more healthy for my surgery. I'm taking iron everyday twice a day with fresh orange juice, that kind of gets on my nerves, having to juice. I think I will do 500. I am eager! I wonder what I will look like after.

Really have to start on happy positive thoughts, I've worried and stupid thoughts pop into my mind.

Just waiting for the day :)

Ladies that have gone to Dr. Cardenas or that are...

Ladies that have gone to Dr. Cardenas or that are going to go with her, I forgot to mention before, did you ladies know Dr. Cardenas had a circumferential Tummy Tuck herself? Even tho she is slim? She showed it to me.

Hi. Well I get very very nervous every now and...

Hi. Well I get very very nervous every now and then. Once May is here I'm sure days will go by super fast.

I had the awesome idea (being sarcastic) of telling a woman I more or less know about my surgery, well ever since every time she sees me she has something negative to say. She says she knows people whos surgery went wrong, that she knows someone who had lipo and since they did not change their lifestyle all the fat is in her arms now, and yesterday told me "look at that guy, do you see him? his wife died, she had done what you want. Imagine dying because of vanity."

Seriously? Its BS. I did not ask for her opinion, permission, or money. That is the worst thing someone can do. If she has nothing nice to say she should just say nothing at all. It is very rude.

My mom does not help much either, I should have her support and she should make me strong. After seeing the news today she says " well a guy had gastric bypass done and apparently everything went fine until he had strong stomach pains and the doctor perforated his stomach and he has an infection, he was taken to the hospital but entered coma on his way there" Im like and you tell me this because??? she says well im worried. I told her I did not understand why she told me and told her my surgery is very different.

On the other hand my sister supports me all the way. That is all I need now. I was panicking and mailed the doctor and feel better now. I need positive happy thoughts that will actually help. I just want my surgery date to come!

Well me feeling better and confident goes down the...

Well me feeling better and confident goes down the drain for tonight. My mom asked me to leave a paper ready saying who keeps my son in case I die in the surgery. Thanks mom. :'(

I'm sorry if I scared anyone. I did not mean to...

I'm sorry if I scared anyone. I did not mean to with my ups and downs. I guess as the time goes by I will get there more often lol

Once again i'm feeling pretty confident.

When mailing Fatimeh asking if there was anything else I could do to help with my surgery she mentioned compression stockings that I must wear 24 hours 2 days before the surgery. She said I could get them at CVS or Walgreens so I should be getting them a week before my surgery.

I have not bought anything but I better start. Right now Neosporin is all I can think of LOL but I know I need a lot of things. What should I get??? Omg only 19 days away!

Oh I forgot, I asked Dr. Cardenas to cut a big...

Oh I forgot, I asked Dr. Cardenas to cut a big chunk down under, its so poofy that it bothers me. I realized earlier I get to keep many stretch marks which makes me feel a bit sad :( my belly was sooo big I got stretchmarks very high up and on my sides oh well! I atleast don't have to worry about fat rolls in my back or dog ears.

OMG RealSelf was done yesterday, I was panicking,...

OMG RealSelf was done yesterday, I was panicking, had nothing to do yesterday night lol and I am very behind on checking updates sheesh!!

Well I'm fresh back from my doctor. I asked if...

Well I'm fresh back from my doctor. I asked if there were any tests that needed to be done just to be extra precatious for the surgery. Well not long ago she had blood tests done and my live and kidneys are fine so is everything with my blood and cholesterol and sugar and a few more things she said and all is fine. I asked if I needed EKG she said no since I have never had heart problems that I am very healthy. *sigh* lol I just wanted to be extra sure and get tested again but I guess I've had enough of that. Well I asked about my weight because I feel I've lost nothing. Well from Oct to Dec 2012 I was at 201 lbs (awful, my most heavy) In March I was at 191, 10 less, decent but not near enough. From March to May 2 I am at 186! I wanted to be atleast 180, it sucks but I lost 15 lbs so far which is good but I wish for more, specially before surgery, 2 weeks more to go! :) Btw bought the compression stockings, the longest ones, special scissors, neosporin, wound wash, gloves. I know I need a ton more...

Exactly in two weeks I will be in the middle of my...

Exactly in two weeks I will be in the middle of my surgery. Just waiting for the days to go by. I feel prepared. No more research to do, I know what to expect and I feel ready to take it. Just hoping all goes well. It still feels a bit unreal and like a dream. I have two rock concerts coming lol so I am just waiting. PS and my regular doctor didn't want to do the EKG because I have never had heart problems and because of my age.

Have all my pre op questions for both procedures. Bought what I think I will need. I will be staying one night at the PS clinic and two nights in a recovery home. Just waiting :) Thank God

Okay so I have a weirdo question that I pretty...

Okay so I have a weirdo question that I pretty much have the answer to, the concert I was gonna go to on May 18 changed date to June 12. I will be 21 days post op, do you ladies think I'd be able to attend? I'm gonna mail the PS about it tomorrow but I almost know the answer. Oh well atleast its not the Rolling Stones one lol pheww!

Omg I am 10 days away, wow lol Bought the dial...

Omg I am 10 days away, wow lol Bought the dial soap, hibiclense, q tips, gloves, tape, scissors, the compression stockings, wound wash? the neosporin, im sure i'm missing a few things but that is all I can remember for now.

I have two silly questions... 1) how long after...

I have two silly questions...

1) how long after the tt are we aloud to get romantic with the s/o? I am just curious because I am single lol I just wonder.

2) How soon can we shower after the TT? When I went for consultation with Dr. Taneja in Pasadena his patient coordinator, I think her name was Kristy, I'm not sure though... Anyways, she had a TT, (super slim, super nice body, no idea why she had a TT) she told me she did not shower in 3 weeks, I guess so the scar would close and heal faster? I bet she had her hair and private parts washed all the time. Her advice to me was to not shower if I could avoid it. No one has given that advice before. I wonder...

