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Hi Ladies, I've been waiting for this moment for...

Hi Ladies,

I've been waiting for this moment for so so long: I'm going to get rid of my abdomen fat I have been carrying for too long. I'm 23 years, 5.7 and used to be over weight and obese at one point when I was 10.
I lost a lot of weight since but my abdomen haa stubborn fat I can lose from every part of my body but whatever how much exercice I practise and how much weight I lost it still there. This has kept me from having self-esteem. I searched and like you I found that liposuction is my only way out as I don't accept myself like this.
I did a lot of research, I've been reading on Realself (this website is a blessing!!) and I found out about Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana.
I contacted the office and I've been talking with Nadia for few weeks now. Very good help and she replied to all my questions on time! I booked surgery for Friday January 30th!!! I'm still not realising what I will be realised that day.
If there is one of you who will be there that day PLEASE CONTACT ME!
I will keep you update

2 days post abdomen, flanks, waist lipo

Hey Ladies,

It's been 2 days since I had lipo. I do not have any real 'pain' I will say but I'm kind of walking and sitting like a pregnant women. I try not to bend too much because of my abdomen skin it happen that the skin and fat remaining 'freeze' and create like a empty pocket I don't really feel anything when I touch my abdomen thou. I have to take 2 medications one antibiotic every 12 hours for infections and another for my abdomen every 24hours.
My pubis is swollen and I do not really like it, make me anxious so if any of you had experience that please reassure me ahah. Also my drains which are on each side of the upper pubis are still bleeding a lot. I am suppose to take them out tomorrow or after tomorrow but I don't feel doing it by myself unless you had a good experience with this, I am thinking to contact a nurse. I will call the office tomorrow for confirmation of what to do next.

About my stay in Tijuana, that was all perfect,. I used the transportation service proposed by Dr Pantoja's office. My driver Karl was a such a gentleman and very friendly he came and picked me up at the train station and brought me to Dr Pantoja. I asked him to bring me back too as I decided at the last minute to stay just one night in Tijuana. I finally arrived at the office met the team Nadia with who I was talking via email for weeks and Hannia through the phone. They were nice and very professionnal to me, the cardiologist and Dr Pantoja are so enthusiastic and happy people, from the first sight I felt comfortable and get excited. I had a consultation with him assisted by Nadia who translated he explained everything and always ask and care about how I feel. This doctor and the team really care about me in a human way. The nurse at night spent the night in my room checking every hours if I was fine.
During the surgery, after liposuctioned my abdomen apparently my pubis seems bigger so the Dr liposuctioned it. I'm still surprised that he did because when I read some reviews and found out that some surgeons even if they see unsightly appearance they would just leave it as it is. So I am very happy Dr Pantoja did the work wouldn't look that great.
He adviced me to do upper and lower back lipo but because of my tight budget I couldn't. However I am so happy that I get rid of my stubborn abdomen fat. I take care of the rest by myself now.

Looking for a Nurse to Take out my Lipo Drains


I had a abdominal liposuction in Tijuana a week ago and because of personal obligation in Los Angeles I am not able to go back to take out my drains. So I am looking for a nurse to remove the drains. I had searched via Google and found out that in the US, it is not common that nurses or others doctors touch the work of others (I'm French). I already had surgeon who yell at me on the phone saying that it was very dangerous what I was doing and I was crazy to do surgery overseas. Just to make things clear, in case someone else want to hold that speech no need at all.
So please if someone can recommand or knows a nurse or doctor near Culver City in L.A, just PM me.

Many many thanks :)

8 day post op

12 days post op

I always don't feel any pain anymore. I feel something similar to abs ache. Also the swelling of my pubis is way smaller in couple of days I think I would be gone.
About the result as you might see there is still the 'pocket' as I call it on my upper abdomen. I ask dr Pantoja's office and they advice me to have lymphatic massage because it seems that there is some fluid in that area and to drink a cranberry juice and keep wearing 24/7 the garment.

So we will see what happen some day my body swelling is bigger some other days smaller. Have to be very patient. Keep you up to date

bruising and swelling almost gone- 20 days post lipo

Hi ladies,

I Started to apply some Arnica gel on my abdomen to help the swelling go away faster and it worked. I'm so happy the lump I used to have is GONE! Flat stomach, now I'm waiting for the internal scar to heal as you can see there like a line formed separating lower and upper abdomen.
I feel hardness on the lower and still insensitive on my upper. My flanks hurts when I touch it at a lower level you feel the difference between the area that haven't had lipo there is a lump.

24 days post lipo

I can feel and see I'm almost heal! Houray!

Well I noticed something weird before having my shower if I hang around without my garment some lump or swelling appear... I dont know if it happen to one of you.

Lump of Fat HELP!!!!

Hey ladies,

After a year and half I have done my abdomen lipo, I had the
confirmation the bump that I noticed since Day 1 is a bump of fat left.
My tummy look sooo strange. I questionning myself if the lipo worth it.
Of course I have a 'flat' abdomen and happy of it but the bump is
visible when wearing tight close or when I'm naked/ with underwear. If
any of you had this issue and has another solution better than a
corrective lipo, PLEASE let me know. Summer is coming and I can't see
myself enjoying nice and tight outfit with this
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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