25 Years Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair Bbl Lipo Mid and Lower Back - Mexico

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The nurses here at the recovery house are really...

The nurses here at the recovery house are really nice and caring but you have to watch what you say the have cameras everywhere and will tell the dr all your conversations the dr doesnt really have time to come check on you she wants everything sent thru pictures and when she does come shes always in a rush i had a ball growing out of my woundlike a seroma that hurts really bad ahe said its normal but i am gonna have to go and get this check out with my primary dr because it doesnt look normal to me when i press on it it feels like a rock
I do not know the final result of the tummy tuck yet because its too soon to tell but what i do know is that my butt is dissapearing
Her staff carmen is so rude and makes you feel like shit i would not recommend even dealing with her she is such an impolite lady
This is my opinion but everyone is different but i will not come back ever again they literally almost made me leave by the way i got mistreated because they said im always complaining of course you just had your stomach tear opened who wouldnt be complaiing of pain seriously they just care for the money not the patient i am really leaving dissapointed from here i stayed here 5 days
And its expensive not like your staying here for free
They will answer your emails right away at the bigenning but once they get your money they dont i had to begg them to send me my surgery pictures like 3 times oh and then they want to charge for medication afterwards my package included everything including meds then they said 2 inyections were an additional $120
Theyr rooms are so hot here and everyone fight over the air confitioners some want it lower others higher its a mess im so glad im out of here
And then they told my friend that also stayed here with me to write a good review because they new i was goong to write a negative one and were scared


The day i came prior to surgery i was suppose to go get picked up at the border i got left there waiting 3 hours when i exactly told them i was going to arrive at 3pm
I was carrying around all this cash then i emailed ronnie likehe said if everything goes wrong let me know and no reponse he never answer my emails or my phone callsever again and i was scared because i was alone no one came with me i waited at the jack in the box there in san ysidro and bought something to eat cuz the driver said he was like 20 min away....
Those 20 min took 3 hours i got kicked out of jack in the box because they told me there i been there for more than 2 hours so then i was stuck in the parking lot waiting another hour that day wAs the worst when i arrive to the recovery house i tought the dr was going to be here to mark meprior to surgery since my surgery was the very next morning at 7 and she wasnt .. When i got to the hospital betty the coordinator arrived late and right away asked for the remaining cash they are all not coordinated no one knows everything she wanted to charge me the full $8000 when i told her i had already paid half of it and had send rocio the receipt and evidence she said she wasnt aware this was all a mess no one knew anything theywere all unorganized and when dr carmina arrived at the hospital she was rushing marking me to get me into surgery that made me feel very scared and insecured i also got my tubes tied and buened to no longer have babies but i never even met the gynecologist that did it i met my anesthesiologist my nurse my dr but never the gynecologist and when i asked to speak to him or her they said he will arrive during surgery one of the nurses even commented and said she probably was the one that also did that surgery that there was never no gynecologist i feel insecure and devastaded i had to go thru all this
Trying to save became worse tome i should of just waited to get it done in the usa and should of saved more moneyi also posted a pic of the sign they have at jack inthe box were it says you could only stay 10 min max

Prior to surgery

This is prior to surgery

Day of surgery july 19

My day of surgery was on the 19th
I will post pics of results once i can stand up straighter


Also be carefull when you send your deposit first they told me $500 will be fine to hold my surgery date
Then they called and said they needed $1000 so i went and deposited cash to this wells fargo account then
They told me they were going to count it as credit not cash i got so mad and told them i send cash not credit i am limited with my cash the rest was going to be paid with my credit card so then she said she would split the $1000 and count $500 as cash and$500 as credit this mess up everything i had to come up with the $500 cash all over again because now i was short $500 they could only take so much credit and so much cash but she never told me she was going to do that if not i would of not even sent the $1000 in the first place pic of $1000 deposit will be posted
Then it took rocio forever to send me back the confirmation that she received the deposit i had to keep calling her and emailing her to do so then she said your not the only email i have to respond to you kno wtf!! Yeah since she got the monwy the rest dint matter to her
I like to have proof of everything receipts so i can have them for my records

Picture of additional package i paid that included supposbly everything

I paid an additional $1035 to have everything included and not have to worry about bringing extra cash and they still ended up charging me $120 for the 2 meds inyession to supposbly help my blood cells build up faster

The extra charge for meds after paying a package that supposbly included everythimg

This is a pic of the receipt were i paid the additional $120 for the 2 inyessions i got

All included "supposbly "addotional cost package

I paid this package to not have to worry about nothing else then they end up charging me the extras