BTW Keeping myself in denial mode, I do not want to be a nervous wreck. I am one week away, 7 days! Sweet Baby Jesus!

Okay, so I am trying one the compression stockings...

Okay, so I am trying one the compression stockings that I bought and they are a bit tight but tolerable, I wonder if I should get XL or if they are meant to be a bit tight. Isn't the purpose of this to better circulation? How is that possible with tightness? lol it seems the other way around, is this the purpose or what is it?

Okay ladies, I am upset. I was deeply saddened and...

Okay ladies, I am upset. I was deeply saddened and shocked. I was at Forever 21 buying a blouse for tomorrow. I get a text from my sister saying "you are gonna die, my husband just told me is going on a business trip this Sunday and comes back till Friday" (this text from my sister that was meant to take me to my surgery on Monday) I was like what are you on about? then it hit me. She was canceling on me. Then sends another text saying

"is there any way you can change it for the following monday?" I texted back very upset and shocked saying "Im not going to change anything, Ill have someone else go with me" she replies "no i want to be with you" i text back " how sad you are doing this to me i let you know a long time ago"
her: "I am not doing anything I am just asking if you can change it. So want do you want me to do? you want me to leave the girls alone? Okay I will leave them alone, Nicole is old enough and she can take care of Karla, I will be able to stay till wednesday though" (she has two daughters 18 and 13)
Me: "no do not leave them alone, your place is with them. I told you a while ago and it was important, you could have told your husband a long time ago" (that she was gonna come with me for my surgery for 3 days, she is in LA and I am in San Diego)

I was with my mom at the store and I started crying, told her what should I do now? She suggests I take my youngest sis with me, but she is only 17.I ask my mom again what should I do or if I should take it as a signal, I was very scared a few weeks back but talked to God, and asked him to stop me if anything was gonna go wrong. I felt in peace after and saw everything going right on track so I was happy and confident as ever. My mom is scared about the whole thing and I know she would rather I did not do it, so she says yes take it as a sign, change it to a different date. The surgery is in Mexico and she cannot leave the states now, she is waiting on her residence, that is the only reason why she is not the one going with me. So anyways it is my time to go to zumba class and the gym. I was very upset all through the class crying, thinking what should I do? is it a sign?or is it just stupidity and carelessness? We text like 100 more texts, she calls but I am at Zumba and I cant asnwer, she talks to my mom and tells her she will be here and fix something back home. She requested for the days off from work to come, so she says she cant be changing them because she already has once, from the time when I kept changing date at the start.

So now I am basically all shaken and unsure, she says she will be here. But now I do not know, should I change the date? I'd just have her come the surgery date which is the most important one and have someone else bring me back home.Plus she started the texting with "you are gonna die" now I know she did not mean it in a bad way, or anything having to do with the surgery. Is it all signs? what should I do? Should I go with the original date? should I change it? I somehow feel Monday has been somehow messed up. What would you do if you were in my place?

Its so big for me, getting mentally ready and carry on with it to have it all shaken all of a sudden. I just don't know. I don't even know what the PS will say.

Another thing... I am planning on printing all my...

Another thing... I am planning on printing all my wish pics to take to the doctor for better view. I am thinking going to CVS or Target to print, they will probably think I am a psycho with all this boobs and tummy tuck pictures, what am I gonna do with them after the surgery? I probably have over 50 pics lol

Got to get my passport card to for quicker border crossing. Though I will be getting medical passes for sure, no way I will be in line with the surgery recently done. Last weekend it took 3 hrs and 45 min in line, absolutely ridiculous!

Concert tomorrow so I better get my head in place so I can relax and enjoy. I found the peace I need within me, got the confidence to do this. Physically and mentally I know I am ready

Absent Minded

Okay so I am gone land. I cannot focus on much or for long enough. It really is doing my head in. I had an awesome time in the concert but I couldnt get too excited before and I normally would of had. I feel I have a ton to do and not enough time.

I gotta go to MX tomorrow and be back in the same day, Saturday I leave to Anaheim and come back till Sunday mid day I am guessing, I wish I had nothing to do so I could concentrate in the surgery, though it keeps my mind off it even though I cant concentrate, I do not know if I make any sense, I basically feel lost lol. I will be freaked out Sunday, not before, I think.

I have a lot to do still, I have one open front PJS, first night at the clinic, I think I will be using one of those hospital thingies open at the back? then I go to the recovery home and I still dont think I will be wearing my own clothes then? I dont know. I need to buy new slippers, mine are fine, just a bit worn lol maybe a new robe? I need to shave down there, I hate doing it, I get ingrown hair and it hurts! Got a lot to do and I havent done it because of this gone mode im in, I have not stopped going to the gym either and I feel it takes time off of me getting ready.

I was gone all day yesterday and today and I had more than 300 e mail update notifications from RealSelf. I feel I have missed a ton and I am not happy about it. Did my best to keep up but it was impossible. It is a shame because many ladies that have helped me with their wonderful reviews had surgery the 16th some others tomorrow and I can not focus. I have even stopped reading and commenting on new reviews which I used to love to.

I have 3 days left. Geez.

It feels lonely!

It feels lonely! Most of my TT friends have had their TT and are recovering :) Can't wait to join them!

I wonder a few things though... What do I wear back home? should it be a dress or loose pants?

Got buying the last few things I need for my surgery, just have to pick up the 50+ pics I have, I'm sure the CVS guy will think I'm psycho lol Got everything gathered I think, will just add my camera, laptop and phone!

I wonder when do I get to shower?

About 17 hours to go!

Well I counted 17 hours till I have to be at the clinic, I am pretty relaxed, I thought I'd be a nervous wreck. I did get emotional in the morning but I am pretty confident. Trust God fully and medically I am healthy.

Prepared for my surgery exercising, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking my iron pills religiously twice a day for nearly 2 months 80% of the time with freshly squeezed orange juice. Rub the lotion twice, and had blood tests done twice! I have had my compression stockings on since yesterday as Fatimeh adviced me. Will be shaving later and remove the nail polish off my feet nails! I decided to get the EKG just for my own peace, will get it done tomorrow before surgery. I will be blood tested again. My bag is packed, all my questions printed out, have my wish pics with me and bought a few personal care items. I just have to wait it out.

If any one reads my review, say a little prayer for me please :) I will most likely post later I am not sure! Otherwise I will be posting PO. Seems unreal!

made it!!

omg i made it! went in at ten, got the circumferential tt, 12 lbs removed! 520 ccs will update more later! almost no pain, thanks for all the prayers :)


ladies here are my pics i wont write a long review till i get home, i dont wanna miss anything and dont want to write a sucky one my surgery was seven hours though, I feel that tightness! Ughhh

My PO Story

Well I guess I can't leave it for after forever lol Ive been thinking of calling myself Franken weenie lol franken for all my scars and weenie for whiner.

I can't complain much though. It'd be unfair, I'm going through what was expected and pain has not been horrible at all. My drains don't hurt. I am kinda worried about the back one that drains tons and I cleaned it last night and has very lil today.

About the surgery day.

I got there at 8;00 am by when I filled out tons of papers, was blood tested again, Had the EKG which was completely normal, and was marked down it was close to 10 am so in I go. I was given something to make me sleep because I cannot remember them giving me the epidural. I remember waking up through the surgery and talking to them at different times, did not weird me out at all.

I was in no pain at all and I remember napping then waking up n going back to sleep around 10, by 4 am I was up and kind of napped. Had oatmeal n pineaplle jello for breakfast. Around 10 am nurse tells me it is time to wake up. She was an angel btw (Rosita) I was like "no" lol so she sit me for a while but then says well you have to shower and I agreed, off we go, it was weird to stand up and not that painful, she gets me naked and sits me to shower. I got a major dizzy moment, nearly fainted. It was not nice, she immediately had me smelling alcohol and my sister blowing air to me with a magazine like crazy, I felt better and continued with my shower. Once out I felt the same but much more less and got over it as well. Dressed up and was talking to the rest home but going down through those stairs was a bitch!

Once at the rest home.

Everybody was so nice, Carmelita, Eli and Susy, wow they are so sweet. I was fed and laid down super taken care of at all times. I was showered every day I met with 1HotBride and we had a super time talking. PS went to visit twice out of 3 days. She said no compression garment till Saturday, yesterday she removed my boob drains, I got 520 btw, she said no massage and to not stand straight no matter what the first 7 days after I can straighten a little bit, but still have to walk hunched over for as longest possible, she said we do not want any holes opening.

I got 2 massages with Mary Paz. They were not painful to me they were soothing as she massaged the drains would fill up like crazy. Yesterday poked my back with a needle and squeezed liquid out my back.
I threw up a lil the day after yesterday after the shower n massage, maybe all the movement, recovered fast from it.

I miss my bed, my butt goes stiff and numb and hurts from laying on it, could not stand the recliner, bed was better for me. The back part of the incision does not hurt at all not even infront except my right side sometimes feels like burning. Dr said she found too much fat, that I gotta lose it. She cut a chunk off my pubic area and lipoed it thats why it looks weird, she said there too much fat there too and a lot of skin. the right end corner is wrinkled up and she said it may stay like that because of all the skin and how big it was, she says she will fix it if it ends up like that.

I've not paid much attention to swelling at all, I know it will happen, will start bromelain n arnica pills.

*** Something very important!!! a walker**** my life saver lol

I did not have bowel movements the first 2 days so I asked Carmelita for something, her pill worked and went 3 times, yesterday no BM so I asked for another pill well after taking it a few hours later 3 times again.

I cant wait to get back to normal. i miss my bed and walking straight. I've not been emotional yet. I was too happy to get home. I sometimes ask myself wtf did I do to myself??? what was I thinking but I know i'll be happy in the end. I want time to go by fast. How long time everything gets more normal?

I wouldn't do that to myself again, I say that now, nurses say every body go back in a year, -_____- lol all for now I think.

My boy

he is 6 years and is a total angel, he has been helping me so much and it all comes from his heart, things my mom does for me he would do if he could, he constantly offers his help, when I ask him please fora favor he tells me dont thank me mom i do it to help you.
If I walk he follows me he says to make sure I dont fall and tells me I look as good as superman lol. Before surgery he asked mom why dont you laugh or smile anymore? well i was too worried about surgery to do so, he says i now smile. He is a blessing.

i forgot...

dr c repaired an hernia she found and she lipo'd my flanks and a bit of my arm pits.

6:00 am

Well I fell asleep at 12, got up around 5:45 am. How long do you ladies sleep at night for? I take 2-3 naps in a day I think about an hour to maybe two in length. Today is Day is 5 day PO. I kinda think it's going by slow though two more days already a week! Pain wise I cannot complain. It is just discomfort and my very limited movements and sitting/ laying down position. I asked myself today wow I am either very brave very stupid or very innocent? Well i had the guts to do it. At this point I am being brave and just gotta carry on with recuperation the best possible. We are doing a tough one, hats off! Bow down!