Dr carmina cardenas


Of course after every surgery you will deal with constipation afterwards i was constipated for 4 days and i told them how much i strained to use the bathroom and how much my stomach hurted from pushing to go all they did was give me this lil brown looking pill 2 times that dint work for me so i had to finally tell the nurse you know what i need an enema my stomach is hurting me now from not going to the bathroom so she said i had to give her my own money for them to go send someone to get an enema for me i cant believe they dont have this things at the recovery house if they know costupation will be something we will struggle after surgery so if i wouldnt have given her money to go get an enema i dont know how in the world i would of ended up pooping im so glad im back home know all this money i spend on this surgery and all i went thru believe me girls madecme regret this but like i said im a very honest person and will not write a review just to have the dr happy i will post exactly as things are and how it happen so everyone that chooses this dr is aware and so you can be prepare for all things that might happen likev it happen to me
My friend told me that whe they took her to the room rosio told her please mija write a goid review on us because i warned them and told then i was going to post everything that happens and how the dr is rude if you complain about pain too much and how that place is always sooo hot and the tvs turn off by themselfs and how theyr wifi connection is the worse

I have this thing coming out of my incision????

Incision wound bleeding

When i went to the bathroom i saw my faja bleeding then i quickly took it off with care and this is wat was under i was so in panick
But then i emailed my dr and i tought they werent going to respond today and i suddenly got a phone call from rosio like 8 mins later and told me not to panic that is my bodys way of looking for a spot to drain out the excess ffat that was left behind i know have to press on it and wait for all the blood to come out before curing it????

Has any one else experienced this? Pubic inflammation foloowed by this

Swelling in pubic area

It is very swollen then all of a sudden the left side of my insicion burst blood guahing out then whenever i pressed on my pubic zone only where the swelling was thats where it made it come out more
I called rosio she said its normal that its my bodys way of "natural healing" but i have to help drain myself out now twice a day by pressing on top of vagina until blood stops gushing out of my tummy tuck insicion );
Its really painful to do this

Greenish drain

Rosio my life saver thank you so much rosio

Rosio is one of dr carminas clinic coordinator if anyone is going to choose dr carmina i advice to get rocio ezqueda as your coordinator
She has been in contact with me all this days aince that blood atarted to drain from my incision today im heading back to tj to have dr carmina check me out
Rosio has been so nice to me and even gave me her cell phone to call her what ever time i needed during the day for a faster response
Please ladies pray for me i will keep u guys updated on what they tell me today i just hope its nothing bad

Transportation update with ronnie

So this time when i arrive the transportation was already waiting for me!
It was ronnie this time
He apologized for last time wait time and said he spoke to his team on how they need to work together and how the driver is the one thats suppose to be waiting on the patient not the patient on the driver
He then took us to get something to eat while we waited on dr carmina to be ready to see me
He is just a great man!
I told him i know we started on the wrong foot but we ended with the right one
I feel so much better now i felt really welcomed this time and actually enjoyed being there even tho i wasnt feeling good
At the end dr carmina checked me and said it was a seroma i had developed and was looking for a way out to drain thats why i was bleeding but that i looked so much better and i am now on my way to recovery
I hope so soon this will be over
Thnk you everyone for your prayers

New cyst development

I had this lump on my right hand side that has grown i went with dr carmina and she poked it with a needle and srained it out ahe said it was a cyst
But it has now returned smaller but it returned ); and also my right side is starting to hurt me i dont know why if it wasnt is res now and really tender

3 months after

With clothes on i look different than with out one of my sides was left uneven and the bump on my pubic area hasnt gone away

Bump on lower pubic

I mentioned the bump to my surgeon dr carmina and she said i need to pay her an additional $2,500 to remove it with liposuction
I already payed her $8,000 now she wants an additional $2500 i dont think its fair its not my fault she left the bump in the first place she should of had done it right to biggen with

Second round

I just got back from tj ladies
Yes i know i said i would not return to dr carmina but after seeing my end results after 6 months i have to say she was right.
Right about me rushing to see results right away.
I got lipo on my abdomen and pubic area to remove the bump that was left and more fat transfer to my butt
Its only been one day and im already loving my results????
But like ahe said im still swollen and will be like that like a month or teo to see end results now i know shes the expert and she knows what shes talking about
I will post pics up this days cuz i still get a little dizzy when i get up and walk
Thank you very much to all you ladies that have followed my journey
And if your undecided about what surgeon to pick dont be!!!
Go with the best dr carmina

2nd round bbl and abdomen liposuccion

This is 2 days after my surgery still swollen but can already see a difference
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I will like to apologize to dr carmina and to give her credit besides the outcomes at the recovery house and the wait time to be picked up and all that She was right patience is a virtude i anticipated to the results ahead of time now that im 7 months after surgery i realize what a talent she has i just got back from my second round of lipo on abdomen and pu bic and more fat transfer to my butt Shes the very best surgeon so ladies one thing ive learn out of all this that is a hard recovery .No to anticipate and see results right away and at the end you will be facinated with the outcome i will recommend her with anyone at this point. thank you very much dr carmina your the best!!

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