Did not sleep >:/

Not because I was in pain, i can fall asleep with no problem, trouble is keeping myself asleep. Slept from 12-2:45 am layed down doing nothing for an hour. Moved back to couch, i'd wake up every 45 min or so because my neck was killing me. 5:45 am couldnt take it anymore. Im so gonna have to ask PS fot sleeping pills. Im sure my mom will drug me up with a bit of her Tafil so that I can sleep so that she can sleep and im gonna gladly take it. My compression garment-wtf that thing was like a thong up my ass, i can per with it but def not poo! Its an ordeal to put it on so im meant to struggle with it twice a day plus when i shower? Fun. The thing did NOT fit anyway so I need bigger. I told PS how come you expect me to fit in a L? Shes like oh you will you have a small torso. My ass! I did not fit so I guess I need an XL plus i am swollen like a mamut! My right side stretch marks look horrible swollen. My back drain will most likely be removed Monday being as it has not drained a thing since I cleaned it from full Thursday 7:00 pm. It had been draining like crazy. Ever since front one that was draining a bit started draining a ton. Oh its all fun -_____-

big pills

i hate big pills, bromelain and pain pills are huge :(

Im horrified and freaked out

I showered in my house till today and saw myself from the back in a mirror for the first time. I had a big round booty and my waist used to go in a lot from the back, my back and butt was well separated, not like a flat wall from back to bottom. I saw myself completely flat and i am freaked out. I had no liposuction but I have no ass at all, I see PS tomorrow, I dont know what to think, I did not need fat graft, im thinking its because of the stupid body lift, she pulled my back into my butt and my skin that used to go in attached to my bones seems to have cut off, I seriously do not know what to think, I am upset to say the least. I know I am swollen but I am just too flat.

PO Appt & Compression Garment

Well I had my back drain removed today, it used to drain tons and thursday after a full 100 ccs it only drained about 10 ccs up until today. It did not hurt at all. I was made to fit in the compression garment, I didn't think I'd fit in that thing but they made it easy breezy. Dr says all is fine, another check up Friday, maybe I get the last drain out by then, still draining and getting full but not as often. My ass keeps looking flat which sucks. Doctor says im too swollen and compression garment should help. At least 6 weeks looking like a mummy, fun! I've attached pics. I feel better with the compression garment on, PS said it is too important to wear it so that all the skin reshapes and reattaches, that it is all lose.

Last Night Had a TT Nightmare

I had a nightmare last night... Dreamed that I opened my garment and that there was a lot of blood and that my TT had opened. I remember being desperate and crying a lot. Struggling to find the PS phone number then finally calling her & her telling me she could not see me but that another Dr would. I remember walking around a lot in a big place lost desperate to get to a Dr and all my family members ignoring me! Sheesh what a freaking dream, I woke up a bit emotional from the dream like feeling I had cried. Glad it was just a nightmare. Aswell out of topic, ever since I came out of surgery I sigh a lot, heavily in relief. Has anyone had that???

9 days PO and Pics

Well Today is my 9 day PO already, I was complaining about time not going fast enough but it's not that slow either. Asked if I had to have the devil bra on all the time and they let me rest from it at night. Lovely!!!

I got my period today -_____- Anybody seen the kind of garment I wear? how is that gonna work? It sounds like a mess to me, a gross one, i'll see how it goes, i will be extra clean. I have a pic on with my under wear iver my garment, looks ridiculous lol but I assure you, there is no other way!

I have a belly button question and posted pics. Every time I clean it with Q tips they come out pretty bloody, aswell as the gauze, the tip is always full of blood, are your belly buttons doing the same? It looks pretty deep but I am sooo freaking swollen, I dont know who this CG closes.

You can also see from the pic how swollen I am and how many stretch marks I keep, I had a ton and kept lots of it, I knew it;d be that way. It shows my last drain, which I think comes off this friday when i see the doctor, I cannot complain about them!

I want to walk straight, and miss my bed like crazy, over all I am fine, sleeping is still an ordeal and by the end of the recovery I will have murdered my butt and tail bone.

Last thing, well I went out with my mom all day long to run errands, at times I'd get off the car and go with her and sometimes I'd stay in the car, it was about 6 hours total, well when sitting I stretched and hurt my back incision and I felt it rip and crack, I rubbed it, it hurt for like a minute, well I found the blood through the compression garment, I think that is all!

Numb legs at night

Anybody have this happen? it only happens at night just before I go to sleep. Last night was the second night in a row. I don't know if I should freak out and think about deep vein thrombosis or what. I stopped wearing my compression stockings just yesterday (Saturday June 1st) I even felt my hands numb for a while.

I emailed my PS and said it may be the compression garment on too tight, and to take it off at night, as well with the bra, well I already do not wear the bra at night, it strangles the heck out of me, I don't like the idea of having to take the compression garment off because I feel so safe and together in it.

Friday I went to see my PS and all was fine. I had no numb legs or anything then. She showed me how to clean my drain from blood clots. It drained 25 ccs yesterday so if it is the same today then it should come off tomorrow or Tuesday. PS gave me green light to drive myself to see her next appt depending on the drain.

Told me to start putting oil in my nipples so the sutures start to get lose, well I used neosporin it is oily enough. She cleaned around my drain and said to not let any tissue form around it, it slightly hurt. Drained a teeny bit from where the back drain used to be. Told her I always clean blood with q tips from my BB she said I may be too rough on it but since I feel nothing I have no idea, I'll be more gentle when cleaning.

I literally have a brick in my lower back in the middle. PS thought it may be a seroma, so she pinched it with a needle in three different spots in an attempt to drain it and nothing. I am just swollen she advised epifoam on it for extra compression.

That is all for now. I am deeply grateful with God. I can't thank him enough and I just pray to him everything keeps on fine. Cannot wait to stand straight and feel more normal. When does this happen anyways? Monday I'll be 2 weeks PO.

2 weeks!

Oh I miss my zumba class :(

Im gonna be posting some new pics, still very very swollen, I think my boobs look less swollen, my back is more swollen than my tummy, my butt is still in no where land. Last night I did not get numb, I am starting to sleep better without waking up all through the night. My belly feels very tight and I still walk very hunched over, I've not dared stand straight. I no longer take naps from a few days ago. I generally feel better and participate more in showering, I sit through it all though. My belly button is not as bloody when I clean it, I have been more gentle with it. My left boob feels more hard than right. I wish all the dry blood was not there anymore :/
I am buying a 2nd compression garment because I don't dare take it off I feel so safe in it but its so dirty, I am done with my period yay! No worries for another 28 days and Ill be much better next time around. I wonder when can I move back to my bed, I got a sleeping system that is working well for me.

Tomorrow I go to see the PS for my last drain removal, I have a few questions, I will be driving myself so I am a teeny bit worried, but I shall make it fine. Wish I did not have to go border jumping. I just get burning sensation every now and then and the tightness.

Got a hole

Well I was cleaning myself and found a hole to the right side of my incision. Just noticed it today and Im not happy about it. I go to the PS tomorrow. Cleaned it and put neosporin and a gauze in it.

Wasn't gonna update...

but there's a few new things. Went to my PS till today and had my last drain removed. She said the holes were too superficial and not to worry, to just keep it clean and put neosporin on it. She cleaned it pretty rough but I felt nothing.
I drove myself too, and it was all fine. She told me to start standing up straight, I have never tried it before, she told me to do it little by little until I am straight, so... for the first night I am attempting to sleep in my bed, i'll see how that goes.

I got a cold -______- thanks to my son. Its not horrible, but it makes me sneeze which is not awesome at all, I try to avoid sneezing.

No pain medicine since Monday, I'm sure I could of stopped before.

I asked to buy a second CG from PS because the one was super dirty. Bought it from the PS office, so the receptionist tells me "Doctor is gonna pick the size for you" I think to myself "weird" as I was expecting to get the same exact one, well my PS made me fit in a medium :O I thought she was kidding, but nope, I'm wearing a medium and she wants my Large to get reduced. It is not too bad, but yeah its tight. I'm quite compressed, it's def doing its job.

All for now, happy healing ladies :)


Well, my booty seems to be slowly coming back, phew!!! still gotta give it some time but much much better! I had not worn that medium CG for like a week and since the Large was not tight anymore well I decided to give it a try but is it making me suffer, specially at night.
I now sleep in my bed because sofa does not seem to be making it anymore. I go friday tentatively to get my BB stitches remove, but I have this huge white thing inside covering it, PS said it was a fibrous tissue that built inside to guard itself because it is very swollen so not sure any stitches will be removed. The hole seems to be healing and covering itself, it looked yellow for a while like puss but never smelled bad or anything, I think it was skin tissue because it now looks different. Ill be posting before pics because I have not yet taken new of it closing. The drain hole of my last drain removed is so big and round, but PS said it will take longer to close because it is the drain that I had on the longest and since I'm paranoid warned me that Ill have white tissue building up, it is not draining much at all. On my right side of the incision near to the hole I have an area that drains but it is not open at all, sooo weird!

My boobs are fine, cannot wait to stop using this bra, I will burn it one day! When are my boobs not swollen anymore? I wonder when can I buy bras? Being as all my old ones do not fit.

I finally stood straight, I was fearing I was short of skin or something and that I was never gonna stand straight again, but I finally did since a few days back. This medium garment makes me shrink tho! I notice people staring at me in the street, both men and women kinda weird lol

All for now!

Pics to yesterdays update.

My connection was too shitty yesterday so here are the pictures.

New hole, #3 :(

well, hole one is closing, hole two does not look too bad it is in my right hip and hole number three is exactly opposite where hole one was just on the left end side of my pubis and belly, it's not a hole as of yet, but it is draining quite a bit, bran new, found it this morning and yesterday late night it was not there :(
I wish my scar would just heal, no pain, no fever, no bad smell, but 3 holes? sigh.The back part of my incision has healed no problems, no holes or anything, and it is where all the tension and bending over occurred, and front which has been most taken care of 3 holes, really? Rest is good.

On Friday I had another PO appointment, I did not get the BB stitches removed. My belly BB is super swollen, PS said another two weeks.
I asked her if my boobs were clear, since I never had any problems with them and she said they were, I finally stop using that medical bra this Friday OMG Yes!!!!! She gave me green light to shop for bras which I did today! I went to VS and they measured me at 36 DD. Well the woman kept wanting to shop for me and pick the bras for me so I just left! I did buy 5 bras tho, all of them 36D and they fit pretty nicely!
Will be adding pics tomorrow, too tired now.


Pics to update above

One month!

Today is one month since surgery. Time does fly by. I am very excited for next month in which I will be healed and can wear normal clothes again and finally get to enjoy myself and new body. I am very glad I did it, although I was like wtf I did to myself at some point. It all makes sense and I love it. I already get positive feedback in the street a lot and my figure gets compliments from both men and women. It is funny, it's something I was not used to. I got out of surgery loving my boob size and asked myself if maybe I should of gone bigger? But no. I like my size, it is big enough with out being way too big or too tiny. Any smaller would of been too small and bigger might have been way too big.

It is hot in southern California, I do not mind my compression garment but man this heat! I want to wear shorts, I cant stand jeans anymore. I want to wear tank tops and I cant either because of the medical bra, geez! Though I lose that one this Friday! Can't wait to wear normal bras again.

I am just a bit anxious to get back to normal life 100% I want to exercise, I fear getting fat! I miss Zumba tons but I do realize I will not be able to get back to it that soon.
I kind of see arm lift in my future, but I do not want to think about it for now! I hear it is painful! My butt has started to come back, I am so happy about that.

Im glad I did this :D

Front Issues, back healed.

Well Monday will be PO week 5. All the front of my incision is having issues and opening superficial holes all along. I think I have about 6 some are really small the biggest one about the size of a pinky finger print. I can feel spitting stitches as well. I hope I was healed and my back has been for weeks now. Funny, I never had much care of the back, it is where it was always pulled and laid on and its next to perfect and front with all the care and consideration is giving me issues.

Left side of my pubis keeps draining. My belly button is not healed at all. Has not really improved so no idea when those stitches will come out. I clean and put neosporin on all the front from hip to hip because of the various holes and the last drain hole which is the only one open, which PS warned me would take a while to close. No infection at all what so ever, fever, bad smell or anything. I clean it all and put gauze on it twice a day, same as with BB. Kind of tiring. Spend around 50 every week in items to clean and cure myself.

I still have to take sneezing with ease and care. It is so hot down here that I wish I could wear shorts and sleeveless shirts but thanks to the Marena CG I can't. I need to get something without straps. Have not dared yet to lay completely flat on bed. I miss sleeping on my side like crazy, but with all this lil holes I limit my sleeping position to just laying flat on my back, head on pillows and more pillows under my knees. I get less stiff and feel less pulling after night sleep or after sitting somewhere for a while. I walk faster but still look weird, I don't think I am 100% straight yet, pretty near, I think 95% I still feel pulling. I do have a very straight posture.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time. 30 minutes walking and 10 min on the elliptical, I could of totally done 2 hours but decided not to push myself, like I say, these holes are holding me back, I do not want more or have them open bigger. I do get paranoid of gaining weight, because although I have not been porking myself I have allowed myself to eat stuff I was not eating before. So it is a bit of a worry. I keep weighing myself and I have not gained weight. My biggest jeans size was 17, could buy size 12 today, if I can ever get myself back into a 9 i'll be happy, my large hips did not go anywhere and my butt is reappearing ;) so I can't go too small.

I am pretty much back to regular life. About my boobs what can I say? They have all along been wonderful. Size feels so natural and they don't get in my way at all, I sometimes forget I have them. I have no complaints and I really like their roundness and fullness. They were never deformed and never really needed them to drop or anything. 0 pain from the start as well. Started scar treatment on them and back of my TT incision.

I don't think I have ever listed all the things I actually got done with my PS. I had

1. Circumferential Tummy Tuck.
2. Muscle Repair.
3. Lipo on flanks.
4. Arm pit lipo (so that my implants looked better according to PS by not having a bulge of fat next to them)
5. Hernia repair.
6. Lipo on my pubis and a piece cut off!
7. Breast Augmentation through nipple to fix tuberous breast deformity.

I think that is all lol I will add some pics, I think up close pics make the holes seem way larger than they actually are. As well of my not healed BB. Got more lil holes here and there but it would be torture to keep showing such things. Will post dressed pics, finally got to buy dresses, been waiting forever for dresses :)

Update and some pics

On Thursday after almost 5 weeks PO I had my belly button stitches out. My bb opened from the bottom so I had some white fiber tissue cover it, which I still have now. It did not hurt at all, I did not feel anything as with the drains, felt nothing.
All looks good and I feel better and better.

All the front part of my scar in which I was having issues has not had new issues, well actually the part where it drains made a small cyst full of liquid and I have to keep squeezing it to let the liquid out, but no new holes and all the holes seem to be healing plus no new holes so I am happy about that. The part from the scar in the back is closed 100% since weeks ago and in some parts the scar is about as thick as a string, I wish it was like that all around.

Will start the gym regularly from Monday, had some personal issues that kept me busy so I should get to it finally. Pure elliptical for me I think. I have no idea when I'll be okay to get back to Zumba. Asked PS how heavy I can carry she said around the weight of a gallon, well next to nothing!

I have my period right now and it's hot and with this CG, OMG! I seem like a newbie. Last time I was days PO and I managed it gloriously. Well not this time. It has been a mess, sorry TMI but I am amazed and embarrassed with myself, can't wait for it to disappear for a months time. I need to start looking for more practical compression garments, I love my Marena but it is not practical, and limits my dressing too much, although I've let it peek out several times, I don't care.

I went dress shopping to Forever 21 and H & M. I got Large size dresses at Forever 21. My hips take their usual space so does my butt that came back as big as it was Pre-op (i was worried for a bit because it seemed it had vanished) I realize I will not be able to use that small of a bottom size. I had size 6 dresses at H&M. I started at 12 but it was too lose, then 8 and it was still lose got on 6 and it fit fine! my boobs were a bit tight. I can wear my clothes without the buttons from the belly part opening up or look like I was eternally pregnant so I am very happy about it. Nurses at BHRC said I will keep going down in weight and sizes. I am already happy. I don't see that happening unless I do hit the gym which I am very serious about it.

I love Dr. Cardenas, she has seen me tons of times PO. She cures me herself every time and answers all my questions. Every time I e mail no matter how late, I get an instant response. She is awesome and so is Fatimeh. I highly recommend her.

I asked her about my arms, well I did not notice before how much they bothered me. I knew they were fat and saggy and ugly but now they stand out a lot!!! I will have to have them done at some point. So I asked Dr. C about it. She said she could do them 6 months PO. I had to fully recover and gain my health back along with my red blood cell count. I read and heard somewhere they are painful, it freaks me out but I see the need of having them done, they are in disproportion with the rest of me and I cannot wear sleeveless with out them looking hideous :(
I guess that is in my future.

Happy healing ladies! Loving my TT!

Almost 7 weeks

Well I was reminded by realself to update my review. I have not got news, which I guess is good. All the holes seem to be healing, plus I have no new holes, the one that was draining is not anymore. The hole where the last drain was seems to finally be closing as well.

I am getting close to having to change compression garment. I can lose it, I only had to wear it 6 weeks, however I feel and know that the more I use it the best. PS said I can take it off during the day and sleep with it at night.
I just need a more easy to disguise CG, this one shows with dresses or sleeveless tops. It is hot. If it was winter time I'd have no problem.

My biggest dilemma is which compression garment to wear? I found tons at MMH but it confuses me, plus they are all non returnable or exchangeable. where as with the Marena site well I know my size and I loved the material and how they are made, and they allow exchanges so I guess I have my answer. No idea what style though but I have to make up my mind this week being as I need it starting Monday so I am already late.

I need to go back to PS because she missed a stitch on my very late healing BB. I feel awesome and love my TT, I'd do it all over again. I tried on bikinis for the first time ever, I never had a bikini body and although my body is not perfect and still needs a lot of work I look decent in a bikini, I was totally surprised and happy about it.

Anybody have CG recommendations? Any plans on still wearing a CG for the long run?


Oh yes oh yes! Lost the world of pillows and sleeping weirdly. Can finally sleep on my sides from a few nights ago with my pre op usual amounts of pillows! Awesome!!! I missed it so much! Still have to prop up my feet a bit if i sleep on my back.

I see Dr. C this saturday for a missed stitch. Will talk to her about my uneven looking pvts.

Weight Loss

Weighed myself today and I thought I was about 78 Kilos which is 171 lbs. I weighed myself 10 days PO and I don't remember exactly but I think it was 176 (80 kilos) more or less? I weighed myself today at almost 8 weeks PO and I am 75 kilos/ 165.340 lbs. Back in November 2012 my weigh at heaviest was 202 lbs / 92 kilos. Once out of surgery I remember counting I had lost a total of 23 lbs which would put me at 179 pounds.

I have been eating healthy but allowing myself little nothings here and there, no exercise (ashamed of myself, just started out today! finally!) Well I am shocked, in a good way, I was sure I had gained a kilo or two, Nope. I weigh 165.347 lbs! I am shocked from being 202 in November 2012 to July 10, 2013 I lost 37 pounds (17 Kilos)! That is a lot to me, I never thought I could do it! I am so happy, have not weighed this since I was in middle, can imagine what it is for ladies that have shed twice or more than 3 times as much, must be glory!!! I know I can do this and I will, I want ten kilos less (22 pounds) !!! If I can go down any more from there oh wow it would be incredible!!!
I am amazed! Wow! It pays off eating healthy, exercising, and this wonderful surgery. I felt a bit bad and guilty thinking to myself I had somehow taken the easy short road but this weigh loss speaks for itself, yes PS did cut off around 12 pounds as she said, and I got implants. Surgery alone I lost 10 pounds but the rest is all me and I feel proud!!!

Oh God I cannot wait! Finally went to the gym today, did 45 minutes elliptical (about 5.2 mi) and 15 minutes walking. Can't wait to go back tomorrow and they day after and keep seeing the weight loss :D I am happy happy happy!!!!

9 weeks this Monday?

I have not got much new to share.

I seem to be finally healing. Not new holes and existing ones are closing, drain hole is so small now. Nothing draining from a few weeks ago. Yesterday I slept without my CG,it was okay but I sleep better with it on, that way I am kept as a whole and I don't get pulled at all. I bought a new CG stage two, I have been using pure Marena stage 1. I know I should of changed long ago but I did not and even so stage 2 is more than I need but I loved Marena. I ordered a reinforced girdle, with no legs and suspenders. I use a Medium stage one so I ordered a Medium being as it is a pull on and not an open one like this one, hope it makes it up my hips. My medium Marena is not too tight anymore.

I seem to have hurt my very slow healing BB. I think it may have been me going to the gym and doing the eliptical? Idk but it happened when I started going to the gym everyday, I found it bled a little and it looked weird so I cleaned it and it looks better. I wish my BB was healed by now.

Belly Button Revision?

Well i guess that is pretty much what it is. Ill get it redone being as it closed. Wonderful huh? It didnt heal forever and when it "does" it closes. Last thurs went to see ps and as soon as she saw it she told me it closed and she needed to remove scar tissue and bring it out again. I have a lil hole which I thought was gonna close well it turns out my bb is behind that lil opening. It still looks like I have a bb just a bit weird looking one. She said if it doesnt get fixed sweat, water and dirtyness will accumulate and drain on me from time to time. Well tomorrow I go in to get it fixed.

Later on I need downstairs fixed too being as it looks crooked and one half bigger than the other. She said we sometimes have one side bigger than the other. She said i cut up here not down there i didnt touch it. Well it was lipoed and i asked her to cut a chunk which she did because i had birthmarks that are no longer there and it never looked crooked before. Well she said she would fix it and that is all I care for.

Ill add a pic of my bb.

Had my BB Revision

Had it this morning. I did not feel a thing, not even the local anesthesia being injected. It was all super professional. Made me remember having the TT done being as I was taken into the operating room, had the dressings and all. Doctor did it in about 20 minutes. She said my belly button is too swollen right now. To just keep it dry, no neosporin this time and only gauze to cover the outside. I am on antibiotics just to be safe. It cost me 200 plus 50 medicines.

I am curious to see what it looks like this time. She said its small and swollen right now but that it will look similar to what I had. I have not seen it being as it is covered. I get stitches removed in 2-3 weeks. Ill be seeing it tomorrow.


This is a life changing surgery and I could not be happier. I love it all!!! Love my TT, love my boobs! Wish I had done it before! So glad I chose Dr. Cardenas!!!

My bellybutton and 3 mo PO

Is a mystery to me. I wonder why it just won't heal. Had the revision two weeks ago. It looks pretty fresh and raw. Has any one had this problem? I don't want it to close again. It looks wet all the time and the flesh raw. I change the gauze once a day because I was instructed to not touch it much and be gentle with it. I dont put Neosporin on it it anymore so that it stays as dry as possible, but a yellowish liquid constantly drains.

I have started to take vitamins recommended by a real self friend :) I hope it helps.

It is almost 3 months PO and looking back, it all went too fast though at times I was like "when am I gonna heal?" All my back incision is nice and flat and some what thin. It was once ropey but never did it give me a problem of any kind and never had holes there. The front is all healed and holes are completely gone from about a week ago. Still feel pretty ropey. I massage almost every day and use Mederma almost every day but ughh I get lazy. I massage it with Bio Oil too. I hope it flatens like the back side.

I look very flat and I love it. I have had to keep on buying clothes because after surgery everything was just too big and I can now wear clothes I couldn't wear before. I totally love it.

I have not used my garment anymore. I have not wanted to bother by BB in any way and have not gone to the gym for two weeks because of it too. Waiting game again. Although it helps me keep flatter I don't really swell much and when I do it is the upper abdomen mostly right after I eat. PS said it is not of much use anymore, but nurses say in the long run it gives u a better result. I dont know, maybe winter time will help lol still too hot!

About my boobs what can I say? They were never trouble and it was almost pain less. I just hated the medical bra, it strangled me. I get shooting pains every now and then in the left one and there is a spot around the nipple edge that kind of hurts to the touch but overall it is okay. The implant feels lumpy on the upper part in a small section of it, it is not visual and I really have to touch to feel it. I asked the PS about it and she said it was the implant. That my left breast was smaller (yes it was) and there was less tissue to cover over but that it is nothing I should worry about. My boobies never felt hard, never needed to drop or fluff. They always looked just fine to me and they have not changed, neither did they go smaller or anything, or atleast they haven't up to this point. I like them soooo much! I think maybe the 600 would have been okay, but it does not stress me I like the size.

I do not feel like my belly is stretching and it does not feel tense when I stand straight anymore. Can lay flat on my back in bed 100% now. I sometimes feel my abs very tight. I guess it is the muscle repair.

I have taken it all very slow, taking baby steps and not asking or expecting from my body more than I should. I understand what my body went through. I researched and read a lot before my surgery. I was extra care full, still I don't know whats up with my BB. But I understand we all heal differently and all bodies are different so if it needs more time okay.

For me 1st month you are fresh out from surgery, time heal, recover, learn, wait, survive lol Month 2 start to heal, start to feel a bit more human, time to recognize your limits, some more waiting, healing steps it up a lil, some holes may appear along the incision, whole lot more patience! Month 3 you start to feel more normal, you can do so much more than before, healing starts to make big changes, you start to relax a bit, you like your body. On your way to month 4 you get to enjoy it freely! (this is my experience)

Pics to my update

Quality is not awesome, took some myself others my 6 year old. On my belly tape marks from covering my BB with gauze.

4 months PO I think

Not much new to report. I love the surgery, i love the boobs!!! My BB seems healed but it is tiny and not very deep, it at least looks like a BB so that is fine. I know at some point I will be getting my arms done, some lipo to my upper and lower abdomen and maybe get my BB redone, I am unsure, plus she has to fix my crooked looking vjay girl.

All is fine, I love it, I am using medium and on some stuff even small!!! Still large some items but my butt is naturally big and very wide hips so its hard to fit it anywhere, but I find my sizes in any regular shop so it is wonderful, I can finally dress how I want and like. I been getting compliments and a lot of attention which is new, but getting used to it.

I have not been exercising as I should and my diet is not perfect but it is under control. I have not put weight and that is a plus :)

Ill be uploading some pics I need breast ones but took them with another phone. Will get those up tomorrow.


It has been over 7 months from my surgery and I could not be happier!!! If I had to do it once a year every year for the rest of my life I would.

I was a size 17 jeans last year I am down to 7 now and I keep getting smaller. I shop for clothes and I need to keep buying smaller. I fit small size clothes now :)
My belly is very flat. My boobs I love them! They have not changed, big and round and high!

I should be uploading pics soon.

The Pics!

Well my last update was way too brief and did not have pics. So these are my newest pics, sorry Im in gym clothes but I took them today else I would of never gotten around to do it, I've been reminding myself to update for over a month now!

So I barely started going to the gym again. I have not been to the gym since October probably September. I have been losing weight tho and I have not been dieting but I eat much healthier and sooo much less than I used to.

Almost 3 years after

Hey ladies, Well nearly 3 years after and I am super happy. I was able to fit size 3 and 5 jeans till I got comfy eating (Eeek!) Most of the time I have been a size 7 ever since, still a 7, going on 9. I am a few kilos up due to my laziness but since I know I am gaining weight well eating healthy time and trying to exercise regularly, tho its hard, hardly have time to. I am going for a lipo in a month! I needed it anyhow and finally have the time and money yay! I super recommend Dr. Cardenas. This is life changing, dont even waste time thinking about it!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Carmina Cardenas after researching Make Me Heal and RealSelf, seen great after pictures of her job. So far she has been very nice and attentive. Communication wise it has been awesome so far.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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